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  1. Eid Mubarak

    Eid mubarak 2 all in Syd. Did all shia in syd calebrated Eid on Friday or Thursday just interested 2 know the pattern Ya Ali Madad
  2. 8% Alcohol

    Hi all, Im new to this forum just seeking some answere of my question. I Know I have read lot about it Alcohol is haraam. because of various reason like the person can do some evil and bad things, not good to health etc etc. But what about occasional (very little bit ) consuptions. Like there are some wines etc available with very minor % of Alcohol from which a person doesnt goes of out of his mind. and if a person drinks a very bit of it say once in a year then. I have to teach some one very close, so please help me with some strong and valid reasons why its not permissible. Waiting anxiously of my answer Thank you Gulrukh