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  1. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    All very interesting thoughts on the subject, thanks! When do you think this whole urge to look beautiful started?
  2. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    Thank you, that's very interesting! So there is no harm in body alteration at all according to the prophet?
  3. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    I know but dit you refer to it because this anime is a beauty ideal?
  4. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    You mean that this is a beauty ideal in Iran?
  5. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    Really? Wow thats amazing! So it is in fashion? Showing off a fake nose job like showing off a fake Gucci handbag? lol
  6. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    thanks for your replies!
  7. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    "cheshmo ham cheshmi" sounds like something worth looking into! So that is about the one person wanting to be more beautiful and perfect than the other? Is that only about beauty or also other things?
  8. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    Thanks Fatima, thats an interesting point! But then why do they also have breast enlargements for example? And another thing I was wondering about: I also have many body parts that are not perfect, but I consider this to be part of who I am. Imperfections make a person unique. But as I understand it correctly, Iranians do not this this way?
  9. Salam dear all, As a foreigner living in Tehran at the moment, I noticed how many people have cosmetic surgery, and especially nose jobs. Can anybody explain the popularity of surgery to me? Many thanks in advance! Best, S