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  1. Bezhan


    I support this idea. Using a web browser is not comfortable for 2017
  2. Wa aleykum as salam. I'm not a man from Azerbaijan, but I heard in this country about Taleh Bagirzade. He was a theologian but recently in January of this year he was arrested and sent to prison for 20 years. He was accused of possession of weapons and drugs. But of course it's not true, the Azerbaijan's government and their president are drowned in corruption, Bagirzade was their political enemy.
  3. Bezhan

    Who's your Marja ?

    Naser Makarem Shirazi, because he has russian version of his website, and also our opinion matches in many questions. But I can't say that I strictly follow my marjah, I can also look for al Sistani or al Hakeem fetwas and compare their opinion. Anyone, please, tell me, where can I find the explanations of Marjah's decisions? Any marjah Sorry for my English, I'm a Russian speaker :/
  4. Not bad. The "t" letter looks like a sword. Let's split it like zulfiqar.