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  1. Anyone Living In Melbourne Cbd?

    salam brother we will be there in Melbourne starting from March end. You only need 2 to start a majlis, 1 zakir e hussain and other one Jo Hussain A.S ka matam karay ....... dont worry wsalam
  2. Hello To Melbourne

    salam , me and my family is migrating to Australia in March 2016 end, we are a family of 5 two adults and three small kids.If someone can help us find a decent accomodation to start our new life. We are very flexible to share the accomodation with any SHIA family or if someone can offer us private lease which i heard people do commonly in Australia. for us both Melbourne and Sydney are equally good. My email address is aalirizvi@yahoo.com, it needless to say for this help who will give you and what you can expect when you help a brother shis family to settle. JA
  3. Considering Moving To Australia

    salam , Me and my family is planning to Sydney in March, we are a family of 5. Two adults and three small kids. Can someone help us find a decent accommodation where we can stay. We are very flexible to share the house with any shia family if required or can lease as i heard many people in Australia do private Lease. My contact email is aalirizvi@yahoo.com, as finding a house initially with no job even if you have funds available is a difficult hurdle.Needless to say who will give what for doing good to a shia family in need.