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  1. Difficult "Fall in love" Situation

    bro you shouldnt trust people from the internet you never know what they are like in real life but if you have talked a lot to her and seen her on skype and stuff then its different and also you didnt tell her your feelings yet so you cant be sure if her reply would be positive or not and you are 18 so you should probably be in college so you know its too early to talk of marriage you should study hard and get a nice job and then you can ask for marriage i have know a guy from my mosque who got married to a girl from the internet .. he lived in oman and the girl lived in sweden your distance is less, so you have a better chance so dont give up work hard peace
  2. ASAP Ruling on pimple bursting in hair

    but all his post are related to toilet :S
  3. Why dont shias do taraweeh

    a good man who banned a practice allowed by prophet and used to stone people to death for following that practice i.e. muta
  4. ASAP Ruling on pimple bursting in hair

    you always post weird stuff
  5. Caravan to Ziarat in Iraq and Iran

  6. Wanting muslimah friends

    do not trust people on the internet you can get catfished !!
  7. Any Duas for height?

    imam ali was shorter than average just a fact!!
  8. Disbeleivers in my home help!

    how come shower become najis... that person wouldnt rub the shower on his body or something :S
  9. Wisdom behind not shaking hands with men

    oh no in our community we have to kiss the hand of old women as a sign of respect
  10. Shia masjids and prayers

    muscat and 6+ shia masjids and same as stated above
  11. hurting harmless and innocent people is not what shiism is about. how sad thoes people hurt innocent people call themselves shia ..
  12. well if you follow the teachings of prophet and ahlulbait you wouldnt do stuff like that and yeah after beheading some 20 shias if that isis dude would surrender you cant expect the shia's to let him live happily ever after
  13. how to dispose a quran

    i thought we can bury it
  14. what are the methods to dispose an old or worn out quran