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  1. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Western world has no morality, just agendas. It is not driven by principles, but by selfish interests. From their people to their nation, they all follow the same selfish path. Either selfishness towards themselves, families, communities or their society. Hence, they can turn the blind eye to their imperialism and promote human rights at the same time. This is what happened when a society moves away from god centric principles and moves into liberal relativism. The west sold it's soul the zionists a long time ago for worldly gains through colonialism, imperialisms and perpetual war on the weak. Now, day by day, those who they sold their souls to, move their society further and further from anything resembling god centric values. Normalization of homosexuality wasn't possible a few decades ago, but gradually, they moved the society to that direction. God only knows how low they will fall in the next few decades. This is a valid form of marriage in islam, with its own set of rules, sanctioned by the prophet and the imams. Sunni's do not see it as valid, but we do not follow their creed.
  2. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    1) The position of the supreme leader does not exist in the western model of the governance, hence trying to apply the same model of voting to it is not applicable. The other branches of government do go through similar electoral process as the west. 2) The Guardian council allow for candidates to be approved based on the paradigm of the society's ideology and the state of the society; hence liberal candidates have been able to run for different positions such council of expert, presidential and parliament . The liberals were defeated in the past guardian council election but were successful in presidential and parliament elections.
  3. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    ME is a muslim majority region. Western liberalism is relatively new and is within the context of the imperialistic cultural war and domination. It does not have root in the region any more than communism has roots in it. The mess in middle east has nothing to do with people wanting liberalism and everything to do with imperialist agenda's. Take away the zionists and the US, and the rest will sort itself out.
  4. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Iran's system is not a theocracy, it's a system unlike anything since the last 1000+ years. It's the system of Welayat Fagih (guardianship of jurist), where islamic leadership and direction guides the society with the acceptance of the people, hence the elections. This system was established from the revolution with the approval of the majority (90+%) What you're asking is not if people want democracy, rather, if they want western liberalism. No society allows the core of their belief to be subject to disbandment when facing an external enemy conveying such belief. During the cold war, when we had communism vs liberalism, did the western nations allow their nations to fall into the communist belief system through volunteer basis? Western liberalism is far more incompatible with islam, than communism with liberalism. In the west, its not the matter of implementation of sharia that would make a country islamic. It would be an entire system overhaul, including domestic and foreign policies. No western nation would ever allow that, even with majority population supporting it. Anything short of a revolution will not allow for that.
  5. Iraq not part of any axis

    Iran's government statements and its foreign policies are two different things. The government is in the hand of the westernized liberals and foreign policy is in the hand of the Welayat Fagih. One seeks resistance, other seeks to disband it. Neutrality in middle east for a shia's majority country is an impossibility as 2 power groups exists, followers of ahlulbeit (shia resistance), and enemies of ahlulbeit (zionists, wahabis, imperialists). The enmity towards the shia's is very real and can never be reconciled or be neutral towards. Being neutral means letting your guard down and opening yourself to infiltration. Syria paid a price for opening it self up like that.
  6. Iraq not part of any axis

    The Iraqi uprising should have been done before 1991, during the war, when Iran's WF, Imam Khomeini, called upon them to rise up. This is when they would have had blessing of Allah, instead of blessing of America when they rose up in 1991. This would have made all the difference. In Islam, time and place for actions is important and Iraqis acted late. This is matter of faith in Welayat of Allah.
  7. This is why Imam Mahdi (as) set marja's as his proof upon us, to guide us towards him, or else everyone would be going they're own direction. What's going on with the Shias uprising in the last few decades is not a coincidence. There has been a proper divine plan in place from the time of occultation to direct the Shias to become more socially aware, to the point where shia's have gained enough basirat to rise up against oppression in mass number. It has taken 1400 years for followers of ahlul bait to get to this point. Once the shia's basirat reaches the point where no oppressor can manipulate them, then they will be ready to be led by Imam Mahdi directly as he begins his global revolution.
  8. The hadith has to do with those who raise the flag of authority for themselves as oppose to directing it towards ahlul bait. The context of the hadith is within the time of imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) when various groups were rising up claiming authority among Shias, even though the infallible imam (Imam Jafar (AS) ) was right there. Imam told them not to follow these groups. However, those who actually revolted sincerely for the rights of ahlul bait, were praised by the Imams, such as Zaid ibn Ali. This is where the Shia uprisings of today fall into, where their stated goals are to hand over the flag to its master, Imam Mahdi (AS). Hence, these uprisings are paving the way for the return of Imam Mahdi and not it's replacement. The authority of WF comes from the authority of Hukm, where the grand marja of the time can give religious commands beyond fatwa and it is obligatory on all shia's to obey. This was demonstrated back in 1890's by the leading marja of the time, ayatollah Mirza Shirazi in the Tabaco hukm, where from Najaf he gave the order for all Shias to stop using Tabaco, thus stopping the British East Indian company's plot. reference:
  9. Iranians grovelling to the enemies of Allah for a better future is precisely what has brought these terrorism to the country. A nation can only push away from god for so long before god lets them go. If Iranians don't return to islam and the revolution, then these attacks will become regular occurrence.
  10. [BREAKING] Explosion at Manchester arena

    They don't need to have a false flag to blame the muslims, they just need to open the door to Wahhabis and turn a blind eye to them. The rest will take care of itself.
  11. 2017 Iran Election [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Looks like Iranians are choosing the westerners. They're walking the path of the Kufis. They deserve the future that awaits them.
  12. Enforcement isn't necessarily for the benefit of the of the one being enforced upon but rather other who are exposed to it. Through enforcement, the damage done by those women who don't want to wear hijab is contained, as the men in the society are not exposed to the an exposed female body (not just hair, but women wearing skin exposing cloth in summer like in the west). When we're talking about islamic society and implementation of the religion, we're referring to systematic level not individual level. Take the economic system and usury associated with it. Usury (war against god) destroys the faith of a society as everyone is exposed to it through the banking system. The job of a islamic society is to implement an alternative islamic economic system that elevates the faith of the people rather than destroying it. This can be applied to all the systems governing a society: political, educational, health care, financial...
  13. Rohani is a liberal and made these statements in regards to not wanting to implement islamic values in the society. He was immediately countered by scholars, saying it is the job of an islamic society to guide the people to heaven through implementation of islamic values at social level.
  14. The struggle in the west vs an islamic country (Iran) is at different levels. In the west, we're stuck in a state of arrested development, struggling on keeping the faith at individual level: keeping away from over sexualization of society, culture of hiduism, haram food, music, images. These are aspects that are very easy for a believer to stay away from in a islamic society. Finding a proper mate from very small Shia pool of available individuals and starting a family is another great struggle. Lack of Shia muslim communities takes its toll in our isolation as well. In a islamic society, like Iran, the struggle is social level rather than individual. This involves getting involved socially, pushing forward islamic cultural changes, standing against injustice, and having basirat to see through fitnas. An Islamic country is where we push the religion forward to the next level, while in the west, we simply survive. Islam isn't just about survival.
  15. Wilayat faqi in future iraq ?

    They'll get there eventually