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  1. Reality of this becomes apparent when there is fitna, and the lines between truth and falsehood become unclear. At this point, WF draws a line and those who follow are on one side and everyone else, including Shias are on the other side. This is becoming more and more apparent as we get closer to return of imam Mahdi (AS) and fitnas becoming greater. Side of Welayat of Allah vs welayat of tagutes. Good example of this was the color revolution in Iran of 2009. We saw during the early days, WF supporters saw through this coup attempt, and everyone else, including some leading marjas were scratching their heads and not taking stance. This lack of basirat to see through deception becomes very destructive as it plays right into the enemies of islam's hands, while time is of the essence. History of islam is filled with muslims not acting properly at the right time with devastating consequences. The baseline back then had been the infallible imams and in their occultation, their indirect representative WF. In terms of basirat WF is in a different league than any other scholar or marja.
  2. Well, todays cities are developed to this size because of technology and ease of transportation of goods. If we were to lose technology in a instant, say EMP attack, a good 2/3rd to 90% of population would die out from starvation and post apocalyptic chaos that follows. We better hope to have set aside enough provisions to last a year or two before hand, or else chance of survival is very low. Interestingly enough, we have Hadith from imam Jafar Sadiq(AS) that talk about 2/3rd of the world population dying at end times.
  3. From the article: "The tradition in Najaf and its religious academy, called the Hawza, is to keep a measured distance from politics, to live a pious and ascetic life and intervene only occasionally in political affairs." They're quite afraid of shia's integration into the politics. They know that they can manipulate any political group, except for revolutionary religious scholars. They can plan against it and complain all the want, it's going to happen.
  4. That's assuming what he is saying is the truth vs what god reveals to be truth. Science as form of knowledge without acknowledging god and what his messengers have revealed cannot be a means to reveal the truth of god's creation. Reality of creation has aspect beyond what humans can theorize, conceptualize or imagine, hence the need for revelation. The nature of miracle is what god wills (be and it is), bypassing the laws of nature. If god wills for a human to be created out of thin air, then he can. When prophet Isa (Jesus) created a bird from clay follow the evolutionary process? "And (make him) a messenger to the Children of Israel (saying): I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, that I determine for you out of dust the form of a bird, then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird with Allah’s permission," Qur'an 3:49
  5. The best option is what the Iran's Wali Faqi has been pushing for: resistance economy. Instead of looking outwards towards the international community to solve their economic problems, Iran needs to look inward and develop its own industries, providing for its own needs. Iran is very capable in producing its own industries and technological know how. Examples do include military, missile and nuclear tech sectors. Moving passed this, Iran will need to setup an entirely new islamic economic system, without Usury, gambling, prophet centrism. According to Iranian strategist Hassan Abbasi, such economic system has been under development since 2008, which includes various marjas validating it. Iran needs to go through a economic revolution to implement this.
  6. Science is a medium of knowledge, not knowledge itself. Just as television is a medium of message. Television as a medium is limited, it cannot convey taste, smell, or touch. Science as a medium of knowledge is limited as well. If the truth of creation is what Allah has revealed, then the limitations of science are as follows: - Denial of existance of Allah. Belief in god is outside of science - Denial of existence of the unseen (angels, jinn, soul). - Inability to determine our purpose of existence. No evidence of after life or before life. - Denial of existence of miracles (miracles are what Allah wills, be and it is) - Reduction of humanity to just evolved animals, ignoring the internal soul, our purpose on earth, and the creation of first human (prophet Adam, outside of evolution, without father or mother) - Denial of system of creation depending on our spiritual distance to our creator. eg. Sins and corruptions remove Allah's mercy on the society and bring about calamities.
  7. It has been happening for some time. If you look at U-turn mechanism, which is forcing transaction to go through the dollar, it has been conveniently left out of the nuclear sanctions relief deal. With this mechanism, any country who wants to trade with Iran, will have to go through the US first. Essentially shifting the sanctions from being imposed on Iran to imposed on everyone who deals with Iran. The europeans are going along with it. Agreement ending depends heavily on who the people elect in the next election in Iran. If it's the revolutionary types, then the end of agreement will be accelerated and will come to an end shortly. If westernized types come to power, they will hold on to it with their lives, as they stakes their entire political future on it.
  8. Its only the beginning. This is part of the greater scheme of targeted sanctions, restrictions, financial manipulations, threats, fines, political and social interference. Considering their success of manipulating Iranians to give up the nuclear industry, they are now targeting the missile defences. They're success in this area with the strategies that worked before, will lead to moving on to new targets. Will not end until either Iranians wake up or the give up their resistance to imperialism.
  9. The entirety of the nuclear deal was about step by step backtracking Iran from its revolution, starting with nuclear, then missiles, then resistance movement. Both the American administration and the Iranian westernized government were complicit in this. One passing "crippling sanctions", the other convincing the public to give in as its the only path. "Mohammad Javad Zarif (foreign minister), after he suggested that the US could destroy the country’s defence system “with one bomb”, leaving diplomacy as the only way to resolve the nuclear crisis." However, considering the failure of the nuclear deal to remove the sanctions and improve the living conditions as promised, the implementation of the future steps (removing missiles, regional influence...) are in jeopardy, hence, the US administration has turned to saber-rattling to either scare the Iranian public to turn to the westernized forces again or set the stage for future conflicts (financial attack or repeat of 2009 color revolution).
  10. Ignorance is not a bliss regardless of what they say.
  11. Show me an instance when rasoulalah gave order under islamic law for beheading the captives of war. This incident won't qualify as evidence. We're not dealing with torah's laws when analyzing the Wahabis. How does zooming on this issue even justify what the Wahhabis are doing?
  12. All of them are taken from a few sunni sources and no mention of beheading is made. History of islam according to Sunni's is considerably different than how Shias view it. Even if we take it at face value, it was torah law used to carry out such punishment and not islamic law.
  13. Its not just a mistake, its the inability and limitation of their sect. Its obvious to the revolutionary Shias who have actually succeeded in the revolution and know what it takes. Example is, you have a car with weak engine and one with strong engine. when both going down hill, you don't see the difference, but uphill, the difference is noticeable. The driver of the car with strong engine knows whats needed, however, the weaker car still thinks it can do it.
  14. Iraqis initially failed because they followed the west back in 1990's and not the Shias in Iran. When they did listen, they succeeded through other means. Bahrain is an ongoing revolution. It will succeed. Sunnis on the other hand, have not had a single success in the last 37 years since the Shia revolution. A revolution against the zionist empire is extremely complicated and requires proper leadership with basirat (ability to see the truth) and heckmat (wisdom) (which they lack). They can try as many times as want, and still not succeed beyond the initial efforts.
  15. was it beheading or are we making assumptions? what are your sources? This event lacks authenticity as there are only sunni historical sources. Regardless, the Wahabis beheading has nothing to do with justice, as it is a tool of terror. You can see it in their videos as they magnify the heartbeat of the person about to be executed and add other effects to it. Its a propaganda tool, creating a shock and awe effect, terrifying their foes into surrendering. This is why you see them playing with the victims cut off head, beheading a dead person, crucifying the christians, burning their victims, etc.. Wahabis are nasibis, with hatred of the true followers of Rasoullalah, the Shias. The Shias are the model of how the enemies should be treated. We don't see them beheading them. Wahabis have no claim to following anything related to Rasoullalah, just mere fantasies.