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  1. They don't need to have a false flag to blame the muslims, they just need to open the door to Wahhabis and turn a blind eye to them. The rest will take care of itself.
  2. Looks like Iranians are choosing the westerners. They're walking the path of the Kufis. They deserve the future that awaits them.
  3. Enforcement isn't necessarily for the benefit of the of the one being enforced upon but rather other who are exposed to it. Through enforcement, the damage done by those women who don't want to wear hijab is contained, as the men in the society are not exposed to the an exposed female body (not just hair, but women wearing skin exposing cloth in summer like in the west). When we're talking about islamic society and implementation of the religion, we're referring to systematic level not individual level. Take the economic system and usury associated with it. Usury (war against god) destroys the faith of a society as everyone is exposed to it through the banking system. The job of a islamic society is to implement an alternative islamic economic system that elevates the faith of the people rather than destroying it. This can be applied to all the systems governing a society: political, educational, health care, financial...
  4. Rohani is a liberal and made these statements in regards to not wanting to implement islamic values in the society. He was immediately countered by scholars, saying it is the job of an islamic society to guide the people to heaven through implementation of islamic values at social level.
  5. The struggle in the west vs an islamic country (Iran) is at different levels. In the west, we're stuck in a state of arrested development, struggling on keeping the faith at individual level: keeping away from over sexualization of society, culture of hiduism, haram food, music, images. These are aspects that are very easy for a believer to stay away from in a islamic society. Finding a proper mate from very small Shia pool of available individuals and starting a family is another great struggle. Lack of Shia muslim communities takes its toll in our isolation as well. In a islamic society, like Iran, the struggle is social level rather than individual. This involves getting involved socially, pushing forward islamic cultural changes, standing against injustice, and having basirat to see through fitnas. An Islamic country is where we push the religion forward to the next level, while in the west, we simply survive. Islam isn't just about survival.
  6. They'll get there eventually
  7. At certain level, Iraq is under WF. The main policies of WF, islamic unity, fighting against wahabi movement, empowering Shia militias, and increasing Shia political influence are being executed there. We can see Ayatollah's Sistani's policies are in sync with WF's directions. WF doesn't mean that the people are told who to vote for, or what to do in the social and political sphere, but rather, WF guides and directs the society in the path of the islamic agenda. Just as Iran is being directed towards the path of setting aside trust for the west and enemies of islam, Iraq is also being guided. Each country is at different levels, Iran being decades ahead in social political development. Iraq will not have a WF in the same manner as Iran, as in a marja claiming to be WF in the country. Welayat, by its very nature is singular. At no point in history did we have multiple imams at once. During the time of prophets, there always existed a hierarchy of authority, where the prophet who was an Imam, had authority over others. eg. Prophet Ibrahim and prophet Lut. Hence, Iraq will continue to shift towards islam, as the Wahabi movements there are defeated, and more Islamic governments are brought about.
  8. Blindly parroting some marja without understanding just because you have enmity towards WF doesn't make for an argument. Care to explain why Shouratul Fuqaha is islamic and WF isnt? Iraq has a long to go before it is ready to accept WF. You just have to look at the level of freedom their top marja, ayatollah Sistani has in his own country. He's practically imprisoned in his own house, due to security concerns. They wont allow Iraqis or Iranian guest to visit him. Nor does he give public speeches for same reasons and more.
  9. US and Iran are two opposite ends of a pole, one zionist infested imperialist liberal society, the other anti zionist, anti imperialist, islamic society. The west is engaged in a soft war with Iran, attempting to bring about a defeat through internal means rather than external war. This includes sanctions, threats of war, psychological warfare, propaganda, and supporting westernized forces in the country. The nuclear deal was means of supporting the western elements (reformers) while pushing Iran to back down step by step. First nuclear, then missile, and cultural liberalism, and then resistance. In a haste to sign the deal, the westernized government in Iran failed to get a guarantees of removal of sanctions nor got the US dollar U-turn removed (which all trades with iran has to go through the US). This means that no one can do business with Iran without the US approval or else they would face heavy penalties. Hence, nothing has really changed regarding the sanctions. The selling of the planes to Iran, is just a publicity stunt to bolster the westernized reformers in iran before the elections to show that the negotiations weren't all a waste. This, along with the saber rattling of trump as of late, is an attempt at carrot and stick approach to incite Iranians to elect the westernized liberals once again.
  10. You should read your own statements. This became about the Essence of god when you linked creation with the creator.
  11. pantheism is shirk. You dont think anything is wrong with shirk? You dont know enough about tawheed to talk of such issue. Why even pretend to be a muslim? If you accept all faith, be a universalist and not a infiltration agent into Shia faith. This hadith is very relevant Care to explain why it's not relevant. I have debated your type before, and hadith are one thing you run away from. For you, buddhism, hinduism, sufism, islam, are all the same. No concept of haq or batil.
  12. Please do enlighten us. Quran is meant to be interpreted through ahlul bait, not your wims and pantheistic assumptions. If you're going to refer to Quran, please use interpretations from ahlul bait to back it up, if you're truthful. Are you not the one who said:
  13. The analogy of light is faulty. Light is also creation. Creation (objects) is lit up by creation (light). To say, Allah is light, is bringing down Allah to the level of creation. This is the inherit fault of philosophy and any man made thought process, as it tries to define god and draw a link from creation with creator. This is how our minds are wired, a causes b. However, through revelation, Allah has revealed to us, that it is not so when it comes to him, and he is other than creation. This is something that only comes from revelation and no other source and requires faith to accept. Some Hadith backing this up:
  14. The issue with ethics is matter of objectivity vs subjectivity, having a baseline vs not having one. Without an objective baseline, self rationalization takes over. Human beings have high capability of rationalizing their actions, hence, any action, regardless of how evil, can be rationalized. Any time humanity shifted away from the objective truth of god and his representatives, they have gone the path of subjectivity and self destruction.
  15. Its not surprising that those who have enmity towards the islamic revolution to side with the enemies of Allah. Eventually, their hatred takes them further, potentially leaving Shia islam altogether. Remember, the Shia member macisaac who had hatred of the revolution as well, and ended up converting to Waqifism. Death to something in farsi, more closely translated to Down with something, not literal death.