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  1. Yes, their version of Mahdi will be the one called dajjal. How do you think dajjal will appeal to the masses? By claiming to be universal, trying to encompass all man made religions. Just look at the hindu gods. It's evil blue jinns masquerading as gods.
  2. According to islamic researchers, most prophets were sent to the middle eastern region, teaching people monotheism. They fought against the pagan religions (monism and pantheism and their fake evil jinn inspired spirituality). As time passed by, the pure tawheed faith become muddied with paganism as their books were modified and teachings changed. Quran is the only Devine book that is intact and is protected by Allah through ahlul bait. Hence, islam of ahlul bait is the only pure path towards Allah. With the coming of the final messenger, all other religions were abrigated and people are suppose to accept islam. Hence, Allah in Quran sais that religions other than islam are not accepted.
  3. Its good to turn to ahlul bait for interpretation of Quran. Imam Muhammad Baqir, may peace be upon him: We are the Face of God. Usul al-Kafi, i, 145, "kitab al-tawhid," bab al-nawadir, hadith 7
  4. This is the basic of our faith. if you have doubts on the validity of islam of ahlul bait, then its a different debate. The very minimum of Devine religion is accepting everything Allah has brought to us through the ahlul bait. Everything that differs from that is batil (false). Doesn't mean our prayers will get 100% accepted, or we have free ticket to heaven, it means the true and only path is set for us to travel. You seem to hold a grudge against Shias, judging their actions instead of the faith. It is not me that has set the line between Haq and batil, it is Quran and ahlul bait. My interpretation of Quran comes from ahlul bait, while you make stuff up as you go along to fit your agenda. When the basic premises is false (pantheism), then everything else that's build up on top of it is false as well. Has it crossed your mind that these religions exists to counter the divine faith? From the liberalism of the west to the spirituality of the east. I am well aware of these false religions and unlike you, I also understand the working of the evil Jinn and how they possess people. The difference between evil jinn and evil human is that evil jinn possess people and give them false spirituality. This universal energy you think is light is no more than jinn energy through possession. Consequence being that they have altered your faith to the point of pantheism and shirk. what part of this verse is unclear to you? 3:85 - "And whoso seeks a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he shall be among the losers."
  5. Regarding meditation: equating zikr and buddhist meditation is deceptive. In islam, zikr is a form of remembrance of Allah and it being beneficial on the soul depends purely on its acceptance from Allah. Acceptance depends on accepting the weyalat of ahlul bait. Buddhist type meditation, or any form of prayer/meditation has no effect whatsoever on the soul, other than an illusion of enlightenment. This is the difference between religious pluralism, where any faith can be enlightening, vs only islam of ahlul bait can lead to enlightenment. This is what evil jinns do, they provide the illusion in place of the truth. Once a person asked Imam Zainul `Abidin (peace be upon him): “What is the criterion for the acceptance of prayers?” The Imam (peace be upon him) replied: “Acknowledging our Wilayah and dissociating oneself from our enemies.”
  6. The buddhist or hindus can meditate all their lives, but it will have no effect on their soul as light of guidance from Allah is given to those who accept what Allah has brought through welayat of ahlul bait. Quran is clear on this: 3:85 - "And whoso seeks a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he shall be among the losers." and 2:256 "Allah is the ally of those who believe. He brings them out from darknesses into the light. And those who disbelieve - their allies are Taghut. They take them out of the light into darknesses. Those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide eternally therein." Here we have, welayat of Allah (through acceptance of imamat) and welayat of taguts (everything else)
  7. @313 Seeker You just described the new age religious pluralism. The dajjal religion where all faith are correct as they all lead to one truth, that god is everywhere and is everything. This is why we take our faith from Quran and its interpretation from ahlul bait and not from any other source. Hence, we don't make the same mistakes of intermixing pagan monism with monotheism to come up with pantheism. Your pantheism claim: the Light = al Nour = al Lah = the God Imam Ali: "He is as far as can be from any likeness with the creation"
  8. Splitting of moon is in quran.
  9. Regarding universal energy being light. Jinn are beings made of smokeless flames. How would you differentiate the energy entering your body as light vs smokeless flame? Could you even tell the difference? Do we even have measurable means for this? We can't look towards science, since it doesn't even acknowledge jinns. The light that is beneficial to us, as described in Quran, is light of guidance from Allah, not photons that we call light. This light of guidance is only given to us through accepting Allah's welayat and welayat of ahlul bait. At this point, our faith is accepted and Allah guides us towards the light. Its a top down process (from Allah to us) vs bottom up process ( meditation to Allah). Meaning, you can spend your entire life doing good deeds and meditating, but if its not accepted by Allah, it does not lead to the light. Prophets did not meditate, as they worshiped Allah to gain the light of guidance. Meditation, being a religion neutral practice, does not lead to this light, or else we would be saying, Hindus and Buddhists are also enlightened.
  10. Just a note for anyone looking towards science to explain Qi. Science as a form of knowledge (what we know to be true in islam) is highly incomplete. It cannot explain the supernatural and does not acknowledge the existence of other intelligent beings on earth called jinns. In science, since these beings do not exist, their methods and effects on humans are also unknown. The example would be, if it rains, we just say the earth got wet, but without acknowledging the clouds and water falling from sky. This leads to making claims of "universal energy" or that the nature of this energy being light, while completely ignoring (scientifically) the very beings that have been guiding humans towards this energy since our creation. Does anyone doubt jinns are behind Hinduism and Buddhism?
  11. Qi is most definetly associated with spirituality. Its packaged as part of meditation, belief in universal energy, and monism (as universal energy is everything). These cannot be separated. You won't find a person who practices qi and doesn't believe in monism or pantheism. These lead to spiritual capabilities through years of practicing, such as mind reading, disrupting intent, remote healing and remote viewing, superior strength, causing paralysis. These are just observable capabilities. Those at highest levels, claim capabilities including modifying weather. These are spiritual capabilities gained through means other than Allah. God is everything does not mean god is everywhere. It means, god is an infinite ocean and creation are waves in that ocean, hence everything is literally part of god. Means, I am part of god, you are part of god, iblis is part of get the picture. When we believe this, then heaven and hell, Haq and batil, lose meaning. everything is Haq, as everything is god. No hell, as god wouldn't punish what is essentially himself.
  12. Of course, muslims do a lot of things that are not islamic. Sufis are also muslims and hold similar practices and beliefs. They eventually reach a point where they claim Allah is everything (pantheism). In fact this is a big problem in islam, as muslims seeks spirituality from other than ahlul bait. Recently, a muslim cult of same universal energy practicionairs, using it for healing the sick, were disbanded and their leader was arrested. They even tried to pass it on as scientific, Psymentology. Alot of scholars spoke against them and their use of jinns. Jinn possession has degrees, and does not just involve going into trans mode. They direct and manipulate. The greater the possession, the more influence they have.
  13. Saying chi is energy, is like saying sunnism is sunnah of the prophet. Nice sounding words, but deceptive. This has always been the way for the false path has tried to sell itself as the true. Ask yourself, what do those religions practicing chi believe in and you will get the answer of whats behind it. When a person opens themselves up to possession, the jinn slowly modify their beliefs while giving illusion of enlightenment and calmness. Eventually, the belief in Allah will be gone (monism (Buddhism) and pantheism (hinduism) ) as well as belief in after life (reincarnation and karma). At this point, the evil jinn have accomplished their task.
  14. Chi is not body energy. Chi is occult energy harvest through opening one self to jinn possession through meditation. This is why with years of practice, a practitioner can gain capabilities to read mind, throw someone far distance with a shrug of their shoulder or cause paralysis.These are part of satan inspired religions replaced true spirituality through god with fake. Hence, deviated beliefs such as karma, reincarnation, monism (all is one) or pantheism (god is creation) are associated with it. for more info:
  15. Anti imperialism in today's age means anti zionism and only the revolutionary shia's are the ones taking on that role with Iran being the head of the resistance. This is due to following the path set by the devine religion and ahlul bait. With that said, democracy as a system of rule or subsystem under welayat faqih to continue the anti imperialist resistance is a highly incapable and incompatible system to what islam has in mind for governance. Example of this, is Iran's current situation, with anti imperialist Welayt faqih and military, and a democratically elected westernized government. In islamic rule, the greater the faith, piety and capability are the deciding factors of the position and duration of power of a person. The greater the faith, the higher the position. If the person's faith and capability decreases, then someone more worthy must take his place. There is no time limit set on this, it can last a day, 6 month, a year or a decade. Its a circular structure, where the close to the centre (wali of Allah) the greater the worthiness of a person is, and the people in that circle are constantly being shuffled as faith, and capabilities change due to the immense pressure of politics. Islamic system would make this process systematic and automatic. Democracy, I feel, doesn't have the capability to bring about such structure, as it's depended on the masses and popularity to select the rulers. The masses do not have the capacity to consistently select the best of people based on their faith for every position all the time. This is why for instance, we don't select our Imam's, we accept them instead. Then, the same person would select his inner circle (president, and other positions of power), and the subsequent sub circles, since he is the one with god given basirat. The sub circles then choose the rest, and anyone from any of these positions can be removed at any point due to fluctuations in their faith and capability without set time limit. Such system doesn't have a name ( like democracy), nor has it ever been fully implemented, as it requires the acceptance of the Masses and complete trust in the religious leadership to implement.