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    Asalamualaikum. I want to go to Wales to live there, but I'm a little bit hesitant because I don't know if there's a shia community. And if so, are there any shia centres? (please, name them) Thank you.
  2. shia mosques in birmingham UK

    Thank you very much. I really apprecite your effort. May Alla (swt) bless you.
  3. shia mosques in birmingham UK

    Thank you very much. May Allah(swt) reward you. I have another question. I will live in Solihull InshaAllah and I don´t have a car, so I have to use public transport but when i look for the location of the KSIMC in google maps it only appears a journey by car. I wonder if there is any public transport that I can use to get there. Thank you.
  4. shia mosques in birmingham UK

    Salamualaikum, I´m a muslim who follows the shia madhab. I am going to move to Birmingham in a couples of weeks and I just want to know if there is any Hussainya in Birmingham in wich they give religious speechs in English or Arabic. Thank you beforehand. Jazakumullah Jair