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  1. No East ?
  2. whats the reason for protest in Shadgan, Iran ?
  3. Why do some people say the bombardier beetle is too complex to have evolved.
  4. Salam OP, I just reread the previous post I wrote and realized it sounded different than what I meant. I was trying to convey that its impossible to have a smooth life.
  5. There will always be something that'll ruin you.
  7. View image on Twitter
  8. From what i've read it seems it still needs to partake in the money creation business.
  9. *appropriate.
  10. I know nothing about it.
  12. I guess there's no answer to the question.
  13. Allah says the quran is clear and easy to understand, doesn't this verse prove it isn't. I'm confused.
  14. Then what if the founder only took fees from halal products.
  15. Is it a sin if the founder allows a seller to sell haram products on his site or is the sin only on the seller ?