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  1. Where did prophet Muhammad live the majority of his life ?
  2. worth watching ?
  3. If I remember correctly, I believe the summary said the series shows the life of the second Caliph, before and after he embraces in Islam. Is its accurate ?
  4. whats the ruling on eating insects ?
  5. I heard she became an agnostic later in her life.
  6. It started with the Israelis and then moved to the Europeans, North Africans and Arabs, why have the vast majority of Chinese people been living without Allah for generations of thousands of years of history.
  7. Found this question while browsing in the thinker discourse forum but it had no answer, what are everyone thoughts ?
  9. I'm also tired of living, there's really no choice you just have to drag yourself until it gets temporarily better.
  10. This time its about google,. Googles job is to crawl through pages on the web and add them to its index/search engine. If the founders are Muslim, how should the pages with haram content be handled, would it be a sin if they added them to googles search results ?
  11. Yeah, but I don't think something like that is likely in the wild
  12. I don't understand what you mean, how so ?
  13. [WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Age 16+] Horrible Life of Drug Addicted Children in Afghanistan Full Documentary
  14. Scary.