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  1. I'm also tired of living, there's really no choice you just have to drag yourself until it gets temporarily better.
  2. This time its about google,. Googles job is to crawl through pages on the web and add them to its index/search engine. If the founders are Muslim, how should the pages with haram content be handled, would it be a sin if they added them to googles search results ?
  3. Yeah, but I don't think something like that is likely in the wild
  4. I don't understand what you mean, how so ?
  5. [WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Age 16+] Horrible Life of Drug Addicted Children in Afghanistan Full Documentary
  6. Scary.
  7. Happy New year everyone
  8. the computer reads the subconscious, it then determine when it will be a conscious decision, hence its lighting up the button a spit second before the subjects arms moves, in other words it was reading the subconscious mind and telling the subject what hes going to do before the subject knows he was going to do it. if your subconscious knows what your going to do before you do it, is it really your decision or do you think its your decision.
  9. A computer can read the brains subconscious signals. Edit: there was an experiment I vaguely remember reading about, A device was attached to a human subjects head and it was reading his subconscious mind, the subject was told to press a button before it lit up (he did not know it was reading his subconscious signals), but nor matter how many times he tried he couldn't hit it before it lit up. again from what I can remember the subject said it always lit up a split second before he made the conscious decision to press it.
  10. If a brain can tell us what its going to do before a human even knows its going to do it does that mean the conscious mind is controlled by the subconscious mind and if the subconscious can be fooled then who is actually in charge do we truly have free will or are we just like a puppet who think it has no strings does the conscious aware self just take credit for things the unconscious body already decided to do. Can anyone link me an article that'll help me understand.
  11. A phrase Prophet Muhammad said 'Seek knowledge even unto China"
  12. Hasn't every country pillaged and waged unjust wars ? America has only been doing recently, hence the hate.
  13. It came from silicon valleys culture not amercias, silicom valley is made of immigrants.
  14. bro, America needs immigration as a life line, its culture only produces stupidity. side note - wouldn't it be awesome if there was a country with a fusion of Chinese culture and Jewish intelligence, innovation would be amazingly rapid.