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  1. prophets

    Prophethood is always tasked to men. There is an excessive demand on prophets for one thing, they must meet people of both genders sometimes privately (not acceptable in most cultures until recently). They had to be free to move about and interact with people in society (again not always acceptable in most cultures until more recently). Prophets are often under extreme ridicule and women tend to react more emotionally to such things. Women are generally not as physically strong and would have a difficult time defending themselves.
  2. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون This is a sad news. I didn't know him but I am sure he will be missed. May Allah show his mercy to him and high his status. Please recite 1x surah fatiah and 3x surah ikhlaad for him. JazakAllah.
  3. Shia center/mosque/husainiya in Venice?

    Sorry but there are none.
  4. Heartache

    So how do you fall in love with a person you don't know?
  5. #7 Can you cook?

    You need Gordon Ramsey in your life :D.
  6. Sunni brothers

    What is the definition of sahaba?
  7. Planet X

    I have seen venus but not mars jupiter and saturn tho.
  8. Shia study

    Do you have any shia mosque near you?
  9. Ravi name wanted

    Bhai jaan yeh to mujhay bhi nahi pata. Jis moulana ne kaha hai app unse ruju fermain.
  10. marriage of syed girl with non-syed boy

    Sir, Allama Talib Johri is not a marja. So he can't issue a fatwa. However, Ayatulllah Sistani do allow us to marry a syed girl. I am married to syed girl.
  11. Tattoos

    Do you have any tattoos? or are you planing to get one? or would you like to have one in future? May be like Ammar Nakshawani?
  12. Heartache

    Whats his fav cologne? or fav food? tell me about his hobbies.
  13. Heartache

    She asked for it. Thats why you should always ask Allah for whats good for you. My uncle told me that if you ask something and Allah give it you offer shukrana prayer, but if he doesn't give it to you offer 2 shukrana prayers, because Allah has chosen something better for you.
  14. Share your best recipe.

    Share your best recipes.
  15. Heartache

    Ask Allah and have patience you will find your soulmate. Insha'Allah
  16. Heartache

    Tell me what made you fall in love with this guy?Looks habits? He smelled good?
  17. #8 Muharram Night Plans

  18. Going for a School Trip In Muharram

    Hmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm I think you should avoid. I know it will hard for you because you are young and trip sounds to tempting. But there will be music and you could tell your friends and teachers that because of Muharram I can't go. But if you decided to go then avoid music.
  19. selling roasted clay..

    I actually googled roasted clay and i found this that are many women who eat roasted clay on youtube they even have how to roast clay lol
  20. Going to Majlis

    If its a mosque no you can't. If its an Imam Bargha/Islamic center yes you can.
  21. Heartache

    I am going to share a real story with you. There was this lady she was married to a fine young men he had a great job. He was doing good had a decent life. However, her wife wasn't happy with her job. She wanted him to join Airlines so they could travel the world but he was happy. He was making decent money and said i don't need to change my job i make around same money as a person in airlines. So why i should change my job? Her wife wanted to see the world and if you word of airline you get free tickets and other perks. Long story short she forced him and talked to many people and convinced him. So he applied and he got selected. She was very happy but after few years a guy met a air hostess /flight attend. they used to travel together and he started liking her so he married her and divorced his first wife. Now she regrets its she said i used to pray to Allah that get him a job in airlines and Allah finally gave her whats she asked for and it ended up bad for her. So if Allah is not giving you what you want there is something good, Just have faith and Thank to Allah for what you have before its too late.
  22. selling roasted clay..

    what do you call roasted clay in urdu?
  23. Who is Hussain?