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  1. OMG stop spoiling desi people they used to vote for samosa and coke and now they will ask for Nihari.
  2. Please vote for me i will give you one samosa and 1 coke for free. So yes, I am willing to buy your votes. @starlight @Sindbad05 @Lover of Ahlulbait (ams)
  3. Couple days ago I received this video and i was thinking this is too small its has to be 100s on named before we could reach to Hazrat Adam (a.s). Please check this video, if you don't understand urdu just start from 2:18 Now check this picture,
  4. I thought it was a title... i could be wrong.
  5. Ya Ali but we all know thats not true Abu Turab was a title of Hazrat Ali and Adam (a.s) was made of clay. Where Ahl-e-Bait was not like normal human beings. They were made of noor. But didn't he skip a lot of generations?
  6. I would be happy with 50 million.
  7. And what does he mean when he said, Adam bin Turab and Turan bin Abu Turab.
  8. Man and woman can never be friends. Period.
  9. So why some Ayatollah say its haram and others say its mustahab. and why Sistani is not saying anything?
  10. I think you are a nice person.
  11. Israa Ali
  12. My team Ali_father of orpahsn Shia man Al-Hussain
  13. Inna lila hi wa inna ilahi rajioon.
  14. Truth doesn't die.
  15. yeah and are we allowed to bet on it? lol
  16. Because I know Allah is merciful and I have no doubt about it. Yes in some case I don't think he will forgive you but musterbation is not one of them.
  17. I wish i would have joined this website 7 or 8 years ago.
  18. Nobody watch test matches anymore. Nobody got time for it. lol
  19. who cares about test they will do 350+ in ODI easily.
  20. Look at my bating line. They are great batsmen.
  21. Ask for forgiveness and get married. i didn't read your entire post but i am sure Allah will forgive you insha'Allah.
  22. imam help

    "O you who believe! be careful of (your duty to) Allah and seek means of nearness to Him and strive hard in His way that you may be successful." Holy Quran[5:35]
  23. imam help

    They are the wasila. It doesn't mean that they are god or its shirk.
  24. Nobody could beat my team. AB, Corey, Kholi and Hashim could do 250+ easily.