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  2. you should only recite surah Fatiah in 3rd and fourth razat or you could do zikr in 3rd and 4th rakat instead of reciting surah Fatiah.
  3. And what about pre-adamites?
  4. Can you share with us. I don't have FB.
  5. So you the one who include banu hashim?
  6. Please shoot me now! Syed are the descendent of Prophet PBUH through Bibi Fatima (Syedah). Imam Ali was his cousin.
  7. I agree with you its very common in Paki land. pretty much entire south asia thinks that way. But don't worry you could always tell them that Imam Ali was not a syed.
  8. Fried.
  9. Any specific book?
  10. but i thought prophets do not commit sin.
  11. so my next question is when Allah said to Hazrat Adam not go close to that tree or eat a fruit from that tree but he did. Did he commit a sin?
  12. I do use paper towel.
  13. Do we all agree on this?
  14. because you don't know how to drive.
  15. Please define sin.