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  1. What is your goal today?

    Read about new projects and decide if i should invest or not.
  2. Are Bitcoins trading allowed in Shia Fiqh?

    I think if you are holding like stock there is no harm in it. So do you need tips on currencies? Invest in verge and you will become a millionaire.
  3. Do you listen to Maher zain

    who is he?
  4. Did Umar slapped Sayyida Fatima (as)?

    He would have been dead meat.
  5. #JusticeforZainab

    what is your point?
  6. #JusticeforZainab

    I wish i could burn those animals alive. This story was so disturbing. People are sick animals. They are worse then animals.
  7. Nikkah in shia islam

    Well of course they can get married. There is nothing wrong with it.
  8. Help

    Its gonna be 29 weeks tomorrow, by the grace of Allah she is still cooking .
  9. Beard

    Solution to your problem. Islam says to keep a beard but it doesn't say you have to have a long beard.
  10. Do looks matter to you

    Need to find a balance. And define handsome or beautiful. May be i find someone really beautiful but to you he could be just ok. Beauty is in the eye of beholder.
  11. Is it true that Ahmadi Najad arrested?

    According to news yes.
  12. Nikkah in shia islam

    So what kind of relation you had? Were you in friend zone? Talking over the phone (Long distance relationship?
  13. How can he keep doing this to us

    Hang in tight there Allah will make it better. Try your best and try to reach her everyday. I am one day she will come back to you. Our prayers are with you. Jazak Allah.
  14. Are Ahlul-Bayt mentioned in the Quran?

    The Qur'an is certainly enough in the sense that it contains the knowedge of the heavens and the earth and all the raw material that will enable humankind to advance towards its goal of perfection and salvation in the most effective and efficient way. On the other hand, the Qur'an as a document is obviousely not enough as an inanimate object which doesn't have the power to materialise its injunctions and ideals. Rather, for it to be of practical use and hence 'enough' it needs to be properly studied, understood and applied. On this basis, its usefulness is clearly proportional to the degree to which it has been understood. Enter the Prophets [pbuh] and - in their absence - the Imams [as]. They possess the highest degree of comprehension and only when is combined with the Qur'an can we say that the Qur'an is 'enough'. Hence the Qur'an is sufficient for us only when it has been illuminated by the light of the Prophet [pbuh] and following him the Imam's [as]. There is yet a third tool which is valid in illuminating the Qur'an and hence making it 'enough' and this is human reason, so long as it is guided by and is in harmony with the flawless and reliable teachings of the Prophet [pbuh] and the Imams [as].
  15. Pakistan

    He is from Kabul (lol hahahahahahaha)