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  1. Salam, i'm agree..most of movies, cartoon, song, and other contained with illumination element. The Conspiration Theory to control humanities through every aspect of life. Entertainment is one of it, it spread by television, internet, anything, even the toys. Some of people decide remove a television at their home to prevent children from this, and i think it really good.
  2. Pearl..try to perform a sholat, ask a lead from Allah (Isthikharah sholat)..do it for 7 night, insya Allah, Allah lead you. My sister do the same when choose proposal, and it work!
  3. root canal

    It not painful at all, even without anesthetic. But you must remember mention to the doctor 'please be gentle' because one of my friend broke her teeth because of this treatment. She loose her front teeth and have to replace it with implant.
  4. I think this is good information.. thank you
  5. Sex addiction/need advice.

    Salam..you worth more than this, if he a good muslim, he will do anything to change, and i heard a line before "A perfect sholat can prevent us from sins. Clearly masturbated is haram, and flirting with other is shown he's not respect you, you just one of his toy. Come on sister, if you want to be happy, be with someone love you more than you love him. Leave him, take your time with Allah, time can cure everything, never have hope for human. Lean everything to Allah.
  6. No, i also dont know either..and i also still learn about shia. I just start to join this forum today. Because i want to know from perspective of other people, not just him. Thankyou
  7. I agree with this..there will be no end of issue. Tq
  8. What? Charactheristic of wedded couple?we live far away from each other, across country, never meet. The only thing make us closer is when we discuss about some issue, political, religion, economic, and this mut'a nikah is one of argument in shia sunni. Now, i feel relief there are some shia people reject mut'a nikah and dont have to say good bye. Because it difficult and painful. Tq
  9. I still worry.stiillll worry. We always argue when discuss about shia sunni issue. But when it come about this issue, he agree with me. And i still doubt, because from i read, all shia approve mut'a marry. Or there some shia's againt this mut'a? Someone please inform me.
  10. Assalamua'alaikum, I'm sunni syafi girl, and my fiancee is shia jafari. We already talk about this mut'a nikah..and my fiancee said it haram and bad thing. My fiancee from Afghanistan, he always told me to make research about shia and discuss together. Now i began to read more about mut'a nikah. The more i read, the more i'm worry and uncomfortable. I'm so worry now. I feel to cry. Help me