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  1. Ghulu: The Case of Mughira the Sorcerer

    Salam brother Thank you for sharing this, very interesting to read! Just one question regarding this statement: "The first person I heard abusing Aba Bakr and Umar was al-Mughira b. Sa’id" Weren't the Imams a.s speaking bad about the two themselves before Mughira l.a?
  2. Hadith Of The Day

    Beautiful hadith, thank you for sharing! Do you perhaps have the source as well?
  3. Salam Alykom brothers and sisters! May Allah SWT accept your deeds on these sorrowful days! A friend in my class was asking if it is true that it is said that all the tents in Karbala were burnt down except for one. If yes, to whom did the tent belong to? Anyone who have heard about this before? If sources could be provided as well, that would be much appreciated!
  4. All the tents were burnt down except one?

    When I think of it, could it maybe have been Imam Zainul Abedeen's (A.S) tent? I remember watching a scene where they came to his tent to kill him a.s but because of his sickness, they left him.
  5. Reliable Narration: Wilaya and Thaqalayn

    Thank you brother for the explanation!
  6. Reliable Narration: Wilaya and Thaqalayn

    @Islamic Salvation Salam brother, what do you think about the claims on this page that there is only one authentic version of Hadith Al-Ghadir from Shia sources? http://ghadirkhumm.com/shia-version-hadith-al-ghadir/
  7. AntiMajosProduction on Youtube

    Salam! I came across a channel called "Anti Majos Production" where they upload videos that claims to refute our beliefs. They seem to show clips from "Shia scholars" that says pretty weird stuff, I don't know if they have edited the videos to make them seem bad or if these scholars aren't really representing Shia Islam. This video for example, who is the Sheikh and did he really say that Allah swt obeys the Imams (a.s) (Stagfurallah)? Anyone who has seen this channel before? I'm sure the videos aren't representing us Shias, however it'd be interesting to see if these "scholars" really said all those strange things, or if they really are Shias to begin with.
  8. Why is shrimp halal ?

    Salam Alykom I think this article may answer your question: http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa2070 There are also some hadiths from Ahlulbayt A.S that specifically mentions Shrimps as Halal such as: وباسناده عن محمد بن الحسن الصفار ، عن محمد بن عيسى بن عبيد ، بن يونس بن عبد الرحمن ، عن أبي الحسن ( عليه السلام ) ، قال : قلت له : جعلت فداك ، ما تقول في أكل الاربيان ؟ قال : فقال لي : لا بأس بذلك والاربيان ضرب من السمك ، قال : قلت : قد روى بعض مواليك في أكل الربيثا ، قال : فقال : لا بأس به . Sahih from Yunus b. `Abd ar-Rahman from Abi ‘l-Hasan (as). He said: I said to him: May I be your sacrifice, what do you say about eating shrimp? He said: So he said to me: There is no problem with that, shrimp is a type of fish. He said: I said: Some of your companions have narrated about eating ar-ribbitha. He said: So he said: There is no problem with it. Wsalam
  9. Ahl hul kitab and sunnis all Najis ?

    "Salvation of Non-Shias" http://purifiedhousehold.com/salvation-of-non-shias/ See the hadiths mentioned almost at the end of the article. God knows best, Wsalam
  10. NEW DEBATE Muhammad Hijab vs Shia Academic

    Wsalam brother Nice to see you here, I watched the debate and you did very good, may Allah SWT reward you! Are there any plans for more debates between you two (maybe more specifically about the 12 Imams a.s, going further into hadiths etc)?
  11. Do Hanafis/Hanbalis/Shafis pray like pagans?

    Very true indeed.
  12. Do Hanafis/Hanbalis/Shafis pray like pagans?

    http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/10/women-pray-with-hands-on-chest-in.html Allahu A3lam Wsalam
  13. Infallibility for Sahabah (companions)

    Salam brother I am not sure so can't confirm, I got the information from this article: https://web.archive.org/web/20160909101750/http://www.wilayat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2006:verse-of-purification-a-refutation&catid=155:ahlulbait&lang=en&Itemid=121 Wsalam alykom Excretion in Shia Fiqh is obviously considered as impure. When it comes to the Prophets & Imams a.s, I do not know honestly. However according to Sheikh Suduq r.h, the Imams a.s do urinate and defecate: SHEIKH SADOOQ R.A: The Imam is born. He also has children. He gets ill and he gets cured. He eats and drinks. He urinates and defecates. He gets married. He sleeps. He forgets and he makes mistakes (1). He gets happy and sad. He laughs and cries. He lives and then dies. He is buried and the people go to visit his shrine. He is resurrected and questioned. He is rewarded and honored. He intercedes. Wsalam
  14. Infallibility for Sahabah (companions)

    Salam brother I am not sure so can't confirm, I got the information from this article: https://web.archive.org/web/20160909101750/http://www.wilayat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2006:verse-of-purification-a-refutation&catid=155:ahlulbait&lang=en&Itemid=121 Wsalam alykom Excretion in Shia Fiqh is obviously considered as impure. When it comes to the Prophets & Imams a.s, I do not know honestly. However according to Sheikh Suduq r.h, the Imams a.s do urinate and defecate: SHEIKH SADOOQ R.A: The Imam is born. He also has children. He gets ill and he gets cured. He eats and drinks. He urinates and defecates. He gets married. He sleeps. He forgets and he makes mistakes (1). He gets happy and sad. He laughs and cries. He lives and then dies. He is buried and the people go to visit his shrine. He is resurrected and questioned. He is rewarded and honored. He intercedes. Wsalam
  15. Infallibility for Sahabah (companions)

    Salam brother I am not sure so can't confirm, I got the information from this article: https://web.archive.org/web/20160909101750/http://www.wilayat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2006:verse-of-purification-a-refutation&catid=155:ahlulbait&lang=en&Itemid=121 Wsalam alykom Excretion in Shia Fiqh is obviously considered as impure. When it comes to the Prophets & Imams a.s, I do not know honestly. Wsalam
  16. Imam Ali and taqqiyah?

    Glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that they are most likely the same person lol. Allahu A3lam
  17. Imam Ali and taqqiyah?

    Sermon 3 has previously been discussed here: Also, there is another sermon (authentic in isnad as well) where Imam Ali A.S mentions the previous caliphs in a negative manner (since you don't prefer the sermon from Nahjul Balagha): علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن محبوب، عن علي بن رئاب، ويعقوب السراج، عن أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) أن أمير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) لما بويع بعد مقتل عثمان صعد المنبر فقال: الحمد لله الذي علا فاستعلى ودنا فتعالى وارتفع فوق كل منظر وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له وأشهد أن محمدا عبده ورسوله خاتم النبيين وحجة الله على العالمين مصدقا للرسل الأولين وكان بالمؤمنين رؤوفا رحيما فصلى الله وملائكته عليه وعلى آله. أما بعد أيها الناس فإن البغي يقود أصحابه إلى النار وإن أول من بغى على الله جل ذكره عناق بنت آدم وأول قتيل قتله الله عناق وكان مجلسها جريبا [من الأرض] في جريب وكان لها عشرون إصبعا في كل إصبع ظفران مثل المنجلين فسلط الله عز وجل عليها أسدا كالفيل وذئبا كالبعير ونسرا مثل البغل فقتلوها وقد قتل الله الجبابرة على أفضل أحوالهم وآمن ما كانوا وأمات هامان وأهلك فرعون وقد قتل عثمان، ألا وإن بليتكم قد عادت كهيئتها يوم بعث الله نبيه (صلى الله عليه وآله) والذي بعثه بالحق لتبلبلن بلبلة ولتغربلن غربلة ولتساطن سوطة القدر حتى يعود أسفلكم أعلاكم وأعلاكم أسفلكم وليسبقن سابقون كانوا قصروا وليقصرن سابقون كانوا سبقوا والله ما كتمت وشمة ولا كذبت كذبه ولقد نبئت بهذا المقام وهذا اليوم ألا وإن الخطايا خيل شمس حمل عليها أهلها وخلعت لجمها فتقحمت بهم في النار، ألا وإن التقوى مطايا ذلل حمل عليها أهلها وأعطوا . أزمتها فأوردتهم الجنة وفتحت لهم أبوابها ووجدوا ريحها وطيبها وقيل لهم: ” ادخلوها بسلام آمنين “، ألا وقد سبقني إلى هذا الامر من لم أشركه فيه ومن لم أهبه له ومن ليست له منه نوبة إلا بنبي يبعث، ألا ولا نبي بعد محمد (صلى الله عليه وآله)، أشرف منه على شفا جرف هار فانهار به في نار جهنم. حق وباطل ولكل أهل، فلئن أمر الباطل لقديما فعل ولئن قل الحق فلربما ولعل ولقلما أدبر شئ فأقبل ولئن رد عليكم أمركم أنكم سعداء وما علي إلا الجهد وإني لأخشى أن تكونوا على فترة ملتم عني ميلة كنتم فيها عندي غير محمودي الرأي ولو أشاء لقلت: عفا الله عما سلف، سبق فيه الرجلان وقام الثالث كالغراب همه بطنه، ويله لو قص جناحاه وقطع رأسه كان خيرا له، شغل عن الجنة والنار أمامه، ثلاثة واثنان خمسة ليس لهم سادس: ملك يطير بجناحيه ونبي أخذ الله بضبعيه وساع مجتهد وطالب يرجوا ومقصر في النار، اليمين والشمال مضلة والطريق الوسطى هي الجادة عليها يأتي الكتاب وآثار النبوة، هلك من ادعى وخاب من افترى إن الله أدب هذه الأمة بالسيف والسوط وليس لاحد عند الامام فيهما هوادة فاستتروا في بيوتكم وأصلحوا ذات بينكم والتوبة من ورائكم، من أبدى صفحته للحق هلك . Ali Bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Mahboub, from Ali Bin Ra’ab abd Yaqoub Al-Sarraaj who has said: Abu Abdullah (as) has narrated that: ‘Amir-ul-Momineen (as), when they had pledged allegiance to him (as) after the killing of Usman, ascended the Pulpit, so he (as) said: ‘Praise be to Allah Who is High and thus all is in His possession and He is Closer than any in the view. And I hereby testify that there is no god but Allah,One with no associates to Him, and I testify that Muhammad Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã is His servant and His Messenger Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã, the last of the Prophets and a Proof over the worlds, a ratification for the former Prophets and was kind and merciful to the Believers. The Angels sent ‘salam’ greetings of peace upon himsaww and upon hissaww Progeny(as). Having said that, O you people! The transgression (indecency) places its owner into the Fire, and the first one to transgression (commit indecency) against Allah Majestic is His Remembrance was Onaq the daughter of Adam (as), and the first one who was killed, whom Allah Killed was Onaq. And the area that she occupied when seated upon the ground measured one square acre (Jarib) of the land, and she had twenty fingers and on each of her fingers were two nails like two sickles. So Allah Mighty and Majestic Made her to be overcome by a lion which was like an elephant (in size), and a wolf which was like a camel (in size), and an eagle like a mule (in size). So they killed her. And Allah had Killed the tyrants in their best conditions, and gave Safety to those who used to be (oppressed). And He Made Hannaan to die, and destroyed the Pharaoh, and He has Killed Usman. Indeed! Your misfortunes have returned to what they were on the day Allah Sent His Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã. By the One Who Sent him by the truth, you will be confused with a (severe) confusion and be sifted with a (severe) sifting, and stirred and turned like the contents of a frying pan until your underside becomes your upper side and your upper side becomes your underside. The ones who used to be with the shortcomings will become the foremost ones, and those who used to be the foremost ones would become the people with shortcomings. By Allah! I have neither concealed, nor blocked, nor lied a lie, and I have been foretold about this place and this day. Indeed! And the sins are like uncontrollable horses which carry its riders, with its harnesses removed, plunging into the Fire. Indeed! And the piety is like a humble ride which takes its rider, along with its rein, to the Paradise, and its Doors will be opened up for them, and they will find its aroma and goodness. And it will be said to them: ‘Enter it in peace and security’. Indeed! The ones who had no association with it has preceded me to this command (Caliphate), and the ones to whom it had not been Granted to, and the ones for whom there was no chance from it except if they were to be Prophets who had been Sent. And indeed! There is no Prophet as to be after Muhammad Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå æÓáã who is more noble than him over the intercession on the brink of the Fire. So they will fall with by it (their lies) in the Fire of Hell. Truth as well as falsehood, for each of them are its people. The matter of falsehood is a very old one and has been active. And if the truth is less (in practice) it is because of ‘if’ and ‘maybe’. And it is rare that if a thing gone away comes back, and if your command (Caliphate) returns to you, you would be pleased, and it is not on me except for the striving, and I am afraid that you all will end up being on the nature of your nation (away) from me, the nation that you were in beforehand and would not have a praiseworthy opinion in my sight, and if I so desire to I would say: ‘May Allah Forgive what was in the past’. Two men preceded me with regards to it (Caliphate), and the third one stood up like the Raven. His main concern was his stomach. Woe be unto him! Had his wings been clipped and his head cut-off, it would have been better for him. He was distracted from the Paradise and the Hell was in front of him. Three and two make five, there is no sixth of them – An Angel who files by his wings, and a Prophet whom Allah has Grabbed by his shoulders (Given him Divine Status), and a diligent seeker (momin), and a hopeful student, and a reducer(Muqassir) are in the Fire. The right and the left are misleading, whereas the middle path is the street on which you will come across the Book and the effects of the Prophet-hood. Destroyed is the one who makes a claim, and disillusioned is the one who fabricates that Allah Disciplined this community by the sword and the whip, and there is no leniency for either of them with the Imam. So, hide in your homes and mend your relationships in between yourselves and the repentance is behind you all. The one who turned his cheek (opposed the Imam) to the truth is destroyed. Source:Al-Kafi by Kulayni,Vol 8,Pg 67,H 23 Grading: Majlisi:”Hasan” (Mirat ul Uqool 25/151) Sheikh Asif Muhsini:”Mo’tabar Sanad” (Masharat Behar al-Anwar 2/34) Hadi Najafi:”Saheeh Sanad” (Mawsua’t al-Hadith Ahlalbayt 2/59) http://www.wilayat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2045:concept-of-hazrat-ali-a-s-regarding-caliphate-of-sheikhain&catid=155&lang=en&Itemid=115 Wsalam
  18. Imam Ali and divine revelation?

    It's funny how you try to portray that only Shia hadiths claim such big knowledge, but that is not the case: حدثنا عبد اللَّهِ حدثني أبي ثنا بن أبي عدي عن حُمَيْدٍ عن أَنَسٍ قال قال رسول اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم لاَ تسألوني عن شيء إلى يَوْمِ الْقِيَامَةِ الا حَدَّثْتُكُمْ. Holy prophet asws said: You cannot ask me anything till day of qayamat but that i will tell you about it sheikh shoaib says about the narration تعليق شعيب الأرنؤوط : إسناده صحيح على شرط الشيخين chain is sahih on the condition of sheikhain (i.e on the condition of Saheeh Bukhari & Muslim) sheikh albany also authenticates the narration 1 – لا تسألوني عن شيء إلى يوم القيامة إلا حدثتكم الراوي: أنس بن مالك المحدث: الألباني – المصدر: صحيح الجامع – الصفحة أو الرقم: 7308 خلاصة حكم المحدث: صحيح https://ahlubait.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/holy-prophet-asws-and-his-knowledge-till-day-of-qayamat-sahih-sunni-hadeeth/ REFERENCE NO. 1 we find abdul razaq saying in his tafsir ul quran, 3/241 عن معمر عن وهب بن عبد الله عن أبي الطفيل قال شهدت عليا وهو يخطب وهو يقول سلوني فوالله لا تسألوني عن شيء يكون إلى يوم القيامة إلا حدثتكم به وسلوني عن كتاب الله فوالله ما من آية إلا وأنا أعلم بليل نزلت أم بنهار أم في سهل أم في جبل. Ali said: “Ask me anytthing; by Allah! you cannot ask me about anything till day of qayamat but that i will tell you about it. Ask me about the Holy Book of Allah; by Allah! there is no verse in it but I know whether it was revealed in the night or during the day, on a plain field or in the steep mountains” الصنعاني، ابوبكر عبد الرزاق بن همام (متوفاى211هـ)، تفسير القرآن، ج3، ص241، تحقيق: د. مصطفى مسلم محمد ، ناشر: مكتبة الرشد ـ الرياض، الطبعة: الأولى، 1410هـ ANALYSIS OF CHAIN 1- mo’mar bin rashid ibn hajar writes معمر بن راشد الأزدي مولاهم أبو عروة البصري نزيل اليمن ثقة ثبت فاضل . العسقلاني الشافعي، أحمد بن علي بن حجر ابوالفضل (متوفاى852هـ)، تقريب التهذيب، ج1 ص541، رقم: 6809، تحقيق: محمد عوامة، ناشر: دار الرشيد – سوريا، الطبعة: الأولى، 1406 – 1986. so, he is thiqa 2- wahab in abdullah ibn hajar writes وهب بن عبد الله بن أبي دبي بموحدة مصغر الهنائي بضم الهاء ونون ومد الكوفي وقد ينسب لجده ثقة من الخامسة وروايته عن سلمان مرسلة عس تقريب التهذيب ج1 ص585، رقم: 7478 3- aamir bin wathila he is a companion of holy prophet REFERENCE NO. 2 This reference i am taking from another source, and it is from ibn abdul bar’s book “jami’i bayan ul ilm wa fadlah”; vol 1, page 464, narration 726; and researcher of the book says “chain is sahih; and all narrators are thiqa” you can see scans here https://ahlubait.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/imam-ali-asws-and-his-knowledge-till-day-of-qayamat-authentic-sunni-narration/ This is the problem when you only look at hadiths in Saheeh Bukhari & Muslim (and compare only them to for example Al-Kafi) while there are many more other collections & hadiths in Sunni literature (among those are hadiths which contradicts the ones in for example Sahih Bukhari & Muslim). If one wants to make a true and honest comparison, then one should take all the Sunni hadiths (both weak and authentic ones, from whatever collection) and then compare it to Al-Kafi and the other Shi'i hadith collection. Wsalam
  19. Infallibility for Sahabah (companions)

    The tashri'i verses state that after performing certain conditions (such as ablution), a person is purified to an extent. But, such purification is only temporary and can be voided. On the other hand, the Verse of Purification makes the purification of the Ahl al-Bayt ABSOLUTE and PERMANENT! Therefore, it is takwini. No other verse talks about ABSOLUTE purification except the Verse of Purification. Ibn 'Abbas reports the following important tradition from the Prophet: "God Almighty has divided all men into two groups, and placed me among the best of all men. For He said. 'The Companions of the Right Hand how pleasant will be their state!' (56:27), and 'The Companions of the Left Hand, how evil will be their state!' (56:41) "I am among the Companions of the Right Hand, and I am in fact the best of them. "Then God divided men into three groups, and again placed me in the purest of them, For He said, 'The Companions of the Right Hand how pleasant will be their state! The Companions of the Left Hand, the wretched, how miserable will be their state! The third group are those foremost in faith, those who are in truth nigh unto Me.' (56:8-11). And I am the best of the foremost. "Then He divided men into peoples and tribes, and placed me among the best of them. For He said, 'O mankind, We have created you from a single man and woman, and made of you different peoples and tribes in order that you might recognize one another, and the greatest of you in the sigh t of God is the most pious.' (49:13). And I am the most pious and the greatest of mankind, and yet I take no pride in this. "Then God divided people into families and households, and placed me in the most virtuous of all households. For He said, 'God wishes to remove all filth and impurity from you, O Ahl al-Bayt,, and to render you utterly free of pollution.' (33:33) I and my Ahl al-Bayt are, then, utterly free of all impurity and immune to sin." Al-Suyuti, al-Durr al-Manthur, Vol. V, p. 199. Also, Imam al-Baghwihas recorded in his Tafsir3/528: وقال عبد الله بن عباس : ( عمل الشيطان وما ليس لله فيه رضا ) Abdullah ibn Abbas said: Rijs means acts of Shaytan and whatever displeases Allah. "Umm Salamah narrated that she heard the Prophet (s) say 'It is never halaal for a person in a state of Janaba or menstruation to enter this Mosque, apart from the Prophet of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, 'Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Husayn. With the exception of them no one else is permitted to enter the Mosque of the Prophet (s). Go forth! I have told you the names to ensure that you are not led astray". 1. Sunan Bayhaqi, Volume 7 page 65 Hadeeth number 13178-13179 2. Kanz al Ummal, Volume 14 page 101 Hadeeth number 34183 3. Tareekh Ibn Asakir, Volume 14 page 166 4. Fadail min al Seerah, Volume 1 page 283 [by Ibn Katheer] 5. Khasais al Kubra, Volume 2 page 424 Wsalam https://web.archive.org/web/20160909101750/http://www.wilayat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2006:verse-of-purification-a-refutation&catid=155:ahlulbait&lang=en&Itemid=121
  20. Was Abu Bakr Even Qualified To Lead Prayer?

    Did Abu Bakr Really Lead The Salat? In this book, the author is thoroughly investigating the Sunni reports on the alleged leadership of salat by Abu Bakr during the fatal illness of the Messenger. He will be analyzing the bewildering contradictions between the so-called “sahih” Sunni ahadith on the claim; and he will be questioning the historicity of the whole episode. In particular, he will be examining the correct implications of leadership in salat, according to orthodox Sunni Islam. Does it indicate superiority? Does it confer the khilafah? Do our brothers from the Ahl al-Sunnah really have any case, even if the tale about Abu Bakr had been true? https://www.al-islam.org/did-abu-bakr-really-lead-salat-toyib-olawuyi Allaho A3lam Wsalam
  21. 2nd's doubt

    The term "Shia" has been used as a political term (Shia of Muawiya, Shia of Uthman etc) but it has also been a religious term since Prophet S.A.W himself said that the Shia of Imam Ali A.S would be allowed into Paradise in an authentic hadith. Obviously the term "Asna Ashri" came much later, but Zurarah was still a Shia and a "Rafidha". Even Shias today don't really use the term Asna Ashri at first, they usually simply say that they are Shias. The term "Ahlul Sunnah" also came much later, does this mean that Umar, Muawiya etc was not from the Ahlul Sunnah just because the term wasn't invented yet? As for Zurarah r.h, he is excused according to authentic narrations. محمد بن يحيى، عن محمد بن الحسين، عن صفوان، عن يعقوب بن شعيب قال: قلت لابي عبد الله عليه السلام: إذا حدث على الامام حدث، كيف يصنع الناس؟ قال: أين قول الله عزوجل: " فلولا نفر من كل فرقة منهم طائفة ليتفقهوا في الدين و لينذروا قوهم إذا رجعوا إليهم لعلهم يحذرون " قال: هم في عذر ما داموا في الطلب وهؤلاء الذين ينتظرونهم في عذر، حتى يرجع إليهم أصحابهم. Muhammad b. Yahya from Muhammad b. al-Husayn from Safwan from Ya`qub b. Shu`ayb. He said: I said to Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام: If something were to happen to the Imam, what should the people do? He said: Where is the saying of Allah عزوجل, “…if a contingent from every division remained behind, they could devote themselves to the study of religion, and admonish the people when they return to them – that thus they [may learn] to guard themselves [against evil]” (9:122). He said: They are excused, so long as they are seeking; and those who wait for them are excused, until their companions [who are devoted to the study of religion] return to them. (al-Kafi, Volume 1, hadith 976) (sahih) (صحيح) Please show me a statistic or something to prove your underlined claim. The true Shias of the Imams A.S being in a minority is not something strange or new (look at Imam Hussan A.S, barely 70 people r.a against thousands of other "muslims"). Again, the name "Twelvers" was not used by the Shias of the Imams A.S, one of the reasons was probably that they had to believe in the Imam of their time. If you're trying to say that the true Shias of the Imams A.S didn't have the same beliefs etc (Imam Ali A.S being the successor, the Imams A.S being chosen by God and so on) then you'll have to prove that. It's common sense that Shias would use a term such as "twelvers" after all the twelve Imams A.S had been born. I'm done, Wsalam
  22. 2nd's doubt

    Yes there are liars, ghullats etc in some hadiths like there in Sunni hadiths, and such hadiths are disregarded. That's why we have hadith sciences where hadiths will be graded, by looking at the isnads and comparing them to the Quran. If you believe that Shias (specially the classical scholars) take hadiths from Ghullats etc, then you do not know anything about Shia Islam brother. Also please show us how the "first century Shias" in firaq ul shia of naubakhti didn't believe Ghadeer to be the appointment of Imam Ali A.S as the successor. I also want to remind you that not everyone who called themselves Shias at the time of Imam Ali's A.S caliphate were "true Shias" as it was a political term during the Imam Ali A.S / Muawiya dispute. Please show proof for the red bolded statement. As for the rest, nothing worth responding to honestly, just accusations without proof. Wsalam
  23. Tarawih Salah , Bid3ah in Religion

    A bad comparison. The 3rd shahada is something that came much later and was not originally something that was practiced among the Shias (that's why classical shia scholars were against it) whereas Taraweeh is something that has been among the Ahlul Sunnah from the beginning, and where some scholars even considered it obligatory (even though there are no real proof for praying Taraweeh the way it is done today). Also the majority who say the third shahada today do it with the intention of it not being part of the adhan (even though I personally feel one shouldn't do it at all since there are no proof that the Prophet S.A.W or his Ahlulbayt A.S did it). Wsalam
  24. 2nd's doubt

    I'm amazed how far people will go to misinterpret narrations to simply disregard them, SubhanAllah Yes Ghadir was one of those declarations, what is meant here is Imam Ali A.S calling them after they all instead decided to follow Abu Bakr as their Caliph. So instead of fighting about it, he decided to be quiet as the outcome could have been bad. This is the patience Amir al Mumineen A.S had. This is a known reason and has been mentioned in several narrations if I'm not mistaken. In what way Allah SWT knows best. I would be careful to call it a "very bad reason" as it is very much likely from the Imam a.s (the chain is authentic). Fear Allah brother. Yes he concealed his matter when the majority decided to follow someone else as the Caliph, not that his matter (his nomination) was concealed (because Ghadir etc was about his nomination). The narration talks about what Imam Ali A.S did afterwards. Can't believe I have to explain this, the narration is self evident. A claim with no evidence at all. Brother you can not call everything a fabrication just because it doesn't suit your view. Anyway in conclusion the narration says that Imam Ali A.S had patience instead of fighting for his own right, where the result would have been much worser. A shorter version of the hadith with a different chain can be found here: http://purifiedhousehold.com/why-imam-ali-as-did-not-rise-up/ @Qa'im Brother since you're an expert in hadiths please feel free to correct if I've said anything wrong, or if you feel that you can add something more to the discussion. Wsalam
  25. Tarawih Salah , Bid3ah in Religion

    5th Contradiction: Some people claim that tradition of Abu Dhar is speaking of another incident of Tarawih than incident of Aisha and Zaid bin Thabit etc. (i.e. Prophet prayed Tarawih twice in his life). The facts and questions are: It is a pure conjecture that Prophet prayed Tarawih twice. Why then Aisha and other Sahaba unaware of this 2nd time of Tarawih incident? Please name your Salaf Fuqaha who have claimed that Abu Dhar's 3 night incident is separate one from the 3 night incident of Aisha? If Abu Dhar's 3 night incident is different than Aisha's 3 night incident, then please tell us which incident happend first and which incident happened 2nd. If the incident of Abu Dhar happened 2nd, does it mean that "Sunnah" of Prophet (saw) has been "abrogated" for you people where Prophet (saw) recommended by pointing especially towards this so called Tarawih prayer that people go to you homes and pray your Nawafil there? Why then Abu Bakr didn't start this 3 day "alternative" Tarawih during his Caliphate? Why then Abu Bakr, Umar & Uthman didn't bring their WIVES and families in that Tarawih Prayer? Please remember, what to talk about Wives and Families, it has been proved without any doubt that Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman themselves never prayed Tarawih. https://web.archive.org/web/20160909053335/http://www.wilayat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2466:tarawih&catid=180:fiqh-issues&lang=en&Itemid=108 The fact that the Prophet S.A.W stopped praying there once he knew about them praying behind him shows his view about this. Why not then follow what the Prophet S.A.W said and instead pray at home? That is his true Sunnah. One important point is that these hadiths do not tell us that we should complete the whole Quran in the prayer, pray 8 or 20 raakats etc. Simply, there are no evidences that the Prophet S.A.W actually commanded us to pray this prayer (specially in the way it is done today) and therefore we can not call it an established Sunnah. And that's why the Ahlulbayt A.S considered it an innovation (including Imam Ali A.S). It's not a narration, it's a statement from a scholar. I don't think there is anything more to say about this topic, the reader is free to decide. Wsalam