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  1. going to a gay wedding

    The happy couple are presumably already in a relationship and the OP has already worked out how to sustain the sisterly friendship in spite of this. In this context the ceremony and the piece of paper seem incidental. If they are friends then it's likely they know each others feelings and nothing new can be expressed by staying away. Attending doesn't express support or disapproval, really it's just about friendship.
  2. Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

    Ah, the Cthulhu fruit
  3. Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

    What about feijoa? I've only encountered them in New Zealand where they seem plentiful and popular but wikipedia says: Very sweet and tasty
  4. Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

    I don't know if durian counts as rare or unusual but I've never seen it here in Ireland. I tried it in Malaysia where it seemed to be everywhere. It wasn't nearly as disgusting as I expected but I didn't particularly like it either.
  5. Any well-made materials for learning Persian?

    http://www.easypersian.com always gets a mention but it is excellent. It starts off teaching the persian alphabet but uses both alphabets. Pimsleur's persian is a good way to get the sound of the language and to practice speaking if, like me, you don't have any actual real-life persian speaking friends to practice with. Kinda expensive but maybe you can source it for less... http://www.pimsleur.com/learn-farsi-persian Persian Grammar for reference and revision by John Mace is good, but as the title says it's a grammar reference rather than an all-round language text. But when you have a specific query about persian grammar it's an excellent place to find the answer. It's in english but persian words are written in persian script. https://www.amazon.com/Persian-Grammar-Reference-John-Mace/dp/0700716955
  6. Question about languages in Iran

    Here is an interesting article about the differences and similarities between languages spoken across Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan http://lobelog.com/the-many-flavors-of-persian-in-eurasia/
  7. Western World

    Look past the headlines and most people in the west are just trying to keep a roof over their heads and rear their children well, just like people everywhere else. Clothes are just clothes, a westerner in a miniskirt and a topless lady in Africa are just wearing their clothes. Governments and elites are almost universally bad, including in "the Muslim world" imo. Power corrupts etc.
  8. #4 Are you a Coffee Drinker?

    I love it, and a little superficial searching on Google reveals that it's some kind of magical elixir that prevents cancer, diabetes and senility if you only drink enough of it (5 or more cups a day)
  9. Doubt

    I don't know enough about logic or physics to take a hard position on whether or not a creator is logically or scientifically necessary. I'm inclined to lean towards the atheist view point but personally I don't care or think it matters whether there is or isn't a creator. Something that I do find interesting is the path that leads from a logical/scientific process that concludes that there must be a creator of some kind to the acceptance of a specific definition of this creator such as the Christian version, the Muslim version or whatever other ones there are. Is this a thing? Are they joined up or is creation the point where faith takes its own faith?
  10. I usually just pick a username off the top of my head when signing up to things
  11. I left as a teenager as soon as circumstance forced me to step back from the flock and think it through for myself. First of all I had personal issues with what the priests in school were saying about small-scale right and wrong stuff. Should I take them seriously or not? To answer this I had to go back to clarify a few other questions for myself and I found out pretty quickly I'm not a christian: Do I believe in the immaculate conception? No Do I believe Jesus was the son of god? No Do I believe he walked on water or turned the loaves in to fishes or anything like that? No Do I believe in the resurrection? No Do I believe in Heaven or Hell? No Life after death? No A day of reckoning? No God? Not really, at least not a god that anyone on earth knows anything about and certainly not the mish-mash of human attributes that Christianity projects on to the concept of God.
  12. Australia Austria Belgium Benin Burkina Faso France Ghana Hungary Indonesia Iran Ireland (home) Italy Lithuania Malaysia Mali Mauritania Netherlands New Zealand Niger Senegal Singapore Spain Switzerland Togo UK USA I want to go back to Iran and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Oman are high on my wish list.
  13. Where is your novel?

    I've never tried to write a novel but I think it is hard, particularly if you want to write a good one with consistent voices, narrative etc. Getting it published is not easy though. A friend of mine has written several novels without any indication from publishers that they've read even a word of the manuscripts he sent to them.
  14. This is a debatable point, at least. There are scientific reports that state the opposite - that ejaculating (whether solo or in company) is good for fertility, helps avoid premature ejaculating, helps you sleep, possibly helps reduce risk of prostate cancer. Obviously if your reasons for avoiding it are religious then these are not relevant considerations.
  15. Question about languages in Iran

    What about Dari? I've read that it is something like an older form of Farsi than is spoken in Iran at present. Is the difference mainly apparent when it is spoken? I have exchanged some written messages with Afghans online and their written responses seem like normal Farsi to me. Admittedly, my Farsi is very weak.