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  1. Assistance on Wajib Ghusl (for Women)

    @Hassan- ^^ Thank you very much.
  2. Salaams, I am a bit confused on the performance of ghusl. I have recently read the Islamic Laws by Ayatollah Sistani on which state that all short hair must be washed and long hair can be skipped provided the skin is touched with wet fingers. Can anyone assist me with clarification on this? Does long hair (for women) mean we can bathe/ take wajib ghusl without washing our hair? Many thanks.
  3. ^^JazakAllah, thank you very much for the quick responses, Zarla and Mostafaa. They were both helpful!
  4. Salam ladies, I love wearing nail polish, but I understand that it must be removed in order to perform wudhu and pray salaat. I have been adhering to the same for years now, however recently someone brought it to my attention that Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Khamenei have released fatwas that wudhu is not considered invalid if one toe nail is unpolished (for masah). I tried searching for the law on their respective websites but in vain. I even went through older topics opened on this forum on nail polish, but the links provided are not working anymore. I know for a fact that nail polish from nails on the hand must be removed; my confusion lies with the law on toe nails. Can anyone kindly help me out with this? Many thanks!