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  1. You can use the below link to ask your doughts with the maulanas from your mobile it will make your life easy inshallah https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.askthosewhoknow&hl=en and below one is the sistani.org if your are following taqleed of Ayatullah sistani shaab http://www.sistani.org/ Both these things can be your live saver you can ask more things if you needed anytime inshallah since we both are in the same situation.
  2. Yes I am doing that only try to behave properly inshallah as well as I can.
  3. Yes I know that. I can even understand the situation
  4. @Hassan- @A true Sunni No I am in hidden form . And they don't feel happy if I will tell them
  5. Even I am a revert same situation but a male person. All of my member of family are Sunni.
  6. Whats the best practices when you are the only shia guy in your family??
  7. What is the big deal about birthdays?

    Happy birthday man