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  1. Why Is Allah Doing This to Me?

    In my case i got a ruling from my marjaa. The important spot that should be pure is where you do soujoud, so i put a tissue just in case.
  2. Why Is Allah Doing This to Me?

    Mmm i dont know... I'm a convert who still lives with her christian parents and i pray in the bathroom.. Even at work they are all christians and i manage to pray in such a surrounding tho they get upset. So i dont know if this helps but you always can find something. Contact your marjaa maybe he can help.
  3. Why Is Allah Doing This to Me?

    Everyone of us were at your place at some time, at least i was, i just didn't realize that this test was given to me to make a small push and do some spiritual cleansing. After i reached my goal and the test was finished i felt even more stronger and more close to God. And it wasn't easy at all. Everything has its price in this life. God knows what you can tolerate and what you cannot, if you can't tolerate prison then He won't put you there. If he placed you in a test it is because He knows that you can overcome it. You can change the situation you're in with some effort and doaa. Just don't blame God if you're late or missing some prayers. Don't ever think that he wants you to be far of him, Once Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad takki Bahjat said: Is it possible that a slave Sincerely wants God and God rejects him? In the end God doesn't leave the atheists and the non muslims and he keep on giving them sustenance. He won't definitely leave a follower of Ali bin abi talib(as).
  4. Can I have mutah with different men?

    There is no sane women who respects herself seeks to have several mutaa with several men. No women Needs that. And let's say such women exists now, they wouldn't care to have mutaa they just have sexual relationships without caring about no mutaa.
  5. Can I have mutah with different men?

    فهذا الراغب الأَصفهاني ـ من عظماء علماء السنَّة ـ يحدثنا ـ وهو الثقة الثبت ـ في كتابه السّابق الذكر ما نصّه : أنَّ عبدالله بن الزبير عيَّر ابن عبّاس بتحليله المتعة ، فقال له ابن عبّاس : سل اُمّكَ كيف سطعت المجامر بينها وبين أبيك. فسألها فقالت : والله ما ولدتُك إلّا بالمتعة (١). وأنت تعلم من هي اُم عبدالله بن الزبير ، هي أسماء ذات النطاقين ، بنت أبي بكر الصدِّيق ، اُخت عائشة اُمّ المؤمنين ، وزوجها الزبير من حواري رسول الله ، وقد تزوجها بالمتعة ، فما تقول بعد هذا أيها المكابر المجادل؟! ثم أنَّ الراغب ذكر عقيب هذه الحكاية رواية اُخرى فقال : سأل يحيى ابن أكثم شيخاً من أهل البصرة فقال له : بمن اقتديت في جواز المتعة؟ فقال : بعمر بن الخطاب. فقال له : كيف وعمر كان من أشد الناس فيها؟! قال : نعم ، صح الحديث عنه أنَّه صعد المنبر فقال : يا أيُّها الناس ، متعتان أحلَّهما الله ورسوله لكم وأنا اُحرِّمها عليكم واُعاقب عليهما ، فقبلنا شهادته ولم نقبل تحريمه. انتهى (٢). (١) محاضرات الادباء ٣ : ٢١٤. (٢) محاضرات الادباء ٣ : ٢١٤. That's 2 hadiths, one that states the daughter of abu bakr, ''Umm abdellah bin al zubayr'', had mutaa with one of the sahaba of the holy prophet, his name is zubayr, and they both had a child from Mutaa. And the second hadith clearly states that it is Omar who is defying the word of God by saying that he forbade mutaa. You imbecile. If i were you i would have been more worried about my hereafter having such weakling leader who doesn't follow the word of God.
  6. Do you shake hand?

    I can answer you why the handshake is bad but it is a long discussion, it's a process of thoughts. I gradually stopped shaking hands because it didn't hit me right away why i i should stop. I was a coward at some point but thanks to God i managed to overcome this and i became stronger afterwards. The bible clearly states that women should cover their heads and if they don't cover it they should shave it, but who am i to judge right?
  7. Effects of social media on our brain.

    @notme Sister, i downloaded the application for Nasa that you have in your signature, it is awesome!
  8. https://gizmodo.com/former-facebook-exec-you-don-t-realize-it-but-you-are-1821181133 Last month, Facebook’s first president Sean Parker opened up about his regrets over helping create social media as we know it today. “I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because of the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other,” Parker said. “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” He went on to explain what “this” is: So we are in a really bad state of affairs right now, in my opinion. It is eroding the core foundation of how people behave by and between each other. And I don’t have a good solution. My solution is I just don’t use these tools anymore. I haven’t for years. Speaking more broadly on the subject of social media, Palihapitiya said he doesn’t use social media because he “innately didn’t want to get programmed.” As for his kids: “They’re not allowed to use this [Edited Out].”
  9. Do you shake hand?

    Ahlulbayt are the walking talking quran. And whatever the holy prophet says it comes from God. قال تعالى: "وَمَا يَنطِقُ عَنِ الْهَوَى* إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا وَحْيٌ يُوحَى" سورة النجم : 3-4 ''Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination. (3) It is not but a revelation revealed'' (4)
  10. Do you shake hand?

    My christian brother, Our doctrine is Sensitive. If you want to test someone in this religion, you have to see whether he is willing to make sacrifices for God, you can test him in small things like if he interrupts his sleep and his own comfort to get up for morning prayer, or whether he can be placed under this small, small pressure when it comes to Rejecting a handshake. Because these can be used as Benchmarks to see whether we are ready for the Imam of our time. Imam al mahdi(atfs) won't appear if we won't correct ourselves and prophet Jesus(as) won't come either. We won't be able to stand next to Our imam to defeat our enemies if we keep on falling for this small traps. If we keep on making excuses and allow our fear to control us then nothing is left to live for. How do you think Hezbollah defeated Israel? Do you think these soldiers who were on the battle field had this same mindset that some of the shias have here? Ahlulbayt(as) said themselves that the Handshake enables people to enter Hell, despite it's earthly negative effects Muslims should realize that they are defying the word of the Only Creator. This has major consequences. I used to be a christian who used to hug and handshake people wherever i go but when i converted to shia-islam and stopped handshaking people i saw lots of differences both Mentally and Physically.
  11. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    People who are searching for the truth won't stop here. If they are truly meant to be shias they will be shias no matter what. I, myself for example, was a christian roman catholic, and i was far far far away of islam, you have no idea how much i was far of this doctrine, but God wanted to give me this gift and he made me a shia, I thank him everyday since 3 years, even now while i'm writing this i had tears in my eyes. I had everything that this life could ever give me but it was just Never enough. Hence, when i said the shahada and didn't know whether i should be a Sunni or a Shia i decided that i should start reading from different sources about the two sects. And سبحان الله I fell in love with Imam ali(as) i fell in love with ahlulbayt(as) and i Instantly started Hating their enemies which are the enemies of the prophet as well (you know who). A heart who is filled with pure love towards ahlulbayt can't bear the love for their enemies. The love for Ahlulbayt is Innate, it's not something you can teach, it's like having a predisposition to love or hate something. Just like a human being, he is born weak and to become strong he have to be a muslim and commit to the words of God and ahlulbayt.
  12. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    This man is obviously very happy with all of your answers because he came here to piss you guys off, imam ali(as) taught us that the best reponse to an ignorant is silence. Do that and he will definitely lose because right now he's laid back enjoying his victory.
  13. Muslim Men and Their Actions

    Of course she should leave him. And let her dump him in a cold way so he can think twice next time he yells at a women and maybe he would look closely at this depressing psychological disease he have. This way he would respect more your sister because she will be standing up for her religion and her dignity, it's a matter of Principle.
  14. Do you shake hand?

    I must say some responses here shocked me. All of you are afraid to offend the opposite gender but you are not afraid to offend God and the imam of our time?
  15. Lost in life

    In the quran it says about the punishment chapter 78 verse 26:جزاء وفاقاً it means that God punishes someone by the length of his sins He doesn't punish him more, because God is Just and it would be Unjust of him to punish someone more than he deserves, it would break the Fundamentals of islam-shia which are 5: Tawheed(Oneness of God), Adel(justice of God), Prophethood, Imamate and Judgment day. And when he mentions heaven in the same chapter verse 36, God says that Heaven is a Gift of him to us, meaning He will give us much more than we actually deserve. It's عطاء but not.وفاق In the end the laws that God applies on us comes from the Unseen, and why he will punish you for example for thousands of years in hell if you kill someone, because you were clearly warned and you didn't obey but at the same time if you repent your sins and it was sincere it will be as if you never did them