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  1. Love and Suffering

    The constant trial strengthens the faith of a true believer, who learns to lean on God alone. making Islam not a seventh century Arabian phenomenon, but an expression of the nature in which we were created. Awesome ending. As imam al sadek(as) said: ''If we know what really happened in karbala we would die of grief.''
  2. Virtual Currencies

    Yeah so I've heard. https://coinmarketcap.com/ Then which of these projects you think its better to invest in?
  3. Virtual Currencies

    But it was 4.600$ 15 days ago so whoever invested lost his money.
  4. Virtual Currencies

    https://www.google.com.lb/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/1a962c16-6952-11e6-ae5b-a7cc5dd5a28c I was thinking about investing in one of these projects but i think I'm gonna wait for this new currency that is mentioned in the link.
  5. How do you know when Allah completely cut you off

    I Keep on encountering your posts these past days. You need serious work. I'm not saying this to demotivate you, because it is the kind of work that we All have to pass through to create a special bond with God and Ahlulbayt. We have to endure, suffer, stay patient, feel all the pain we need to feel in order to purify ourselves and pass through the proper Tests so we can call ourselves worthy of God and ahlulbayt, and to deserve the hereafter. What we fail to remember is that in this life everything is a Test and everything is Temporary. God doesn't leave the kuffar, He feeds them everyday, sustain them in what ever they do, do you think he will leave a follower of Ali bin abi talib? Plus there is something wrong in your faith, because for you to think this way i'm sure you've missed something major and of course it accumulated over time and it left you with thoughts like leaving religion and prayers and hijab, etc... If you choose to forget about God, it will be your own hell on earth. You think this world can give you the answers? You have no CLUE. This world is the devil itself. You think all these people who are not committed and not muslims are happy? You have no Idea. I've lived my whole life with such people and trust me they are miserable as hell, they are just clever when it comes to hiding it. If you choose to develop and build again your relationship with God you will feel bitterness, life is no fairytail my dear, but after the pain comes light. God reminded twice in the quran that after each hardship comes ease. So no your religion isn't the one which is standing against from what you want to achieve, you are.
  6. Can an Imam (a) have Ishq towards me?

    We need more of these everyday.
  7. Why did the Best of Creations (sawws) Marry Aisha?

    Or maybe when Abu bakr came and asked for the prophet to marry his daughter, the prophet had to accept so it wouldn't be an insult or something that he rejected his daughter, hence conflicts will arise. The things Ahlulbayt(as) had to endure cause of Omar and Abu bakr. It deeply aches my heart. What's done is done, we should focus on the fact that justice is coming and its inevitable.
  8. is mcdonalds dying?

    @M.IB Ah so we can't know if they are halal like @sidnaq said, because lebanon has a huge islam population. Yes i know about jbeil i dont eat there at all but it was a coincidence that i passed and asked from their branch. To be honest the best tasteful meat is from dahye and shiite areas but i cant always go there. About KFC its 100% halal i know someone who works there he's a committed shia. If you want i can ask him about the name of the brand and let you know.
  9. is mcdonalds dying?

    How do you know they are not Halal? I wanted to have some information about this topic, i once asked the branch in Jbeil (I live in Lebanon btw) from where they get their meat, they told me all the branches get their meat from Australia. So i thought there is some kind of international committee that supervises on these kind of stuff around the world. However burger king get their meat from Saudi Arabia and once i heard that Saudi get this meat from outside the country. So i don't know what to believe. It's been like 3 years I'm not eating from these places cause of these issues.
  10. What do you fear the most?

    My greatest fear in life is that i won't be worthy and loyal to ahlulbayt and God as much as I should be. Sometimes we think we are but deep down we are not. This is what came across my mind when i first read the title of this thread. Everything else comes secondary, because a lot of things which I feared in my past have become something ordinary now in my life.
  11. How do you guys stay firm and steadfast?

    I still didn't deal with it with my parents, I tried telling them once they turned my life a living hell, so i had to act that i'm back to being a christian again so that they will let me live in peace. I will tell them when i find a partner and marry a good shia man. As for friends, don't mind them, some left when they knew that i'm a muslim shia and others i left them for several reasons, first i need to commit, and second in the end you dislike having christian friends or friends that dont have the same goals in life like you do, such as working for the hereafter, avoiding sins, working for ahlulbayt and for god, having religion as a priority, etc... And remember, what you're passing through is normal, because a muslim suffers in this life so he is rewarded later on in the after life.
  12. How do you guys stay firm and steadfast?

    Brother, I don't know what you're passing through exactly to be able to directly help you, but all i can say about struggles is that they are tests. Our scholars say tests are made for several reasons; to purify you from past sins, to test your faith, to elevate you in the after life and even to remove an after life torment... The more God loves and appreciates you, the more He will test you. Take for example the progress of your education or your career path, the more you proceed the more it will be difficult, and if you fail you will be Demoted. I know from myself when God engifted me from christianity to shiism, I had to pass through some hard mental, faith related tests, I was very scared at some point i won't lie to you but with patience and perseverance everything worked itself out in the end. What helped me to succeed in this part of my life is that i always reminded myself that no matter what everything is temporary, happiness, sorrows, joyfulness, misery, etc... Something else helped me also which was knowledge and always watching lectures about ahlulbayt and God, we are weak, we need the knowledge of Prophet Mohammad and his progeny, it is Indeed our Weapon against everything. Knowledge kept me going, always. Don't Ever lose hope in God, this is very important, but even if you do, God doesn't lose hope in you. Usually when a demand isn't answered it is for several known reasons; You are doing things that is blocking your sustenance, the demand isn't for your own good so God won't answer you in this case because sometimes your judgment is biased but you don't realize it, or he postpones the accomplishment for your demand because He loves to hear your voice talking to him. When God established the relationship with us, his slaves, He made sure that we know the rules, or else it wouldn't be fair. Always ask yourself before you do anything; is this what imam al mahdi would want me to do? would he be pleased if he sees me doing it? would he be pleased if he sees me in such a place? with such group of people? etc... with time it will become a habit and you will inshallah find yourself developing an intimate relationship with the imam of our time. Imam al mahdi is our savior, even if we can't see him, be certain that he is always seeing us and watching over us, always. Try in this hard time you're passing through to call upon the Imam and ask him for help, Trust me he will answer you. امام الصادق قال : ومن يؤتي الحكمة فقد أوتي خير كثيرا, وما هي الحكمة؟ معرفة الامام واجتناب الكبائر. Imam al sadek once said: and he who is given wisdom is given many fortunes, then his companion asked him, and what is wisdom? he answered: Knowing the imam and avoiding big sins. And as for the doaas, personally i love Doaa Al Tawba. Imam ali says: Be sure that there is something waiting for you after much patience, to astonish you to a degree that you forget the bitterness of pain. Goodluck Brother and always remember, You have no life on earth, this is just a test.
  13. This is the nature of Humans, they are influenced by whatever they encounter. If you keep on feeding yourself with the west culture, no matter how much you're committed you'll become a sinner eventually, and if you keep on feeding yourself with knowledge of our prophet and our imams you will reach 'the highest level of existence' (quoting Hajj hassanain rajabali). @sidnaqIt's been like what.. 2 years i am on this forum? When i first encountered your posts i remember saying to myself this is a sensitive, good hearted girl. Don't let anything use this sweet thing you have. Now if you keep on reading and watching lectures about sunna, your faith will weaken as each day is passing. And from what I've been seeing your faith has already been weakened. So watch out, as it is your own hell not ours. But again, as a reminder, shiism is not for weak people who have a weak faith, and who aren't ready to face tests, struggles and suffering. What you're passing through now is a Test, and inshallah you'll make it.
  14. I'd become Shia immediately if...

    Brother, i think he already knows everything you are telling him.
  15. I'd become Shia immediately if...

    This guy obviously opened this thread to tease you guys. God says in chapter 28 verse 56 انك لا تهدي من أحببت ان الله يهدي من يشاء So you cant engift this guy even if you debate him from now till the judgement day. You will only Outrage him more if you Ignore him. I mean the prophet himself couldn't help these men... May God hasten the reappearance of our Imam.