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  1. What kind of tea do you like?

    I rarely drink black tea. I drink green tea for breakfast and after dinner. I heard it prevents cancer.
  2. Afghanistan

    We have survived war in the last four decades but who caused it? Shouldn't we mostly blame ourselves for this? Especially the Mujahideen?
  3. Afghanistan

    Sorry that I'm saying this sister, but what pride? What could we possibly be proud of? The mujahideen who destroyed our country after licking out the Soviets? They killed thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians because one didn't get the position he wanted in government? Or should we proud of the corrupt after corrupt government that is elected? I don't have much pride of Afghanistan because it hasn't given me anything (mainly because I am hazara). The reason I sad the we would have been better off with the Soviets is because once in the history of Afghanistan, we had a true president in Dr. Najibullah. There was plenty of food back then with education for everyone. And look now at the state of our country were many are still illiterate.
  4. Afghanistan

    If I'm honest Afghanistan will never be strong again. The presence of almost 40 years of war and western occupation has destroyed Afghanistan. Hatred is developed during the civil war. USA just destroyed once a beautiful and developing country. I'm saying this based from experience because my father lived in Afghanistan during the 70s (I am afghan myself). Me and my family are always of the opinion to have let the Soviet Union conquer Afghanistan, because after all, it wouldn't have been in this situation currently going on. Of all the people of Afghanistan, the Hazaras have been killed and oppressed more than any other.
  5. Afghanistan

    I don't think the Taliban are getting better with the Hazaras. Proof is the recent joint attack with ISIS on the village of Mirza Olang in the province of Mazar Sharif. Besides, when they only want Pashtuns in Afghanistan, why would they reconcile with the Hazaras? In my opinion the hatred of the Taliban towards Hazaras is mostly because of race and politics. I don't think religion plays a huge role in this.
  6. Salam, What is the exact role of this group? Like what benefits could we get?
  7. The problem here is that I cannot decide what since both of the istikhara's are good. I didn't do istikhara twice for the same issue. They're two different issue and the second istikhara came out 'very' good compared to 'good' in the first instance. I don't know what decision to make; whether or not go for the masters based on the istikhara's. I'm thinking of following the 2nd one since it's more in my favour.
  8. Salam Alaykum to all, I have recently graduated from uni with a Bachelors of Engineering. I've applied for a Masters and it is a specialisation on a subject I am very keen on. It has been for months that I have been considering my options and I can't come to a decision. I'm not sure if my future would be beter with the Masters I choose. I did two istikhara's with an alim. The first one was for the Masters and my niyyah was if I would have a good future and good job opportunities with this degree. The result came out as 'good'. Now in the second isitkhara, I had a similar niyyah and the answer was 'very good'. I've discussed this with the alim and he explained to me that maybe doing a Masters will have good benefits albeit with some difficulties on the way to achieving the degree. Analysing the second istikhara, he said that the possibility exists that I would find a job very quick and would also have a good future with it. For doing the Masters I have to borrow an additional loan from the government of about 10000 pounds in addition to a similar amount of savings. If doing the Masters, my debt will increase to nearly 50000 pounds. Ofcourse with a Masters I could end up with a much better pay. I am really confused as what to decide in this situation. I hope someone can help me in this tricky decision.
  9. I fully understand your point here. Astaghfirullah, I am not doubting Allah in any way. Rather, I am trying to choose between the two options as they both are good. But it seems that Allah want the best for me in the second istikhara which resulted in being 'Very good '. So do you mean I should choose this one?
  10. Love with an Afghan girl

    Salam alaykum to you brother, I'd like to welcome you to the religion. I have read your story and it's pretty beautiful. Alhamdulillah, Allah has willed that you join the straight path. I am also an hazara from Afghanistan. It is kind of a tricky situation and I have to mostly agree with brother @SlaveOfAllah14. I think you should visit them along with your parents and the imam you have recently met. In my opinion, this way, her parents will be more comfortable talking to an imam who knows you pretty well and, since he's an afghan too, can speak their language. Since they're living in Europe 15 years or more, I would expect them to he more open to other cultures. For instance, my parents wouldn't mind me marrying a convert or anyone from another culture in that matter. They have been in Europe for more than 15 years as well. All in all, I would consider visiting them with your parents and the imam. I hope this helps a bit.
  11. Salam Alaykum to all, I am in a situation here where I can't decide what to do. I have just finished my Bachelors degree in Aeorospace Engineering in the UK. I also have enrolled onto a Masters course to specialise in a subject which I am passionate about. The problem I have at the moment is the funding. As some of you who live in the UK know that the tuition fees are very expensive. During my undergraduate studies, I borrowed money from the student finance England. The amount of money I owe the government is nearly 40k. As for my Masters, I need to apply again for a loan to finance it and it still wouldn't be enough as I still have to borrow an additional amount from somewhere else. I have some savings but it won't be enough without taking the loan. I feel that my Bachelors degree didn't give me enough knowledge for the subject I am passionate about. On the other hand, I feel like getting an additional loan doesn't feel right and it will add up to my debt of 40k already. Then I will have to spend decades to pay back the money. It is also haram because interest is charged. I am very much in doubt as what to do. I would appreciate your advises and tips for my situation. I am sure there are people in a similar position as me.
  12. Should I take a loan to study a Masters?

    Well, at the moment I have no other options left. Considering how I've messed up my final year, I won't be able to get any scholarships.
  13. Blindness

    This is put so beautifully. Thanks for sharing it!
  14. Salam all, Does anyone have Simulink knowledge on this forum? I am doing a University project and I am stuck with something in Simulink.
  15. Salam all, I was looking for the following quran tafseer: The Holy Qur'an : Text, Translation and Commentary : 3rd Edition : (Ayatullah Agha H. M. M. Pooya Yazdi and S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali). I found the website islamicbookstore.com and was wondering whether this book is legit? I think the webshop is run by sunni people. Is it legit to buy a shia book from them? Also, this edition is from 2002 is there a massive difference between this and the newer editions? Elsewhere this book is 60 usd bit this webshop has it for 35 usd. Hence why I want to buy it from here but I'm not too sure. Hopefully someone could help me to decide. Btw here's the link: http://www.islamicbookstore.com/b7778.html Thanks, Maysam
  16. Is this website legit to buy from?

    The price for the postage and packaging is more than the book itself lol cuz i live in the UK. Thanks for all your replies. I'm not buying it.
  17. Salam dear brother,


    I tried to send you a PM but couldn't? Is there a way I could contact you regarding something? It has to be privately. Thanks. 

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      Thanks you can remove it now. 

    2. Bakir


      Thanks, just removed my address. I sent you a reply email :P

  18. Meaning of A.S

    I might as well ask what AJTF stands for after the name of Mahdi? And the meaning of it too?
  19. Mothers finding spouses

    Salam sister Sumayyeh, In my opinion, both methods are good however, it is a bit tricky to talk directly to a girl (or a boy). This is especially the case when the person in question would be a quite religious individual. I approached and talked to a person in a respectful manner but it did not work. I didn't know her and neither did she. I am a bit confused, is it islamically not appropriate to talk to a non mahram in a respectable manner? Nevertheless, both methods are good in my opinion but I am slightly preferring picking your spouse yourself.
  20. As salamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters,I am been having a scalp acne problem for about 5-6 years. I have literally tried everything to help cure it unfortunately, none worked. I have very oily skin and oily hair. Neutrogena T-gel Shampoo, Capasal shampooo, antibiotics, Head and shoulder anti dandruff etc. I've tried them all. I know Benzoyl peroxide is very effective against acne treatment as I tried this on my face. However, the downside of it is that it bleached most of my clohtes so it is no a no go for this to go on my scalp. I don't want to damage any more clothes. Going to the doctor didn't help too much either. All they said was to use antibiotics which is the only cure. I have tried using antibiotics, but after like 5-6 months my body kind of gets immune to it and my acne starts to come back. I also have acne on my face and had a lot in the past but it is clearing up now Alhamdulillah. I thought the same about my scalp, unfortunately this is not the case. Currently, I am on tea tree shampoo and this doesn't work either. It is really embarrassing for me to have a hair cut. For example, I had a haircut yesterday and the razor made some of my pimples to bleed. The pimples are really big and very painful. I don't know what to try next? To be honest, I tried so many stuff that I am thinking that nothing will work. Is there anyone else out there with same situation as me? If so, what was the solution to your problem? Thanks,Maysam
  21. Salam brother hassanh, My scalp acne has nothing to do with infections I think because I have this condition for 5-6 years now. As to being re-infected, I change my pillow case every week now so I don't think it is caused by this.
  22. Thanks for your support sister. For now, I am going to give tea tree oil mixed with my shampoo a try and see what results it would give me. Otherwise I will go back to my doctor and really insist. Thanks, Maysam
  23. Hi dear all, Thanks for your kind comments and advice. Which type of the fructis shampoo is that as there are multiple types of it. I stopped using hair products a long time ago and it seems that it does not make a difference. I don't wear any hats or scarf (I'm not a women lol). I can't remember if I talked to my Doctor about my diet. My sugar intake is a bit high to be honest, but I don't think this is the cause of it. Apart from that, my diet consists mostly of vegetarian food as I don't consume much meat. I just ordered tea tree oil from amazon and will be mixing some of it with my shampoo and see if it helps Inshallah. However, I am not fully confident it will help like all the other products I've tried. BTW: my hair is quite oily so I need to shower everyday otherwise it would start stinking terribly.
  24. I think I give the tea tree a trial.
  25. Salam, Thanks for you reply. I don't know where to find aloe vera gel or leaves (I live in the UK BTW)? Would tea tree have a different impact than using its shampoo itself? I am a bit hopeless because I used so many different product over the years and none of them helped. I am afraid I will waste money again on something that won't work.