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  1. Considering Moving To Australia

    Thank you so much for your reply! If anything I will be applying to the University of Sydney medical school, which from what I can tell is downtown Sydney ( am I correct?) I would not mind living a short commute away as long as I have easy access to public transport. I'm the type of person that likes to know everything, or at least everything, before starting something. I have been looking at apartments and boy are rents expensive, everything I have seen is like $400 a week! So to sum it all up if I were to move to Sydney where would be ideal for me to live which is fairly inexpensive, with access to a mosque and halal food? Thanks in advance, Hussein
  2. Assalamu Alaikum all, I am a university student studying in Canada with hopes to going to medical school. I have been looking at medical schools outside of Canada and I have found that Australia to be a really nice country, especially Sydney and I am considering applying there. Everything I have seen so far is online and I do not know if what I have seen is only the good. I was hoping I could get any of you to tell me what life is like in Sydney, is there much racism? is it expensive? is halal food hard to come by, especially something light on the wallet with me being an international student? Also is there any major Lebanese mosques/ markaz (centre) in Sydney as I wouldn't want to move there and end up without a mosque. I am so sorry in advancefor the loaded questions, and your help will be greatly appreciated! Hussein