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  1. I still randomly remember a few cheats for the old mega drive/ genesis. back before the internet, finding a cheat for a game was only ever spread word of mouth Desert Strike - BLLEEJM - level 3 code Revenge of Shinobi - go to options >> shurikens - change number to 0 - wait 30 seconds - infinite shurikens sonic up down left right (wait for ringing sound) A + start sonic 2 - options - music - 10, c, 66, c, 9, c, 17 super sonic/ sonic can transform into anything - forgotten the codes
  2. you know, this reminded me of something. I have a cousin who is a full on music maestro (he can do stuff like play any music on any instrument after hearing it only once) and when he was a kid his dad had a job during summer holidays at a seaside resort. he used to spend most of his days in the arcade playing streetfighter 2. it was a thing that his head was barely level with the joysticks, but people used to always gather round and watch him demolish the entire game or anyone (including adults) who tried to challenge him you couldn't leave your kids alone all day in arcades these days, its unthinkable
  3. people who make loud noises while eating/ eat with their mouths full/ do not put the whole spoonful of food into their mouths so when they take the spoon out of their mouth, there is still food left on the spoon. tea slurpers! ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  4. ill pick you up some of @starlights pens. she wont mind. gnaw away my indian brother!
  5. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT I was a child in the late 1980s/ early 1990s, and as I grew to adulthood the world changed massively around me. there were some things which the younglings of today will never know about though - we lived before the internet and smart phones - we spent almost all our childhood holidays outdoors playing with our neighbours, without adult supervision - you knew where all your friends were and where to meet without the benefits of whatsapps, texts etc - video games seemed to be way more fun (sonic the hedgehog, desert strike and streets of rage were mind blowing) - you used to give 10p to the guy at the corner shop and be able to choose 10 X 1p sweets - (because I am a northener) we were taught the following playground chant: maaaararet thatcher, stick her in the bin! selloooootape her i-i-iiin. when she comes well chop her head off! glory glory MARGARET THATCHERS DEAD!) - free milk every day in primary school that always smelt and tasted funny what other things do you guys remember?
  6. ok brilliant. I'm sure she wont mind if I take a few of her things while she is at work. i just lurrrrve chewing on her pen caps.
  7. I don't have enough bookshelves, so order doesn't exist. my books are piled 2 deep, some standing up some lying flat, random piles on my desk and on the floor. If you saw them you would probably stab me
  8. I would rather die.
  9. imagine 3 people with OCD trapped in a room with all your bookshelves. one is obsessed with arranging your books by colour one is obsessed with arranging your books by size one is obsessed with arranging your books by alphabetical order
  10. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess....iranian? those people just don't know what good food is, may allah guide them.
  11. Salam OP don't jump straight to divorce. the core of the problem seems to be a lack of communication between the two of you. have you tried sitting him down and having a proper conversation with him about your concerns?
  12. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIREEN LANAT What thing do people do that isnt neccessarily evil, but winds you up? for me it is when there is heavy traffic, on a single land road, and someone wants to turn right so you are stuck behind him as he waits for a gap in the oncoming traffic to turn. drives me NUTS.
  13. Mystery solved! It was plain old muscle sprain. Some deep heat cream fixed it right up. Good thing i kept the receipt for the tombstone I just bought
  14. did Sulaiman (as) inherit the kingdom from Dawud (as)? yes or no are perfectly valid answers.
  15. did Sulaiman (as) inherit the kingdom from Dawud (as)? yes or no are perfectly valid answers.