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  1. I would expect nothing less, from the daughters of Lady Zainab (SA)
  2. man anyone with any sense can see he is the only choice. the guy has been provably consistent over his 3 decade career in politics. has repeatedly shown his strength of character and morals, and is massively popular among regular people. but i feel he will fail because of two reasons - the (pro establishment) media all hate him. I'm just surprised he hasn't been accused of planning 9/11 yet. - the common people are too apathetic to go out and register to vote. elections are won/lost by non-voters because of the "first past the post" system of UK politics. even if he gets in, he faces incredible hatred from his own party. at the level where actual decisions are made, there is zero difference between the political parties. his manifesto would cause the top brass to lose out on business (through their private contracts and networking), so to keep themselves rich, they will ruin everything he attempts. which means that even if he does get in, he probably wont be able to make any significant change.
  3. I have debated ahmadi. in my opinion no one can argue with their points unless you accept wilayat. this is why sunni simply never defeated any ahmadi in a debate. the presence of divinely appointed imams (as) is something that the ahmadi can never argue against. this is why we will always win against them.. this is a very subtle, but very profound point that they use. they never say that mirza ahmad was literally imam mahdi, muhammad, musa, isa etc (peace be upon them all). not in this day and age anyway (they totally used to, though) instead, they say that he came to reform the message of earlier prophets. you see how sneaky and clever this argument is? guess who made the exact same claims? the 4 sunni imams. so any argument that the sunni could use against the ahmadi, the ahmadi would just turn right around and use against the sunni. it was actually brilliant lol the shia have a completely different argument. we believe that we have a divinely appointed leader already, so Allah will not send 2 authorities at once. even when multiple Imams were alive at once (such as the prophet, imam ali, hassan and hussain (as)) there was still only 1 in authority at any one time. so when debating with an ahmadi, the discussion shifts entirely towards the awaited imam. if he is still alive, what is the role of scholars, did he live at one point and so on. by focusing on the awaited imam (atfs), the ahmadi will lose because our proofs of Imam Mahdi (atfs) are greater by many factors of multidude than their arguments for mirza ghulaam.
  4. i think to be fair - the problem is that the prime minister (at the time she was home secretary) decided the best way to save money in the age of austerity was to axe something like 100,000 police jobs and remove vast swathes of funding to the police force. I imagine the counter terrorism forces were included in these cuts. now, when large scale events like this happen...suddenly there are no cops and we need the bloody army patrolling the streets like this is the USSR.
  5. hes a total sellout. hes basically carrying his bowl to all the kuffar media and government offices begging for scraps by offering them soundbites to suit their agenda. I know people that know him. his "plan" is that it is all taqiyyah for some grand strategy he is working on. muppet doesnt even know how taqiyyah works.
  6. Muslims from all over manchester repeatedly warned authorities about abedi (LA) over the last 5 years but were ignored completely.
  7. It doesnt seem to have been a clumsily made IED, but a professionally put together, remotely detonated bomb It looks like brother @Darth Vader might be right (again)
  8. it doesn't. you are clearly a third wave feminist out to destroy the sanctity of a family system with your modern interpretation of women's roles.
  9. its common as hell. many sunni think its ok so long as the victims are not sunni. shia have been getting blown up daily for 20 years in pakistan. where is the "unity"? oh yeah, it doesn't exist in the real world. often the response is "more children die in syria, so what?". I think belittling it is akin to being an apologist.
  10. its about connection. i have heard of children being being blown up in places like syria and pakistan regularly for years. of course i feel upset and angry when i hear about it. but its distant to me. its happening to people far away. with the manchester bombing, first time in my life, children were blown up near to me. the culprits were caught on streets ive walked all my life. my work colleagues are affected. same events, same victims, but one is much more powerful to me. so dont beat up guys for associating things with the women they know, its how we better understand what you are going through. we are on your side. save your comments for guys who think its funny or good or normal.
  11. have you seen the meat porridge that iraqi call "qeema"? its like they put it in a food blender just prior to serving. I dont know about you, but I dont think my keema should be the consistency of soup! desi food wins every time. no one can even come close. the only thing that makes people pretend that their local slop is even close to our dishes, is some sort of misplaced patriotism. give it up, guys. let us have this. the desi clearly have the best cuisine on the planet. ill allow turkish food to come with us though. my favourite restaurant is turkish so they get a free pass.
  12. disgusting. what sort of point is he trying to make, exactly? that the suffering of israelis is worse? is he trying to "one-up" tragedies elsewhere?
  13. this is crazy lol. I am guessing there is probably some sort of upgrading or testing going on or something in the background that they are working on.
  14. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT Allahs curse be upon the tyrants, the murderers of children, the bombers of women and non combatants, the sons of yazeed, the cowards who take part in, organise, agree with or argue for suicide bombings. may all of them be cast into the deepest pit of hellfire together, and may their victims gain all their good deads and enjoyment from watching their suffering. these are the justifications that the salafi death cult/ wobblers/ apologists use to justify suicide bombings. we need to discuss each one individually as a resource to counter the points if they are raised in the future. so if someone googles something like "why do suicide bombers blow themselves up" hopefully this thread will be pretty high up so they can understand how stupid the ideology is, and see that all muslims hate it, and most importantly that we have proofs against it. (1) Allah knows the intention. if someone is raised and educated in an environment where they genuinely believe that they have to carry out a suicide bomb for the sake of the ummah which is under attack, and 100% believe they are doing it for allahs pleasure, is Allah going to send them to hell? (2) they have no other weapons so must use their bodies to destroy the enemies of Allah (3) everyone has committed sins, so if a suicide bomb kills you, Allah put you in that path to be punished so you can die with your sins cleansed and enter heaven (4) anyone not on their specific interpretation of islam deserves to be killed (5) they are in a state of jihad, so some rules of sharia are abandonned for the greater good of the ummah (6) <insert a number>> of virgins waiting for heavenly shenanigans. (7) the suicide bomber is a "mujahid" so all his sins are forgiven how will you/ we reply to each one, and can you think of any points that I have not thought of?
  15. this barking dog is an absolute disgrace. let me lighten the mood a bit. I love this poem about manchester and mancunians