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  1. that's a whole other discussion though - people abusing the laws for their personal gain is not a fault of the laws themselves. obviously mutah with a virgin, teenager or girl living in her parents home is about as bad an idea as invading russia in winter, but come on, if two fully independent, consenting, non virgin heterosexual adults decide to do something in privacy, which is actually encouraged in our faith, is it REALLY that seedy or shameful? I dont think so. mutah is just a way to make sure the man knows his rights and obligations and consequences, while protecting the rights of the woman. so its not just "wham bam thank you ma'am".
  2. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT to the atheists/ agnostics: what is the strongest argument you can use to justify your atheism, and what would it take for you to change your views? to the theists: what is the strongest argument you can use to justify your belief in an ultimate power, and what would it take to change your views? I saw this paraphrased argument by one of my favourite authors Douglas Adams (an atheist) with regards to the argument that the universe can sustain life, therefore was designed to sustain life: imagine a puddle in a pothole in a worn out road. the puddle would think that the pothole in the road it occupies was perfectly designed to fit the puddle, therefore this was proof that the pothole was created specifically for that individual puddle. the universe is so vast that there will be places where the conditions are right to sustain life, but if 99.99% of the universe does not sustain life of any kind, can it be argued that the universe was designed by a supreme being, just to keep humans alive?
  3. well, yes and no. our religion knows that you cant ban sex, and celibacy is in no way encouraged. so instead, it sets the terms that both parties agree any children born from the union are not illegitimate and the mans full responsibility, plus the woman has the right to add conditions to the mutah which she could not do under nikah (for example she cannot leave the house without her husbands permission in permanent nikah). its not something we need to try and pretend we are ashamed of. we should be grateful our fiqh has this, rather than expecting us to either be celibate, marry when it is not practical, or do fornication.
  4. @Ali86 Salam OP Birmingham is one of the biggest shia communities outside London. the khoja community is super active. this is the paki one this is the khoja one I am assuming that this is the Iraqi one as its linked to sayed sistani also, the UK is tiny. even if you want to go to other centres, you can quite easily reach most of the hundreds of hussainias up and down the country within a few hours or less. birmingham is right in the centre of england so is halfway to everywhere.
  5. thanks man, I knew I was on the right track with that quote. does anyone know of any fiqh laws relating to what can/ cannot be put in our graves?
  6. I agree with his sentiment, not sure about his methods. we have established hadith where it is actually wajib to prepare for the Imam even if its so much as a single stick or arrow. we could easily say "oh when Imam (atfs) returns, all of us will be handed weapons and instantly become fully trained warriors". I could be wrong here, but is there not a line from either dua nudba or ahad, which says along the lines of "when I am raised from my grave may I be raised with a sword in one hand and a spear in the other" or words to that effect?
  7. I think that there are a lot of caveats around this. When I was in university there was a line that was drilled into us at every single weekly experiment "correlation does not equal causation". some examples of what I am talking about here: I agree with the sentiment that the middle ground is always the best option. however I think that its not a straight line between high/ low testosterone and heart disease in elderly men. there could be secondary factors like lifestyle, stress, smoking, BMI etc. I agree with the second opinion: because it uses a much larger sample size and agrees with previous studies. in young/ healthy men, increasing testosterone is pretty much universally desirable. there is a ton of established peer reviewed science which shows this.
  8. Mutah is cool between two consenting, non virgin, independent adults. sex isn't something shameful and disgraceful that we need to hide away and pretend never happens. people are always going to want to have sex. this shouldn't really be that surprising, since there's over a billion desis in south asia lol. breaking news OP: more people are already doing mutah than you could even imagine. people are just discreet about it due to the associated taboo. my advice is, if you want to do mutah, first of all make yourself attractive. work out, get in shape, get a decent job, dress well, develop a personality. learn to hold a conversation, get a sense of humour. girls will find you, trust me. finding girls up for mutah has never ever been an issue. stay away from virgins, girls living with their parents/ guardians or students. don't be a creep. don't go up to a girl and say "hi my name is mustafa baseeji mere naal mutah karneh?" absolutely NEVER lead a girl on under false pretenses. don't play with anyone's heart. don't promise her it will lead to permanent if it wont. most of the time girls will appreciate your honesty and it will boost your chances a lot.
  9. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT I was having a discussion with a friend about Imam Mahdi (atfs) and he said that if he dies before the zuhoor, he wants me to bury him with a sword, shield, dagger and spear so if he is raised from his grave to fight, then he will have his weapons ready. I cant help but be impressed by his aqeeda mashaAllah, that even in death he wants to be in a state of intezar, but from our fiqh, what are the rulings, what can we put in/ on the kaffan when we bury? people are often buried with aqeeq rings and turbah, but how many other things can be put in the grave? can we put holy relics for eg. the flag above the dome of karbala, or do the standard rules of nijasah apply?
  10. May Allah deal with the tyrants. May he remove all mercy from them. From the greatest, who stole fadak, to the smallest, who break the hearts of the innocent.
  11. ugh I feel your pain, OP. I was born on the 19th Ramzan. its maddening! I just stick to my western birthday and ignore my hijri one.
  12. do you not find it sort of pleasant smelling? I do. things like alcohol and fags are disgusting smells to me, but marijuana has always seemed sort of a nice smell. maybe I am just desensitised to it I guess.
  13. Salam OP, not a scholar but in terms of established science first of all, try and maintain a "keto" diet - lots of meat, lots of good fat. little/ no carb Abstract This study investigated the impact of an isocaloric and isonitrogenous ketogenic diet (KD) versus a traditional western diet (WD) on changes in body composition, performance, blood lipids, and hormonal profiles in resistance-trained athletes. METHODS: Twenty-five college aged men were divided into a KD or traditional WD from weeks 1-10, with a reintroduction of carbohydrates from weeks 10-11, while participating in a resistance-training program. Body composition, strength, power, and blood lipid profiles were determined at week 0, 10 and 11. A comprehensive metabolic panel and testosterone levels were also measured at weeks 0 and 11. RESULTS: Lean body mass (LBM) increased in both KD and WD groups (2.4% and 4.4%, p<0.01) at week 10. However, only the KD group showed an increase in LBM between weeks 10-11 (4.8%, p<0.0001). Finally, fat mass decreased in both the KD group (-2.2 kg ± 1.2 kg) and WD groups (- 1.5 ± 1.6 kg). Strength and power increased to the same extent in the WD and KD conditions from weeks 1-11. No changes in any serum lipid measures occurred from weeks 1-10, however a rapid reintroduction of carbohydrate from weeks 10-11 raised plasma TG levels in the KD group. Total testosterone increased significantly from Weeks 0-11 in the KD diet (118 ng/dl) as compared to the WD (-36 ng/dl) from pre to post while insulin did not change. CONCLUSIONS: The KD can be used in combination with resistance training to cause favorable changes in body composition, performance and hormonal profiles in resistance-trained males. Brazil nuts or any selenium rich food helps a lot Abstract The present study aimed to evaluate the effect of organic and inorganic selenium (Se) supplementation on semen quality and blood serum profiles of buffalo bulls. Nine mature buffalo bulls were divided into three groups: control (non-supplemented); organic Se (10 mg Sel-Plex®/head twice weekly) and inorganic Se (10 mg sodium selenite/head twice weekly). Semen was collected twice a week for 3 months during Se supplementation. Semen properties were evaluated from fresh ejaculate. Moreover, fructose concentration, aspartate and alanine transaminase (AST and ALT) activities, total protein and total cholesterol were assayed in seminal plasma. Additionally AST, ALT, testosterone and Se levels were determined in the blood serum. Results showed that Se supplementation significantly (P < 0.05) influences the semen parameters during 3 months of treatment. Organic Se significantly (P < 0.05) increased the percentage of viable sperms compared to inorganic Se and the control group. Fructose concentration was significantly higher (P < 0.05) in the seminal plasma of organic Se-treated bulls. Serum testosterone and Se concentrations were significantly (P < 0.05) increased in the Se supplemented groups than the control group. In conclusion, Se supplementation improved the parameters of buffalo bull semen and more precisely, organic Se was more effective for the improvement of semen quality and some blood components than inorganic Se. Abstract The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of selenium (Se) on in vitro proliferation, apoptosis and testosterone production of sheep Leydig cells and its underlying mechanism. Leydig cells were collected from 8-month-old sheep and divided into four treatment groups (0, 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 μmol/L Se). After treatment with Se for 48 h, the MTT and flow cytometric assay were used to detect cell proliferation and apoptosis. Testosterone level in the culture medium was determined by ELISA. The mRNA expression and protein abundance of cell cycle, apoptosis and testosterone synthesis-related genes were detected using real-time PCR and western blot analysis. The results showed that the highest percentage of live and apoptotic cells was obtained in the 2.0 and 8.0 μmol/L group, respectively. In the Se treatment groups, the proliferation rate of Leydig cells and the expression of cell cycle-related genes were decreased with the increasing Se supplementation in the culture medium. The percentage of apoptotic cells was increased with the increasing Se level, which was consistent with the expression of pro-apoptosis genes. The highest GSH-Px activity and lowest ROS content were also observed in the 2.0 μmol/L group. Appropriate Se level (2.0 μmol/L) can significantly increase the expression of p-ERK1/2, StAR and 3β-HSD, and improve the testosterone synthesis. Compared with the control group, PD0325901 could significantly inhibit the production of testosterone and the protein abundance of p-ERK1/2, StAR and 3β-HSD. Se treatment can mitigate the inhibition effect of PD0325901 and the testosterone secretion between the 2.0 μmol/L and control group was not significantly different. These results demonstrate that Se can affect the proliferation and apoptosis of Leydig cells by regulating cellular oxidative stress and the expressions of cell cycle and apoptosis-related genes. Se can also enhance the testosterone production of Leydig cells by activating the ERK signaling pathway and the expression of its downstream genes (StAR and 3β-HSD), which could be closely related to the regulating roles of Se in male fertility and spermatogenesis. the best food for increasing selenium in your diet:
  14. "what do we want?" "SCIENCE!" "when do we want it?" "AFTER INDEPENDENT PEER REVIEW"