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  1. Lost in life

    That's my problem... getting lost in details, and they do bother me. Because I belief such details should also be true, however insignificant and small they may seem. God won't make even a small mistake, neither would his prophet. I've to add that it's mostly hadeeth that has a lot of doubtful details, not the Qur'an. So I started doubting all these authorities that wrote down hadeeth and gave it a saheeh mark. Ultimately I've difficulty trusting any of these authorities. My faith in Muslims is honestly gone. And yes, thanks for bringing it up because I've often wondered how a small sin could be punished so harshly. That's one of my main ''objections'', I'm trying to understand this part and not judge out of ignorance just yet. If you could explain to me I'd be very thankful. Thanks a lot brother, I appreciate your help more than you can imagine.
  2. Lost in life

    @Irfani313 I watched this video. I couldn't stop but ask questions. Here just one: How could a needle be so hot to burn the whole earth? If it's infinitely hot then it can't be a solid in the first place, there will be no ''needle'' anymore. And even then, the surface area of such a needle is far too low to do anything but start a fire. Unless the fire of hell is even hotter than the theoretical maximum temperature possible in this universe, at which point different laws will start to apply. But I'll also be wondering how a person could ever deserve such a punishment then. This given example should be reliable and true to what would actually happen, but the consequences of what would happen in the narration differ from what would happen in reality. I'm not here to critique of course. Merely showing you what happens when I watch a lecture or read a narration. Having too much doubts and questions makes me unsure whether I'm doubting the people narrating, or doubting the whole religion.
  3. Lost in life

    I misunderstood what you said. A muslim therapist is different from a sheikh, I'll look for that instead.
  4. Lost in life

    Thank you for your help. I'll see where there's mosques nearby and if I can talk to someone there about this. It might help me to even just speak to someone religious. I can't seem to send you a private message. I also have a notification telling me my content needs to be approved by a moderator first, so maybe that is why.
  5. Lost in life

    do you think having a sheikh or something talk to me about this will be beneficial, including what you think is still depression? I've no mosques or anything nearby, but maybe calling for ''an appointment'' might be a wise decision? I've no experience with these things and I've barely visited any mosques to begin with, so I don't know of the extend of help I can expect.
  6. Lost in life

    Thank you. I speak Dutch, Arabic and English so these books won't be a problem. I've read the alchemist a very long time ago (I was maybe 13) so I forgot what the story was or if it even had any deeper meaning to it. Do you think I can take something useful out of it that will help me get back on track? It used to, God was all the meaning my life had... But when you lose that, you're left with no meaning to life. Being very religious and relatively strong in belief and then losing that makes you feel really empty inside. To be completely blunt, suicide doesn't seem too bad to me, I don't see the point of me existing if I can also be non-existent without the conscious to ever realize I don't exist. But then there's the people who care for you, the people which get meaning to their life because of you, and the risk having of deceived yourself into thinking there's nothing after this life. I'll check these out, thanks a lot brother.
  7. Lost in life

    1] I don't get what you want to say with this... But the question about rationality vs rationalization is exactly what I'm battling with right now. I understand that praying and reading Qur'an can increase my belief, but is that rational? I think I don't fall for many logical fallacies, but there's no way for me to know if my beliefs get stronger because of logic or confirmation bias. Rational, or rationalization? How would you go about this on a daily base? How do I go about studying the quran everyday? How would you divide it? I'd like to keep up with it, not do it for a day and then quit.
  8. Lost in life

    I hang out with friends a lot and I do go out, but it all has little meaning to me right now, all it does is suck away my energy. The only thing that matters to me now is either fixing my belief and having it like it once was, or leaving it completely without regrets or bad feelings. I need to make a decision and I came here hoping for guidance and help. Could you name a few inspiring books to send me on track?
  9. Lost in life

    Thank you for this advice. I'm up for the challenge, although it will be difficult. Stepping away from a friend I've known for 12 years, etc. But it's worth getting out of this misery. Can you recommend me anything to read? Anything with depth, with meaning and understanding? I've tried googling, but a lot keeps touching only the surface of the problem I'm having. Thank you.
  10. Lost in life

    Salaam everyone, For way too long I have felt lost. I don't know where to start, but here we go anyway.My faith is diminished, my inner-peace is gone, I've no direction in life, my days are unproductive, restless but unable to move. This lead to depression last year. Thankfully I'm not depressed anymore, but it will be coming if nothing changes. All this free time is an opportunity to really think about my life, but so far it has only distanced me from the solution(s) to the problems mentioned. I'm afraid this gap-year will pass without me having achieved anything in the right direction, instead driving me away to my doom. I don't know how to change my life, how to turn it around. I don't know how to regain my faith, and if I did, am I not simply deceiving myself into believing? I've had an Islamic upbringing, Islam is part of who I am, part of my identity. Do I wanna belief because I fear and love Allah, or because I'm as unable to remove part of my identity as I am unable to cut off a limb? Is praying, reading Qur'an and supplicating really a way to the truth, or fuel for my bias? I'm aware of my psychology, and for that reason I don't even trust myself and my reasoning. Just as much as I've difficulty believing right now, I've difficulty leaving my faith. I'm in between, and it's tearing me apart. I probably sound totally lost, and that's exactly how I feel. I simply don't know what the truth is. I've no certainty, and even if I did feel certain, I'd still doubt my reasoning. Add to that the kind of unfulfilling life I'm living right now, even to atheist standards. I don't know whether negligence of faith is what lead to dip I'm in now, or whether it is a chaotic life that lead to weak faith. What drives me crazy is that I can't even answer the question ''Do you belief in God?'' I simply don't know, even though I'm great add debating for the existence of God. Maybe that gives you in an idea of the state of confusion I'm in. Good friends of mine joked about me having a midlife crisis (I'm 18) because of my constant worries for the future but also for the point I'm at right now.I really hope someone can help me out with good advice or something to read that will be able to get me somewhere. Thanks a lot for reading.
  11. It definitely is. I'd advice you to do as I did, take off all the apps, make it into a simple calling and camera device... And when you're at home turn it off and put it somewhere you don't see it. Just forget about it. I tell my friends to message my mom if they wanna hang out, or just a Facebook message beforehand and hope I'll check facebook. You can't imagine how much better I feel since I did this. I'm not feeling bad anymore about wasting time, talking to people online feels 'special', you do it for a purpose, not because of boredom. Laziness? You might discover you're only lazy because of your phone... Start reading books instead of reading on your phone, it's worth it. Easy entertainment isn't worth it.
  12. You Laugh You Lose - Muslim Edition!

    Someone on YouTube who replied to me:
  13. Getting Rid Of Masturbation

    I remind myself I'll have to do ghusl again (to perform salaat) if I make this mistake... And honestly I hate it when I have to do complete ghusl in the night or whatever time just because of a stupid decision I make at a weak moment. Basically my laziness overwins the desire. I'm really thankful after I've cooled down for not doing it and being able to perform salaat with a fresh mind and without the need of ghusl.
  14. Push The Fat Man, And Save Five People

    *In case ALL of them are totally equal to each other in every way* Here for me there's no not being involved, I'll be involved whether I stand idle or act simply because both is a choice I make. And the responsibility of choosing is what automatically makes me involved in this. It's the same as standing idle while a baby is drowning, it's a choice you make... and you're responsible for the death because of your choice. Now I think I'd go for pulling the lever. They're all equal, so this would be saving 5 on the cost of 1 instead of saving one on the cost of 5. Also, doing dua and whatever else you can do for one person is easier than doing the same for 5 people.
  15. Blindness Of Yaqoub- Br. Darth

    Thank you brother for this.