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  1. Which is why I can't stand watching debates where the scientist says the opponents position is "ridiculous" because the "scientific community" doesn't agree. As if that was ever an argument in science. It should now be "we, the corporate community don't agree".
  2. The Anti-Sunni Sentiment On These Boards

    I think some of this has to do with where a person is located and spends their time. At least in Turkey in the masajid you won't find many Salafis, and as long as you don't have a problem with anyone or start trouble everything is A O K. However if someone spends a lot of time on the internet they're bound to run into Salafis left and right. That being said if the Shi'a community is too busy cursing Sunni figures those moderate Sunnis in the masajid are going to be disgusted from the faith. I asked my father in law what he thought about the Shi'a and the first thing and only thing he said was "Anyone who curses the companions and wives of the Prophet is an enemy". I know I'm new here but I come from a Salafi background, and I would definitely say there's a barrier for Sunnis that at are interested in Shi'a Islam. Every bit of patience and not stooping to the level of those with no akhlaq can go a long, long way. If it weren't for the brothers both here in Turkey and on the internet that show respect and kindness no matter what kind of misconceptions I carried, I would've never found the teaching of ahlul bayt. I'm not posting this to blame anything on the Shi'a, however I think it's a good point that needs to be made, that some Sunnis / Salafis are so burrowed in their misconceptions that gentleness and compassion is needed towards them.
  3. Sunni Youtuber On Imam Hussain

    In my opinion the Sunni, specifically Salafi community is in such turmoil at the moment because ISIS throws ayaat and ahadith out there, and they don't get refuted, explained, broken down, and analyzed by the majority of the Salafi shuyukh. Often times the topic of discussion is the ends, being killing, causing fitna, etc, however the "delil" put forward isn't broken down. In my opinion this is dangerous especially for new converts. People new to the religion can see these old shuyukh talking and half-heartedly renounce such actions, yet the "super knowledgeable" delil spitting young men are more energetic, speak in the name of Islam, and are able to win the hearts and minds of young Sunnis. The Salafi community is rooted in delil, NOT intellectual arguments, understanding, and spiritually enhancing yourself as a Muslim. Therefore in my opinion ISIS knows their crowd. "Oh they're saying that? Look at these ahadith about 'Umr slapping Jews etc..." ... "Oh, you can't think that way, look at this ayah", so on and so forth. Often times ISIS gets the silent treatment from Salafi pulpits, which might be the worst of all. As for such YouTuber's, its not like they're out there to bring people together and stimulate the youth. I've seen plenty of their videos literally mocking the deen and making fools of themselves. You really think they're going to take even 1 hour to investigate the real belief of the Shi'a? No way. This method of reasoning is no better than what the Christians do, they open a Qur'an, point to an ayah and say Look! Look! Without having the slightest clue what they're talking about. If you watch this guy's videos he knows way more about the Bible than he does about his brother Shi'a (if he calls them that).
  4. [Closed/Review]Shias - Brace Yourselves

    Did Yaqub take his own sight by shoving a knife into his eye, followed by his baby's and call it love? It may just be me but I don't see any significance in this post in which you seem to be so insistent. I'm new here and have absolutely no opinion on the matter however I don't think the reasoning is sound here.
  5. Netanyahu's Psychosis

    I don't know who's a bigger puppet, BB or some (most) of the congressmen and women in the U.S. The evangelical movement in the U.S. has been under the spell of the Zionists for years and years, saying the Jews don't need to be Christians and if America doesn't bless Israel (by giving billions every year) America will be destroyed by God. Without the blind, blanket support by the U.S. and other nations I'm not sure Israel would have been so successful. Just my opinion.
  6. Perhaps this would be a better argument if Musa (as) killed the man out of rage or revenge, however he was helping his follower and accidentally killed the man by striking him, and immediately turned to Allah swt. Maybe a matter of perspective here. Also, I don't think anyone denies the Prophet s.a.w.s was infallible yet he would make istighfaar. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Wow this is great! I live in Turkey and am new here, I've been wanting to find the Shi'a community in Turkey.
  8. This is Azeri not Turkish :P Ben şiiyim* I live in Turkey and am fluent, if anyone still wants to learn let me know! These posts are super old haha I believe this should be İstanbul'daki havaalanıya gidiyorum, otherwise you're saying In Istanbul, I'm going to the airport which is weird. This would only be a real problem if you were planning on visiting Eastern Turkey or Karadeniz in my opinion. Even in Istanbul there are tons and tons of people from various cities. Other than that if you have a good understanding of the language and the way they shorten some of the words you'll be fine.
  9. Did Al-Bukhari Just Make Me A Shi'i?

    Was it always that way?
  10. Did Al-Bukhari Just Make Me A Shi'i?

    This post is in no way meant to talk bad about anyone considering I'm a Sunni. The point is in Sunni tradition these narrations aren't discussed and we're often told that there are absolutely 0 problems between the companions, specifically with Ali. Then when these are found suddenly "well there WERE a few things..." a few things like the daughter of the Prophet not reconciling with Abu Bakr and other narrations are more explicit on her remaining angry until dying, not just not talking to him. Not to mention Ali not notifying him, and specifically telling him to come alone because he hated Umr coming.That's the reason I gave the other hadith we all know about. We all know if you told this exact narration to normal Sunnis (me) they wouldn't believe this narration existed. Just recently I saw a Sunni speaker make a statement that Umr and Abu Bakr aren't to be followed blindly and the Sunni world blasted him for it saying he was blaspheming. This post was about my personal experience finding these ahadith and others related to ahlul bayt a.s.
  11. Bismillah Assalaamu alaikum, So we're told as Sunnis that the Shi'a love to just make emotional claims and fabricate ahadith. I've only begun my research relatively recently and I've been on the fence, however, these two narrations in Bukhari just blew me away in terms of re thinking who I'm following. http://sunnah.com/bukhari/64/278 http://sunnah.com/bukhari/62/114 I'm sure this is old news for everybody here but I wanted to share my experience here. The hadith about Fadak is so explicit in its wording, that Fatima remained angry with Abu Bakr until dying, that Ali either (due to interpretation) didn't permit or didn't notify Abu Bakr of the funeral, Ali prayed the funeral himself & buried Fatima himself, and wasn't until AFTER he noticed people's attitudes changed towards him that he made baya'. The wording of the hadith itself implies this! Then to top things off he explicitly told Abu Bakr to come alone because he despised Umr coming. Then Umr who has a great relationship with everyone according to Sunni's (?) literally swears by Allah that Abu Bakr won't enter alone... What in the world??
  12. A Sincere Look At Shi'ism From A Sunni Student.

    Thank you for the comment brother, I've understood the misconception alhamdulillah it's not a problem anymore. I seek Allah's forgiveness if I've talked to anyone in harsh terms or jumping the gun however hashing out misconceptions isn't always a rose and tulip ordeal.
  13. A Sincere Look At Shi'ism From A Sunni Student.

    Al-Suyuti is a known Ash'ari which I am not. Therefore his opinions on aqeedah are not to be taken. Even his Tafsir al-Jalalayn is not recommended for new Muslims because there are mistakes pertaining to Allah's attributes. Many times when the Shi'a put forth Sunni scholars they only can find Ash'aris and miscellaneous scholars from Sufism, all which we reject in aqeedah. So for me, saying Ibn Arabi or Ghazali said something isn't really a strong evidence. I certainly did watch the lecture, I don't know how he's supposedly saying no tahreef happened when the entire lecture is about the evidences that the Qur'an was indeed altered. Does it makes sense to spend an hour showing you evidence supporting the Qur'an was altered then saying "but it wasn't"? That would be nonsensical. I appreciate the post, seeing what your 'ulama on paper is much more effective. I post 2 questions. Was ibn Ishaaq known to be a reliable narrator? It's my understanding he was known for tadlis and him using " 'an " throughout is suspicious. Was A'ishah known to be the only one to write, memorize, and store verse of the Qur'an? Of course not, so why did this verse not get memorized by others and compiled, written by others and provided, or why was no mention made of this at all by other companions? Just saying, the companions memorized these verses they didn't just write them then stuff them under their beds.
  14. A Sincere Look At Shi'ism From A Sunni Student.

    I don't think this guy is in the gutter somewhere, even if you don't agree with his viewpoints he's still out there speaking. I've also watched Arabic videos and debates where the Shi'ah says the Qur'an is only with Allah due to tahreef by the companions and the Mahdi will bring it back again. Once again not trying to start a commotion here but I don't think it's 100% sincere to say no shi'i says that tahreef of the Qur'an is true.
  15. A Sincere Look At Shi'ism From A Sunni Student.

    I happen to agree however the division isn't something brand new. I think the Sunnis have done a pretty poor job of being objective. We are all too fast in grabbing the bullhorns and calling people deviants and kuffaar when we know nothing about what they believe in. When there's such a large rift you can't just brute force your way onto the other side. Unfortunately people as a mass love controversy and the hate preachers bubble the way to the top. It keeps people from being bored, and they think it's "helal entertainment" and zeal. 1437 years later we have to ask if something other than brute force should be done, just my humble opinion. If Sunnis want division we have to start supporting ahlul bayt more in my opinion. When seeing people say "Mu'awiyyah radiAllahu 'anhu" I simply feel stupid to be honest.