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  1. http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/12/iran-protest-crisis-everything-you-need.html Finally a well researched article to counter Western and Anti Iranian propaganda.
  2. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    please read http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/12/iran-protest-crisis-everything-you-need.html for non western propaganda view
  3. What is everyone's most trusted news source?

    Dear brother Funk that list was aggregated by anti independent media clearinghouse. The professor associated eiwith the original list was outed as being on govt payroll. I think I counted 10 of the best websites for independent news. Use the list in the opposite way intended and you will be reasonably informed. Zerohedge, activistpost, Whatreallyhappened, Blacklistednews, whatdoesitmean, naturalnews, dailybail, sputniknewS, RT and presstv give alternative views of world away from corporate pro western pablum. See also brother Kings comments.
  4. Yemeni shias stabbed in back

    http://www.blacklistednews.com/Yemen_-_Saudis_Throw_The_Towel_-_Saleh_is_Baaack_-_Russia_Wins/61927/0/38/38/Y/M.html while it is not surprsing but still very very disheartening. I wish Al Yamani would come and clean the place up. Or at least Qassem Solimani lend a small helping hand. Shias in the gulf lose again.
  5. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    So these guys with very sketchy backgrounds and just happen to have expensive tv studio facilities , who just happen to sow discord among shias, sunnis and just happen to parrot the position of the Govt where they are based is just extreme coincidence. Astaghfurullah if it walks like duck.....etc ( really, really... this is too hard to make the obvious conclusion based on significant circumstantial evidence , its called deductive reasoning .) Have you even read any modern history texts regarding movement subversion techniques, look up COINTELPRO, controlled opposition, agent provacteurs. You really to read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. However there will be no proofs that such stratagems work. My young respected brother i will chalk this up to youth and unfamiliarity with modern history and psyops.
  6. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    Unfortunately as much as you will try to open some eyes they remain tightly shut. So according to this close eyed logic if you curse Ayatullah Sistani it is a capitol offence . But if your (OMG can it be even more obvious british agent sitting with multimillion pound headquarters 20 mins from Queens palace in very rich isolated London Suburb) highly sketchy background sheikh curses Hasan Nasrallah or Ayatullah Khamenei or Ayatullah Khumayni, that is acceptable. You should explain this highly selective form of logic. Or do you just have an axe to grind against all Iranian or pro Waliyat al Faqeeh clerics. Sorry to say but you have kind of outed yourself my dear brother.
  7. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    My young man you are convinced that since no one had written proof that Yasser Habeeb is an agent res ipsa loquitor he can't be an agent. Also since no Wahabi called you to Say that anti sahaba comments make them kill Shia, it could never be true. Since you have not seen quarks and atoms they must not exist in your world, the same with Imam Mahdi, black holes, and even Allah. The difference of the higher brain is the ability to make educated analyses, formulate logical theories and using Ayaats of Allah to make obvious inferences. ( Oulul Al baab) I see to a hard nosed realist, abstract thoughts and clearly elucidated inferences are likely an anthema. No problem, please never read about schroedinger's cat , you might really lose it . When you go to college please take a course in logical fallacies I pray your eyes may be enlightened, Also read about constructing straw men, false analogies and otherv weak debating tactics. But feel free to believe that there are no such things as agents of the intelligence services designed to create havoc, chaos and animosity. Also stay away from Sun Tzus Art of War, it has no proof it works so must be make believe. When you pursue higher studies you will see that the more people pursue true knowledge and enlightenment the more humble and less arrogant they become. They realize there are many paths to knowledge and enlightenment and don't discount based simply on their own limited intellect.
  8. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    I think maybe your account really has been hacked or this is just youthful contrarian humour.
  9. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    Who he studied under is immaterial if he has been turned into a double agent. Even Shaitan was elevated to level of Angels. In Shahs time even Grand Ayatollahs reported to SAVAK and the Shah, will not mention names but names have been published in public sphere. Under Saddam many howza members were both willing and unwilling spies. No one thinks Iranian special forces are going to invade a tony tiny London suburb, but could an angry Salafi mob decide to burn down his palatial multimillion dollar fitnah centre, I don't think such a scenario is out of the realm of possibilities, the article even alludes to such . As a fellow Iranian descent Canadian I feel sorry that logic will not convince you, but Allah SWT I am sure will eventually remove the veils which cloud your vision. Ihtemase Dua my brother. May Allah bless you and your family. Please accept my humble apologies if I have said anything hurtful in jest or seriousness, I do have immense respect for you and other comments you have made in the chat forums.
  10. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2589795/Fears-preacher-stir-race-tensions-Buckinghamshire-village.html My brother you are a respected and knowledgeable member of the Shia chat community, you lose such credibility when siding with those who degrade our Marja and place our shia brothers, sisters and children in the path of suicide bombers with their hateful rhetoric. I have acknowledged that some of what he says maybe true, and satisfies our bloodlust and hatred the enemies of Ahlul Bayt. But we are students and followers of the highest level of Nobilty and Anger control. Our leaders would sheath their swords when there was the slightest chance their own anger might be involved in their actions. Even normal non Muslim people realize he is a hate preacher, but you find it difficult to comprehend?? As far as my other assertions first read the article and do your own research, see what the marajey say about this Khariji, and like his spiritual forefathers who used to say Imam Ali was on the wrong path. The town in which he bought a 2 million £ centre and another 5 million in renovations and houses a state of the art broadcast centre, is less then 20 mins from Windsor Castle and the royal family. LMAO can you guess the firepower and regimental support on the castle grounds which by helicopter would be in his town in less then 6 mins. The best litmus test on who is and is not a Zionist, is to find the enemies of Hasan Nasrallah , if you end up supporting a fiend who curses such a noble leader then my friend you may have crossed over to the dark side. Remember Shaitan will not attack the pious man thru haraam, he will attack thru your piety and love for AHLUL BAYT. Please my brother your comments will damage our youth who look up to you and give credence and credibility to our open enemy.
  11. Marja

    Well you need to either directly find out from his rulings where you are allowed leeway, you can ask his local representative if one is close by, or you can write to office in regards to specific rulings. Just out of curiosity how did you come to choose Ayatullah Sistani?
  12. Marja

    This is not exactly true. But you are supposed to choose one captain for your ship, if you choose to follow the ithna Ashari brand ;) Now if for example you followed a marja and he died you can continue to follow him for old rulings and choose another for new rulings. Also some marja on certain subjects sometimes allow their followers leeway to choose others to follow on those select subjects, but it is not usually a Salad buffet where you get to pick and choose a different marja for each and every select topic. Also you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, if you choose to follow a faith you are expected to follow tenets of that faith, but if you want to be akhbary or for that matter Buddhist who is stopping you??
  13. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    This Zionist intelligence service created cartoonish imp and his ilk are unfortunately responsible for the death and destruction of many of our Shia Brothers and Sisters. Their obviously hateful and slanderous rhetoric both towards the revered figures of the Sunnah Ummah ( some of which may even be true but non productively and provocatively and often viciously presented), is used as ammunition by his Wahabi co-conspirators to inflame people to suicide bomb and murder our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Gulf States, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan. The only reason he gets away with it is he is protected In an isolated MI 6 barricaded headquarters surrounded by military personnel. If you dont believe that then go visit his little fitnahtown. Guys please read what an agent provocateur is and how and when they have been used. Unsurprisingly, the Brits use the same game plan each time and our own people get suckered into the propaganda, because it feels good to swear and hurt those who are hurting our communities. (Who do you think propelled and protected Abdul ibn Wahab, Bahullah, and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.) That is what Edward Bernays taught in the psychological effects of modern propaganda. Sorry if I have obliterated one of your sacred cows but really he was quite rancid and needed properly slaughtering ;)
  14. Saudia Barbaria is really falling apart ......

    Now the Yemen misadventure is falling apart at the seams, is there anything MBS touches that does not collapse into dust. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-26/saudi-coalition-crumbles-yemen-sudanese-mercenaries-front-lines-foreign-officers-pro
  15. http://m.indiatoday.in/story/saudi-arabia-prince-turki-bin-mohamed-bin-fahd-flees-to-iran/1/1084357.html if Saudi Princes are seeking Asylum in Iran , the internal situation is incomprehensible.
  16. Saudia Barbaria is really falling apart ......

    Even better critical analysis and forecasting http://theduran.com/destabilising-saudi-arabia-crown-prince-tries-to-consolidate-control-eliminate-potential-rivals/
  17. I need help

    First of all we always realize that all cures and shifaa is from Allah SWT, however that being said, this doesn't mean you should not consult and receive treatment and therapies from legitimate medical professionals. We know that many of the Pychoses like symptoms like auditory, visual, gustatory, olfactory hallucinations are the results of disordered pathways In the brain and most commonly in the limbic system. There are now very good meds which help with these symptoms. Additionally good cognitive and want behavioral therapy can also be helpful. The Quranic and Dua recitations also have the measurable effects on the neural pathways so I would employ both in your fight against Satanic thoughts.
  18. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    Not only does he degrade our true leaders, those who constantly lay down their lives for AHLUL BAYT, but he defends the the corrupt Western leaders, he only ever attacks Muslims, says vile things about others shias etc. How much more of an obvious agent provocateur does one need to be for educated people to see the obvious truth
  19. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    I am sorry and quite disappointed that a person which such a high community rating and obvious Islamic knowledge and understanding has failed to see when your enemy is placing a veil over your eyes. Yasser al habeeb A person of no obvious financial means was suddenly able to a multimillion dollar Satellite/TV/COMPUTER STUDIO In the middle of a small town in northern UK, and literally take over said small town with no opposition, and with no problems getting a broadcast licence ( very hard to get in UK since only govt is allowed to propagandize). He just happens to have a cover story about fleeing Kuwait, a country which provides billions to UK, and churns up obvious hate speech to allow Shias to be martyred all over the world and you believe he is legitimate. You as a Canadian should be well aware of how many propaganda and controlled opposition MOVEMENTS the brits have spearheaded, they're masters of divide and conquer and have been studying how to divide Muslims and you have seriously bought into their obvious BS and even worse are encouraging it. I guess MI 6 Has spent money well and succeeded in hood winking our knowledgeable Muslims brothers once again. May Allah guide you to Investigate and critically evaluate before accepting sources just because we feel justified to attack wahabies in the vile ways they attack the AHLUL BAYT.
  20. Saudia Barbaria is really falling apart ......

    An amazing article on what the clown prince now faces http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-25/mbs-blackwater-marriage-convenience
  21. Saudia Barbaria is really falling apart ......

    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-23/alwaleed-bin-talal-hung-upside-down-and-beaten-us-mercenaries The US is supplying muscle from Abu Dhabi to help torture their own prominent citizens.
  22. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Inshallah let this evil regime consume itself and fall into more serious infighting. They single handledly responsible for the majority of violent deaths that our Ummah has suffered since 1979. They have disrespected our Prophet and his family. they have both directly tortured and maimed our brothers and sisters in the Gulf and beyond. To see them attacking each other makes one feel that our prayers are being answered and Allah has finally decided to punish these modern day pharaohs.
  23. Masturbation

    I think we may have to appeal to our moderators to allow us to PM each other. I think or is not allowed to exchange email or phone numbers on forums. So Dear moderators can we be allowed to exchange PM despite being beginners ??
  24. Masturbation

    Finally my young Jedi there are a few more drastic strategies that can work but some of these could have negative side effects on mind,body and health. One way to control sexual urges is to Increase estrogen levels In the body and decrease testosterone. This can be done naturally by eating certain food which contain phytoestrogens. How to Increase Estrogen! Foods that Increase Estrogen Levels! Soy Products Oregano Grapefruit Licorice (The real thing, not the sugary red stuff The other even more drastic way is used with sex offenders , they are administered either hormones which increase estrogen or block testosterone. This also done with pre op male to females. with the side effect of gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, decreased assertiveness and aggression, erectile dysfunction, decreased sperm counts risk of bone fractures/osteoporosis , feminization of appearance and many other side effects. As a physician I would caution you that while this could be done I would advise against it strongly. Even in sex offenders this a very very last step in treatment. Adsitionally most likely you will need a prescription for most products and have find a physician willing to take a major risk in giving off label meds and the long term risks like cancer cannot be quantified. I would suggest try the natural ways and see the effects before approaching more drastic risky treatments.
  25. Masturbation

    The key to stopping such Haram is fourfold. One try to determine your triggers; are you watching lascivious movies, soft or other pornographic images ( the commandant for males to look down is powerful way to avoid sexual stimulation). Two come up with activities which will occupy your time so you will not have idle hands; reading, exercise, throw yourself into your work/school, spend time with friends or groups, avoid being alone, keep your bedroom door wide open, don't spend excessive time in bathroom, play non sexual video games, read news, watch non sexual videos, essentially find activity you enjoy and which wull prevent you from falling off the wagon so to speak. Third, seek to increase your spirituality and nearness to Allah TWT, if you take One step to him he will take 10 to you. If you walk to him he will run to you. Fasting ( everyday if necessary) , salaat (especially salutul Layl which is miraculous), read more Quran , read past Shia chat discussions on masturbation, involve yourself with other Muslims who guide you towards eemaan. Finally fourth if all of the above is not working and your hormonal urges are uncontrollable them I suggest permanent marriage as best option and if not feasible then Muta as a less desirable but still non haram option. Control of the animal desires and nafs is the Jihad al Akbar. At least you have recognised your problem and are looking for help to conquer your evil desires. If you make mistakes do astghfaar and don't stop seeking Allah'S guidance and pleasure. You can PM me and I can offer you more help if needed.