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  1. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Inshallah let this evil regime consume itself and fall into more serious infighting. They single handledly responsible for the majority of violent deaths that our Ummah has suffered since 1979. They have disrespected our Prophet and his family. they have both directly tortured and maimed our brothers and sisters in the Gulf and beyond. To see them attacking each other makes one feel that our prayers are being answered and Allah has finally decided to punish these modern day pharaohs.
  2. Masturbation

    I think we may have to appeal to our moderators to allow us to PM each other. I think or is not allowed to exchange email or phone numbers on forums. So Dear moderators can we be allowed to exchange PM despite being beginners ??
  3. Masturbation

    Finally my young Jedi there are a few more drastic strategies that can work but some of these could have negative side effects on mind,body and health. One way to control sexual urges is to Increase estrogen levels In the body and decrease testosterone. This can be done naturally by eating certain food which contain phytoestrogens. How to Increase Estrogen! Foods that Increase Estrogen Levels! Soy Products Oregano Grapefruit Licorice (The real thing, not the sugary red stuff The other even more drastic way is used with sex offenders , they are administered either hormones which increase estrogen or block testosterone. This also done with pre op male to females. with the side effect of gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, decreased assertiveness and aggression, erectile dysfunction, decreased sperm counts risk of bone fractures/osteoporosis , feminization of appearance and many other side effects. As a physician I would caution you that while this could be done I would advise against it strongly. Even in sex offenders this a very very last step in treatment. Adsitionally most likely you will need a prescription for most products and have find a physician willing to take a major risk in giving off label meds and the long term risks like cancer cannot be quantified. I would suggest try the natural ways and see the effects before approaching more drastic risky treatments.
  4. Masturbation

    The key to stopping such Haram is fourfold. One try to determine your triggers; are you watching lascivious movies, soft or other pornographic images ( the commandant for males to look down is powerful way to avoid sexual stimulation). Two come up with activities which will occupy your time so you will not have idle hands; reading, exercise, throw yourself into your work/school, spend time with friends or groups, avoid being alone, keep your bedroom door wide open, don't spend excessive time in bathroom, play non sexual video games, read news, watch non sexual videos, essentially find activity you enjoy and which wull prevent you from falling off the wagon so to speak. Third, seek to increase your spirituality and nearness to Allah TWT, if you take One step to him he will take 10 to you. If you walk to him he will run to you. Fasting ( everyday if necessary) , salaat (especially salutul Layl which is miraculous), read more Quran , read past Shia chat discussions on masturbation, involve yourself with other Muslims who guide you towards eemaan. Finally fourth if all of the above is not working and your hormonal urges are uncontrollable them I suggest permanent marriage as best option and if not feasible then Muta as a less desirable but still non haram option. Control of the animal desires and nafs is the Jihad al Akbar. At least you have recognised your problem and are looking for help to conquer your evil desires. If you make mistakes do astghfaar and don't stop seeking Allah'S guidance and pleasure. You can PM me and I can offer you more help if needed.
  5. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    We must understand that the akhbaries are our brother in Islam, just misguided. Their literature is extremely persuasive and even attractive to the uninitiated. This 400 yr old dead philosophy had been reintroduced by mere chance amd the pervasive way in which their literature is being freely distributed is mere coincidence. OR Yasser Habib is able to have expensive Satellite broadcasting equipment, can take over a small British town, and is viciously aggressive towards Sunnis and their leaders. These Are paid for and planned activities designed to foment fassaad and fitnah. The same way wahabism,qadianis, and bhai were introduced as splintering movements. So when you play into hands of the puppet master and yourself "QUO VADIS" Who benefits from Muslims, imamis, and shia movements being splintered. Who is threatened by our Unity, who has encouraged Muslims to fight amongst themselves, who would be more vulnerable if we become United. always ask not just what is being said, but what is the motivation and implication of such speech. Critical thinking skills used to be plentiful in the Muslim Ummah, let's revive that.
  6. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    MY dear respected brother Mansur, the word used by The Grand Ayatullah is MUKHALIFEEN , this does not refer our Sunnie brothers, please read the original Arabic, these are referring to those who directly threaten ( the opposition) the Aimmah and their Shia. This is those who want to kill Shia and eliminate them, Like the Wahabis who looted Karbala many times and slaughtered the innocents. It does not refer to our Sunni brothers who are often not familiar with ; the numerous pro Ahlul Bayt Hadees, the relatively high level of Hazrat Ali (a.s) in relation to all other companions, the history of Ghadeer, Mubahela, Bani Saqeefa, Khaybar, Nahjul Balagha. We don't curse those who have not been guided, we can if you like curse those who attempt to kill you or attack your Imams, in that case Defend yourself by all means, if you want to use only your tongue no problem, but realize that is the lowest form of Jihad. AND yes Shia believe the Imams were not only Infallible but Allah TWT keeps them away from all "Rijs" anything not pure e.g. sins, errors, doubts, unclean anything, etc ( very large encompassing definition).
  7. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    Here we go again. Because of unfortunately misguided thoughts and assumptions, the discussion/conversation has descended into name calling and insults. Shias who readily insult, curse and malign others are unfortunately the most cowardly of Our Shia. Ask them to defend innocent Shia being slaughtered by wahabis in Parichinar, Yemen, Syria or Iraq and they have the most convenient excuses. They personify the arrogance of Shaytan towards Adam because of self righteous over inflation of their egos. Humility is a term not native to their vocabulary. Akhlaq, manners, respect, controlling anger, showing others the errors of their ways thru peace and kindness, these are the true legacies of Our Imams. By all means my dear brothers demonstrate your True Nobilty thru Ahlul Bayt like actions, OR alternatively make the Ziosaudis happy and become Shaytan like and show how humans can be described in Sura AT Teen :SUMA RADADNAHO AS FALA SAFEY LEEEN.
  8. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Now military officers and more businessmen arrested http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-17/saudi-corruption-probe-widens-dozens-military-officials-arreste
  9. Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    As A shia from a mixed family where grandfather sunni and father turned shia and having grown up and attended sunni Islamic means shia Islamic schools, I will start by saying all true Sunnis respect Ahlul Bayt. Those who don't have been brainwashed by wahabi revisionism. The only people who love to see sunni and Shia fight, argue, and ideally kill each other are Zionists and their goyim lackeys, led from behind by Shaitan. But if those of you who like cursing long dead and buried people, just understand that this behaviour has been condemned by the true ulema. If you engage in hateful behaviour to a follower of prophet Muhammad, I pray for your soul and guidance to avoid the punishment you are sure to receive for your inimical attempts at causing fitnah in the ummah .
  10. Iran vs KSA ?

    Amazingly Interesting analysis by military researcher, previously very accurate and well known in military circles he says, http://www.unz.com/tsaker/israel-saudi-arabia-setting-preconditions-for-war-with-hezbollah/
  11. http://m.indiatoday.in/story/saudi-arabia-prince-turki-bin-mohamed-bin-fahd-flees-to-iran/1/1084357.html if Saudi Princes are seeking Asylum in Iran , the internal situation is incomprehensible.
  12. Gay

    I think Bakir has made some excellent points very eloquently. He ends with the Amazing conclusion , me paraphrasing here, that if we take one step towards Allah, he will take 10 steps to us and if we walk towards him he will run to us( hadees ay QUDSI). I also encourage our brothers and sisters to not express hate and disdain for those struggling with Same sex attraction, don't use pejorative words but follow the teaching, hate the sin but love the dinner. We should always show love and kindness to those struggling with anything but remember identity issues among the most psychologically difficult to deal with.
  13. Gay

    As a physician I will say there is no gay gene and gay genetic profile. There can be psychological and biological attractants which influence behavior. Remember most sexualized behaviours are learned thru environmental influences. Occasionally these influences can be intentionally or unintentionally deflected. Both Men and women have had a Mancrush or woman crush as young children. It depends on hundreds of influences and likely some biological factors we are nor yet Aware of, that cause certain people to feel they are Gay or more accurately attracted to same sex. Again this is usually spectrum and some people have more or less of this same sex attraction. Now the sin of Sodomy is an separate issue. We can use the Quran, when qaum e Lut come to forcefully sleep with male looking angels , Lut offers his daughters instead (in halal way...likely muta), this example shows that sexual pleasure can be provided by or with either sex, but one way is haram and other is halal. So to those people that feel they are Gay or Lesbian or if you have loved ones that are gay, I would say this is a learned behaviour and can be unlearned or modified. Maybe you will not be attracted to dainty more feminine women and can be attracted to more physically imposing larger (and with out being pejorative) more masculine women and vice versa for the females. The choice to give in to Haraam temptations is being encouraged by Ziomedia and their influences. I leave you with quote from Chuck D., "Brothers and Sisters. ......DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE"
  14. any shias still in UAE?

    The situation has detoriated quick since I came here about 8 yes ago . Before everything was out in open, no issues. Now people are scared they will lose jobs, not get residency visa renewed ( or only 4 out of 5 family members get renewal and one child does not), will be labelled as Shia , will be immediately deported ( happens occasionally ), Shia chat is blocked ( so with horrible Internet speeds and bad VPN ) we are rarely able to post and just barely able to read posts. There has been massive purges in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah , especially of active on community or working for govt/semi govt entity. Dubai used to be more chill , but even now at major Shia aza khana RFID embedded ID cards are scanned and likely being placed in database. Lebanese already purged ,especially big businessmen, all the Parichinar momineen supporting those oppressed people also purged at behest of Pakistan ( Najistan) govt. Sorry I could go on but is very depressing for families with kids. Am planning on going to Canada as are many who can still get out . Inshalhah the Saudi's will cause a Maelstrom which will suck the GCC Into a deep morass, from which the pampered princelings cannot not escape and eventually get their just desserts, and the Zahoor will be ushered in with their demise.
  15. Nikki Haley vows to end the betrayal of Israel

    We mail have to understand that every since Andrew Young was Jimy Carters UN Ambassador and voted against Israel.........the US UN ambassador is appointed directly by Israel. They are always anti Muslim bigots who not just toe the Israeli line but they are more hawkish that the worst Likud nut. e.g. Jeane Kirkpatrick, John Bolton, Samantha Powers, etc. Namrita is another hardline Neocon with absolutely no foreign policy experience.
  16. Saudi minister: Lebanese government ‘declaring war

    Yes an Israeli journalist released translated and Hebrew version of confidential cable. Either they want everyone to know what they are doing or........ their own people are sabotaging them with breaking news.
  17. Saudi minister: Lebanese government ‘declaring war

    And surprise surprise the Saudis will be helped and vice versa by their laanaati cousins the Israelis http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-07/leaked-secret-israeli-cable-confirms-israeli-saudi-coordination-lebanon
  18. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    The plot continues to thicken. If this is being revealed , imagine how much is being made surpressed. May Allah continue to curse and punish the Killers of Sheik Nimer. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-06/making-sense-saudis-game-thobes I LOVE THE GAME OF THOBES Headline ;) Another day another prince kiled. Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-06/second-saudi-prince-confirmed-killed-during-crackdown
  19. Lebanese Prime minister resigns.

    I Suspect that this fake Lebanese prime minister who was born in Saudi, obtained saudi citizenship via business ties of his dad's construction companes (Saudi oger, now bankrupt and in debt) violated terms of his puppetry. He met a senior Iranian minister a few days ago and established ambassador in Syria again. This upset the Zionist Saudi masters and he was immediately recalled. Additionaly this is likely prepping for re-attack on Lebanon using Iran as the excuse.
  20. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Also better link for what happened most recently is Zero hedge article http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-04/shocking-purge-saudi-king-arrests-billionaire-prince-bin-talal-others-anti-money-lau#comment-10592186 The comments afterwards are even funnier and some are very analytically astute.
  21. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    There is so much more than meets on the eye and what is publicly eclaimed. I was working in Saudi when a junior prince was executed for assasination atempt on Mb Salman in Jeddah. The houthis have now successfully hit two airports with missiles . I have whatspp video sent to me by airport worker but I think since I am not advance membe can't show you guys. BIT huge fires and destruction.
  22. Prophecies Oct/nov 2015

    I don't think there should be a problem with posting different prophecies. However we should not take them for immediate predictions. If they help to guide our brothers and sisters to the correct path then maybe they have accomplished the intended aim.