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  1. Hasani Samnani

    Dangers of Wahhabism

    Because my dear brother, these and others like them are either paid Saudi or Govt agents, who act as agent provocateurs, in oder to trap gullible idiots or to attck the true Muslims preaching peace and tolerance. Look up Cointel pro to see how govts infiltrate and create their monsters, like ISIS, to trap some innocent and some not so innocent people.
  2. Hasani Samnani

    Why did Iran do this?

    See now you guys are arguing facts and point vs point. Not only are both of you impressive in your geopolitical knowledge, but you have elevated the discussion to a proper intellectual exercise among educated brothers, Mashallah. Doesnt that feel better than sniping and inflaming. Glad the moderators guided and steered the conversation , good job guys.
  3. Hasani Samnani

    Serious Question about Hijab - Living in the West

    @Laayla I am afraid dear sister you did not read my response very carefully and I always try to be very careful with my words so they will not be twisted, despite that, you are grossly attempting that. I never told her that I have the authority for anything, I said that she may ( key word here ) have medical justification for an action. I agree that this would conditional to an allowance granted by her marjaa. I have found the Marjeat to be remarkably accepting of medical conditions when rules need to be bent or broken. I did not tell anyone to remove their hijaab and your false accusation is both slanderous and inflammatory, maybe not you did not intend such a act and in spirit of Ramadan I forgive you and May Allah forgive me for my own errors of omission and commission. But before making a wild accusation against anyone especially your brother or sister in Islam, i would suggest you think and ponder before responding. Fee Emaanullah and Was Salaam wa barakatahu.
  4. Hasani Samnani

    Why did Iran do this?

    I think all those who have become inflammatory in regards to the topic need to take a deep breath and think if their actions are hurting another brother or sister. The artificial constructs of Sykes-Picot left our Islamic Nation balkanized on purpose for both Capitalistic and Anti-Islamic aims. We are Muslims of different languages and regions first, and these made up nationalities last. Our sniping each other is exactly what the Israelis, Brits and American want to see happen. Yes the OP had an anti-Iranian axe to grind and continues to grind, but still he is allowed to ask such questions, even as much as I love the Iranian Nation and its people, there could be times they make mistakes. ( by the way I believe history shows their path is being illuminated by Imam e Zamana, in order to resist the whole worlds military, economic and social pressures and still succeed is a genuine miracle). I have been to Iraq as a ziyareen since 1995 and as Physician helping with reconstructing the broken health system and giving guidance. The Doctors there are excellent, the momineen are extremely hospitable and the educated people have always been leaders in the Arab world in terms of education, sciences and literature. Yes corruption exists but it is still less then I see in Pakistan and India. Using the west for knowledge and benefit is allowed as long as we dont let their bad characteristic invade our muslims societies. That being said in terms of anti corruption and more egalitarian and almost Islamic social values the Scandinavian countries could teach muslims what it means have a more islamic view of charity and responsibities of the state to its people. Let us embrace our brothers and overlook any errors and as we are never perfect and make mistakes all the time. And lets try to inflame and confound our enemies by being closer and nicer and acting with true eeman.
  5. Hasani Samnani

    Serious Question about Hijab - Living in the West

    As a physician, i would say that if you are suffering from a medically justifiable psychologically maladaptive condition such a depression, severe anxiety, agoraphobia or other such illness then you may have justification to remove your hijab or find another way to cover yourself that is not as identifiably muslim. Like some orthodox jewish women are bald and wear wigs . I think above all our Merciful and Beneficial Lord who loves us more than our Parents will judge you based on your niyyat not always the resultant action. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى guide your niyyat and actions. I am also dismayed but not surprised by the forthright judgemental opinions, especially my fellow brothers. The first part of hijab is that men should keep their glances down and not be looking at women especially na-mahram non muslims, I am sure these brothers are performing their islamic obligations before passing judgement. Also I am sure they are also all keeping beards and never wearing unislamic clothing like tight jeans or shorts above the knees.
  6. Hasani Samnani

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    For those who are feeling depressed, I say Sabr my friends. Read what a excellent former non muslim Military and Political Analyst says about Iran"s present position and the strength of our Shia. It is inspiring and and realistic. I was blown over by his understanding of what Shias are capable of when we believe in our Imams. http://www.unz.com/tsaker/the-warmakers/
  7. Hasani Samnani

    What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    please read http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/12/iran-protest-crisis-everything-you-need.html for non western propaganda view
  8. http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/12/iran-protest-crisis-everything-you-need.html Finally a well researched article to counter Western and Anti Iranian propaganda.
  9. Hasani Samnani

    What is everyone's most trusted news source?

    Dear brother Funk that list was aggregated by anti independent media clearinghouse. The professor associated eiwith the original list was outed as being on govt payroll. I think I counted 10 of the best websites for independent news. Use the list in the opposite way intended and you will be reasonably informed. Zerohedge, activistpost, Whatreallyhappened, Blacklistednews, whatdoesitmean, naturalnews, dailybail, sputniknewS, RT and presstv give alternative views of world away from corporate pro western pablum. See also brother Kings comments.
  10. The hereafter:

    He who does not concern himself with improving his Hereafter is not a [true] believer.

    Imam Ali AS

  11. Parents

    1. Being good to parents is the greatest [and most important] duty.

    2. Be good to your parents and your children will be good to you.

    3. Whoever is good to his parents, his child will be good to him.

    4. The death of a father breaks one’s back.

    5. One who scorns his parents has diverged from the right path.

    6. The affection of parents is [the basis of] the relationship between siblings.

    Imam Ali AS

  12. Hasani Samnani

    [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    So these guys with very sketchy backgrounds and just happen to have expensive tv studio facilities , who just happen to sow discord among shias, sunnis and just happen to parrot the position of the Govt where they are based is just extreme coincidence. Astaghfurullah if it walks like duck.....etc ( really, really... this is too hard to make the obvious conclusion based on significant circumstantial evidence , its called deductive reasoning .) Have you even read any modern history texts regarding movement subversion techniques, look up COINTELPRO, controlled opposition, agent provacteurs. You really to read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. However there will be no proofs that such stratagems work. My young respected brother i will chalk this up to youth and unfamiliarity with modern history and psyops.
  13. Hasani Samnani

    [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    Unfortunately as much as you will try to open some eyes they remain tightly shut. So according to this close eyed logic if you curse Ayatullah Sistani it is a capitol offence . But if your (OMG can it be even more obvious british agent sitting with multimillion pound headquarters 20 mins from Queens palace in very rich isolated London Suburb) highly sketchy background sheikh curses Hasan Nasrallah or Ayatullah Khamenei or Ayatullah Khumayni, that is acceptable. You should explain this highly selective form of logic. Or do you just have an axe to grind against all Iranian or pro Waliyat al Faqeeh clerics. Sorry to say but you have kind of outed yourself my dear brother.
  14. Hasani Samnani

    Yemeni shias stabbed in back

    http://www.blacklistednews.com/Yemen_-_Saudis_Throw_The_Towel_-_Saleh_is_Baaack_-_Russia_Wins/61927/0/38/38/Y/M.html while it is not surprsing but still very very disheartening. I wish Al Yamani would come and clean the place up. Or at least Qassem Solimani lend a small helping hand. Shias in the gulf lose again.
  15. Hasani Samnani

    Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?

    My young man you are convinced that since no one had written proof that Yasser Habeeb is an agent res ipsa loquitor he can't be an agent. Also since no Wahabi called you to Say that anti sahaba comments make them kill Shia, it could never be true. Since you have not seen quarks and atoms they must not exist in your world, the same with Imam Mahdi, black holes, and even Allah. The difference of the higher brain is the ability to make educated analyses, formulate logical theories and using Ayaats of Allah to make obvious inferences. ( Oulul Al baab) I see to a hard nosed realist, abstract thoughts and clearly elucidated inferences are likely an anthema. No problem, please never read about schroedinger's cat , you might really lose it . When you go to college please take a course in logical fallacies I pray your eyes may be enlightened, Also read about constructing straw men, false analogies and otherv weak debating tactics. But feel free to believe that there are no such things as agents of the intelligence services designed to create havoc, chaos and animosity. Also stay away from Sun Tzus Art of War, it has no proof it works so must be make believe. When you pursue higher studies you will see that the more people pursue true knowledge and enlightenment the more humble and less arrogant they become. They realize there are many paths to knowledge and enlightenment and don't discount based simply on their own limited intellect.