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  1. For starters, some received books and others didn't. That in itself is a huge difference. You are still ignoring the premise of the entire ayah which is to show that all believers have to believe in all books and messengers ie make no distinction between them. Do you have equal belief in the prophethood of Muhammad (saw) and Ibrahim (as)? If you say "yes", then you are proving the ayah that there is no distinction between them in terms of prophethood. The ranks are completely irrelevant here. I am sorry brother and I dont mean to offend you but this is exactly how ISIS justifies killing people en masse. They too take one ayah or a subset of an ayah and apply it to all situations. For example, will you use this ayah to justify fighting and killing all non-muslims: [Shakir 9:14] Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people. We have a fundamental disagreement here for I dont believe Allah does anything for Himself. He is beyond need, want and desire to do anything for Himself. Allah tells us He will throw people into hell because He chooses to ascribe an appropriate punishment for a sin/crime. He has also given us the rights to punish people as long as the punishment fits the crime. You are still confused about belief in a prophet and the rank of a prophet being different things. We have to believe in all prophets equally - no distinction. That is the exact context of the ayah when read in full. Dont worry brother. So far I have only been underwhelmed. If this was such an issue, Allah could have simply created 1 Prophet and made him live for 5,000 years and eliminate this issue all together. At the very least, Allah could have NOT told us the Prophets have ranks.
  2. Brother - you have to pay attention to the context. Verse 2.285 tells us to believe in all the books and all the messengers ie making no distinction between them. This means we have to believe in the Torah, Injil, Zubur AND QURAN. At the same time, every Muslim will tell you that we believe in all the books, we treat and think of the Quran as being superior. Similarly, we have to believe in all 125,000 messengers/prophets so there is no distinction between them. Its either 125,000 or 0. I have seen a lot of people take a single quranic ayah and misinterpret it completely and/or take it totally out of context. You have taken it a step further by pulling out a subsection of an ayah and then trying to apply it holistically. I would like to ask you what is the purpose of 2.253 in Allah telling us the Prophets have different ranks. The argument that "Allah ranked them for Himself is illogical". Based on this argument, are you 100% the Quran is a perfect book, free from error. After all, there is no original copy of the Quran written by the Prophet in existence today. Belief in the (in)fallibility of the Quran and the Prophet+Imams is directly related. Any argument you bring to prove the fallibility of the Prophet and the Imams can be used to prove the fallibility of the Quran. Perhaps I am not understanding your point but no, sinning is not Allah's Will. Its a choice people make, not Allah.
  3. so there is no distinction in following the Prophets or being obedient to them. As it turns out, this ayah has nothing to do with ranks of the Prophets but merely about believing in them. [Shakir 2:285] The messenger believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, and (so do) the believers; they all believe in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers; We make no difference between any of His messengers; and they say: We hear and obey, our Lord! Thy forgiveness (do we crave), and to Thee is the eventual course. The "difference" or "distinction" refers to the believe in the Prophet and has nothing to do with their ranks. It is a gross misinterpretation of the Quran to say that this refers to all Prophets being equal. To the other point on 2.253 where you said that Allah created ranks for the Prophet for Himself. Can you please explain what that means and what purpose it would serve Allah to create Prophets in ranks, tell us about the different ranks but then not expect us to rank prophets? The rest of what I have to say have been said by brother @Qa'im in the previous posts.
  4. Salaam, According to this site, plastic surgery is permissible: so I would imagine that getting a nose job would be permissible too. I would caution you that doing anything based on what someone else says is not good. If someone doesn't like my nose, that is their problem not mine. They can look away. Some people criticize others to make themselves feel better about themselves. so that guy probably just had an inferiority complex which manifested itself by critiquing you.
  5. Salaam brother, Based on further reading and information gathering, I take back my statement that, "Allama Majlisi made an ijtihadi mistake". As it turns out, he did not believe in tahreef of the Quran. What he did was cite sources that said different things about tahreef but there are quotes from him about the sanctity of the Quran.
  6. Yes brother, Muawiya violated many aspects of the treaty including selecting an heir. But neither Imam Hasan (as) not Imam Hussain (as) went to war over the breaking of the treaty or parts of it. Imam Hussain (as) did not declare war over the selection of Yazid either. Imam Hussain (as) refused to pay allegiance to Yazid because of which Yazid wanted to kill him. That instigated the battle. His refusal was not because MUawiya violated the treaty but because "one like Hussain could not pay allegiance to one like Yazid".
  7. Ayatollah Sistani.
  8. Is a person a Muslim if he/she does not believe in even one of 125,000 prophets?
  9. So if I am understanding you right, prophets have different ranks meaning some are superior to others but we should not differentiate between them, only Allah can rank. Correct?
  10. If you Google "did shia kill Imam Hussain" , you will find a lot of links stating exactly what Jamal Haidery says. It is very similar to when the Prophet said, "Ammar will be killed by the people who are wrong" . When Muawiya and Amr Al-Aas were reminded of this hadith, they immediately blamed Imam Ali by saying, "if Ali didn't bring Ammar to Siffin, then he would still be alive." so Ali is wrong. #MuawiyaLogic
  11. Not arguing what the ranks are but the simple fact that one Prophet exceeds another means that one is superior to another. Now, we could argue that the Quran is being contradictory by stating in 2.253 that prophets have ranks and in 2.285 stating there is no distinction. Is that your understanding that the Quran is contradicting itself? Rest - what brother @Hassan- said. So let's say someone is walking down a street, gets attacked by a pitbull and killed. Is the pitbull superior to that man? Falling into an evil trap and being superior are completely different. can you please explain why Adam was not told to bow to angels?
  12. correct. This is to vindicate Yazid of all his crimes. He wasnt even indirect. It was his direct orders all teh way from Sham to medina --> Mecca --> Karbala. Not me, Kamal Haydri and people like him. This has been going on for centuries where they say the shia killed Imam Hussain. They even say we do matam as penance for having killed Imam Hussain (as).
  13. Because they lived in Life which was the capital during Imam Ali's caliphate.
  14. What about 2:253, 17:55?