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  1. Well for starters, saying she has Hindu beliefs
  2. I am not perceiving you as a bad person. I am giving you advice that you can't expect a woman whose marriage you invade to be nice to you. If anything, you should apologize to her and try to appease her until she forgives you. You even called her having Hindu beliefs... Funny that you are saying, "God forbid something happens to my marriage" when you are the something that happened to someone else's marriage. Some self-reflection is in order me thinks.
  3. you mean me saying he will take on a third wife is wishing "ill"?
  4. ShiaMan14

    General shia belief

    Ever read Dua Tawassul? The Prophet (saw) was the Prophet over all prophets. He has no need to call upon them. Plus he had Imam Ali (as) by his side so even less of a reason to call on past prophets.
  5. Really??? Hindu influence because she is not accepting another woman in her marriage. Ridiculous. I am going to leave this discussion. When your husband marries a third wife, by all means please let us know how accepting you will be. You are insecure about Wife #1 so I hardly think you will accept wife #3. By then, you may have "Hindu" influence as well.
  6. ShiaMan14

    best airline miles credit card?

    Chase Mileage Plus
  7. ShiaMan14

    General shia belief

    Of course it makes that assumption (that Imam Ali can help) otherwise it would be pointless to say it. He asked if it is permissible to call upon anyone other than Allah. Yes it is. Seen Allah? Seen Imam Mahdi (as)?
  8. ShiaMan14

    Al-Islam.org Website

    Salaam. They have an app now too for your phone.
  9. ShiaMan14

    General shia belief

    If you have ever asked anyone for help, then you should know the answer to this question brother. You rely on Allah as the Only God. Saying g Ya Ali Madan does not mean you are making Ali God so no problem.
  10. Just to be clear, you were the other woman. You are in no position to judge a woman whose marriage you broke. If anything, she could be the nicest person in the world. You are insecure because if your husband can leave her for you, he might leave you for someone else.
  11. ShiaMan14

    Interfaith Marriage, what is your opinion?

    Salaam, I don't believe in it. It may work for the couple but once kids come along, it becomes difficult. children usually take the faith of the mother or end up being non-religious.
  12. A true test of character is staying true to who you are regardless of who is in front of you.
  13. ShiaMan14

    Multiple Wives in the US

    Well sister, any man hoping for multiple wives in this day and age will need to be mega rich. I can barely afford one...hehehe
  14. ShiaMan14

    Multiple Wives in the US

    Salaam, Is that the official ruling? Why not all wives in the same house where all the rooms are similar? Would be easier to treat them fairly.
  15. ShiaMan14

    Multiple Wives in the US

    Yes, I just made a general statement. Adultery (cheating on spouse) is becoming more common in Muslim countries as well.