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  1. Sure enough. I agree with you. As an example, ISIS practices Islam completely the wrong way. The fault lies with ISIS and not Islam. Similarly, if some people choose to follow Biblical laws incorrectly, the fault lies with them and not the laws themselves.
  2. Total Solar Eclipse 2017

    Brother - he actually looked at the Sun during the eclipse without glasses.
  3. Surely a divine law would never cause strife among people otherwise we can hardly call it divine. If there are divine laws that oppose peace and cause strife perhaps the divine laws have been corrupted by man which would mean the Bible has been tampered with.
  4. It's a recommendation - that's it. It fitted a society then and can and does fit societies today. Much like the arbitrary list of 70mph on freeways. Some states prefer 65 and other prefer 75. No matter what recommendation you give, I bet more than 75% people will disagree with you. As another example, Islam prescribes inheritance laws which are to be followed absence a will OR a person can choose to distribute his / her assets as they see fit in their lifetime. Still wondering how this is related to the grace vs. Law discussion other than being a simple ploy to get away from this topic.
  5. Law of Love is not unreasonable. But stating that we are under grace, not law is unreasonable because Jesus said the opposite.
  6. You mean you dont believe in the Nigerian Prince story? And yet here you are - totally believing in Haybaby. what came first - the donations of millions OR his followers? So the West is anti-Haybaby?
  7. Why would Allahyari ahd Haybaby ask for money. Same reason they d:
  8. Simple enough reason - he asked for money to find out who the morons are so that he could convince them a prince in Nigeria will give them millions if they only send $1,000. As it turned out, alhumdulillah Shias are too astute to fall for this trickery so he went to Plan B - youtube channel to find out who is liking his videos/posts and then sell them the Nigeria Prince scam. Has Hay-baby released his financials statements? How did he get the funding for his facility? How much money does he receive in donations for the upkeep of the place? Let's say Ayatollah Sistani is an Iraqi agent - he gets money from Iraq to spend on Iraqis. Even if this was true, it is okay. And his work actually benefits Iraqis. How does Hay-baby help anyone? Just because someone lives in the West, does not mean they are Western Agents. However, when an imbecile gets millions of dollars of property, then he is suspected of working for the West. you need an IQ of 1 to see the difference. Conclusion: I debunked your ridiculous proof with a couple of ridiculous responses. You need to have a better argument if you need a better response. Out of curiosity, are you a descendant of Abu Musa Al-Ashari - just asking?
  9. Surely you are not criticizing something you have no knowledge off. Lol, these are typical assertions that I have heard before. Sweden has a female Minister of Finance. Well Pakistan and Bangladesh had female head of States while chose a nutjob over a woman. In the eyes of my God, my Prophet and me - all humans are equal. Yet we find that women are paid about 5% - 30% less than men in the US so I guess in the US, women do have less expertise than men when it comes to finance. After all, why else would there be a pay gap? From 600AD until early 1970s-80s, yes women had less expertise than men in finance and in some rural areas, they still do. All Islam did was prescribe a rule on how to handle a financial situation. While you are fixated on 1 male and 2 females, I see it as 3 people so that there is no tie in a dispute. Moreover since this is only a recommendation, people are free to draw up any contract they choose and have whomever as witnesses. It is a common and rubbish misconception that Islam treats women as less than men. Different roles is all Islam has prescribed.
  10. Total Solar Eclipse 2017

    He looked at the Sun rather sternly
  11. Hair-cut before Hajj

    Actually, it is recommended not to cut hair between eid-ul-fitr and hajj. Not wajib but just a recommendation.
  12. Iranian Movie: Muhammad the Messenger of God

    Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsYCDm3pw24&sns=em Note: I haven't viewed myself yet.
  13. Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsYCDm3pw24&sns=em Note: I haven't viewed myself yet.
  14. Here it is in english: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsYCDm3pw24&sns=em
  15. Finally... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsYCDm3pw24&sns=em