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  1. Salaam, After losing everything nad everyone in Karbala, Imam Hussain (as) did not pray for death, neither did Imam Sajjad (as) nor Hz Zainab (as). No matter where you are in life, just remember that 50% of the people in the world are worse off than you so do shukr for what you have even if it is just another breath.
  2. I think all sports benefit from evaluating the game and look for improvement. American football has a Competition Committee.
  3. "Would" implies hypothesizing about someone else which is what got you into trouble to begin with. As I said, focus on within and not others. A good start. Honesty and not creating fitna are good for the Shia Ummah. I wish you the best in this endeavor. It will be hard at first but you will get used to it (general sense you of course).
  4. Surely, this will not lead into the Eid-e-Mubahila and Eid-e-Ghadeer being wrong to celebrate discussions as well.
  5. You see wrong. What I am saying is that only the Imam (as) decides who goes in and who does not into his army. I guess only people who don't understand Hur and his actions would say "a person can take a gamble". But then, there are people who think doing laundry on shab-e-Ashur is azadari so why not say that Hur took a gamble. Mohammad-e-Hanafiya did not lie, did not cheat, did not commit crime, did not slander yet he was not in Imam Hussain's (as) army, so what is your point? I have a simple approach to Islam. Worry about your own self. Yet, I find you (in a general sense of course) more worried about the Islam of others than concentrating on your own self. Finally after 6 months, honesty albeit wrong. But it is a start.
  6. very nice. Where in Argentina?
  7. I really loved the happy spirit of the Iranian people. And I have always admired their rich and colorful history.
  8. on its own, one could say that no sinner would be in the Imam's (as) Army so really he would be left with an Amry of One - himself(as). But we look further, its the Imam's call on who joins his army much like Imam Hussain (as) invited people to join him. Off hand, Wahab being a Christian would not be in the Imam's Army yet there he was. Hz. Hur was the biggest culprit in until fajr of Ashura in Karbala, yet there he was - fighting in the Army of Imam Hussain (as). Perhaps anti-bullies will have a place in the Imam's army after all since there is forgiveness for them. But for fitna-mongers, I can guarantee there is no forgiveness unless they are truly repentant and correct the errors of their ways. We are all speaking hypothetically. My only expertise is anti-bullying, otherwise I am no one.
  9. The house that I lived in in 1990s is still there along with my schools - St. Joseph and then Intl School of Choueifat.
  10. bad akhlaq = when a person acknowledges that they have been corrected by a lot of people about their negative and abusive attitude towards others including momineen and SCers but refuse to fix the errors of his ways. Standing up to a bully is not bad iklaq but a good thing. Killing is haram but a good act during jihad. SImilarly, abusing someone is bad unless done to stop a bully from bullying.
  11. You can't have a Vietnam beach reference without this: On my list too. My big ticket items: Patagonia, Southern Argentina Machu Piccu, Peru
  12. To complicate matters further: 1) Paid tournament with prize-money 2) Paid tournament with no prize-money 3) Free tournament with prize-money 4) Free tournament with no prize-money I am guessing all of the above have different rulings.
  13. The hadith does not restrict us to those 2 days ONLY and as such, everything is allowed unless expressly forbidden.
  14. That is the issue. If we use horse racing as the example, then it would be qiyas to apply it to all sports or would it? Or are we restricted to only horse-riding, shooting and swimming as they are considered 'sports'? @Hassan- @Shaykh Patience101
  15. Yeah, I am pretty lax that way. Unless people are confusing any celebration as a religious duty, it is permissible outside of Muharram.