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  1. All marajae have earned the right to their opinion. So whether Ayatollah Khamenei bans it, Ayatollah Najafi permits it and Ayatollah Sistani remains silent on it - all we have to do is listen to our marja and not malign the other marajae for disagreeing with our marja. This is a simple concept that we don't seem to be able to grasp as shias. Tatbir is an minuscule issue in the grand scheme of things and yet we expend so much energy on it.
  2. once again, I will ask the same question. Does Ayatollah Najafi's stand on bloodletting disqualifies him from being a marja?
  3. @Lover of Ahlulbait (ams) @Ron_Burgundy @Sindbad05 @ali_fatheroforphans @starlight @Ibn al-Hussain Updated. Team ShiaMan14 3Team Lover of AhlulBait (ams) 4Team Ron_Burgundy 3Team Sindbad05 4Team ali_fatheroforphans 3Team starlight 4Team ibn al-Hussain 3Team King 4 @King - where you at brother?
  4. for whatever reason, your sources are usually from anti-majoos and 12ershia. that tells me exactly who you are. Hani - who's book you have referenced will call you a kafir with manhaj of ahlul sunnah
  5. that's the thing. No one knows.
  6. @Fahad Sani, To-date, I have given you the benefit of doubt because I thought you are a genuine guy who is looking to learn and teach. However with each post, it becomes more clear who you really are. Your primary source of information seems to be either Anti-Majoos videos and now the known anti-shia and overtly salafi site 12ershia. Here are some facts about them: 12ershia site's purpose is to spread leis and misinformation about the shia. Hani Al-Tarabulsi owns and manages that site. He is the staunchest of salafi you are bound to meet. He refers to shia as kafir, mushrik, dogs, etc and these were directed directly to me when I was visiting his site Since you are a shia, then according to him you are a kafir, a mushrik and a dog. So I have to question why would you use a site and an author that thinks you are a kafir. Its like someone using a book written by Hitler about Jews to form their opinion of jews. Might be a tad bit biased. This leads me to believe that you are NOT A shia. In fact, you are a salafi in disguise doing what your people do best - spread fitna and discord among people. You have been exposed!
  7. To be specific, he was somehow granted bail and issued a visa for the UK. Somehow he managed to raise millions of pounds to buy the most expensive of lands and a building on top of it and is free to spew his venom across the world. He is not a UK spy, honestly, he isnt. (for those that dont get sarcasm, I am being sarcastic).
  8. Lol. Okay. So you are saying that Muawiya had no interest in the caliphate and reluctantly accepted the role rather graciously when Imam Hasan offered it to him. That sound right? The Treaty of Imam Hasan (as) was exactly like the Treaty of Hudaibiya. In both cases, a representative of Allah made peace with a kafir for the greater good. I honestly dont know how you can't call it sunnah. Perhaps we have different definitions of sunnah. If chewing miswak is sunnah, then surely keeping Ali at the front of all things related to Islam is Sunnah too. There is a famous hadith that "Ali is with the truth and the truth is with Ali". So if Ali has a problem with the caliphate of Abu Bakr, then Ali is right. Therefore, the caliphate is illegitimate. Was Yazid selected by his predecessor? Was Caliph Umar selected by his predecessor? You will not find a single sermon from Imam Hussain (as) that he rose to gain the caliphate. If that was his goal, surely he would have raised a larger army than the 100-odd men or so.
  9. If you haven't read the Tradition of the Myrobalan fruit, then I highly recommend it.
  10. You would think in terms of priorities, Christian countries would outlaw questioning the existence and status of Jesus (which is what Jews do) before they outlaw questioning the scale of the holocaust.
  11. While these discussions are riveting, I am still waiting @Fahad Sani to admit that this topic was just a ruse and the real issue it the existence of shrines, not their overcrowding.
  12. @King @ali_fatheroforphans Your votes please...
  13. Allah humma sale Ala Muhammad wa alay Muhammad. Mashallah, we are blessed with the most learned of scholars who help us stay on the right path.
  14. You don't need to get defensive. I never said Ayatollah Khamenei was there only one and even if he was, my respect for him and his opinions wouldn't change. He has earned the right to form any opinion he wants. I have met a few Ayatollah Khamenei followers who think if one doesn't follow the wali-e-faqih then one is not a shia so I guess we have met different people. You may even find a few of these people on SC. I follow Sistani but I consider the followers of other marajae to be any less than me. That's not always the case with other followers. First and foremost, you should consider the fatwas of your own marja and question them and understand them before worrying about marajae. In my case, I could care less what marja A says about any fiqh issue. I focus and concern myself with my marja unless he refers the matter to another marja. Our personal thinking is irrelevant. This my point. OP asked a simple question about Ayatollah Najafi. @Hassan Y (someone I truly respect) narrowed down Ayatollah Najafi's entire service to the Shia people down to 1 highly insignificant issue. We need to treat all our marajae with the utmost respect and while we may not always understand their decisions at times, we have to respect them nevertheless.