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  1. so I can say "la ilahaillah" in ruku and sujood and it is okay?
  2. It is better to pray on the plain side of the turbah. Doesn't matter what it is written on it, but shouldn't go sajdah on the printed side.
  3. The fact that Israel would be interested a Muslim country breaking up or erupting in civil war comes as no surprise. What is surprising is how we as Muslims never fail to fall for their evil plans. Fool me once....
  4. salaam, As far as I know, the only thing optional in salat is the qunoot. Everything else has to be done exactly as prescribed.
  5. Were Banu Ummayah Really Muslims?

    People love Hitler, Saddam and other tyrannical leaders. No surprise that there are Muawiya lovers in the world. Assuming you love Judas too...
  6. Imam Sajjad: Treatise on Rights

    Moving this up on Muharram 25th. Condolences to the momineen on the martyrdom of Syed us Sajjideen, Zain-ul-Abideen Imam Ali ibn Hussain (as).
  7. Anyone else see the irony here???
  8. Can I kill a fly and feed it to a spider?

    give a spider a fly and you feed it for a day; teach a spider to catch a fly and you feed it for a lifetime
  9. Can atheism be forgiven?

    nope. Only route of forgiveness is to accept Allah.
  10. An irrelevant point to me

    AhlulBayt TV Ahle-Bait TV Al-Hadi TV Velayat TV The above are just English/Urdu ones. There are arabic and farsi ones as well. It starts of as "just AhlulBayt" and ends up with "No AhlulBayt" If you want to discuss spirituality, let's discuss Dua-e-Kumayl or any dua from Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya. Please let me know if either NAK or MENK have better ways to attain spirituality.
  11. #10 Battle Poll

    Ah brother, if only the majority of Muslims remained loyal to the Prophet (saw), there would be no saqifah...
  12. An irrelevant point to me

    Sunni speakers will tell you that you can get close to Allah through the Quran only. Shia scholars will tell you that you get close to Allah through the Quran and AhlulBayt. The millions of dollars is not spent to get you close to Allah. Millions of dollars are spent to get you away from the AhlulBayt. Makes sense?
  13. Aqidah

    He can see but doesnt have eyes. He can hear but does not have ears.
  14. @Darth Vader @hasanhh I think brother @S.M.H.A. was talking about the psy-ops on the shia but you guys are right.
  15. #10 Battle Poll

    My answer will always be Karbala. I think every Imam expressed a desire or regret at not being able to be in Karbala to help Syeddus Shohada (as).