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  1. Judgmental Shias

    That was the whole point of me calling you a misogynist and subsequently an egalitarian misogynist. It was on purpose. As clearly demonstrated by you, when someone is judged, they immediately go on the defensive and it almost always has the opposite effect of what was intended. That is why you shouldn't judge. As br. Abu Hadi said: Thank you @Guest Account Ali for proving my point.
  2. Judgmental Shias

    If you notice, I started the topic but used we which includes me. I am casting the stone on myself as well others. Coincidentally, weren't you the one who started calling me malang because I refused to buy into your reformist agenda of not paying khums and reject the recitation of fazail-e-AhlulBayt. That's right, it was you. A tad judgemental don't you think.???
  3. Jafar'i position on "Qissat al-gharaniq"??

    Yes correct brother. My mistake (typo)
  4. 'Ali (as) in salat

    Salaam sister @MuslimahAK On behalf of all the shias, I would like to apologize for the confusion being created over this. It is a really simple matter. On the one side we have some brothers who have provided verified links from Ayatollahs Sistani, Khoei, Khorasani and Khamenei about the validity of adding the statement " “Ash hadu anna Amiral Mu'mineena 'Aliyyan Waliyyullah” (i.e. I testify that the Commander of the faithful, Imam Ali (AS) is the vicegerent of Allah)" in adhaan. Here is another verifiable reference: Issue 914: “Ash hadu anna Amiral Mu'mineena 'Aliyyan Waliyyullah” (i.e. I testify that the Commander of the faithful, Imam Ali (AS) is the vicegerent of Allah) is not a part of either Adhan or Iqamah. But it is preferable that it is pronounced after “Ash hadu anna Muhammadan Rasuloollah” with the intention of Qurbah. http://www.alnajafi.org/books/43-a-concise-guide-of-islamic-laws/143-rules-of-prayer.html On the other side we have a brother who cited some older scholars and then posted an unverifiable video from an unverifiable source. It should be a fairly easy decision to make.
  5. Difference

    Shia = Quran and AhlulBayt Sunni = Quran and Sunnah All authentic narrations mention Quran and AhlulBayt in hadith-e-thaqlayn ( narration of two weighty things).
  6. Jafar'i position on "Qissat al-gharaniq"??

    Out of all the Muslims leaders, shias condemned Salman Rushdie the most including Ayatollah Khamenei who issued a fatwa that Rushdie was punishable by death.
  7. Judgmental Shias

    true words my friend.
  8. What Came First: Chicken or Egg?

    Science and Islam agreeing. Mashallah.
  9. What Came First: Chicken or Egg?

    Omelette vs chicken tikka - big difference.
  10. Judgmental Shias

    Thanks for playing along @Guest Account Ali. I judged you by calling you misogynist based on a single comment you made and off you went on a tirade for 2 pages and even attacking @Gaius I. Caesar and @Islandsandmirrors because they were defending me. That was the whole point about not judging people. It makes people defensive and rebellious and go against the very thing you are trying to steer them towards. I was hoping you would get that point because I prefaced calling you a misogynist by "if I was judgemental". Consider this a lesson taught. @Gaius I. Caesar - if I didn't let him continue, he would never have admitted that his anger stemmed from me judging him.
  11. Judgmental Shias

    You have a point but the thing is that no matter how much I pray, I can't ridicule someone into praying. The Prophet (saw) was always encouraging and not disparaging to individuals; collectively he (saw) in marrations or Allah in Quran rebuked people but never individualized.
  12. Judgmental Shias

    What does iman have to do with repeating your ignorant statements. You are not hurting peoples' feelings with the truth but your own ignorance. It is not about hurt feelings. How old are you? No matter your physical age, you are definitely very religiously immature. The point is Prophet did not single anyone out. He was generic "Munafiqs are bad" and then left it to the individual to decide if he/she fell in that category. If their feelings were hurt, then they could always choose not to be munafiq. Same with Ayatollah Khamenai - generic. "Women should be modest". Has he ever said, "women of higher SES are not modest". Additionally, since you are so convinced of this illogical theory, then why doesn't he just take away all the money from these high-class women - problem solved. Let me know if the logic is too hard to follow. Being religiously immature, you don't get it - no one likes to be reprimanded in public. Even the quran uses characteristics rather than personalities when admonishing people. Are you just around words because you have no argument. I said don't follow exceptions but the majority and then you ask for exceptions. How does that even make sense? Do yourself a favor, think then type instead of just typing.. Basically a summary of what I said. Treat men and women the same; no gender bias. Sure, call me an ally. I can assure you there was no buzz about him being an infallible. Again, you are too religiously immature to realize there are no Khomenei's laws. He was using Islamic laws. Perhaps you are better at jokes than at history. How am I using exceptions when I am being general. You reference to the study above is interesting unfortunately we are discussing Islam and Muslims here. The study references Catholics, Jews and Christians and was conducted in the US. Do you have similar study in a Muslim country? Perhaps you can also find references from Quran and hadith about higher SES being indirectly related with lower belief in Allah. Once again, using wrong references. The US makes a clear separation of Church and State. The role of the government is to provide infrastructure, safety (military, police), education. Their role is not to regulate the daily lives of people. Quran tells me to pray, scholars tell me how to pray but they don't have any right to force me to pray. Perhaps you pray out of fear of the police; I choose to pray out of love of Allah. So chances are you will stop praying if the police move away or if you become rich, I won't stop praying because I truly love Allah. When you catch a fish, sometimes you let it tug on the reel, swim around like crazy until it gets tired and then you reel it back in... Of course I called you misogynist What else do you call a person who says, " And I wouldn't be too worried about these rebel women. All of them are either upper middle class or just edgy adolescent girls. Western media dare not try to depict your average lower middle class or low class Iranian woman (most women in Iran come from a lower middle class SES) now would they? " Perhaps you are not a pure misogynist. See they hate all women; you just hate rich women so you are an egalitarian misogynist.
  13. Revelation and Imamat.

    So what I am saying is that receiving revelation and status are not directly related. Apples and oranges brother.
  14. Missing Salah

    Salaam. Yes brother, you need to make up for all the prayers missed. Quick tip would be to offer qada salah with the wajib one. So every morning you are pray wajib fajr and then immediately after it pray your qada fajr....and so on. You are blessed in that you lost your way but found it again. mashallah