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  1. Confessions...

    Sometimes I wear...
  2. Please reply fast Prayers in a state of najasa

    Not sure but I think water is considered a "Paking" agent, not wipes.

    The quran is very clear about whom to follow: [Shakir 5:55] Only Allah is your Vali and His Messenger and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and pay the poor-rate while they bow. My sunni brothers say that whoever is in power is ulil amr. Based on this logic, they deem it perfectly acceptable to follow Saddam, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and even Trump. As shias, we belief ulilamr can only come from Allah and it is the Imams.Secondly, the quran is very clear about whom to obey: [Shakir 4:59] O you who believe! obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority from among you; then if you quarrel about anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the last day; this is better and very good in the end. Once again, sunnis say whoever is the ruler is in authority so they blindly follow Al-Baghdadi, Saddam, Al-Saud, etc. As shias, we say authority can only come from Allah and so we choose to follow the Imams and their God-given authority. This sunni fascination with Imamah is more about their guilt over following corrupt and evil rulers and stubbornness to admit they are wrong in following any given ruler.
  4. Please reply fast Prayers in a state of najasa

    If there is ample time for salah, then get clean first. it is not a sin to delay prayers for legitimate reasons.
  5. Thoughts 2017

    It depends. Are you praying for shahada or sick of life and want to die. Pray for shahada - no issues. Pray end life because you can't deal with things - not allowed. You are losing hope in Allah's mercy and benevolence.
  6. Thoughts 2017

    This is the first step towards censorship.
  7. praying with sunni

    yes, you can join but recite "farada" instead of "jama'a". They dont recite bismillah before surahs and permit reciting parts of a surah. For us, we have to recite bismillah and also only recite full surahs.
  8. Allah rewards even for intention of doing good. Allah only punishes after a sin is committed. They even say that even after committing a sin, Allah waits to forgive the sinner should he repent immediately. He is All Merciful and Benevolent.
  9. question again

    Are you seriously equating Imam Ali (as) refusing to cancel the Prophet's name from a piece of paper out of respect for him (saw) to Caliph Umar out rightly questioning the Prophet's prophethood? One is out of respect, the other is out of spite. Nope, in matters of wajib everything is forbidden unless expressly allowed. For example, I can't pray 4 rakat fajr, has to be 2; haram to fast on Eid. Sorry, I meant sahih books. hmmmm, or is it about everything he (saw) spoke.

    Most sunnis will tell you that a Sunni has to believe in one of the four to remain sunni. Nope. The order of usul-e-deen is Tawheed, Adl, Nubuwah, Imamah, Qiyamah. If you are going to show us the light, start by telling the truth brother.
  11. un motivated by sahifa sajjadiya

    Salaam, Are you reading it as a book or as dua?
  12. Why Shias do Mutah?

    well, except that Quran and the Prophet permitted Mutah.

    @Follower of Truth Salaam brother, Instead of such a long post, you could have simply said, "The concept of Imamah is wrong because it does not exist in the Quran". First off, based on your premise above, would you not agree that along with the Shia, all Hanafi, Maliki, Shafai and Hanbali Sunnis are wrong...deviant as well?
  14. Is God completely good in Islam?

    Suffering is caused by man to each other. Not by Allah.
  15. did the imams celebrate mawlid?

    Interesting. Whoever fasts the day of the seventeenth from the month of Rabi` al-Awwal, and it is the Mawlid of our Master the Messenger of Allah, Allah writes for him the fasting of a year. Whoever fasts on the day of the seventeenth of the month of Rabi` al-Awwal, Allah writes the fasting of a year for him. And (giving) sadaqa is recommended in it, and ziyara to the mashahid. The orange text is different between the two but they are no in contradiction with each other as opposed to: I would add to the Quran if I didn't fear people. I would add to the Quran if I didn't fear Allah. Unless of course fearing Allah and fearing people is the same thing to you. I will add to the Quran. I will add to the mushaf of the Quran. Is the mushaf of the Quran and the Quran the same thing?