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  1. The limits of nohay

    can you give an example of these types of nohay?
  2. @Gaius I. Caesar @HameedehThank you for lookibg out for ne.i apologiZe for my use of words
  3. What kind of technology do people in professional photography use? do you guys use filters? do you guys use instagram to promote your work?
  4. @Gaius I. Caesar @Hameedeh look at what has been said and not at who is saying it. anyways stop telling me be careful or you should not listen to, it sounds like youre bossing me. use better words. JazakAllah
  5. Jinn? in me?

    i think here is a jinn on me, but could this jinn be accustomed to the quran? let me tell you why, there are times where i react to things and i dont know why, i feel like throwing up when satanism is mentioned, and i react to when i read christian prayers, i dont know whether these are signs from God, becuase i feel like something inside of me reacts, ummm and i dont cause these reactions. I also feel like when i listen to the quran i dont get that reaction , i mean is it doing anything? what should i do, what does this mean.
  6. How can Apple be cool again? thoughts...
  7. mcdonalds is prob only halal in islamic countries tho one can check, i used to eat in dubai, but i cant in canada
  8. i dont know, i thought the chain was dead, guess i was wrong
  9. in your country?around the world? is it already dead? and if yes, then why is it dying?
  10. or changed your life?