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  1. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Bia2gwjQkr Laptop microphone quality isnt the best but oh well
  2. Apologies for misunderstanding you then that was my mistake, yes I agree with you completely then.
  3. What I meant is they do not reject them out of disbelief, but out of 'safety' in a sense, due to the sunni-shia divide for example who constantly critique each others hadith books and such, nothing seems to be 'true' about hadith, especially with the amount of fabrication the ummah has seen. of course denying them is incorrect no doubt about it, I was just trying to explain why people seem to do so.
  4. To what I understand Quranism is when you reject all hadith and derive all Sharia purely through the Quran, I think this arises (As that happened with me at one point) when your are overwhelmed with negative and hateful hadiths (unexplained and fabricated) that you decide to reject it all. Thankfully I realised it dosent make sense to reject the Prophets hadiths.
  5. This is definitely true
  6. Alaykum As salam, I want to just mention I have read everybody's advice and Im deeply thankful to you all. Alhamdulilah the feelings have faded slightly but if alone and have nothing to do they decide to creep back up. I have fulfilled my time studying, advancing my cooking skills, gym and listening to islamic lectures. I've found fulfilling my life with a healthy lifestyle, spiritually and physically is the best solution, as it brings a sense of fulfilment to know your doing things 'correctly'. I am grateful for the check-up to see how Iv'e been doing it is very thoughtful, may Allah bless you jamee3an.
  7. You are 100% right although I doubt it will be halal gelatine so ill be avoiding it of course. I dont think I need the flaxseed omega 3 to be honest with you I dont know the difference between all the fish oils, I found a version from Holland & Barretts (UK) which is gelatine free, I have been taking gelatine capsules for so many months and I only realised they contain gelatine.
  8. Alright Jazakallah Khair! I will try to look for an alternative.
  9. Does anyone have any knowledge if I can take tablets that have their capsule made of Gelatine? I was told to take cod liver oil supplementation for my eyes but the ingredients were as follows: Cod Liver Oil (Fish) (source of Vitamins A and D), Capsule Shell (Gelatine, Glycerine), Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate), Vitamin D3, Vitamin E (as dl-Alpha Tocopherol). For Allergens - See ingredients in bold. I was wondering would this be deemed permissible or not? Thanks!
  10. Every university student uses facebook, If you don't, I don't care you're not at university (Slight exaggeration)
  11. I have contemplated this extensively, All the things you said above (except aspirations) are a means of direct satisfaction without having to pay a price. Masturbation can make one self-reliant for sexual pleasure to an extent, it also requires as the video said a lot of content from different sources (i.e. women for a man). The problem with this is that it creates an unreasonable expected ratio of reward to effort in the mind, and when it comes to anything that requires any work, the person is not capable of supplying the effort required, due to expecting too much or too soon of the reward and causes someone to give up. I think this is the basis of the worldwide comatose.
  12. I think many may find this video very useful, especially when the world constantly bombards us with 'masturbation is normal and good for you!'
  13. Ramadan 2017 Prayer times - All my exams will be in Ramadan... great.
  14. God promised everybody death, so he must follow his order. Allah doesn't find joy in putting the prophets through death for example, however, to be fair to everyone, we all get the same treatment. Hence, Allah would be doing something against a believer which he may not want to do, but would need to for the sake of being fair to everyone. Another scenario of this is when believers are tested, a personal struggle and test for me is at University when temptations are sent my way, does Allah enjoy seeing me struggle and suffer? No, but he is doing me a favour in testing me for a greater reward, regardless whether I enjoy it or not. It's a mutually understood relationship so to speak.
  15. I dont think Allah is referring to hesitation as in not knowing what to do himself. From its context, it seems as a form of expression to the compassion to the believer, as in Allah is saying in no decision does he hesitate but when it comes to a believer out of love for his Believers, when it comes to the time of death the word hesitation is being used to show you Allah does not want to execute death upon them out of love for them, and so the hesitation is because he will execute a negative when he wants to provide a positive, only in this case as everything else Allah knows exactly what hes doing. Its a form of expressing if you realise it, that the lord of the worlds dosent want to punish a believer with death as he loves them and dosent want to disappoint them, the real message here is that its not us who dont want to disappoint Allah at this point but he dosent want to disappoint us! Thats what I can understand from it.