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  1. Salaam to you all Brothers and Sisters, as part of my study further into Islam I have been wanting to tackle all the controversial topics that I feel are often overlooked or evaded, I have two straightforward questions for those who may know a reasonable answer as I have not been able to find any information, 1) In an Ideal Islamic country where the law is in place as it should be if a Muslim becomes convinced that God does not Exist and therefore becomes an Athiest, is there any punishment upon this person? 1a) If such person decides he/she would like to openly debate and discuss his/her stance with Muslim Scholars/educated people, would this be permissible? 1c) If such a person is not welcome for his atheistic ideas, does he have the right to leave the Islamic State and live elsewhere free from Sharia Law? I would like to state that these are for research purposes into Islam as I would like to confront every question that is commonly asked and hopefully compile a record/book of my findings, I have not had any luck in searching the web for such answers and was hoping someone could even point me in the right direction/books that discuss these matters. (I have also messaged Ayatollah Sistani for the time being but I expect a reply in 3 weeks+) Thank you to all who post, Hayder.
  2. Doubt

    Allow me to go through the thought process with you, So there is a universe with a huge complexity in it, it seems you want to know where and how it came into existence. We know it came, and there was nothing before it so if God created the Universe then how did he come/exist prior to something that wasn't there? Scientifically, space and time are bound, if you live in space you are bound by time, but time isn't absolute so it would be very much possible that if you were of no matter at all and 'existed' outside the realm of space then time isn't something that applies for you. The best way I imagine it is as imagine a train travelling across the earth, the universe is that train, it is moving and the movement is time, everything outside the train, the earth itself is 'God' he can see the train move but doesn't matter where it moves it is still within his grasp, it makes no difference it's position to his existence, he is just there. So due to space-time link, it is very much possible for God to exist given his nature which is thoroughly explained in the Quran. Now how can I be so sure God created the Universe? Think about the laws of the Universe. They are absolute and doesn't matter where you are, you cannot change them, e.g. you cannot destroy or create matter for example. And before your atheist friends attack you with this, you can change some things like the boiling point of water for example, but that isn't one of the natural laws that's just a property. So for the Universe to exist something had to happen, a reaction, matter + anti-matter, blast of energy whatever you want you can choose. However, whatever it was it would have to still follow a set of rules, like for matter and anti-matter to react, there are laws of nature that dictate they will react. So where did the foundation rules of the Universe come from? If there was nothing prior how could they have existed? All you need to do it look into the complexity of nature and you will know something is up. Now here's an 'offence' question for you, if God doesn't exist wouldn't it be all about survival then? Why don't we look up to thieves, rapists, murderers etc. who live only for themselves? they are going to disappear into a void at the end of life, so no matter what you do it has no impact and you will never feel anybody else's pain because you can't switch bodies, no accountability so why don't we go mad? even better, why don't we all just commit suicide? If your life is a struggle and you're not rich enjoying all the pleasures of the world, it would make perfect sense to just kill all ourselves. But what about life and experiencing it? Well, it makes no difference whether you lived 1 year or 100 years if it is all going to perish. Imagine I told you to build a castle as glorious as you can, once you're done I will destroy it all, would you bother? If you knew it will perish immediately is there a point? Would you buy a house if you knew it would be knocked down? Nope, so why invest time and pain into a life that will soon terminate and you don't even know when! Plus nobody can argue with you about morality because it would have no foundation, seize to exist if there is no 'purpose' for anything. This is the reality of the atheist position it, to me seems a lot worse than one with hope in something greater. So as a challenge, can you prove to me it is bad to kill someone I don't like if I knew I would never be caught, punished or held accountable? Although there are many more points, I will leave it there. for the time being.
  3. Earning money as a student and Zakat

    Thanks I thought that would be best. I'm in Brighton, UK. So didn't know how I can go about that was hoping it wasn't too complicated but I guess emailing marja or something seems like the safest bet
  4. Salam, I am a student and at the moment thanks to the UK system I've racked around a £34,000 debt as of now. I am going to be on a 'placement' i.e. one-year work scheme and will earn approx £15-20k. I wanted to know will it be obligatory on me to pay Zakat and if so is there a way to calculate it? A lot of zakat calculators I find have a lot of things that have nothing to do with a student situation and silver, gold etc. Any help would be of great benefit, Thanks!
  5. Not fasting during Study and exams period

    My Friend, I am doing my University exams in the UK, and I can assure you Fasting is a benefit for ur studies during Ramadan just think when are you more likely to receive Allah's support than when fasting in the Holy Month? To study in Ramadan is a strategy, you need to be decisive with your foods. Complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, slow digesting dense foods such as hummus maybe, and bananas for water retention, dates for sugar then water water water! I have been doing this and I sleep 5/6 hours a day and I feel great whole way through while fasting all due to my diet being exactly as how it's needed. This is just advice as making up 30 Kaffara's isn't something rationally possible.
  6. Ramadhan Mubarak, Y'all

    Salam, This is the first Ramadan I will spend alone but it is quite exciting, I feel it will be a good time to get closer to Allah. I still have my exams so Insha'Allah fasting may bless me more than hold me back. What other struggles will people be going through this holy month?
  7. Doubts about haram food and alcohol

    one, it was doubtful and you weren't sure two, you were in a tough situation and it was a lesser of the two evils. Because it was not your intention to consume such foods I believe you have nothing to worry about.
  8. Regarding Second Marriage In Our Society

    Not just on fathers permission but I just want to point out, if you do go ahead with this, you will most likely damage your relationship with your family, his family will fall apart if their not happy about it and his relationship with his family. Everything will crumble if theres is not mutual respect across all parties, whatever happens, I really hope this isn't a romantic fantasy, excuse my jumps to conclusions but you have to be in the situation to understand it and I'm basing it on what I have understood. Ijust want you to contemplate the ripple effects your decision may have...
  9. Life is a game of hide-and-seek with death, no matter where you hide or run, you will never know when he finds you, but when he does, the game is over. -HayderM 2017 (Unless someone has already thought of it before me)
  10. Abortion

    Call/Email a Marja, please don't get a ruling on Shiachat unless it has evidence such as starlights post above.. I wish only the best and will pray for those the topic is concerned about.
  11. Sunni Robot - Salat

    Why do I feel that is not acceptable...
  12. What are you thankful for?

    Based on all the ignorance I've seen in my life (so far)... My brain.
  13. Imam mahdi will kill the arabs?

    Logically, do you think Allah the merciful is going to send an All-out-Warlord onto the Arab world to massacre everybody? He is still part of the Imamat and the Prophets lineage so how can it be the rest were extremely peaceful and only fought when they need to, but the Imam will just decide to take on a large number of the world's population and put them all to death. There will be reasoning and negotation/preaching (I believe as I don't have evidence of it in terms of hadith/sayings) and remember the Imam will be in line with islamic rules so I don't think hes going to go start on people who don't want to start a war themselves.
  14. How does one teach themselves.

    Read isaac newton's story in that case
  15. How does one teach themselves.

    there used to be books or they travel to different lands seeking out the teachers they need. an accessible story which can portray this is Ibn Sina's.