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  1. Salam, This is the first Ramadan I will spend alone but it is quite exciting, I feel it will be a good time to get closer to Allah. I still have my exams so Insha'Allah fasting may bless me more than hold me back. What other struggles will people be going through this holy month?
  2. one, it was doubtful and you weren't sure two, you were in a tough situation and it was a lesser of the two evils. Because it was not your intention to consume such foods I believe you have nothing to worry about.
  3. Not just on fathers permission but I just want to point out, if you do go ahead with this, you will most likely damage your relationship with your family, his family will fall apart if their not happy about it and his relationship with his family. Everything will crumble if theres is not mutual respect across all parties, whatever happens, I really hope this isn't a romantic fantasy, excuse my jumps to conclusions but you have to be in the situation to understand it and I'm basing it on what I have understood. Ijust want you to contemplate the ripple effects your decision may have...
  4. Life is a game of hide-and-seek with death, no matter where you hide or run, you will never know when he finds you, but when he does, the game is over. -HayderM 2017 (Unless someone has already thought of it before me)
  5. Call/Email a Marja, please don't get a ruling on Shiachat unless it has evidence such as starlights post above.. I wish only the best and will pray for those the topic is concerned about.
  6. Why do I feel that is not acceptable...
  7. Based on all the ignorance I've seen in my life (so far)... My brain.
  8. Logically, do you think Allah the merciful is going to send an All-out-Warlord onto the Arab world to massacre everybody? He is still part of the Imamat and the Prophets lineage so how can it be the rest were extremely peaceful and only fought when they need to, but the Imam will just decide to take on a large number of the world's population and put them all to death. There will be reasoning and negotation/preaching (I believe as I don't have evidence of it in terms of hadith/sayings) and remember the Imam will be in line with islamic rules so I don't think hes going to go start on people who don't want to start a war themselves.
  9. Read isaac newton's story in that case
  10. there used to be books or they travel to different lands seeking out the teachers they need. an accessible story which can portray this is Ibn Sina's.
  11. Haha thanks for the concern, I have studied it well and my information is not from documentaries haha, I will be giving it an attempt and see how it goes. Its more of the health aspects to me as I believe its better healthwise without or very low levels of it. Of course I agree I would not try to impose anything on anyone else, this is my personal choice of an experience as it would be everybody elses choice. My issue is currently more around the health aspects of dairy, I found improvements in my health when I cut it out, im glad im getting a general idea that its perfectly okay and down to personal opinon.
  12. The more islamic it is and its people, Allah will help them thrive for he does not abandon the believers. Ofcourse we need to do our bit but the west is slowly crumbling, as long as Iran can hold out the economic downfall in the west it will then rise. America already needs a babysitter for their new president, not sure how many relations you would want with such a person.
  13. As you may know I had a very similar problem, I cannot stress how much keeping yourself busy has an effect on getting rid of this feeling. every single day of mine is packed with something where I'm so busy trying to accomplish so much in life in such a constricted amount of time I have no time to think about depression, sadness or whatever negative emotion that is connected with them. Overthinking is a natural phenomena when the brain has nothing else to think about it begins to analyse and re-analyse everything. You may not realise this but it is a mechanism of self-reflection and improvement if controlled, if left however alone it leads to despair and depression. Have something you do to stimulate your mind so it focuses on something else rather than past, present and future situations. If I could wrap up the advice in one sentence I would say: The brain loves to think so give it something to think about. Your brain is more active when your asleep believe it or not it never stops. That should give you something to think about (pun intended)
  14. Salam, I have been researching veganism extensively now and I have found an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports no meat & dairy is superior to moderation at any level, as everything from meat sources and dairy can be acquired through a proper plant-based diet. I am not sure how things were for the Prophet and his time but in this day and age it's become a common fact that livestock is detrimental to the planet, our health and just the ecosystem in general, while putting a lot of suffering on the animal itself. I in my personal belief from what I have learnt now, is that eggs, diary and I will say all if not all halal sources of meat are all not 'permissible' and I use this term loosely not following Islamic Jurisprudence but more of a humane idea, because of the cruelty the animals go through, they are not treated as they should. I have been deciding to transition more and more into a life of veganism but I continuously get told 'its wrong' 'goes against the sunnah of the prophet' 'it's not really Islamic to go lifetime vegan' I want to know the legitimacy of these claims as I have enough evidence to support the claim that Veganism is indeed the forward way to go for human's evolution for health. Is it really unislamic to go vegan? I have not seen mentions of the Prophet eating any dairy (apart from Goats milk) and only ate meat when necessary for war etc. This could also be because of the limitation of sources of food they had at the time whereas we have sources from all over the world, all in one supermarket, all fruits and vegetables available at any season. I am interested to hear the opinions of everyone who wishes to pitch in.
  15. Yes I agree and have read your topic, I study chemistry so I understand the isotope concepts you indulged in, what I am saying is I first understood the verse to mean the earth was created in 2 days, I had not paid attention from there on and stopped there then made my assumption on the 2/6, mistake on my part as I should have looked further. I would need to go back and relearn the passage tafsir and context. I am not taking the Quran as a primary source for my knowledge, for rules and morals it is the absolute. But when it comes to the age of the Earth I would agree its 4.56 (based on what we know) as the age give or take.