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    Where the heck did you get that from? i suggest you watch the full lecture (it’s a sentence from a whole lecture that he did in a conference with Muslim women) he is saying they have the ability to tame a man not that he is always tamed by Her it that there is never problems that a man may cause despite a good women’s efforts. In fact I believe in that same lecture he talks about treating women well and the benifits women bring if treated properly. He has a few of these conferences online. "Women is stronger emotionally than men . Women can tame men through wisdom and her delicacy " ~ Imam Ali Khamenei He did say it. Also it’s respectful to put Sayed or ayatullah before his name please. Again read what I said above 1 sentence (a few seconds long), 40 minute lecture? Not something your supposed to overthink in that way. where did he say men are helpless? and also he wasn’t trying to imply that. Don’t assume things, Please actually watch his conferences on women before you make these claims about his views. Also keep in mind the guy is a mujtahid, maybe he’s read a few more hadiths about this stuff than you have. he’s also been a politician and travelled around the world to different countries including the USA. Maybe he’s also seen more women than you have. Keep all this in mind. And bare minimum if your going to disagree with someone with such experience please be respectful. His sayings have a lot of value.
  2. Inna lilah wa ina ilayhi rajioon.
  3. Marja

    The funny thing is I asked this one Iraqi Shaykh and he sort of said the same thing, except he said he found some more for sistani(ha)?which is why he ended up following him. My advice when going between them is reading biographies and seeing what has been said about the marjas, stuff like that on top of ahlul khibra can help. Try finding out as much as you can.
  4. What is everyone's most trusted news source?

    No. A Good example of dishonest, state funded and pretty horrible is the BBC. the ones you mentioned (press TV and RT) are ones I personally find useful and honest. Especially presstv. They actually have debates between two different sides.
  5. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    No one is saying think positively about them. The issue I was discussing was not cursing them in front of sunnis. To be honest though that’s straying off topic. the thing I was trying to stress on before was yasir habib’s disrespectful slander of our maraji. You started this topic as a result of allahyari’s remarks on one marja, why not condemn yasir habib who does the same to many of them. That’s sort of the point I’ve been trying to make. Leave him being an agent on the side. Shouldn’t you put him in the same place you put Allahyari in or no?
  6. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    Yazid (la) is agreed upon by all schools to be descipicle even wahabis cant really defend him and that’s saying something. I believe even muawiyah to a certain extent was agreed upon to be bad I think I seen a Sunni curse him even. From what I know It’s mostly the Saudi powered wahabi media machine that really tries to push him as a revered personality when he isn’t. The khulafah are people all sunnis respect which is why we have to be careful. We can mention history but caution is needed and there is a bigger picture at stake. Even shaykh waheed (ha) says to it’s not halal to curse them in front of sunnis.
  7. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    What are you talking about? Calling people corrupt is not insulting? What about calling waeli a fasiq? Also like I said he has more! The point is he slanders a lot of scholars, yet your so keen on rushing to his rescue when some people on shiachat don’t necessarily insult him but make certain conclusions against him or his origins that actually have some evidence to back them up (however convincing you may find said evidence is up to you) ? Don’t you think you have some sort of double standard? Read what I said above but I’ll also add there is plenty of evidence of yasir habib’s corruption, there was even an article by this one news company on the donation foundation of yasir habib and its funding disrepencies I even archived it. It was one report but you don’t really need it. There is a bunch of other stuff. But what evidence does he have for calling Other scholars corrupt, fasiq, heads of kuffar, cowards, etc.. why aren’t you so skeptical of his claims? But you’ll spare no effort in trying to defend him from claims of him being an agent and corrupt. Why such a double standard? I’ve been to that mosque in Dearborn, they didn’t build it overnight, it took time and lots of donations. Yasir habib is granted asylum in the U.K he gets a book published, a satellite and YouTube channel, translations to his material in various languages and a mosque and then just a few years after that a 2 million dollar mosque. That doesn’t at least raise some amount of suspicion? No logical reason? Nooo!!! That’s where your wrong I have plenty of logical reason believe me. Cursing a fitna mongerer that divides both sunnis and even Shias is fine in my book. And no I won’t curse in front of sunnis cause of the marja that I follow and those that support him you got a problem? we’ll too bad don’t really care.
  8. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    One of the reasons I don't like listening to Nakshwani cause partly due to the fact that he praised that marja and more reasons. However I dont think I would be so harsh as to call him ignorant and a liar especially in public. He was wise for calling out yasir Habib (la) and his stupidity I got to put my hat down to him for that. Though I still will not listen to his lectures.
  9. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    The only deviant is Yasir Habib (la) do you even understand Arabic? I suggest you go learn arabic before you start calling people who actually know it deviants. He disrespected his marjiyat in that one instance by saying its a disgrace to shiaism keep in mind the video is a short version of those insults you can find the longer versions with context online. Here is an example where he associate sistani (ha) with cowardice in regards to muqtada sadr. He can be two faced and switchy switchy with sistani(ha) praise him when he sees fit then put a sly disrespectful comment all he likes I dont care. Its you who's fooled by it not me. there is also a video of the representative of Sayed Sistani(ha) calling out the satellite channels that spread fitna and insult the sunnis holy figures (who do you think hes talking about?) I sort of do not want to waste my time with you cause you seem lost. Its unfortunate from what I have seen its usually people in Europe who go nuts for this Man. [EDIT] Ill lasltly say shame on you for calling shaheed al sadr (ra) a deviant. A honarable shaheed who struggled against Saddam (la) Lannah on yasir habib for insulting him and may you feel shame for adding to his insults.
  10. What do you do when you're home alone?

    There are some American speakers who I don’t think have an accent. like: Shaykh Hamza Sodagar Shaykh Usama abdulghani Shaykh Amin Rastani All great speakers with American accents I believe. But whatever you like best. If you like reading go for it. Awesome can’t wait let me know and post about it here if you make one. That sounds great.
  11. [Closed/Review]Deviant Beliefs of Hassan Allahyari

    We know for sure the event happened and she was hurt due to the fact that she died young. On top of that It makes sense the khalifas did it for various historical reasons. Despite that we still shouldn’t curse these people in public in front of sunnis. It just makes sense, I can’t go up to a Christian and be like the “apostles suck” even though some of them based off what I know were the ones to corrupt Jesus (as) message I remember reading about it in a Hadith. It’s built on reason, manners and common decency to not do such things. Even shaykh waheed (ha) has a video where he says No!! To cursing them in front of sunnis.
  12. What do you do when you're home alone?

    Ya make a YouTube channel to help people. Ayatollah Winnie the pooh jk.
  13. What do you do when you're home alone?

    Come on. Why not draw. Read. If you want I think I can mail you some books if you want. Listen to some nasheeds/latmiyas. Watch lectures/majalis you’d be surprised how fun listening to certain shaykhs can be. Make a YouTube channel and provide something useful if you want. You can really help your imam’s (as) cause if you really put your heart into it.
  14. What do you do when you're home alone?

    Wow that’s great. Maybe it will get a 6.5 rating.