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  1. what about in merica?
  2. 1. Mukalaf required to search usool I deen. Not of beliefs and that knowledge is gained through knowing gaining prerequisites.
  3. I agree with much of what you said except the underlined and bolded. Maybe mutah gets abused where you live but believe me there are many cases were it is and can be used positively. Plus the consequences of not having it versus it getting abused in my opinion are not that comparable though I will admit that is debatable(doesn't mean there is no conclusion or that I am wrong) Anyways it's actually hard to get mutah me for example been wanting to have one I find it impossible. See no abuse. Not everyone abuses it. It actually is not that easy especially, when you follow the rules and whatnot. Just imagine getting a date except even harder. Sure it should be used with wisdom and foresight but that's different from completely forbidding the practice(if that is what your advocating here) which is not only wrong but has dire consequences. The sister should be careful but we shouldn't tell her to not do it completely. God can provide a good mutah spouse if she desires or asked for it even.
  4. You mentioned sexual needs that is what mutah is for, but in terms of attachment maybe as you are doing the mutah you can develop attachment. Also you do know there are plenty of guys who want to have mutahs and not all of them I think are insincere maybe if you actually met one using this to get to know them this could work out. Aside from that many men struggle with their desires for sex and not being allowed to have it fulfilled by their society or parents etc.. So I just want to highlight there are many people in your situation especially men. Maybe you could use this to some advantage. If possible move to a place where there are more Shia men and look to get married. I think it comes down to how much your willing to tolerate. If you are willing to tolerate your feelings and holding in your desires for longer i.e.. it still has not become that unbearable where you for example would rather move somewhere else where marriage with a Shia might be easier and you don't have the cultural baggage then keep praying. BTW I am also in your situation. Not that I am a revert but just in terms of the desires and wanting to get married so I somewhat know where you are coming from its nice to know I am not the only one stuck in this prison. I hope your situation improves.
  5. @notme I thought you were Pakistani? What nationality are you or race I mean as a convert?
  6. Its funny how Natanyahoo got none.
  7. Nasheed for general Qassim Soleimani.
  8. No I have seen kids younger unfortunately the average of America is 11 or it could be an average for western countries. I have seen this in kids unfortunately it's not an off statistic in fact I think it is probably worse than even that now due to iPads and whatnot.
  9. Even if the pictures and everything he said was actually said by him we should give the benefit of the doubt to him.
  10. Lol reminds of myself when I was a kid that was pretty much exactly what I did. Sometimes I watched it though.
  11. Wow. You Lebanese or Persian or what?
  12. Have you ever done mutah with Persian girls or no?
  13. All or like whitish? Or brownish/tanned? I suppose Persian women are great too. If I get any kind of woman I will be happy as long as she is beautiful to me.
  14. How successful are you with Lebanese girls? A lot of them are gorgeous.
  15. If there is some special dua you read man please pm it to me man.