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  1. If you believe In God and that the prophet Muhammad(saw) is the messenger of GOd then it follows you will want to do as he says so only marry muslim woman permanentlybesides you have long mutahs if your still not satisfied.
  2. Not necessarily shaykh bashir's brother has some control and runs certain things in his office.
  3. A successful accurate pol should not have to much of the influence of the one making the poll I recommend you also try to make this more random by posting this on other forums that don't have anything to do with fiqh you can ask for mods/ admins permission if you want
  4. Anyone who says "he doesn't even have a Risalah?" here is evidence showing how wrong they are This is from the office of shaykh Isaac al Fayadh it has his stamp on it BTW. It basically translates 1. Not a condition to have a practical treatise (risalah)(to be a marja) 1 is proof a marja doesn't need to have a risalah to be a marja the other two I asked were just some personal questions.
  5. NO not really. I believe if they happen they are a result of Mossad and CIA spies and MKO terrorists lannatallah alayhum ajma'een that kill nuclear scientists and other innocent Iranians these are the such things that happen in Iran.
  6. NO not really. I believe if they happen they are a result of Mossad and CIA spies and MKO terrorists lannatallah alayhum ajma
  7. Ya that's exactly what I said read here
  8. Proof having an Ijaza is not necessary to be a mujtahid although it is common knowledge. In the Name of God, the Most High خیر No, it is not necessary. May Allah grant you success. Istifta Section - Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani From: [] Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 8:52 AM To: Istifta Section - Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani Subject: Ijtihad/taqleed Name: Your tracking number: 57.... Subject: Ijtihad/taqleed ————————— Question: Is being given an Ijaza a necessary requirement in order to become a mujtahid or no there are other ways to prove a scholars ijtihad without such things? Prefered response language: English Time (Local): 0:19 (-5:0) Time (Najaf): 8:21 ip: So even if Khamenei(ha) didn't have an ijaza that doesn't effect his ijtihad also fadhallah also didn't initially have an ijaza as well. I also asked the office of ayatollah makerim al Shirazi they gave me the same answer as the office of Sistani(ha).
  9. You have to follow the most knolwdgeable based on itminaan. As in you have itminaan he is the most knowledgeable in which case you cant follow other maraji if you have itminaan he is the most knowledgeable.
  10. I am not sure about haram unless you consume it. However it would be najis as it is coming from the body of an animal not slaughtered according to shariah. However if you don't know there is no need to check and make sure. You can assume its ok. However if you do know as in you called the company and they told you themselves we use haram animal parts to make our products then the parts you applied them to would be najis. This is only a problem if someone were to on that spot you applied that make up and that person doing the kissing was a believer which usually is supposed to be the case unless your a revert who has a parents or siblings that are non mslims. Lastly it is also a problem if you want to pray you must not only remove the make up but wash the places you applied it on for you prayer to count these are the ony two problems. Keep in mind most maraji say its haram to wear make up in public anyway. Of them are Sistani(ha) who bans the majority of it save kohl and Khamenei(ha) who bans all. The only time this is allowed if its inside the home where non mahrams ONLY can see. And a case were its mustahab (a good deed) is were it is for the pleasure of the husband. Hope this helps.
  11. I got another link to Khomeini's(ra) tahrir al wasilah but not sure if it works for everyone it worked for me though. Here or simply google tahrir al wasilah if that doesn't work google Khomeini(ra without ra though) and you should see a list of books google gives on the top as suggestions are something and one will be tahrir al wasilah click on that and you will get the link to the translated version of this book it is in English.
  12. I heard from another shaykh who has actually put amama's on other peoples heads that using ahlul khibra is not the only way to find the most knowledgeable but it can help you. The problem with Ahlul Khibra is they contradict each other each marja has their own ahlul khibra. a couple of shaykh told me each marja has their own ahlul khibra who say their marja is the most knowledgeable. Yes ahlul Khibra can help you make that ecision but it all depends on the person. Their testimony has to give you what's called itm'inan. If it doesn't the you have to do further eesearch on your own and use logical reasons that satisfy you. BTW you don't have to directly ask ahlul khibra you can ask people who have asked them. Also there are general agreements among them who the most knowledgeable scholars are you can narrow your choices dpown by looking at other reasons that satisfy you which can be found by reading their biographies or other factors like number of followers for example. It is somewhat subjective but it has to be looked at by the people as rational at least. Like you cant say this marja is the most knowledgeable cause his beard is whiter. Although your reasons may have an objection or two as long as the urf sees it as rational you can use those reasons according to another shaykh who I recently talked to about this. Read the above answer but for you. You don't have to take precaution if you know Sistani or a couple of others are the most knowledgeable so for you taking precaution between shaykh bashir and Sistani would suffice not all. if meeting the marjas is what satisfies you and gives you itminan than you can do that but I advise you make your life easier and just talk to a knowledgeable shaykh or two and ask them to compare the two and why they follow who they follow. You can find some of these guys in your center or even try messaging some on Facebook I have done that and its been successful. I advise not to go too crazy like I somewhat have done but ask enough to satisfy you and remember you don't have to have YAQEEN as in be 100% sure. It should be itminan which is basically comfort almost as in you could be wrong but your comfortable following this one guy as the most knowledgeable you don't have to be exactly sure. I even asked this one sayed who followed Sistani and asked "HOw do we know Sistani is the most knowledgeable?" He told me "We don't" and basically started explaining to me this concept. SO take it easy and go for the reasons that provide you comfort.
  13. No need to here none of you pro tatbir nonsense I have seen enough of it across these forums. And no it doesn't mean he slapped him across the face people have a right to judge the wisdom of certain decisions with respect and manners which is something I don't think I have seen you do. Btw najafi isn't as pro tatbir as everyone thinks he is he actually has more conditions on it then let's say Sadiq al Shirazi or even Rohani I think who practically make this stuff out to be like Salat ul Layl almost. Also this marja actually respects Khamenei(ha) I can show you proof from his website.
  14. I imagined John Cena's voice while reading some of you post. lol.