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  1. #8 Muharram Night Plans

    What where the heck is this? Sounds terrible? Sounds like Pakistan (no offense). Where the heck is this crazy stuff happening?
  2. What does Sayed al Wara mean?

    What does the nickname Sayed al Wara that I believe is used for Imam Mahdi (as) mean? Also what does Sanadul Baraya mean?
  3. Extreme waswaas and doubts in najasat

    Which marja do you follow? What languages do you understand? Try learning the laws more, I'm in the exact same boat and that's what seems to help, things have gotten sort of better. Make an account and pm me if you want. I can share what I know and my experiences.
  4. Doing eyebrows

    Getting rid of facial hair and straightening the eyebrows do not prevent her from keeping her face open [while putting on the hijãb], provided she is confident of not getting sucked into something harãm and that exposing her face is not done with the intention of inviting harãm looks. http://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2066/ so according to sistani (ha) plucking to an extent is allowed. Q: If a woman shape her eyebrows by plucking, should she cover them according to shar‘.A: If this is considered in the common view as adorning, she should cover it in front of a non-maḥram. http://leader.ir/en/book/72?sn=13426 ayatollah khamenei (ha) says essentially that If the Urf considers the plucking your doing is to the extent of beautification, you have to cover the eyebrows not her whole face though. However if it is not considered like this, as in the plucking is to the extent where it is considered as cleanliness or hygien then it should be fine. Send istiftat to make sure and add more even.
  5. Wa alaykum al salam. No, that is not necessary.
  6. Yes without make up. But with make up it is haram according to Sayed Ali al Khamenei(ha). This is the closest thing to his risalah which says so http://farsi.khamenei.ir/news-content?id=27847 . imam Khomeini, shaykh bahjat Ayatullah Khamenei, Ayatullah Safi, Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani, Ayatullah Nori: even without lust and fear of falling into sin it isn't permissible. However some marjas say you can look if the women doesn't care about her make up, then its permissible, however even in this case Ayatullah Khamenei(ha) says based on obligatory precaution you still cant look. But since it is obligatory precaution you can go to the next most knowledgeable like Sistani(ha), Makerem Shirazi (ha) or some others that say in this case looking at her face with make up is permissible.
  7. Refuting Israel.

    press tv reported someting from this week though I think.
  8. Refuting Israel.

    http://leader.ir/en/content/19229/The-Leader's-remarks-about-the-misery-of-Myanmar-Muslims See I said, it was just a matter of time before this was addressed. Palestine is still the main issue but they will start to move on Myanmar, the same way they did with Bosnia. Nasrallah sent hezbollah soldiers to Bosnia lets see how many they send to Myanmar, if they send them.
  9. Refuting Israel.

    Interesting. My response wasn't completely suppositions. You didn't consider my historical point of Israel invading Lebanon nor did you answer my consistent logical framework nor are you using one now to answer me. Sayed ali khamenei(ha) says Israel will be wiped out in less than 25 years. Are you not making a supposition by saying it won't be gone? ("when you said neither side will get what it wants") again remember my point palestine is the biggest issue right now. Israel is known to be an American proxy in the Middle East, it's just like you David to dishonestly skip over and not address my points. Be realistic and also consider the experiences of people who have lived through Israeli occupation and prison torture. Palestine is stolen Muslim land in an important area that is religiously important to many Muslims. The U.K. Was the country that started the crisis of the rohingiya and it founded Israel. Israel is the strongest anti Islam proxy in the Middle East and they constantly talk about expanding outside their boarders. There are Even Israeli citizens themselves that speak like that on the internet. Again I invite you to look at this yourself but I feel the zoinist bias in you is strong.
  10. Refuting Israel.

    We hate Israel because palestine is the most important cause right now. Your right we want all oppressed good Muslims to be safe from oppression but we show the greatest and most public towards Israel as it is the biggest issue as of now. Sayed sistani(ha) a cleric situated in Iraq not IRAN bro! Has called out israel and said it should be stopped he even prayed for israels defeat during the Arab Israeli war in the 60s so did other clerics in Iraq and keep in mid this was before Iran even existed. The point is israel is the biggest problem for Islam right now. Which is why it has to be stopped first. Israel is a proxy of the USA in the Middle East. It has stolen Muslim land, it's not a small deal. Even if it's the size of New Jersey this cannot be tolerated. A home no matter how small is still a home and the level of damage and destruction israel has caused with just that Jersey sized land is maybe as big as the whole Middle East and more. Israel is a cancer like khomeini(ra) described it, it sells weapons to the army of Myanmar that kills rohingiya Muslims. Sure you can argue Israel is violent with Arab countries due to their hostilities with Israel but I ask you what have the rohingiya done to Israel? Israel is an enemy of Islam and their politicians and other spokespersons talk of expanding past what you call New Jersey sized land like they tried to do when they occupied south Lebanon. Like a cancer they want to spread and conquer more and they say it themselves in their media, go watch it if you like. If they were left alone peacefully they would simply grow much stronger as a result of no outside pressure then they would be able to conquer and spread even more. Then it wouldn't be Jersey sized it would be much bigger and their will be even more muslims dying and islam would be in even more danger and harm.
  11. Generally yes but sistani(ha) does consider girls who did zina still virgins in the Islamic sense. However generally that is true. as for mutah and porn. Well.. ya they can still be addicted if they were addicted before the mutah however if he did mutah before than no, cause it is a preventative measure for these kind of things which is why it's encouraged. besides mutah can help a porn addict in other ways besides sex. For example if a girl is addicted or boy, they can ask their spouses to help them filter their electronic devices, it becomes harder for a person to break their filters when someone else has the password. Not to mention it replaces porn in terms of female contact (besides sex) cause many people wire their attraction to a screen rather than their fellow human beings, having a partner can help you rewire yourself to a living breathing partner. Also it can help with accountability, someone who is checking up on you can help (if they know about the problem), the more time you spend with a human the less isolated you become even if it's just talking and isolation is a big contributing factor to porn addiction cause you Usually go to this when your by yourself. Not to mention all the other benefits mutah provides that can not only prevent a porn addiction but can also help get rid of it. Choosing a mutah over haram is a smart idea especially porn because it is known to cause erectile dysfunction with it being possibly irreversible in some cases. Mutah is a much better deal for everyone's sake.
  12. Dogs aren't so bad. They don't surprisingly crawl up your pants and give you this ugly [Edited Out]ly feeling while it's crawling. Uggh. But you know what maybe all fear of objects is irrational.
  13. It's night time for me and sometimes I feel like ones crawling on me so like I feel myself to make sure. Sometimes I think I should seek therapy for this common, I can't be a soldier of the imam if a tiny bug absolutely terrifies me.
  14. i googled them they don't look that bad. I'm ok with the natural looking like Madagascar type that you may find in the jungle. The kind I absolutely despise are the dirty pest kind my least favorite is the Hawaii ones cause they can fly and their HUGE and they look exactly like the American kind.
  15. I want to list multiple but if I were to choose one. Hmmm In terms of objects in this world COCKRAOCHES the American kind especially. I try looking at pictures of them on the net to reduce ny anxiety on them but I dont know if it's worked.