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  1. I know the methodology and what not but I am questioning the actual concept like the way some people question taqleed. I am questioning is that a precise way to identify the most learned mujtahid. I feel khamanei is more knowledgable than some names ahlul khibra mention(remember the word SOME) should I go about following that? Is there a logical way to follow my own opinion on who is the most knowledgable or I cant do that I must stick with the decisions these ahlul khibra make? That is basically my issue but thanks for your input.
  2. oh ok they supported him when he was a candidate for waleeh al faqih before he was chosen? if they did that would be interesting.
  3. The ulemas outside Iran that voted for khamanei as the waleeh al faqih is their like a website or book that I can look at that says this it would be great to show people in certain situations.
  4. Can you provide sources for this Like a link to a website or something.
  5. Would you like to see the answers I receive when I get them? I might post them in here though.
  6. Don't you follow him? I thought someone like you or Kaymar would understand the fatwas better then me reading them.
  7. 1.Does anyone know the scholars ahlul khibra(experts) say are the most knowledgeable? 2.Is it even a good method to use ahlul khibra(experts) to find the most knowledgeable mujtahid? Does anyone know any flaws with it and how they found their most knowledgeable guy despite the contradiction between their decision and ahlul khibra scholars?
  8. Can I get shaykh Hamza's email too I actually have been thinking about contacting him for something as well.
  9. 1.I guess that makes sense but what about if your living in America need a job finally found one but they require you to wear a tie? It's already hard enough to find a job as a Muslim if what your saying about his fatwa here is true than that would make it even harder. It might be the case that this fatwa only applies to those in Iran as this is the case with makarim shirazi as I have found out. 2. He says specifically To Look at a Non-maḥram WomanIt is impermissible to look at a non-maḥram woman except for her face and hands up to wrists provided that they are unadorned and looking is without lustful and ill intentions. he says I can look at their face and hands if they are not adorned as in beautified (which is honestly impossible for some women these days.) beautified as in they put on make up nice jewelry etc... it sounds pretty clear unless they made a mistake. If I'm misreading it please explain by bolding or underlining that may help. Also I can't look at her face and hands if they are unadorned with lustful intentions when they are adorned as in with nice "maybe it's maybaline" or lipstick or nice foundation(all which are very nice for a husband but shouldn't be worn in front of nonmahram) those kind of faces can't be looked at with lustful intentions let alone nonlustful intentions. (It makes a bit of sense I guess I personally find women who wear make up start to get my lust going so I look away anyways regardless of the fatwa except when they ask me something then I make some eye contact and answer) but I'm wondering is looking allowed in a necessary case like that according to khamanei. If that is what the fatwa actually says unless someone has access to an arabic or Persian source that clarifies this? 3. Clothes in west are western clothes and I can imagine they promote western culture. I would need an example to think otherwise or a good explanation.
  10. I wouldn't say 99% but definitely ALOT unfortunately even In Muslim communities it's really sad.
  11. It did not have to be a shia could have been a non Muslim trying to stir up trouble. Also when you claim a scholar has done something wrong and your information looks suspicious people do have the right to question and make certain conclusions about you or your info.
  12. Yamani will be sayed from the line of zaid son of the 4th imam(as) and his first name will be Hassan according to strong narrations but some say Hussain(interesting) but the stronger ones say Hassan. The last king of Al Suad will die and there will be no ruler. Also the kingdom of Al Suad will either fall or the heirs will fight over who is next in line for the throne. All this must happen before the rise of al yamani. However it does seem like its pretty close cause I don't think al suad will last much longer now that they have killed shaykh nimr and the yamani is also said in hadiths to be a successor to a revolution in Yemen so the person who succeeds one of the leaders of the houthis may be the yamani.
  13. Khomeini(Ra) used to exercise apperently from 6:21 to 6:55 Khomeini's body guard actually ends up saying everyday Khomeini(ra) exercised wow! talk about surprising. If a scholar of the imam worked out then maybe the Imam(as) being the Imam might work out even harder. Allahu Alam.
  14. 1.Is it true wearing a tie is haram according to sayed al qaid al khamanei(God bless him) if so how do his followers in western countries get jobs and stuff I'm wondering cause a lot of them to my knowledge require ties? It says on his website under social and cultural issues To Wear a Tie In general, it is not permissible to wear a tie or the clothes which are considered as the clothing of non-Muslims so that wearing them amounts to promoting the low western culture. 2.Also I read he doesn't allow someone to look at a women's face who wears make up how does one deal with this too as many muslim women themselves across the world unfortunately wear make up what does someone do when a girl asks them questions and they have make up on must they look away while responding? Also the hands that are beautified which could mean like nail polish/nail paint or jewelry does a person look away from their hands as well? it says on his website To Look at a Non-maḥram Woman It is impermissible to look at a non-maḥram woman except for her face and hands up to wrists provided that they are unadorned and looking is without lustful and ill intentions. It is under rules of nonmahram He also says one cant wear clothes that promote western culture don't all clothes in the west do this? What does one dress if they follow khamanei in the west? Unless I am completely Misinterpreting the fatwas if I am please let me know. I want to know why though it says this on his website and how his muqallids in the west act on these fatwas.
  15. Man dude your amazing with stuff how do you know all this? I knew if I brought this here either you or someone like Kaymar would clear this up. Thanks. And on the YouTube thing your right I mostly use shiatv most of the time anyways.