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  1. Man I translated that badly apperently but do you know who this imam is? Who is he?
  2. sorry the picture is tiny but does anyone know who this is he is a quran reciter and has some beautiful recitations I would like his name if anyone has it. link to his reciations http://shiavoice.com/cat-4822 it says there "in front of a group" I believe but not his name which is weird. I got his picture from there. He seems Iranian @repenter @kamyar @Mansur Bakhtiari @Chaotic Muslem can you guys help?
  3. Halloween

    Was just an example of the possibilities. I didn’t say it would really achieve much. It may get you a lot of candy. Wow. You know on the birthdays thing I used to be the same way. Well for about a year at least. Interesting. Do you watch western movies and play western video games? Anyways I don’t see the harm in kids doing it as long as they avoid promoting corruption. Here is ayatullah Khamenei’s (ha) Office on the matter: Subject: Sins Istifta’ no.: ldhkB7PSxfo Bismihi Ta`ala Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Unless it leads to corrupt consequences or would support false culture, it is no problem by itself. With prayers for your success Can we celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating and wear costumes as long as hijab is maintaned?
  4. Halloween

    Really he mentioned Christmas? Can you provide a source?
  5. Halloween

    I don’t agree with that. Your looking at it from a very negative lense. Isn’t it possible to strengthen Islamic culture with this by dressing as a shaykh for Halloween or something, idk would be kind of cool. Halloween may have pagan roots but I think many aspects of society do too even The English language I think. Also birthdays In terms of the birth cake and candles I think also has pagan roots. Halloween doesn’t necessarily promote blood and death but some people prefer to express there Halloween spirit in this way I think. If your against this than shouldn’t you also be against western films and video games as well which also promote death blood and violence as well? just some food for thought.
  6. 313 movie

    If it’s that old one. I liked it but had a problem with the rap music in it. But overall it was pretty good.
  7. Gay Mullah forced to flee Iran

    He doesn’t make gay Marriage halal right? I gotta see this.
  8. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    There's not really hadiths for the other Wilayat of the scholars as well like Taqleed itself doesn't solely rely on hadiths.
  9. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    Interesting, I meant it was a majority opinion based off of my understanding. Shariatmadari, wasn't necessarily soley responsible for khomeini's marjiyat, he was part of the group of scholars who announced it to save khomeini's (ra) life from my memory. The shah was going to execute khomeini (ra) but according to Iranian law at that time, it was illegal to execute a marja so they announced it to save his life. Still shariatmadari did at least take part in it. Regardless he was corrupt, tried to kill khomeini (ra) or at least took part in it, even lost his turban and cloak for it. So it kind of adds to sinbad's point of corrupt scholars (not saying all who think this way are corrupt though) as for khonsari according to who, that he was he close to khoi (ra)? highly doubt that statement is safe from scrutiny and criticism. Regardless they say that about a few others Including khomeini (ra), shaykh al hilli (ra), as well as muhammad shahroudi (ra) I've never seen evidence of the other two believing in hudood but I think they do. I never seen cause i never checked, I'm sure they do and I could check. I can say based on my understanding the majority accept hudood. The question really is what evidence is there against it in the ghayba. We know it was allowed in the imam's (as) time so the question is why wouldn't it be allowed in the ghayba and what evidence is there against it? The burden of proof is on the side against hudood from this perspective. Also allahyari isn't really a good source for much to be honest.
  10. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    ? well, as for earthquakes. http://english.khamenei.ir/news/1764/Leader-s-Message-of-Condolence-on-Bushehr-Earthquake http://english.khamenei.ir/news/2026/Leader-s-Speech-in-Meeting-with-People-of-Zarand As for terrorism etc.. watch this video, completely. https://www.shiatv.net/video/333870537
  11. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    Shirazi believed that the government should be controlled by a group of jurists rather than one (Khomeini). As for the punishments, khoi(ra) believed in Islamic punishments during the ghayba, I believe sistani (ha) does as well. That part of the Wilayat tends to be what is more accepted by jurists. We have plenty of jurists who write books about Islamic punishments hudood and their details. Sayed al khoi (Ra) has a book for example where he mentions the punishments for sodomy. It's not really a question of what evidence is there for Islamic punishments, you have ahlul bayt (as) and hadiths and historical accounts of them telling others to punish and how to for certain crimes. The real question is what evidence is there against implementing them In an Islamic government? that is really what you need to prove. It also can't be said the imam (as) is not here at all, we are allowed to follow the non masum Maraji because he is technically still here and over as well as under the system, watching over.
  12. can their be more than one willayate Fiqeeh

    http://www.alseraj.net/ar/fikh/2/?y2Mhm7poUs1075093835&121&150&5 In fatwa number 134 this book is supposed to be for sayed sistani (ha) btw. It says Question: “Are the ahkam wila’iya (orders of the juristic authority) of the Wali Faqih implemented upon all the Muslims globally or is it specific to the area of his authority?” Answer: “The Hukm of the Mujtahid who fulfilled the criteria and is accepted by the general masses, is implemented without any bounds in what is related to ordaining society unless his mistake becomes apparent and was contrary to what is certainly proven from the Qur’an and Sunnah.” Fatwa number 134 sayed kathim al haeri (ha) says something similar and he is another marja (المسألة: ۸۳) هل يجب على الفقهاء في بلد يحكمه مجتهد جامع للشرائط إطاعة أحكام هذا الفقيه؟ الجواب: نعم يجب. basically someone asks if it is necessary for another mujtahid to obey the Waleeh al Faqeeh when living in a country that he is ruling. reply: Yes it is obligatory. shaykh makarem shirazi (ha) says something similar. A Hukm overpowers a fatwa basically, marjas make fatwas Waleeh al Faqeehs make hukms. So what he says goes. Keep in mind Waleeh al Faqeeh doesn't rule in regards to praying and fasting that's different, a marja ruled over that stuff but the political stuff is what the Waleeh al Faqeeh deals with.
  13. I agree with you except on the verifying part, you actually can double check what he says even in English. The sad part is that when you do that, you actually figure out how wrong, much of the stuff he says actually is. And we can have sex slaves common (in certain cases).
  14. can their be more than one willayate Fiqeeh

    I guess it depends on the situation But I would still say no, because they would try to understand the political situation through their position, they have access to tools and whatnot to know the situation outside their country so I don't think they will make Willy nilly decisions. Besides we also follow Marja's that stay in Iraq or Iran and generally dont visit the west often to my knowledge.
  15. can their be more than one willayate Fiqeeh

    It's not about more knowledgeable in the sense of fiqh and usool like for marjiyat but if there is a non Iranian mujtahid who knows the politics of Iran and the rest of the world better than a Iranian mujtahid he should lead. But this isn't the case today thankfully.