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  1. I'm the takfiri? seriously. Do you know who your a fan of btw.. he called many marjas kafir like shaykh yaqoubi(ha) and practically insulted .., uggh why do I even bother. ps: the brother in humanity wasn't a kuffur thing, you don't need to always assume the worst in people. I said that in the sense of the way we treat each other or other Shirazis they practically look at khamenei(ha) followers in that way. They also treat khamenei(ha) followers that way. I have been very harshly insulted by people who follow that group it almost feels like they do consider you to be kafor just for having some slightly different views to theirs. Besides brother in humanity can be to the other person so in a sense I was describing your view of me which meant in a way I was accusing you of subconsciously doing takfeer, especially with the way I feel you treat khamenei(ha) followers. You also technically called me a lair, which I really don't appreciate btw. Just cause I don't follow the people you follow doesn't make me a lair. oh, and I wasn't calling all Shirazis unbalanced, just the ones that I've met, again read carefully.
  2. Why not like do it 2x, one with the intention that your making it up and the other with the intention for today. Not with the intention that for sure it will work but with the intent of nearness to God inshallah.
  3. @Mohamed1993 your always into that political stuff bro.
  4. Here's mine: @Hassan- A classical and cool Lebanese dude with the courage of a hezbollah soldier. @ali_fatheroforphans i wanted to get a picture that captured religious but also successful. this was the best I could come up with.
  5. Bro it's ejaculation. Do you know how to read Arabic? I always understood this, way before this conversation. When you read the Arabic it becomes pretty clear. The English can often leave room for misinterpretation. the liquid being "thrown out" as in it gushed or spurt forth is one of the signs, the second is if it was with lust, i.e sex, masterbation (though haram) are examples. And 3rd is slackened but sometimes you see weak like with imam Khamenei's fatwa, just because it depends on translation. Q 176: When is a discharge from a male considered to be semen? A: When it is accompanied by sexual excitement, weakness of the body and ejaculation, it is subject to the rule of semen. so as you can see they translated to weakness of the body but if you read the Arabic there is usually no room for confusion. Also as you can see imam Khamenei's translation uses ejaculation to describe "gushing forth" see. so unless you have all these signs you can't say it is semen unless you know it's semen. Get it, brother Hassan.
  6. Yes Madhi, madhi is pre cum bro, one of the instances it comes out is in foreplay as you said. Look at the istiftat king just posted to show you. Btw: I know it's haram but the liquid that comes out is precum (madhi) which is tahir, semen is najis though.
  7. No, lustful thoughts doesn't mean it's semen, lustful thoughts is only one of the signs, it could also be precum (mazi) which also happens as a result of lust. Since it could be urine or precum and he is not sure it is semen he doesn't have to do ghusl. If he did istibra and is not sure if its urine or something Tahir he is still Tahir. The fatwa your talking about is only if your sure if it's either urine or semen but not sure which, so it makes sense to do both ghusl and wudhu.
  8. No, that question is talking about the situation when you know and are sure that the liquid is either urine or semen. So you do both. But the situation the brother is discussing is different. If you think it's precum possibly then the situation is different. Only purifying the private parts is necessary to pray.
  9. Yes, if you don't have that disease and the other signs like fatigue and gushing forth of fluid are not present.
  10. In the situation of lustful thoughts the liquid based on what your describing is precum which is pure. Semen is najis and requires ghusl Janabah to purify yourself from the major Hadath. The liquid is only semen if you know for sure it is semen ,if you doubt then According to ayatollah khamenei if 3 signs have been met such as 1.fatigue after discharge 2. The semen gushed out 3. And the discharge was accompanied by lust or sexual excitement, then it will be considered semen. Sayed sistani I believe, adds if you have a disease where you may discharge semen without orgasm, then if the discharge is accompanied by lust it will be considered semen, if you doubt it is semen.
  11. This doesn't disprove he is the leader I'll say that for number 1. number 2. It may come as a surprise not everything on a Marjas ENGLISH website is to be taken as 100% proof I have heard of mistakes coming from other marjas offices in this regard as well and experienced some strange instance when i followed sistani(ha). 3. Again this istiftat is not contradicting his position in fact it's repeating it. The absolutely "personal affairs" that was being referred to is called in Arabic is called umoor al hisbiyah and it's common knowledge that the Walih al faqeeh doesn't have authority there. You'll notice where they say he is a leader of the general affairs of muslims as in non umoor hisbiyah issues which are primarily political and social issues regardless of which marja they follow. 4.When a waleeh al faqeeh is also a marja things get a bit more complicated but the same situation as before still applies. there are other things to not note I'll keep it at that for now. 5. Other marjas agree with this including sayed sistani. he might not say khamenei(ha) is the leader but he agrees with the obligation to follow the hukm of the hakim al shar over the fatwa of the mujtahid and he says this in mimhaj al saliheen vol 1. Which kind of gets rid of the idea of follow your marja only. The hukm of hakim al shar applies to social and political affairs.
  12. Man that's almost perfect bro. Can't believe how well you know me. I want to get a t shirt actually with his face on it. I might post it on Sc when I get it.
  13. There's more members though. I'm going to see if I can get more.
  14. all the way to the left is ayatollah Jawad al khamenei(r) the father of sayed ali al Khamenei(ha) and in the middle ali Akbar al Khoi(r) father of sayed al Khoi(r) and all the way to the right is indeed sayed al Khoi(r).
  15. Cause I haven't seen these pictures: imam sayed ali al khamenei(ha) and sayed fadhlullah(r) together.