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  1. Askm dear sister @Rayhana80: wonderful post. Congratulations. I don't know really at what planet most of SC folks live on, even some apparently enlightened ones. For records: No, it is not wajib to tell anything to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th to whatever halal stuff a man wants to pursue. Tough it out or go fight with RasulAllah S if you have any problems with Islam, or join Ayesha under her camel and fight it out with Imam Ali AS. No, you must not insist on making your marriage known to the world, most of the Shia are in fact Shia of Ayesha, they will kill you with your gossips, back biting, hatred, and jealousy of why are you enjoying a loving husband when they can't in their seemingly mono-G husbands. It is best for her, the first one, if she has an iota of Aql to shut up and retain her and her husband's honor in whatever community they are living in. After all, no matter how good a wife, a believer, a homemaker, a mother she might be, the more she will raise the dust, the more she will be labelled the "1st wife whose husband went for the 2nd one". Yes, you must insist on hiding yours as well, no matter how good a person you are, how good a believer you are, how good a career you have, how good a mother you could be, how good a daughter / sister / mother you could be, you will always be known as "the 2nd woman" from now on in your community. Please, have pity on your husband, because no matter how fine a person, a husband, a father, a son, a believer, a professional, a human he might be, henceforth his only and only recognition in this community of hedons would be "Oh that one with two wives". So it is best to keep things low between the three of you, keep things in the house now that the 1st one knows, keep it hush, live your life, do not make her, him, or you make yourself the opera of the town. Live your life quietly according the lifestyle of Muhammad S and Ahlulbayt AS and leave the jealous ones to their own devices. For the rest of feminists, the shia of Ayesha, the shia of Umer, shia of Macron, please hold your opinions to yourself, and go back to your miserable lives of single-hood or western standards of family, whatever it means really to you. For you and your husband - God bless, may Allah swt let you both benefit from each other with bliss, love, rahma, mercy, benevolence, joy, fun, long weekends of romance, wonderful vacations, coupled Hajj and ziaraat, and much much more. Have your cake and eat it too without bragging about it. To your original question, tell him, your duty is to please him and his duty is to please you, and both of you to please your Master Allah swt and His vicegerent on earth, that is your Imam, and nobody else. My apologies in advance if I've hurt someone inadvertently. These fasts are making me edgy and a bit more brash than I should be. Must be age!!
  2. Salam sister. MashAllah all power to you in making yourself known as a Muslima. I've been on the other side of the aisle on this, meaning in one of my previous workplaces, where a co-woner was Jewish, one antagonistic, and an Evangelical in the active management, one of the young girls started donning hijab. It was talked one day among us casually between managers, on personal level not on the official level, and then people forgot. Most of the office women had some chatter between them, mostly positive. One of the older ladies who happened to be the secretary of one of the co-founders of the company and close friend even considered converting to Islam at some point in her life. She never took the plunge but it was life as usual after a few hours of that young employee starting doing her hijab. All in all, most Americans are programmed to not say things on your face, yes gossip is the most favorite hobby besides commenting on football scores here, but on your face no-one would say or show anything. If anything, you will end up gaining more respect for what you stand for (another fine American trait, people who standup for themselves are mostly admired in this culture) and may induce curiosity in Islam.
  3. Irfani313

    Irfan and Tariqa

    ^^ Thanks for sharing this book. The first stage, here's how to go about it. I know I sound like the broken record sharing it on SC but in five hours, you would learn what it means to get to the stage 1 of the book.
  4. Irfani313

    SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

    1. Of Heartburns whenever I eat sugars. I love sugars you know and not be able to make a meal out of ice cream really makes me sick; Of people who eat sugars and never get fat and then lecture the rest of us on good eating habits. 3. Of people who are unconsiderate, really how long it takes to do a small goodness? Sura Maoon anyone! 4. Of selfish people; Of complainers; Of thankless people; Of feminists; Of anti marja’ Shia; Of people who only talk money money money jazkallah kher for the OP.
  5. Irfani313

    Fasting (Roza)

    Salam dear brother @Sarwar Ali 121 Instead of breaking fast, do not fast on the days you are traveling back and forth and also the days you are staying out of town. Once the month of Ramadhan is over, make up for the missing days.
  6. Irfani313

    Imamate of Muhammad (pbuh)

    Dear brother- it’s a bit overwhelming but read what you can https://www.al-islam.org/search/site/wilayah
  7. Best part about this nazar or any community wide nazar is the perfect opportunity to meet random Shia families and making new friends. You are meeting just to hang out, eat some snacks together and sit there on your friend's table meeting people who you have never met before, all in the name of Ahlulbayt AS. Remember to carry your phone so you could save them to your contacts. Needless to say, forget about Irani/Iraqi origin Shia, they are from majority Shia countries so they don't know the benefits of this nazar. They ought to learn from Indo/Pak Shia how to network among Shia as minority. This event has yielded me greatest numbers of friends among Shia from the most random of places.
  8. Irfani313

    I’m married!

    Congratulations. May Allah swt keep you happy always and bless you with a life together full of iman, health, and rizq. And bless you with the momin children who become the supporter of the last Imam AF. This is the best time to go for Hajj together before you have more responsibilities coming your way.
  9. Irfani313

    Imamate of Muhammad (pbuh)

    Dear brother @ali47 don’t confuse Imamat with the wilaya. Besides in numerous places in Quran, the famous khutba in Ghadeer proclaims if people believe in the wilaya of Allah SWT, if they did, then if those who believed in the wilaya of the RasulAllah S would also believe in the wilaya of Imam Ali A. So you see the real wilaya belongs to Allah, then to the Prophet S and only then to Imam Ali A. The real concept here is to understand Wilaya. “Ali is the most decisive in passing judgement from the Book of Allāh from among my nation. Know that one who loves me then he must love him ( ‘Alī (alayhi salām)). Surely a person cannot reach my Wilayat except with the love of ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib (alayhi salām).” [Reference: Bashaarah al-Mustafa Le Shiah al-Murtaza v 2 p 149 Behaar al-Anwaar v 39 p 283]
  10. Irfani313

    Whats stopping me from becoming a Shia???

    Solved a big one for me on something else. JazakAllah kher!!
  11. Dear marriage age sisters (and brothers) - A 2017 study shows the number of newlyweds decline among the educated white men and a dramatic rise among those who do chose to marry, marrying non-whites. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/05/18/1-trends-and-patterns-in-intermarriage/ If you are a college age Muslim girl out there, do not, I repeat do not give in to those cultural ethos of western feminism. Whatever they are teaching you in the MSM, in sitcoms and in the talk shows etc., is designed to destroy you in the longer run just like they destroyed family values among Christian cultures. Instead spend time with your mother, grandmother, aunts or other traditional womenfolks of your family and learn how to be a 'traditional' good daughter, a good wife, and a good mother. I see 'women induced' divorce rates among the Muslims in the West and I shudder. Did feminists already get us before we knew it???? Thoughts!
  12. Irfani313

    Prayer with an incredible reward!

    Thank you so much @Nitidum. This is I wanted. Didn’t want to put brother @Iraqi_Gladiator into extra trouble of finding sources.
  13. Irfani313

    Prayer with an incredible reward!

    Salam dear brother @Iraqi_Gladiator what’s the name of the dua? I’ve seen this in the nightly Duas of some special occasion. Could you please post the regence of this from Mufatih? Will bookmark it.
  14. This is by far the best description of the events of afterlife out there. Thank you for posting this.
  15. Irfani313

    can I have mutta with any non ahl e kitab?

    Dear brother @Junaid Imtisal That’s why it’s best to remain yourself within Muslims preferably within Shi’a. You never know when it becomes permanent for various reasons.