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  1. If you look into tge History of Arbas before Islam it was full of ignorance, people there were barbaric and they followed some insane principles .Islam showed them a good way to live. Made them better The battels that fougt were never in the purpose of imposing Islam upon others. And Quaran 6:151 says, “and do not kill a soul that God has made sacrosanct, save lawfully.” So those who kill innocents in the name of Allah are going against the words of Allah Brother i also feel that your probably getting into the propaganda of the media
  2. Thinks he created himself

    You don't need to answer to this. Whole theory looks dumb
  3. Prayer

    Your prayer is valid The time for Zuhr and Asr prayers is from when the sun starts declining at midday till sunset. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2200/
  4. Jewelry to ward off the evil eye

  5. I don't think their are any such restrictions. But it's highly recommend not to indulge in any kind of entertainment during 9th and 10th of Muharram.
  6. Depression

    I have been through severe depression in the past .The best way to get out from Depression is consulting a Therapist/Psychologist, they would be really helpful. Also you need to stop being alone get and start spending time with your close ones (parents,sibilings,friends,family etc) . You need to get help for everyone possible, you'll think no one cares about you etc etc, but when you start opening up to them they will be really helpful. You need to stop spending your time thinking, it will only make you feel more and more Sad. You need to spend time doing something your good at. I started blogging about sports during my bad phase and made few bucks for myself these small things, appreciations make you feel happy. Being sad doesn't really help, look around you see the good things. Think of good things about yourself. Remind yourself of everything you did well. And stop thinking you are useless. Get out of this depression as soon as possible. Being depressed won't help you at any cost. It made me fail at 5 out of 6 subjects in college and I realised it a bit to late.
  7. Sheikh Bahmanpour on Tatbir

    These things happen in name of Azadari and its really sad to watch https://youtu.be/czJSgjmFyPM
  8. Sheikh Bahmanpour on Tatbir

    I have been doing Tatbir since I was a 6 months old baby, my dad/uncle used to take me to processions and do khama zani( cut my head). I grew up in a Shia environment full of logicless dumb rituals, I regret each and everything I did Here we are never able to present the true message of Karbala because we show others our dumb rituals Tatbir/ Kama zani, walking on fire etc . People gather around us just to see us beat ourselves We have evidence of Azadari for over 200 years in my city but the message of Karbala has hardly reached anyone here. We are an Urdu speaking community and to my knowledge we don't have a Shia from the local community ( people who speak the loacal language) here. When I was 10 i accidentally cut my face while beating my chest with a blade, I still have the mark on my face it reminds me of how stupid I was . And seeing revolution in countries like Nigeria makes me think how faar behind we South Asians are
  9. Are you from India?

    From South - Chennai
  10. Istekhara

    I once asked an Alim about going against Istekhara he told me you can go against Istekhara but suggested me "not to do Istekhara,when you have already made a decision and won't accept it if the result comes against your decision"
  11. SAD

    I would you recommend spend time with people( your parents,sibilings,friends etc ) . From what you say it's evident you are depressed, And being alone thinking about it again and again will do no help. I also would suggest you to consult a Psychologist. I have been through sever depression in the past and consulting someone is the best option.
  12. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Here in South India people avoid eating non-veg during the first 10-12 days of Muharram I don't understand the logic behind this and eat egg/cakes etc at college but avoid meat since it isn't halal As yesterday was 12th of Muharram Managed and this temporary ban on non-veg ended Managed to eat Beef Kebabs, Chicken Grill and Biryani
  13. What is your favorite Noha?

  14. Team Melli Fan Thread

    Indian sports doesn't have backing from government to much politics and corruption will take you decades to understand football spoiled by corruption and poor management
  15. Why Migrate To Germany Or Sweden?

    an interesting read anonhq.com/read-this-before-the-media-uses-a-drowned-refugee-boy-to-start-another-war/