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  1. To make this an issue is counterproductive. If Imam khamanei said that they should cry quietly, what is the problem with that? Why does someone have to object. He is talking to his own people. He is not making a fatwa nor imposing it on others. it feels like this sheikh has a thing against Imam Khamanei.
  2. You think thats how hizbullah would talk about Iran? Try again Maybe ask the isis why he is attacking shrines of his own Prophet's grandchildren pbuhp
  3. Salam.. There are gay couples adopting children. Satanic musicians with no talent making hundreds of millions of dollars while ordinary people slave night and day just to pay rent. Shia are being persecuted all over the globe. The west see Iran as their main enemy while isis beheads muslims and non muslims. Syria is in flames. The world is dividing into two poles.. east and west. Usa is deploying nato tanks all over Russia's border. Yemen, iraq, and syria are all being attacked for the sake of israel. Soon their saudi wahhabi dogs in Syria are going to disappear and when they have no more options. Like a cornered dog it will attack. While sunnis will help the attack on the shia and some shia will be watching cartoons, there will be a big war for palestine. Iran vs israel... a fight that will end this cancer of zionism which is the root of all oppression. When that war starts be sure the Mahdi a.s is near. We need more shia to be aware and pray for his coming. When our call is loud enough I believe he will come. But sadly so many shia have no idea what is what and probably still aiming for a shot on american idol..
  4. hmm, how about humans that witnessed Ibrahim a.s walk out of the fire. Or moses a.s do his miracles and Jesus a.s... would you say they arent realistic?
  5. Salam, Of course there is war coming.. iran vs israel... you dont see it?
  6. The foundation of twelver shias is not based upon hadiths. It is simply a belief that the 12 imams a.s are infallible. And that hadith that come from their schools are trustworthy It is apparent to us that the projeny of our prophet sawa are the rightly guided ones to lead the umma while the rest are vulnerable to infiltrations and corruption
  7. salam bro, its not really anything except the same thing im saying now But I remember saudi going to ask for the islands right after losing the city of Aden at the time. Their focus was Aden, when they sent their troops to yemen.
  8. Salam, A while back ago I posted a thread showing the true motives of KSA being in Yemen was to block off the gulf of Aden in case of a possible future war with Iran vs Israel. As it is, the only naval route from Iran to Israel is through that straight. At the time the Saudis lost control of the city of Aden they went to Egypt and asked for two islands. These Islands act as secondary barrier going into the Gulf of Aqaba leading to Israel's border. Today the same two news articles are circulating once more around the same time proving what I said is true. "Referring to Israel’s expansion policy, Samad said Israel buys islands in Eritrea and Somalia with the aim of gaining control of the strategic waterway of Bab-al-Mandeb. " "The judge confirmed Egyptian sovereignty over the two islands, noting that the government had failed to provide evidence that they belonged to Saudi Arabia. " Look at the Mideast map and look at the two straights leading to Israel and you will understand why the importance of controlling those two points. It is all a defence for Israel http://
  9. Lol, sorry no. ^lives with parents
  10. All source of corruption is from saudi arabia. Saudi has bought half of lebanon. The poorest, lowest class population all worship their saudi kings while in return they die of hunger. While they are sent money to spend on weapons and fight shias. You have companies where employees dont get paid while a saudi emir spends 35,000$ a night in the burj al arab ir 70,000$ for the weekend. While his employee makes 10,000 a year. If this isnt oppresion than i dont know what is. Everyone getting paid from the same payroll would have to follow the same corruption. And it spreads. The garbage crisis in lebanon is due to a saudi backed company imposed by harriri.. All corruption comes from the same source. One by one materialistic people sell out. They follow the money instead of the morals. Iran, thank Allah has not sold out. Although they also have idiots who still think doing business with the usa is a good idea. The dominant force is not led by greed. Rarely or never do you see iranian diplomats, officials drinking, or buying prostitutes.. Definitely the Lebanese resistance would not be standing on its feet today if it were not for Iran. Iran and the hezb have a one minded relationship. Iran is the source of light in my opinion. It makes sense that the ultimate enemy for usa and israel to be iran. The yemen war is about the Straight of Aiden and the gulf, to be in saudi hands in case of a future iran-israel war. May Allah hasten the return of the Imam a.s to lead us to justice and remove this oppression.
  11. I think it would be haram if they do.
  12. @Shiawarrior313 Thanks, it didn't directly answer my question. But thanks for that info. It says that the imam a.s is in contact with people. Which kinda answers my question. @E.L King Do you think there is a tawasul between the marjas and the imam a.s?
  13. It is narrated from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir that when Adam learnt of the murder of Habil he wept bitterly and complained to Allah regarding his sorrow. Allah revealed, “I will give you another son like Habil.” A child was born and on the 7th day, Allah revealed that since it was a Gift from His side he should be named Hibtullah (Gift of Allah). When time of his death approached Allah revealed on him, “Soon I am going to summon you to the vicinity of My Mercy. Therefore, make a bequest to the best of your sons, who is gifted by Me because I do not like that the world should be devoid of one whom I have given knowledge and one who executes My commands. I want him to be a proof upon My creatures.” Adam gathered his clan and said, “My Children, I am about to depart from this world and Allah has ordered me to appoint Haibatullah as my successor. So listen to him and obey him, as he is my successor and caliph on you.” All of them said, “We have heard you and we will obey him.” "because I do not like that the world should be devoid of one whom I have given knowledge and one who executes My commands."[Edited Out]h Can anyone help me find hadith that show Allah zawajal does not leave his creation without a light (guide). I have read it somewhere and cannot find it. My aim is to prove that there is a rightly guided school of Islam in today's world. The Mahdi a.s is in ghayba, but does not mean no one is following the true sunnah, for example Ayt. Bahjat who is said to have met the Imam cannot be with out this light. I already believe that my Marja is of the rightly guided but, I would like to prove that there is a marja not necessarily mine that is rightly guided. salam
  14. It could be "what is assumed to be Islam by the world" and not the minority of true followers of Islam. So the "many" that will reject him will be the salafis, wahhabis and the rest of the world.