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  1. well you cant say moqtada sadr represents iraq... I think moqtada sadr should be exiled : p
  2. we are not that stupid... and the terrorists are not real muslims..
  3. is the burqa in anyway part of islam?
  4. ignore them.. if a miracle were to happen in front of their eyes, they still wont believe. no amount of philosophy or logic will get through to them.
  5. Rape by cop

    remember when a cop shot a retarded guy just sitting on the curb doing nothing... or when another guy just walked into a cinema and randomly gunned down 12 people for no reason this is the greatest country on earth.. God bless America
  6. Discord Gaming Channel for Shias

    rainbow six :siege, Player unknown battlegrounds, rocket league @Sindbad05
  7. Discord Gaming Channel for Shias

    more than one bro... a few games
  8. Salam everyone, if you are shia and a gamer... Join this channel and invite your shia friends. https://discord.gg/3JfYvRb
  9. depression

    this is not my consensus im just relaying information..
  10. depression

    alot of insults here.... if you are so anti religion, why are you here? yes being depressed and sinning have correlation. A. God is the only one with the power to bring you happiness B.sinning like drinking alcohol, sleeping around, gambling physically will cause you depression. So tell me where the rubbish is?
  11. success

    receiving your scroll in the right hand inshallah
  12. lol, anyone else? he forgot north korea and the klingons
  13. usually, when the music starts the conservatives up and leave. it is understandable.
  14. How do I become a Shia Muslim

    Salam 3aleykom. In the name of God most Gracious, most Merciful Welcome to Shiachat. To become a Muslim you must believe in your heart this statement - I testify that there is no god but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.. And that is it. the word muslim means to submit to God. One God. To become a shia muslim means to learn about Islam through the teachings of the Prophet and his progeny. I am not a sheikh nor a scholar, but I would advise you to read the Quran, and get a book of hadith. Hadith is compilation of narrations of the Prophet Mohammed saaw. Make sure the book of hadith is by a shia author, because we believe the sunni books are corrupt and have fabricated hadiths. al-islam.org is a trusted shia site maybe sister @Hameedeh can help you further. salam