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  1. Print one bro
  2. Salam all, Im not a very good writer, but I feel a need to talk about this issue among Shiachatters. It seems there is not a consensus on general opinions in politics, and some will say there doesn't need to be. Why? Some people think history ended in karabala.. that there is no longer a struggle, there is no longer a yazid. These people in my opinion are not awake. They think the world is on some random chaotic algorithm. They do lanat day and night on the enemies of ahul beyt which is great, but don't see a need to lanat on today's oppressors.. I think they have missed the point on doing lanat then... How is al saud any different than yazid? he drinks, he is a hypocrite, he beheads shia, he oppresses muslims, he steals muslim money and keeps it for his own peer. So why not lanat on them? Why not lanat on Israel, who started all the wars in the middle east and lies daily to the world in every aspect. These two are allied. They will openly form an alliance very soon and everyone already knows they are in bed secretly. So my question to you is.. why not support hizbullah? Why not support your shia brothers who have done nothing to you, but done everything to defend the shrines of ahul beyt? who everyday for the last 4 decades fought takfiris and zionists with their blood. Fathers, brothers, sons, going into the battlefield for the love of Allah, and ahul beyt. These people do not get paid to go sacrifice their lives... the average hizbullah fighter earns almost nothing.. the money is just a sort of allowance. I noticed some disassociate from them, and actually show enmity towards hizbullah and Iran... I ask you why? When you criticize hizbullah and Iran and do nothing against Saudi arabia and Israel, you are helping the oppressors. May allay protect the resistance and grant them victory!
  3. I know bro, some people will say they are all gimmicks and for show... my point is even if it were the case they still promote illicit behavior and homosexuality which indirectly still promotes satan. Although artists like lady gaga just show straight up demonic video clips and album covers.. even the lyrics.
  4. I think he will be the last king of ksa... inshallah
  5. Lol, thanks Hameedah, I know how. Im just being bitter on why people dont search these questions instead of creating threads about them.
  6. Bro, I don't really want to argue about this simply because it is a belief. The more I talk about it, the less I want to. It matters less and less to me who wants to believe in it or not, and it doesn't make a difference. But I will state my case. 6:100 Yet they make the Jinns equals with Allah, though Allah did create the Jinns; and they falsely, having no knowledge, attribute to Him sons and daughters. Praise and glory be to Him! (for He is) above what they attribute to Him! People worship Jinns, Jinns deceive people into thinking they are God, If you look at conspiracy theories, you have two major ones. Annunaki and Lizard men. Alot of masons and kabbalists are linked with worshiping these annunaki, they are also described to be shapeshifter aliens that claim to have created men, they are lustful and demand virgin sacrifices and gold. Crazy as it might sound. It is in the Quran that men worship jinn. and the description above is that of jinn My belief is that these jinn have appeared to a handful of men at the top of the pyramid and showed them secrets to convince(deceive) them that they are God. These people are what you can call 33 degree masons. Or even higher. The rest are just puppets that follow these men for money and have no ideas they are being controlled by strings. But if you followed pop culture, you would see the satanic symbols are more than just a gimmick. Jay Z is not a just a poor black man like you said earlier. The guy is actually the richest musician in the USA. His lyrics and symbols are all about the masonic stuff. So is Madonna's and almost every other puppet up there. The fact is they are all rich and they are all part of this pyramid. the eye and pyramid. You can call it an act, but then I ask you why is on the dollar? what is with the number 13? there are 13 steps to the pyramid. there are 13 stars and 13 arrows on the dollar. Why 13? Could it be that shias have 12 imams and the 13th is the fake? Could it mean that there are 12 zodiac signs and that the 13th is new age? It all comes together bro, having people spread immorality and materialism is satanism whether direct or indirect. Now how does it relate to zionism? It is the same people at the top of the pyramid that control all the money, they control the politics. Look at the world... everything going on the middle east is now a battle between sunni and shia... whose side is USA on? Why is USA trying to topple Assad so bad? For democracy? While KSA is the biggest non democratic country in the world. Now non religious people will usually answer all these question by saying.. "industrial military complex".. "its all about money" its not... its all about Israel. Everything happening today in the middle east is an attempt to defend Israel from the Mahdi a.s when the time comes. They are in Syria only to cut off Iran from Lebanon. They are in Yemen only to control the straight of Aden. They are in Iraq to silence to weaken the shia. If you understand this... it is really simpler than you think. and every piece of news you hear makes perfect sense. The problem with people living in the west is that they are being walled off to this truth. Even in a way your physical distance from this turmoil makes it harder for you to sympathize with our mujahdeen. People feel its not "their" war. That these people are just a distant people fighting some war. @Mohamed1993 @sidnaq
  7. I dont understamd why people cant use the search button on shiachat.
  8. 1000s of men... I highly doubt that number. Anyway transterra media is a company built on selling news of the syrian war. (mostly anti-assad propaganda) I dont doubt male and female prostitution is on an increase, the export of little syrian girls for "marraige" to saudi and other arab pervs is on the rise. But never tell me they didnt have a choice, especially the males.. they can fend themselves. This is the path they chose.
  9. kanye would like it..
  10. you can be reminded of him through his creations.. We cannot fathom the power of Allah that protects and guides every aspect of our lives and does so simultaneously with 7 billion other people at the same time while commanding the heavens and earth.. 7 billion people with free will, yet whatever they do fits into Allah's plan down to every leaf falling. I find that magnificent in the least. Allah is the greatest.
  11. those who beheaded the grandson of the prophet saaw called themselves muslims.. what does that tell you... they are all muslims by name only... hypocrites
  12. you are simply wrong. it happens. here is a man that seems very down to earth and collected describing how he witnessed ordering of child prostitutes.. do you think devil worshipers dont exist? they do, and they are the most powerful, richest men on earth. And their aim by order is to rebuild the 3rd temple in Israel and destroy Iran. Everything they do is to establish that agenda.
  13. @sidnaq sorry.. its not to be rude.. but I do believe in the nwo and illuminati and people who dont use this kind of threads to discredit us.. so I have to be tough.. the only thing sinister about steve job's apple is the logo being a bitten apple which means knowledge which depicts adams "sin" for knowledge..(according to christianity) i still think people like steve jobs are evil for not spreading islam with their wealth, but you cannot attribute the iphone to being evil in itself.. the smartphone is just a tool like the sword.. you can use it for good or bad
  14. where do you get these weird ideas?... no.. stop making nwo and illuminati theories sound so dumb.. iphones are smart phones that operate on a different operating system and hardware... steve jobs didnt create the smartphone nor are the people that created the smartphone part of the illuminati... a more plausible conspiracy theory is that the people behind the nwo who we can call the illuminati want to have control over these big corporations for spying purposes for example by putting in comprimsed chips in the manufacturer