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  1. What is going on in Saudi Arabia ?

    sooner or later they will form an alliance with Israel... this will bring their downfall inshallah

    Oh, now im confused... which school should I follow.. Is Omar mentioned in the Quran? @Follower of Truth
  3. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    listen, we all agree they were wrong, but I can argue there way more evil men then them, simply Yazid is one of them. The fatwa people dont agree with in Iran is not enough to discredit all of Syd.Khamaeni.. I will ask shia to come live in my city, where every building is mixed between shia, sunni, druze and christians.. and curse the sahaba... see how far that will get you walking down the street.. Many take the fatwa as if the Syd. loves them and is protecting them... how small minded is that. And for all who say they are too lovey dovey pro unitiy.... Im sorry but it is them who are the only ones actually killing the true enemies of ahl beyt in iraq, syria, yemen.... I dont see the shirazis/habibis doing ANYthing except backwards stuff like this guy saying we shouldnt curse israel...
  4. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    state the hadith and imam
  5. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    omar and abu bakr are men who were taken by the dunya and led to the rise of ignorance. but they are no where near as evil as abu sofya, moawiya, or yazid. These are the true enemies of Ahul Beyt.. the others cant compare in level of evilness
  6. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    You are stuck on cursing two figures... there is yazid mouawiya, harun,, ma'mun.. so on.. all these guys tortured imprisoned and oppressed the Imams and Shias... Abu bakr and omar are dumb yes, but they are not THE enemies of ahul beyt.. cursing them has little significance in the grand story... We curse to distinguish ourselves from the oppressors. Islam didnt end after imam Hussein a.s died. There were imams and enemies of ahul beyt... until this day.. the enemies are clear.. Ahl Saud and Israel are the two most oppressive regimes that both agree on destroying Iran because it is the heart of Shia Islam in the world today. And here you are saying we should curse the enemies, but not Israell.... do you understand how stupid what you are saying is
  7. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    your mind is as logical as a salafi's... arguing with you is like arguing with [EDIT].
  8. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    this problem of the negative iq shias.. where they know they have to do laanat as a wajib... but completely misunderstand its benefits and purpose. the reason of laanat it to distinguish as muslims that you are against oppression and tyrannny. yet your brain doesnt recognise israel to be the face of the oppression and tyranny in todays world.. your twisted logic is of no use to us.. i dont care how many shias yasser Habib recruited... if they are this dumb they are usless shias..
  9. Effects of social media on our brain.

    true, but it wasnt designed to be addictive like facebook.
  10. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    you should do taqqiya pls...
  11. it's called occupied Palestine...
  12. perfect muslim

    I see its pointless
  13. perfect muslim

    Allah sent the Prophets as an instruction manual... If he did not then there would be no sense of justice... why would you be punished for something he did not warn you about. So God created you and said there is a heaven and hell, but did not tell you how to get to heaven, then that would make him unjust... since Allah is just he sent you a Prophet to lay down rules.. it all comes to 5 things... halal, haram, muba7, musta7ab, and makruh... everything you do in life is under these 5 categories....as to why... the things that are haram are for your own sake.. if you gamble or drink... these are not harming Allah,, they only harm yourself. So here you can understand that religion or Islam is only a guide to perfection. That is the purpose of life is to strive towards perfection. To complete yourself. This is simply by doing halal and eliminating haram. That is the meaning of Maasoum.. a person who doesnt sin. So in other words. Perfection is someone who doesnt sin. What a sin is where schools of islam come in as different schools have different rulings..
  14. perfect muslim

    bro/sis... what is the purpose of life as a muslim?