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  1. Pkk is a turkish militia founded by Abdullah ocalan. Ypg is a Syrian kurd militia related to pkk. Same ideology. also follows Abdullah Ocalan's philosophy. Their political party is ypd. Both the Syrian and turkish kurds don't get along with the conservative capitalist kdp/pdk which is barzanis party. Syrians and Turks are progressive socialists.. used to be marxist Iraq has 2 big parties/militias...Kdp/pdk and puk. Puk is friendly with the Turks and Syrians, iran and baghdad... founded by talabani Iran also has 2 parties, one aligned with barzani kdp/pdk. Iran bombed their office in Kurdistan like 6 months ago... They have pjak which is aligned with pkk. Kdp iran was inactive for a while unil recently took up arms again against the gov near the time saudi opened a consulate in erbil sub7an Allah
  2. "lebanese hate kurds... you all look the same" these are heavy unwarranted accusations.. I have never expressed any sentiment on this site or anywhere any feelings towards kurds. Nor have I heard lebanese talk about kurds until recently because of the news.. the guy on the left looks like him because he has the same uniform and hat. google samir gaegar and barazani in arabic and there are plenty of photos. dont call me racist because you dont like what im saying. they are dealing with israelis.. they admit and israel admits it. only you deny it.
  3. the guy on the left looks like him.. and there are other photos of them together
  4. that is the lebanese forces leader (enemy of hizbullah) walking with mossad along with barzani in kurdistan.. @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī
  5. Im sorry I cant provide you with video of the mossad whispering in barzani's ear. Or maybe copies of signed documents of Barzani to satan to show on CNN
  6. when an athiest asks me to prove God exists I have the same problem...
  7. Salam Around 3 months ago, My uncle and I were watching the news and he told me. "Just you wait and see, when Isis is on its last breath, they will bring in the kurds." This was before any talk of a referendum. It doesn't take much to see this plan if you followed news. Israel has long been suspected of buying kurdish oil and dealing with the kurds. Now that ISIS is almost non-existent in Iraq, all of a sudden the Kurds want Independence? Does it really take a genius to see through this plan? @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī do you really need more proof than this? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/02/middleeast/iraqi-kurdistan-israel-support/index.html https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/22/world/middleeast/kurds-independence-israel.html
  8. My loneliness is killing me

    Allah is with the patient.. dont worry bro.. take this time to learn what you need to learn..
  9. How do i convert to Islam? Who can help me?

    Twelver Shia Islam has five Usul al-Din and ten Furu al-Din, i.e., the Shia Islamic beliefs and practices. The Twelver Shia Islam Usul al-Din, equivalent to a Shia Five Pillars, are all beliefs considered foundational to Islam, and thus classified a bit differently from those listed above.[30] They are: Tawhid (Monotheism: belief in the Oneness of God) 'Adl (Divine Justice: belief in the Almighty's justice) Nubuwwah (Prophethood) Imamah (Succession to the Muhammad) Mi'ad (The Day of Judgment and the Resurrection) In addition to these Five Pillars, there are ten practices that Shia Muslims must perform, called the Ancillaries of the Faith[31] (Arabic: furūʿ al-dīn). Salat Sawm Zakāt, similar to Sunni Islam, it applies to money, cattle, silver, gold, dates, raisins, wheat, and barley. Khums: an annual taxation of one-fifth (20%) of the gains that a year has been passed on without using. Khums is paid to the Imams; indirectly to poor and needy people. Hajj Jihad Amr-bil-Maroof: enjoining what is right. Nahi Anil Munkar: forbidding what is wrong. Tawalla: expressing love towards Good. Tabarra: expressing disassociation and hatred towards Evil.[32] go to www.al-islam.org for a collection of islamic material (shia). Salam, may Allah Bless you
  10. http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/10/13/538442/Wahabism-Saudis-idiocracy
  11. speak sense... you replied in the general form.. I was not speaking in the general form. You said yes they were muslims. You did not add exceptions which you should have.. No one is calling the whole tribe kafir.
  12. How to develop creative thinking?

    by being brave and original and not copying anyone.. inspiration is from God, not you
  13. well correct me then.. you said yes they were muslims.. wast yzaid and his kin bani umaya?
  14. anyone who likes mouwaiya is retarded
  15. you are saying the ones that slaughtered the family of the Prophet were muslim?