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  1. This Jubair is worse than netanyahu
  2. no no... I disagree with you.. if the debating leads to learning then yea.. but david has been here forever and just peddles the same poison over and over... its misinformation and harmful to read
  3. yea but leave it to the "david" to jump on the fitna train..
  4. 1 thinks being shia is about lanat.. other follows yasser habib... being shia is about being muslim the right way.. the most important things are stuff like learning how to pray correctly.. learning shia hadiths instead of sunni hadiths.. and learning the true history of events so that you can better understand why shiism is the correct path.
  5. these are like the worst answers possible..
  6. sadly there are many on this forum.. they are ignorant and in my opinion against shiism... I was just at the borders a few days ago after the bomb blast that killed 80 children and 120 other shia civilians, that were targeted only because they were shia. Killed by takfiris.. who chant death to rafidis... I met hizbullah soldiers who showed me videos of the actual battlefield and told me stories of how they would face off these takfiris hiding in random houses sniping people and booby trapping everything they can find... They shout out "we will kill you, son of mutaah" He told me how they want to catch hizbullah soldiers alive so that they can video tape them getting slaughtered and send the videos to their mothers and fathers.... (which has happened already) Now you worms come and criticize WF, and spew out your brainless comments are like spitting on the graves of martyrs that left their peaceful homes and died to defend the shia. No one forced hizbullah men to leave lebanon and go to Syria.. they went to defend Imam Ali a.s! @AliMohammed
  7. pretty soon we will have a generation of people that grew up to two fathers or two mothers...
  8. guys, save your breath...
  9. @JermainTaylor its funny that is the only post you chose to respond too...its like you just wanna get mad at someone instead of reason...
  10. im surprised they didnt edit it... he speaks logic...
  11. @313 Seeker time is relative.... Once you are dead, you are in a different reality... the concept of a earthly timeline is gone.. In the Quran it is mentioned many times descriptions of our faces and reactions on judgement this means judgment day already passed in their timeline... But my point is there is a possibility when the Prophet saaw died he already met up with his whole family in heaven directly...
  12. Maybe God let them skip barzakh... to yom el qiyama... I heard barzakh is short for the pious and long for the wicked....