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  1. Why dont you do like the rest of us and go bald instead?
  2. Hmm, maybe you could use some bigger bottles, then pop some holes in the upper half of them and just make sure the lower half has ice in them? Also it might be more effective if you put the bottles behind the fan since there it sucks out all the cold evaporating air from the bottles and then pushes it out into your house, dont know if that is possible with your setup though.
  3. If a virgin daughter said to her father that she wants to enter a temporary marriage with a man to get to know him before eventually getting a permanent marriage, this is not something strange. But if a virgin daughter said to her father that she wants to loose her virginity in temporarily marriage to a man she might eventually permanently marry while she is getting to know him, the father would not give his permission, common sense and custom dictates so. In this case the OP said "ofcourse my fathers permission was required in order for the mutah to be valid as I am still young. My father placed a condition that this mutah is for a mahramiya only and sexual intercouse is not allowed." we can conclude that the father gave his permission on a condition, the condition was that they are not to have sex during the temporary marriage, if she would have told her father that they would, he would not have given his approval just like you wouldnt with your daughter. Now that we can with most certainty conclude that it is a matter of conditional permission and not absolute permission, we can also like you said, conclude that there is a difference of OPINION between marjas and as such none of us should give a general reply regarding the right or wrong about this situation based on islamic law, since there is not a universal right or wrong but it depends on your marjas ruling. If one gives a reply regarding it being right and saying that it is the islamic law, then they have taken their opinion and possibly their marjas opinion and expressed it as common islamic law and this is wrong. At least you need to specify that it is the opinion/ruling of a certain marja It would be interesting to know what the major marjas say regarding this situation and what their opinions are.
  4. Thank you, you mention "muslim child brides freaking christians out" earlier and I searched some within the canon law and I cant really find anything forbidding a women from marrying once she enters puberty. http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG1104/__P3Z.HTM Is it correct that the canon law is based on 7 books? These ones? http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG1104/_INDEX.HTM So it is only a protestant thing? @andres I assume your a protestant, what would you say regarding that? To my knowledge the concept of Jesus dying for your sins is universal for all branches of Christianity, is it not? What does Catholicism say regarding a person that loves Jesus but is a grave sinner according to cannon law? Could you clarify what you mean by rooted in Scripture? Are the traditions the laws of God or not? Is there any proof linking these two?
  5. Maybe it was qisma, so that you can do another 40.
  6. You are talking about traditions, traditions and the law of God are completely different, this is pretty much my point, that modern day Christianity lacks laws and the reason for this is, according to my personal opinion, that these laws have been edited out over time because most humans are reluctant to listen to Allah swt, they would rather listen to themselves, whether it is a question of inheritance or giving away money. For example, as far as I know, women are required to cover their hair when inside the church. Is this a God given rule or a tradition, or a God given rule that became a tradition that became non existent over time? Hmm, where can I read the rules if I were to just want to read the jurisprudence of christianity, in your case Catholicism? I understand that of course not all people care about the rules of their religion and that does not change the fact that there are rules. But in this particular case I argue that modern Christianity lacks rules and ruling on many fields, which is also the cause of such different variation of what is "okay" for a christian. But most fundamentally I believe that the cause of such sway room for what is okay is caused by the concept and understanding of someone ells dying for you sins. If I have understood it right, then within modern christian faith, as long as you love Jesus, you will ultimately enter heaven, regardless of whether or not you followed and respect his teachings? Do you personally feel like with regards to jurisprudence the christian faith covers all fields? For the record, i dont blame Christianity nor to I hold the faith accountable for the actions of the american government, such things would be absurd, almost as absurd as blaming Islam for actions of some ex farmers with AK47.
  7. Nice country.
  8. So what you are telling me is that the fathers contingency for his daughter to engage in temporary marriage contract with the guy is only valid as long as the daughter cares about it and she can at any point, even a second after the contract has taken place, nullify the fathers contingency and do whatever they want? Am I the only one who finds this not sensible? It was a contingency. Whatever condition the father might give, whether its about sexual intercourse or whatever ells. What value does the fathers conditions/contingencies for approving have if they can be nullified whenever it pleases?
  9. SubhanAllah that was amazing, what a strange creature.
  10. I will iA confirm what you are saying but can you please reply to the statement i made: "What you are saying renders the fathers condition on the husband for non intimacy with his virgin daughter or any other condition stipulated in the CONTRACT absolutely useless and pointless."
  11. It is one thing to do something voluntarily based on person inclination/opinion and it is another thing be obliged to them because you admit it is the commandment of the creator of universe. It is no longer a question of what you and I say, it is unquestionable. As such, there will not be two rights but one right and that makes confusion less. When right and wrong is clearly stated there is no need to be confused, confusion leads to priest marrying gay couples in the church. Look today at the western churches, they are trying to "modernize" themselves in a society which is becoming more and more secular, in a society which does not want anything to do with religion. The church is, like Christianity has over time, in my opinion, loosing its essence. Too ready to twist and turn in hopes of pleasing the masses of non believers, as a result you have Christmas trees, the Easter bunny, and the red guy with a big white beard that flies from the north pool in his Coca Cola sponsored wagon, yelling: consume, consume consume! And somewhere a long the road prophet Issah(as) started to look like a white dude instead of a semite from the middle east... Speaking of Christianity and its rules, are there any rules with regards to inheritance? God knows how many families have been broken up when the question of inheritance came into their lives. With regards to giving to the poor, you are religiously obliged to do so in Islam, it is not voluntarily, there is a tax system on different wares. As shias we give khums each year which is 20% of our unused money by the end of each year. That is a considerable amount, then there is zakat as well. Then we have sadagah as well, which is the voluntary part, which according to Islam, if done anonymously can make Allah swt forgive some of your sins, not only that but giving for the sake of finding Allahs pleasure actually increases your wealth (rizzq) as promised by Allah swt in the holy Quran, not only that but giving for the sake of finding Allahs pleasure actually makes you avoid personal calamities. Unfortunately, the shias are not many in the world, nor are people in general generous, especially when it comes to their money (at least they consider it theirs). And they only like to give when everyone is looking so everyone can know how good of a person they are. At least nobody can claim that they were unaware of the obligation of giving. I know there are still good and honorable christians out there who strive to do whats right but unfortunately, telling whats right within the modern christian faith can be tricky and I believe in those cases they follow their fitrah which is basically the "inner muslim(see the definition of the word muslim)", the inborn moral compass that Allah swt as created all humans with, which is also what tells them that it is wrong to kill a defenseless child. There are very strict and clear rules and regulations within the religion of Islam. When there are not clear rules, humans tend to do whats the easiest option (or what they perceive as easy), which is more often than not, not what is right.
  12. From Bahrain
  13. What you are saying renders the fathers condition on the husband for non intimacy with his virgin daughter or any other condition stipulated in the CONTRACT absolutely useless and pointless. Lets think about this logically: A virgin daughter is required to have her fathers permission to marry. If a father gives the virgin daughter his consent on a condition, a contract is made that makes them married under the conditions stipulated in the contract. If later on his still virgin daughter wishes to make a new marriage contract with changes, this would render the old contract void and as such a NEW contract is made BUT the daughter is still virgin, so should the need for a new consent from her father not be required since she is still virgin, although previously married?
  14. Some atheists argue that prophet Issah never existed either, they say he was a mythological person as well. Proving that the holy Quran is not Gods true word is also not possible.
  15. Near 500 civilians, including 137 children got murdered in Syria last month by American led bombing. Which is more than daesh, bashar and russia has done together. Can someone please remind me what the hell the american government is exactly doing in Syria? What business does a country from the other side of earth have to do there? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/23/us-led-coalition-kills-nearly-500-civilians-one-month-syria/ May Allah swt destroy the killers of children and whoever supports them and whoever watches silently as they commit crimes.