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  1. Out of all the characteristics of mankind, self admiration/arrogance is one of the most disgusting ones. Indeed it was the downfall of ibliss(la) and atheists surely seem to have plenty of it, which is pretty self explanatory, how can you submit if you consider yourself too good for it?
  2. Plus points for you for using latin terms, makes you look very smart online. Me saying that "you have to keep a red line in your argumentation, right now you are all over the place." is not me attacking you as a person but your reaction to that is another example of how you get over defensive. No need to get so defensive because someone questioned your understanding of things. Let me ask you a question: what is the reason for your communication with me regarding this subject? Does it even make a difference what I write?
  3. Honestly spoken, you have to keep a red line in your argumentation, right now you are all over the place. Before universe existed, there was no space and there was no time, this is what the big bang theory also says. Since we know from the first law of thermodynamics that energy cannot be created merely transferred, we also know that such a massive amount of energy that was the big bang came from a source and whatever that source was, was there before universe was there, and because universe was not there, time was not relevant either so whatever there was, was beyond time, as in infinite, as in no beginning and no end. Lastly, i am in no obligation to discuss with you or to share my understanding and view with you, so first of all dont twist my words and second of all if you define what I am saying as gibberish because you first twist what I say, make assumption based on the twisted words and then the judgement that you do not understand it because it does not make sense to you, thus defining it as gibberish, that does not make it necessarily true.
  4. Universe always existing goes against the big bang theory as well as the laws of thermodynamics, that statement is not in accordance with current scientific understanding of universe.
  5. You cannot use your notion of how the universe works for the explanation of something that is beyond space. Your understanding of the laws of nature only applies for that which is part of and dependent of the universe. You have zero knowledge of that which is beyond universe so you cannot perceive it nor can you imagine it because it is beyond your capacity. Your mind cannot wrap its head around it because it has no reference, nothing to compare it to or relate it to. Even your notion of time, your understanding of time and how it is perceived, its only as limited as you are.
  6. Rape by cop

    Yes David, lets talk about why there are massive amount of immigrants in the world moving away from their country shall we? Which country do you wish to start with? Iraq? Afghanistan? Syria? The countries in Africa? A true american will have no problem criticizing its own system and society when there are clearly big problems with it. You just wait and see what will happen to america, or better yet, go see the ruins of rome.
  7. The first law of thermodynamics say that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. When universe was created, time and space was started and created. From whatever energy source this massive energy came from that caused everything including time into creation, it must thus be a source that is beyond time since time didnt exist and it must be a source beyond space since space didnt exist. A source that is eternal and ever living. We call this source Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى.
  8. Poll #2 - Will Trump Finish Term?

    If bush could finish it, why wouldnt trump?
  9. Ws, If you study the battle of siffin, then you will understand why he did not kill muawiya(la). muawiya(la) ordered his men to spear pages of the Quran and hold them between themselves and the attacking troops, they said lets put the Quran between us. Big amounts of imam Alis(as) troops fell for it because they couldnt think further than what their eyes showed them and they threatened Imam Ali(as) to turn on him if he would kill muawiya(la). It was the people that prevented him from killing muawiya(la), because they could not see thru muawiyas(la) tricks, because they did not spend any time reflecting and how much does the holy Quran and islam as a religion not emphasize on individual reflection. Also, what must happen will happen as Allah swt wills. If not, then yazid(la) would not have been, and Hussein(as) and Karbala would not have been. And then you and I would not wear black and hit our chests today as we mourn, we would not have had this fire in our hearts but now we do. And with this fire in our hearts we all await and prepare for the return of our Imam(ajf) and the bringing of the conclusion, the manifest of Allahsسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى power and will. Who will then dispute it?
  10. Rape by cop

    Can you name another country who has military bases all over the world and wants to interfere in every single nations national politics and buy its politicians in order to get a master/slave relationship, all in the name of "democracy" "goodness" "doing whats right" "for freedom", out of the kindness of its politicians void hearts. Starting wars and chaos all over the world in its own self interest. Saying anyone who is against them consists of the "axis of evil". All this while their own people are busy getting fat and voting for a clown president who thinks muslims should be shot with bullets dipped in pig blood because the people only had to choose between a clown president or a snake liar president Hilary (lets try pretend that bernie sanders didnt exists (and ron paul before him), because that would make the american people seem stupid). A country that tries to dictate how other countries should behave and dictate to them whats wrong and right, and whats right just happens to be whats in americas interest always, meanwhile its own population are still struggling with the same racism it was founded on and a president that has a hard time condemning it, lets not mention all the nations other internal problems. Can you name another country like this? In modern times america as a nation and its government is the source of the most corruption and chaos in the world, there is no mistake about it. Yesterday it was the UK with its colonization of nations and splitting of nations, of which we still see the consequences, but today its the US government and if we cant see that, then we are not looking, and if we cant say it, then we are not thinking.
  11. Rape by cop

    Hello, Maybe you should shut up?
  12. Rape by cop

    I dont know if repentance helps when you have wronged someone ells, this is why you should be careful when your about to wrong somebody. To wrong yourself is one thing, to wrong someone ells is another.
  13. Thoughts 2017

    Please recite a salawat and an Al-Fatiha for Shahid Mohsen Hojaji, he was an Iranian volunteer who was captured by daesh(la) after the us government(la) bombarded hashd al-shabi near the Syrian border in Iraq. He was 25 years old and he left a wife and their 2 year old son behind him fi sabilillah: Look at this shemr(la) behind him: Pictures of him being beheaded by isis were released after two days: Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un! May Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى grant us all the death of a shahid before we depart! Credit to @mesbah for sharing.
  14. Thoughts 2017

    Lol, me trying to curry favor? Hehe, you havnt been paying attention if you think im the type that tries to make people like me, im probably one of the least liked persons here haha. But credit is due where credit is due. More important to say whats right instead of whats nice, preferably you should always say whats right in a nice way, but some times thats not possible, especially with the invisible people reading what your saying which they might use to justify whatever they wish to justify. I rather be to annoying uncle instead of the cool uncle, too many cool uncles in the world.
  15. Rape by cop

    Nice country. KKK news one day, WW3 provocation news the next day and now cop rape news. Lets see, wheres that puke emoji.... here we go: