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  1. Do you ever cry?

    I dont respect a grown man who cries easily over trivial worldly things.
  2. Shiabladeunner zain rizvi attacked by salafi thug

    Please dont give them free publicity by mentioning their nasibi channels by name. I ask mods to edit it out. If you dont know what I mean then google how search engines work.
  3. Any call for fitna causing shia vs shia is a deviant call.
  4. Thoughts 2018

    Nobody here knows of any caravan?
  5. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Are you being serious brother? There are literally numerous news sites from all parts of the world that reported the event, come on just google it.
  6. end of FaceBook ?

    Alhamdulillah I am happy that these news are getting out there. The concept of big data and the way these "social medias" use your information and how your giving them it for free is something that needs to come to everyones attention. Here is a interesting investigation worth watching:
  7. Thoughts 2018

    I understand that, but can you explain to yourself why you feel weird about it? If your unable to explain it to yourself then it is probably not a rational thought.
  8. Thoughts 2018

    Why? Would you have felt weird about it if you were all living in Iraq from day 1 until now? Most likely not.
  9. To all Iranians(Especially those who hate Arabs)

    I have never cared for these kind of things, self pride over something you did not have anything to do with. Its like being proud for having 10 fingers or being born with hair on your head. Who cares anyways arab or not arab? You will be dead regardless before you finish convincing yourself that your better than others.
  10. If they wish to know what it means, it is easy to find out. If they wish to make assumptions, even if there is a answer, it wont matter. This does not mean that denouncing oppressors, putting historical perspective and having clear basira regarding todays world/politics should be stopped. Or should we stop being muslims because they think muslims hate them? Furthermore to compare tatbir to this slogan is really absurd in my opinion. Tatbir has no basis in islam, opposing yazeeds(la) in a clear matter does. Especially in this day and age were media twists everything, it is even more important, for our own youths at least, to be very clear. I do not know what he is doing on the side all I can say from my own personal observations is that he used to be a better speaker, much better. Maybe he would do more good for the ummah focusing on religious speeches rather than mixing in politics and creating internal rifts. Come one brother, is it really wise to use this kind of rhetoric? This is the kind of rhetoric that will cause a shia-shia split. Instead of making these kind of extreme exaggeration regarding what WF followers think of shias who do not follow WF, why dont you ask the leader of WF what they think? And it is not relevant what that one indo-pak shia WF follower told you in a discussion you had with him in your imam bargah, its better to go to the source and find out the truth of the matter if you have the opportunity and in this case you do. To say or even hint at that WF followers might even consider non WF followers non shias is a GRAVE exaggeration that only causes hatred and fitna, dont be like that brother.
  11. Saudi Arabia pushes for "moderate Islam"

    Lol, this is really reaching a whole new level of absurd.
  12. Very nice replies brother @Irfani313 and @shiaman14 ahsant.
  13. Happy Harmony Day 21st March - Australia

    Today is the 3:rd day of the holy month of Rajab and it is the day of shahadat of our 10th Imam, Imam Ali Al-Hadi(as). It is a day of mourning for us.
  14. Prayer concentration

    Ws, Have you tried learning new surahs and reciting them in your prayer? I notice myself becoming more focused when I am relatively new to the surah I am reciting.