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  1. Just dont sniff it too much!
  2. Not much good ever comes out of doing things secretly, ESPECIALLY when it comes to relationships, especially when its kept secret from the people who TRULY care about you - your parents. Many things in islam are allowed but it does not always mean that anything that is allowed to do is always the best options to do. There are some unwritten laws of right and wrong which depends on the situation and time, they would in my opinion actually define you as a person. I would personally strongly advise you not to go on with this. I think this will leave so much destruction in its wake, so many people will get hurt and it is very very very disrespectful towards your parents to not even bring this up before you marry him, its like you couldn't care less about their opinion. If I was your father it would truly break my heart to see my daughter doing something like that without even involving me. Think about tomorrow, how will this affect everyone?
  3. Ws, as far as I am informed within shia islam we have the common consensus that she was older between 16-21 years old at the time of marriage.
  4. This might be my new favorite GIF ever!
  5. I had a friend when I was young, he was Iranian like me but he was not religious at all. He had girl friends, smoked, parties, drank, etc, etc, anything that a kufar does. I cut contact with him later on. Fastforward 10 years and I hear from another friend that he has become muslim now, sunni, he got into a friend circle of sunnis so he got interested. But when the sunnis that "converted" him describe it, they say they converted a shia to sunni. Of course he did not know the first thing about islam before that or sunnism or shiism, but the fact that he was Iranian was justification enough for them to say we converted a shia to sunnism, made them feel good about themselves, even if it wasnt true. No informed shia would ever convert to sunnism, its like denying factual history, its like saying "oh karbala did not happen" "oh we celebrate on ashura because of the sunnah of the jews" "oh taqalayn was about the sahaba" "oh gadir was just for fun", etc, etc. If you are informed about shiism, you can never go to sunnism and it is like it has been said:
  6. Hey, this just in, theres a report that states that Israel did it, I guess the discussion is over, its a report after all:
  7. Alhamdulillah, Allah swt loves you and honored you with sight and the truth. You are more than welcomed to stick by here on the forums, theres a lot of helpful brothers and sisters here and you can really soak in a lot of islamic knowledge and get the answer to almost any practical or spiritual question you might have on islam.
  8. To quote from the report: "This document is based on declassified intelligence from France’s own sources"
  9. You dont need to hate assad nor love him, nor be sunni, nor be shia, nor be muslim to realize that there was absolutely no reason for him to use chemical weapons, especially with the whole world watching him and the west just waiting for a justification to do whatever. One can thus conclude that only an intellectually retarded person would buy the story that the israeli opposed government used chemical weapons against its own people in a war that it was already winning while its under the eye of the whole worlds media and thus giving the americans a justification in the eyes of the public for striking at them. Remove the name assad from the story and remove the country syria from the story, insert any other name and country and the geopolitical players involved and you will come to the same conclusion that there is no logical justification for the regime to use chemical weapons in that situation. Stick to common sense and minimize your emotional involvement in your reasoning and you will see what was already clear to see.
  10. Salam, Your body wont increase in testosterone/strength unless there is a reason for it to do so, think about that. Also, what is your niyat? Why do you wish to increase your strength? You dont need to tell us, but its also good to have it clear for yourself.
  11. If Allah swt raises the dead from the grave, giving them weapons will not be hard. That is my understanding at least. As far as I know, the resurrected helpers of the ImamÚÌøá Çááøå ÝÑÌå ÇáÔÑíÝ will not be able to die until their mission is completed, if they fall during their mission, they will rise again.