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  1. Thank you! @wolverine @hasanhh
  2. Very cool, subhanAllah!
  3. What significance does the age of 40 have in islam? I heard long ago that one reaches spiritual maturity at 40, or something like that, has anyone ells heard anything like that?
  4. I know brother, I was not referring to you.
  5. I do not know where you are getting your information from. He is most certainly not arab, anyone who would follow him just because they think his arab is not only a fool but an ignorant fool. As the brother above said, he is from Sistan, thus the title/family name Sistani, just like Khomeini was from Khomein. One says you are free to cherry pick fatwas left and right, the other one says its haram to switch marja. Where the heck are you guys getting your information from really? I hope for the sake of God that you do not act based on the information you have gotten from your information sources that you have so far.
  6. That might be so, but what I said regarding following another marjas fatwa still stands, it is only allowed when the marja of whom you follow allows it. If there is ever a special case, one can simply contact his or her marja, explain the case and see what they say.
  7. No, usually you just build mental complexes which makes your judgement jaded and unreasonable. It can take a veeeeerrryyy long time to become biased emotionally and intellectually again. It is better not to put yourself in a position where heart break is a major risk to begin with, such as a loose relationships, to save your emotions for someone who is truly worth it and for someone who wants to commit because he sees your worth, that is marriage. At least in my opinion.
  8. That is not the case with all fatwas, that is only the case with fatwas where it is mentioned that taqlid of another marja is allowed. Otherwise, you can pick and chose fatwas left and right for everything you desire and then you are not really following a marja anymore. You are most likely following yourself (soemtimes your nafs) with your own judgement based on your very limited knowledge of whats best, islamically speaking.
  9. Ws, For me personally I would trust that even if I do not agree with this one fatwa I would still do my best to obey it, as long as there are more fatwas from the marja that I agree with than there are fatwas that I disagree with, then I follow him. Do you understand what I mean? If there are 99 fatwas I understand and agree with, i would still obey the 100th that I do not understand and do not agree with, because as you said what differs them from us is their level of knowledge, while your reasoning and opinion is limited to your level of knowledge, theirs are limited to their level of knowledge. Also if this is about what I think it is about, then dont dig your own grave. Some wounds to the heart are very hard to heal and the consequences will haunt you and affect you and people around you for a very long time.
  10. And this was the sunni guy you made a thread about previously? Or is my memory getting this crosswired? It is interesting to see conclusions of choices whether is is your own or others because there are still lessons to learn. Either way, alhamdulillah you are in a better place today and the longer time goes, the less you remember the past, thats how life is. My memory only lasts about 2 years back, lol.
  11. So basically: Inbreeding of fishes, due to lack of population in nature, causes a mutation of DNA causing it to loose the scales. When the population grows and the inbreeding becomes less the mutation disappears and the scales comes back. Correct? Also to my knowledge, fish without scales are usually the top predators (sharks, etc) or the bottom feeders, so the ones with scales are the middle segment which are the ones we should eat from in order to not cause imbalance to the predator order of sea life.
  12. Thats the thing, what does compatibility really mean? That is one of the subjects he brings up which are important to understand, yeah definitely give it a go, I have a free app on my phone that can download youtube videos. So I download them when I have wifi, then I listen to the lectures while Im at the gym or while im traveling or outside or doing something less brain demanding in general.
  13. I apologize for posting in the sisters sub forum but I was going thru my unread content feed and this caught my attention and I have been wondering about mehr. Didnt Seyyeda Fatima(as) have a mehr? And what would be the equivalent mahr in todays currency? And if a women asks for more mehr than Seyyeda Fatima(as), is that really correct? Also I have heard that some people say they want divided financial mehr as in two part mehr, where one part they want at the beginning of the marriage and the second part they want in case of divorce or whenever, is it possible to divide money mehr and claim it at different times?