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  1. Western Islam

    A westernized version of islam? What does that actually mean? The only interpretation/things I can think of are negative. Does it mean a version of islam where western culture and values are integrated into it? I do not see the need for that. In the middle east, where you see muslims lacking in any area it is not because they do not apply "good" western values, its because they are applying the bad things of their own culture, meanwhile not caring about what Islam says. Dishonesty, cheating, poor work morale, back talking, not caring for the poor, being unfair, corruption in politics, these are things you might find in the middle east, but they are not because islam is lacking anything, it is because people are not adhering to it, why? Because that would take effort and sincerity. I do not think islam per say is lacking anything and that it needs to change a single inch in any direction. Times change, that is true, but humans does not.
  2. Halal food

    Salam brother, Do you mean a restaurant that serves only halal food? Or do you mean halal food in general? Becuase it is never okay to eat non halal food unless you will die otherwise. You can always eat vegetarian option or fish or shrimp.
  3. If you are referring to WW2 then its worth mentioning that it was not America vs Germany, but multiple countries vs Germany and I believe the truth is in the numbers, regardless of what the movies say: Russian soldiers killed during WW2: 11 000 000 (depending on which historian you wish you believe) US soldiers killed during WW2: 400 000 So I wouldnt really say that the US did the heavy lifting there. What other war in recent history? Cold war? Vietnam? Afghanistan? Iraq? One of them wasnt a war, the other one was lost and the other two were never a wars and still got lost. Yeah, I liked bernie sanders, I liked ron paul too but they never win because they speak common sense but these presidents in recent time just play on peoples fears during their campaign and pay millions in marketing, in fact, it seems like the person that pays most in marketing wins. I liked JFK too but he got shot.
  4. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    And here is the result: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/18/world/middleeast/iraq-kurds-kirkuk-iran.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fmiddleeast&action=click&contentCollection=middleeast&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront
  5. Trump cannot afford a war like that, the power balance and struggle versus China & Russia would be lost. Also, american soldiers have not fought a proper war in decades, if they think they will be met by farmers with AK47 or fleeing soldiers of the government, they got a new thing coming. It would be their new burial site. Also, Iran is not stupid, we know where the heart of America lays and it would be flattened to the ground. For the same reason as to why america does not belong to americans, so would the government of the US never attack Iran as long as israel is at risk. Also, an attack against Iran would never follow the public opinion, increasing the crack between the US and the EU and it would also unite the Iranian people and the division of the people is the only straight that the american government has and is playing on. I feel sorry for my american brothers and sisters and for the true american people who believe in the founding principles of america, that they now have a government and leaders who could not care less about the people and are only lap dogs of israel. I mean how ridiculous isnt it that every president candidate has to convince the AIPAC during election? And if they dont they will get the whole media in america against them and all the major lobby groups.
  6. Published in 2014, almost 4 years ago, seems to come out pretty true to events unfolding:
  7. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Khalas brother, instead of going back and forth with numerical arguments, lets just cut straight to the case, We both agree that israel has some interest in kurdistan becoming their own country. Could you from your perspective tell me what those interests are?
  8. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Yes you are unfortunately right in both your statements, the shias of iraq showed that during the iraq and iran war, but it does not need to continue like that. If we want to work for the arrival of our Imam(ajf) then we need to put national identify behind us and haqq ahead of us. There are ways of conducting when you wish to create an independent country and taking advantage of a chaos ridden country which are still fighting the same terrorists that would kill you as well, is not the way to do it. If israel, a great enemy against islam, shias in particular, is supporting you, then you need to question what it is that your doing and if it is right. What interest does israel have in kurdistan? You tell me and should you serve those interests? As far as independence goes, lets take the kurds of Iran as an example, do they lack anything or are they restricted in anyways? No, so whats the problem exactly? They are in fact very integrated and considered persians. The kurds should not be oppressed, they should be allowed to speak their own language if they wish and practice their culture within the limits of islam, not like how they are treated in turkey, dhulm is never accepted of course. But lets be clear about something, when we are talking about kurdistan and the conflict today, they are talking about "south kurdistan" so this conflict will not stop here if it continues and as long as israel has a finger in it and supports this cause we must take extreme caution. You are correct in your statement that just because somebody bad supports somebody ells, that does not make the goal bad in by itself. But if that somebody ells serves the bad person supporting them and their goals in return, whether it is directly or indirectly, then that changes the situation. In this case we are talking about the support of israel and the serving of their interests.
  9. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    No brother, zionism does not necessary have to do with jews, Zionism is a political movement and ideology of israeli superiority, there are christian zionists as well, I am sure you are aware of this. Here, from your own source: https://www.wrmea.org/special-topics/zionism-and-its-impact.html The israeli government would only support the kurds if it was, just like you said, in their self interest and what is the interest of the israeli government ruled by extremists zionists and how does that correlate to the shia muslim world and the place of meraj? A government that supports the zionist agenda, which a new kurdistan would, would in fact be considered a zionist state, that is not far fetched as per the definition of what zionism actually is politically speaking. Your saying israel sold weapons and gave support to Iran, you gave me a source for this but I do not know how reliable this source is. But either way, lets say they did, and how did that end for them? Some say the CIA helped Khomeini(RA) get to power in Iran, okay, and how did that end for them? I would say that the general sentiment of the kurdish population are positive towards israel or any other country that supports them (such as french politicians and think tanks, see linked picture with bernad levy and bernard koucher https://i.imgur.com/usVzrWx.jpg) in their aim to create a new country, would the people say that they dont like israel back? And if you like someone, dont you support them? Normally you do. Nationalism often works like that, it blinds you and makes you self centered. Okay, lets forget about the people. How about the leaders, what is their affiliation with the israeli government? Its in the interest of shias not to have a zionist friendly "yes man" of a country right by the borders of the major shia nations. And its in the interest of the US to not make the iraqi government upset or ells it will be hard to steal resources undisturbed. Now brother, lets me ask you a question, I would really like you to reply to it: If you had to choose between an action which will benefit the shias of the world or the kurds of the world which one would you choose? Bare in mind, in my question helping one would mean bad news for the other and there was no way of helping both and you had to choose.
  10. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Yes, that is exactly the case, if it wasnt for the wast amount of money they are stealing from Iraq today they would for sure have supported the kurds, might have been with weapons, tanks or even troops. Why not, I mean they seem to have some unemployed ex-daesh guys around nowadays. Its the same reason as to why trump had to remove Iraq from the muslim ban list, because Iraq said that they would do the same to americans who want to go to Iraq, we cant have that you see. Heres the two love birds in action:
  11. #10 Battle Poll

    I want to fight the future wars!
  12. sister causing trouble

    I'm sorry to hear of your situation, sounds very messy. I will make duas for you iA and I hope your situation improves!
  13. People who are greedy for dunya and greedy for power, will be whatever is convenient to to be in order to achieve wealth and power. The banu ummayah is part of the cursed tree refereed to in the holy Quran, may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى give them what they have deserved thru their deeds: