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  1. I Need Serious Help

    Try to take your days 1 step at a time so as to not be overwhelmed. Face one problem at a time. Since we do not know your issues it is tough to examine your situation fully. Perhaps if the problem is known we can help you further. At this point with what you are saying, you need to open up. Bottling it up will only harm you further.
  2. Hurting a person

    Whoever said that to you has no manners at all. If he wasn't interested, there are many considerate ways to go about it. Walk away from that situation because you are much better off. Inshallah you will find someone in time.
  3. I'm depressed

    What is the reason for your depression? If you need someone to talk to, we are here for you.
  4. Shias during maharam

    It is called tatbir and it is haram. Instead of cutting oneself, one should use that time to help the community. The tatbiris use a weak hadith about Sayeda Zainab (as) hitting her head when she witnessed Imam Hussein's (as) sacrifice. But even if that hadith is fact, Sayeda Zainab (as) saw and went through something we will never go through.
  5. Do you shake hand?

    But that isn't even the point of the post. Men being more sexual is not the argument. Handshakes are strictly for men to men and women to women. The only exception is Mahram people to you.
  6. What do you do when you're home alone?

    I try to write as much as I can because I have a book I want published soon.
  7. Do you shake hand?

    In Islam both gender can be sexual. Men are not the only gender to have urges. Besides that, touching a non mahram in general is wrong. I do admit it is difficult in a handshaking situation with bosses etc but do what I do, place your hand over your heart, smile, and greet the person.
  8. Personal Relationship Issue - What should I do??

    Honestly, all of us sin and make mistakes. Being able to forgive someone really shows a sign of maturity and integrity. The woman you speak of sounds like she has changed. Wallah we all have been there when it comes to emotions such as love. That feeling where your heart throbs when you remember the person whom you love. I'll be 100% honest habibi, I have been through similar instances and I forgave those people within a few days. It is better to forgive then to keep pondering over it as you will never let it go. If she has truly changed for the better than I say give her a second chance. Like all of us we need second chances and who better to give us that second chance than Allah? He accepted her repentance and now it is time for you to do the same. I hope this helped brother.