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  1. Salam to all, Maula Ali a.s madad Does anyone know how much he charges for a lecture or khamsa of lectures?
  2. Shia-Sunni Unity

    thats not possible at all in anytime.
  3. rizvis, abedis, kazmis,asadi,zaidi etc are all from the descendants of Imam (as) and you will all of them in quantity in India.
  4. Shia Muslims Contradict Themselves?!

    because the world temporarily and on the basis of this temporary behaviour you are gonna granted a permanent place.
  5. How To Ask For Intercession?

    Just read dua e tawassul with meaning you wil get your answers.
  6. Buying Islamic Rings

    I was there in this Arbaeen, Normally we Indians doesnot prefer to buy readymade rings from there as its not a pure silver, its a german mix we buy the stones from there and make the rings in india as we believe we get the pure silver overhere. the cost for a durre najaf depends on its size and originality, normally its 5000 iraqi which is around 4 to 5 USD. Firoza is expensive if its original.
  7. Insulting Aisha And The Caliphs

    I guess everyone has forgotten furu e deen or may be its branches, Tabbara is our belief alhamdullilah we people do tabbara at our events all the time but you cannot go outside a sunni masjid and do that, they praise him and we curse it's a difference of history that's all.
  8. Do Hindus Really Do This

    this is true, cow is sacred for hindus as they consider it as their mata (mother), you wil get to see cows outside temples evert morning, they also feed them believing it as a good deed.