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  1. Shia-Sunni debate

    Yeah I was following these things closely i guess 10 months ago and know what happened, but this one is a new video so they might be feeling embarrassed after they escaped from debate and run away and now want to engage in debate and started these things.
  2. Asalamu Alaikum Does anyone know about an app where I can watch Iranian tv channels??
  3. Shia-Sunni debate

    Is it an appearance or clarification to engage in a debate now after they fled, I am really desperate to watch series of debates on different issues where we differ but while debate both parties should care about ethics, language and respect for each other, Informative and helpful series of debates to reveal the tragedies of history.
  4. Debating in speakers corner with opponents.

    Be vigilant now not to miss a debate which I believe is going to take place, Asrar Rashid back again. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jCz-iPPvAmo
  5. Best duas to get good deeds?

    There is nothing that can be better than Ayat Al-Kursi.
  6. Debating in speakers corner with opponents.

    ^^Watch some of his previous debates with other people in the same place, particularly the one with Muhammad Hijab where they discuss about role of Ayesha and Maviya in battles of Jamal & Sifeen. I do agree with you that brother needs to do in depth research and read books discussing these issues, I hope he will do it and emerge to be a good debater Inshallah.
  7. Brother Zain also known as Shia blade runner is doing an outstanding job with amazing skills of debate and conveying message to others, I know there are many things where he has to improve but so far he has debated many opponents of Shias in speakers corner and presented things in a rational and logical way. Please subscribe to this You tube channel and encourage him with your support so that he can work hard to improve his skills of debate. One of his videos please search more there are many videos of brother Zain debating Muhammad Hijab and his close associates.
  8. Refutation

    I have seen all these videos and to some extend Rafidha you tube channel exposes Hassan Shimrani and his friend Muhammad Hijab but they haven't stopped yet and continue to write and speak against us and the problem is large number of people believe them to be of those who are experts when it comes to issues that are controversial and it is because our brothers (Shias) are not coming forward to show the other side of the coin and let people decide what is truth and what is falsehood, they are recording video after video and misguiding people by presenting things as per their own whims and desires and people start taking it as truth without even checking whether there claims have evidences or not? They have been questioning our beliefs everytime but where are brothers and scholars from our side to come out and speak about their ideology and beliefs like 1.Adalat Sahaba 2.Authenticity of bukhari and muslim 3.role of Ayesha, Maviya and others in battles against Ahlulbait 4.Their beliefs about the physical body of Allah 5.authenticity of bukhari and muslim(why they narrate from those who used to abuse progeny of Muhammad sawa) 6.Truth about their four Imams and what their own scholars say about abu hanifa 7. hundreds of others topics like, Tahreef Quran narrations in their books, cursing Ali ibn abi talib, discussion concerning Ayat-Tatheer, Hadith Ghadeer, etc etc. I think there is no one among English speaking shias who is well knowledgeable about these issues and come forward to discuss with them, I wish i could arrange some series of debates through Internet and expose them through their books but the main problem is brothers I know who can debate them are native urdu speakers and cannot speak English.
  9. Refutation

    Do any of you know about some websites, blogs and you tube channels who are refuting twelvershia---net, I have seen these people trying hard these days to create doubts among shias who are not well acquainted with the early history of Islam and about their beliefs, Their most liked guy there is Hassan Shimrani and I have watched his few lectures and couldn't find anything that I can say he is indeed a researcher with in depth knowledge of Shia - Sunni issues. If anyone is aware about websites refuting their claims please do inform me.
  10. Walaikum Asalam brother, yes he is from Hyderabad but currently living in a foriegn country persuing his masters degree, Thanks for your help I have contact numbers of abbas book depot and I will buy some books in hindi then send them to brother's address but I was looking for the names of books that someone has read and find beneficial so that i can buy and recommend the same books to brother.
  11. No brother actually this is the problem that comes in my way language barrier, I couldn't help him because he only knows hindi, anyways I know a scholar from Delhi who might help him if I don't find some brothers here on internet who can recommend me some books. If you have some contacts with hindi speaking religious people please ask them for help, websites, books, blogs etc anything that can be helpful. It is so unfortunate that there are so many shias living in India who are native hindi speakers yet there is not a single book or websites dedicated to those who want to benefit from Islam.
  12. Asalamu Alaikum Does anyone know about books in hindi about basic shia beliefs, I know someone who has converted to Islam but totally unaware about Shia-school and Islam, it is fasting that attracts him towards Islam but he has not researched or read anything else till now, the only language he knows is hindi and I really don't know which book I should recommend him because I haven't read any book about Islam in hindi?? After talking to him it seems he has just recited Shahadah but in practical life he is far away from the teachings of Islam and not a practicing muslim at all, so please suggest some books that will really have a deep impact on him and he will get to know about the pleasure of following Allah's commandments, some books on Quran, spirituality, about the life of Prophet, Fatima, Zainab (peace be upon all of them) and Karbala.
  13. Sorry معلی بن خنیس not معلی بن جیس