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  1. Shia studies

    Walaikum Asalam, God bless you best of luck,This might be helpful to you en.miu.ac.ir
  2. Purpose of Life

    What is the average age people find their purpose of life?? And why is it that at one stage of our life we feel as if we find what we actually need to do or achieve but the very next day it turns to be just wastage of time?? Is this only happening with me or everyone goes through these kinds of ups and downs in life about their passion /purpose.
  3. Theft- sincere repentance

    He should confront his friend but in a way that will keep him anonymous, may be he should say that a person stole these dollars from you and now he has repented and ashamed of his mistake, so he handed money to me to return you back because he doesn't dare to come in front of you & wants me not to reveal his identity, here is your money take it back and forgive the guy.
  4. Walaikum Asalam According to the fatawa of Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi & Ayatollah Khaminie it is recommended (Mustahab) to say اعوذ باللہ من الشیطان الرجیم before Surah Al-hamd in the first Rakaat of every prayer , Pay attention only in the first Rakaat not in second . Source :Book of verdicts (Tawzee Al Masail)
  5. Asalamu Alaikum Can anyone suggest me some books about polygamy that can help me to understand it from Islamic perspective??
  6. Dowry

    Asalam Alaikum. What are your views about dowry ? If a bride brings property , money or any other expensive item to her husband's house at the time of her marriage and you are against it because these things lead to domestic violence where a women has to suffer just because her In-laws feel that they haven't received enough dowry ? Then how will you answer to a non muslim if he asks you that why there is Mahr in Islam where a groom has to pay to the bride otherwise marriage will not be valid as per the rulings of Islam ? If a demand from men is wrong then how can a women ask for Mahr ?
  7. Salamun Alaikum. What is women empowerment ?? Why is it important ??How many of you out there support it and how many oppose ??
  8. Khomeini(ra) taught us true Islam

    Great revolutionary scholar I like him and his powerful speeches.
  9. Sunni Vs. Shia

    1.You are proud to be a shia. The things that makes you proud to be a shia are the reasons that you should be a shia 2. You know Shia school is correct. When one knows something is correct then he/she should be an enthusiastic follower of such thing, remain firmly on it and guide others. Ask yourself a question what are my responsibilities as a shia once you get the answer then you never ever ask again why you should be a shia???
  10. Taqwa

    What do you mean by networks brother ?
  11. Do Shiah believe in Nasikh wa'l Mansukh?

    May be this can help you brother, Watch It lecture by Syed Ammar
  12. A gift for Imam e Zamana a.s

    May Allah bless all brothers and sisters out there who are spreading the teachings of Ahlibait(as)
  13. A gift for Imam e Zamana a.s

    Ameen...Thank You so much for your Duas brother, It is my pleasure to have you here and I am so glad to learn from you, I will certainly benefit from you and your research , May Allah Subhanwatalah Increase your knowledge and raise you with Muhammad and Alee- Muhammad ( Peace be upon them all), It is because of brothers like you that people like me who is an ignorant and miles away from Islam learns how much we should care about our religion and give our time to It . I have lots of respect for you In my heart because I saw you from the first day I joined Shiachat educating people and helping them, You are kind and care for everyone and calling them towards Islam . You are a man of respect. Mazeed Kuch Nahi Likh Sakhta Because English Khatam Ho Gayi..Lol.
  14. A gift for Imam e Zamana a.s

    Mashallah brother fantastic answers to the questions, I don't know about others whether they are convincing and satisfactory to them or not but to me they are indeed informative and helpful. I learn so many things and added new information to my knowledge , There is everything in your answers based upon Quranic Injunctions , lessons taught by Imams, reasoning and science , it is really inspiring and has a deep impact on me . The verses you have quoted shows clearly your attachment to the Quran which in turn makes it clear how close you are to the Imam of our era Imam Mehdi( Atfs). Our purpose of life, why Hijab for women not men, Reply to the questions asked by Atheists , Meaning of real love, dangers of homosexuality and harm it can inflict on mankind and other things you have discussed are worthy to be appreciated and must be read again and again Unfortunately I haven't read the last part of your diary but I will do it soon Inshallah , the best line that I like most from the book is the one that is at the end of the question about Hijab (1) Cover your body for female (2) Tie a cloth on the eyes of men. " You are covered in cloth and our eyes are tied by cloth so both are in hijab" I imprint these lines on my heart and mind and I will never forget them, these lines are worthy to be praised In Urdu what we say about these kinds of beautiful lines ( Samandar to Koozay Mai Bandh Kar Dena) . However I feel you should add the verses in it (Diary)because this way a reader can benefit more, He will get to know about the verses dealing with different aspects of life and benefit from them as well , One more thing the verse you have translated on page five from Surah-Fatiha is not how Shia translators translate , Most Shia translators if not all whether in English or Urdu translate this verse "Guide us on the straight path" but Sunni brothers (translators) translate " Guide us to the straight path" and you have quoted Sunni translators Check It (O! Allah direct us to the……….) Which one translation is more accurate Allah( Swt)knows best and I cannot determine it because I'm an ignorant and totally unaware about Arabic, But what I understand when I read the next and last verse of Surah Fatiha "Guide us on the straight path'' is more accurate why ? There is a difference between "Guide us to the straight path" and " Guide us on the straight path" When we say guide us to the straight path it means the path of guidance is still unknown to us and when we say " Guide us on the straight path’’ it means we are on the straight path but wants to be steadfast on it and begging Allah(s) to help us. What is straight path one finds answer in the next and last verse of Surah Fatiha, '' The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors '' I have read some narrations which explicitly say that the people upon whom Allah has bestowed his favors people who are straight path is prophet Muhammad( Saw) and his pure progeny(as) , So we shias already know what straight path is and we have adopted their teachings and adhere to them means we are on straight path , When we are already on straight path then translating verse " Guide us to the straight path " is not correct because we have chosen that path however what we need is perseverance to remain on it till the last breath of our life so we say " Guide us on the straight path '' means we are on the path of guidance , We are on the path of Ahlibait (as) but help us and keep guiding us on this path so that no one can deviate us from it . I wish I could convey to you what I am trying to say in a better way , I am struggling with my English that is why I'm not able to express my views in a clear way , I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, if you didn't get me let me know I will write in Urdu. And at last I appreciate the love you have in your heart for the school of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq(as), It clearly appears from the book the love, pain, enthusiasm and dedication you have towards religion,the time you have spend in gaining knowledge and the ways you are using spread it , May Allah(s) bless you and increase your knowledge . Don't forget your brother in your prayers I need them so that Allah(s) have mercy on me and help me to pass the test we are all going through, Stay blessed brother.
  15. Can sunnis explain this hadith

    أخبرني أبو حفص عمر بن محمد بن علي الصيرفي قال : حدثنا أبو الحسين العباس بن المغيرة الجوهري قال : حدثنا أبو بكر أحمد بن منصور الرمادي قال : حدثنا أحمد بن صالح قال : حدثنا عنبسة قال : أخبرني يونس ، عن ابن شهاب ، عن عبيد الله بن عبد الله بن عتبة ، عن عبد الله بن العباس قال : لما حضرت النبي صلى الله عليه وآله الوفاة وفي البيت رجال فيهم عمر بن الخطاب ، فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم : هلموا أكتب لكم كتابا لن تضلوا بعده أبدا ؟ فقال عمر : لا تأتوه بشئ فإنه قد غلبه الوجع وعندكم القرآن ، حسبنا كتاب الله الإرشاد ، شيخ مفيد here are some other references about this historical event recorded in our books and even if it wasn't there in our books we can cite them while debating with others who is our opponent and believe that whatever is in these books(Sahih Bukhari and Muslim) is authentic and these are the basic rules of debate http://www.valiasr-aj.com/persian/shownews.php?idnews=5151