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  1. Anti-Semitic Attack on Israeli Arab

    @Ashvazdanghe Hmm, yea, of course they dont recognize Palestine. Thats part of making it/them go away and legitimizing their occupation, which is ultimately their goal-to make palestine/palestinians go away. I dont recognize them as legitimate either, as they basically forcefully and violently usurped the land the Palestinians were living on for generations. Thats why it seems strange that he would identify himself as being an "Israeli" citizen. Its as if hes cosigning their presence. I dont know. It just doesnt sit well with me, but oh well. W/s
  2. Anti-Semitic Attack on Israeli Arab

    Salaam, i read this article on Haaretz and was suprised that he identified himself as "Israeli Arab"... Why not Palestinian Arab? Am i missing something here? Seems like a strange thing to do considering the situation over there. W/s
  3. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    Salaamun akeikum, its because one of the main reasons men seek out relationships with women in the first place is their sexual drive. Its part of guaranteeing survival of the species. Once intercourse is achieved with a woman, surges of hormons,like oxytocin, which is the "bonding"hormon, floods the brain and men become even more cemented and attached to the woman and the relationship. When a man engages in porn,masterbation, etc, not only is he satisfying his need without a woman, but he is cementing the idea that he doesnt need a relationship (marriage) to fullfill this desire as hes doing it on his own and with less stress,responsibility, etc.that comes with having an actuall relationship.( This alone can lead to less masculine men as they end up shirking the masculine roles Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has assigned to them and enforcing more feministic and childish attributes into themselves mentally and spiritually) Hes forming an abnormal and unislamic bond to porn, attachment to the act and to himself as the hormonal surge happens regardless if it is with an actuall woman or simply sensory stimuli. who is he associating this wonderfull feeling flood of hormons and chemicals with?? Porn and himself.:/ All of this fosters a very imbalanced man, mentality, spirituality, physically and sexually. Repetition of this action can also lead to addiction, further reinforcing all these problems and distancing him from actuall human reletionships. As humans, we need interaction with each other ,because if there is no one there to "check" us or advise us of the shortcommings we are blind to, people develope very weird and antisocial behaviors and thought processes after awhike. Ive seen this first hand a few different times. Anyhow, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has made this action impermissable, for BOTH sexes, for many reasons, and this situation is clearly one when you take all this into consideration and look at the harm it causes. W/s
  4. Christianity

    Salaam all, little side note here, i was talking with someone the other day, and they explained a theory to me that actually appeals to the rational. They said that from the beginning of Christs (AS) life, the Jews had a problem. First,they slandered Mary claiming she comitted a sin as she wasnt married when she concieved, then throughout his life, they were mostly hostile to him, causing problems and rallying against him all they way til the time of crucifiction and their attempt to crucify/murder him. (There were probably even attempts made on his life which have been lost to history,but this is only mere speculation even though it sounds highly probable) Clearly, they hated what he was and what he stood for..this hatred still exists today when you see people like Sarah Silverstein saying, "yeah, we killed Christ, and Id do it again". The same goes for an episode Larry David is in where he "accidentally"urinates on a picture of Jesus(AS) in a restroom. Why Jesus' picture was even in a restroom to begin with shows the contempt towards him. There are many other blatant acts that have been committed in an attempt to humiliate Jesus til this day. (Funny how even though this is so, a large portion of christians in this country are pro-Israel citing the Old Testament as justification to ligitimize the occupation, even though they harbor hatred for Cristianitys most revered figure.) Seeing the evidence throughout history, and what has been written in the Quran about Bani Israel, it brings into queation the true intention of Paul and his "vision" of Christ that supposedly caused him to convert to Christianity after having been such a staunch enemy and persecutor of Christians,killing many of them. What a plan that would be to claim he had such an experience, use it to justify preaching a new gospel (trinity/no need for action as simple belief in Christ is sufficient for salvation, allowing pork, etc) that would ultimately remove people from the actual truth of what Jesus(AS) spoke, obfuscating the message and misleading the Christians for all time to come. What better a way to destroy Jesus, his followers, and the afterlife of these people who than by changing basically EVERYTHING as he went along preaching throughout the region, near and far. In other words, to destroy it from the inside out. In Islam, the concept of tawheed is SO important, that people have to have the correct understanding of what that means, how nothing is seperate from Allah, and how ultimately, since all emanates from Allah and all of creation is manifest through his attributes, technically, there really isnt anything OTHER than Allah. Paul ultimately ruined the essence and tawheed of Christianity with the concept of trinity, at least for most Christians unless they are unitarians, which unfortunately there are few of these days, as theyve been persecuted throughout time as well:( Since pauls little escapade is included in the New Testament, there couldnt be any claims of it being altered as what he wrote was written from within Christianity, so its not an alteration, just completely false. Just a theory- W/s
  5. Sunni Source : Arrival of Al Sufyani after 39

    @Ashvazdanghe i guess im not suprised. There are many other very important writings and books that havent been translated into english yet either, which makes learning about Islam, especially deeply, MUCH harder for people, especially converts. As a convert, i want to learn EVERYTHING about Islam. So many times i have heard of a book that really grabs my attention and interest and i get excited to read it, and then i find out its not in english:/ In sha Allah this will change. W/s
  6. Sunni Source : Arrival of Al Sufyani after 39

    Oh wow, thanks brother!
  7. Sunni Source : Arrival of Al Sufyani after 39

    Salaam, ive quite often wondered why there are so many hadith recognized and accepted by the Sunnis that deal with the end times, the minor and major signs, and things like that, but we have hardly any, if at all. Sorry, i dont know the answer to your queation. I havent even heard of that particular hadith before. W/s
  8. truth

    The misconception that Imam Hussein(AS) committed suicide is totally inaccurate. A reason why suicide is haram is because it is haram to despair of hope in Allah. People who commit suicide have lost hope in Allah that their situation will improve so they take their own life. It is the act of despairing that is haram, and Imam Hussein(AS) never lost his hope in Allah through it all so it isnt considered suicide.
  9. truth

    @Son of Placid very good points, and i agree that the particular impact the part "the children of Israel, children of Elohim" makes is most likely not a big deal. I just find the article/post interesting. For anyone that may be questioning my intention or may be suprised at some of my posts in this thread, my sole objective is to get to the Truth and the correct understanding of Islam and the other Holy Books. I think it should be the goal of any honest God loving/God fearing person to seek to uncover the truth of ANY matter that is being discussed, in any conversation and be willing to let go of preconceptions and biases if we find they go against the Truth. I think thats what most of us are doing here, is debating and trying to figure out what exactly IS the truth, i just wanted to clarify that my goal isnt to pull an "Im right, youre wrong" simply because i was raised to believe a certain idea, or maybe made assumptions based on lack of knowledge, so if I do infact discover something that turns out to be the Truth and is against any current beliefs i hold, im willing to accept that new piece of information as opposed to denying it and refusing to accept it. w/s
  10. truth

    This is kinda interesting, however its probably not exactly what many people would accept as significant enough. And i keep having that one incident where Prophet Mohammad judges the Jews by their book, so how coukd he justly judge them if the book was too corrupted? Or maybe that was a lesson in itself? To get judged according to a book that was corrupted would be a real bad time::( Anyway, i got this from a website thats the Jewish equivalent of Shia Chat: The truth is that every bit of evidence we have says that the Torah underwent changes. But most of these changes were not usually significant, though sometimes enough changes could become significant. [Of the Biblical textual differences, most of them are names of places, spelling differences, ages or heights of people.] For example, by the time we reach the flood during the time of Noah, the "Official" Torah has existed for 1,656 years, whereas other ancient versions has the world having existed for 2,242 years. Any differences that were theological in nature were very rare.1 But what is also true that after a certain time in history, the Torah/Biblical text stopped changing, and every Jewish community ended up with the same text (minus incidental spelling differences of the same words). By the time of Muhammed, every [known] Jewish community had the same Biblical text [as in any differences between texts didn't change anything theologically], but the Dead Sea Scrolls has also shown that there existed corruptions of some form or the other which I will show before. The version of the text that Jews have been relying upon for the past 1,000 years is called the Masoretic text. This is the "official" version of the Biblical text for religious Jews. Unfortunately, this "text" in manuscript form is only 1,000 years old. The oldest [surviving and unfortunately not complete] manuscript we have of the Masoretic text is the Aleppo Codex, which has been digitized and can be viewed/read here: http://aleppocodex.org/ Note that there are other types of Masoretic text, but the Aleppo Codex was used by the Rambam, and he claimed that all [scholars] relied upon it, and this codex was treasured and highly valued by all of wolrd Jewry. However, we know that the Torah is more than 1,000 years old, so what about more ancient manuscripts? Well, we didn't have any older Hebrew manuscripts, but we had other manuscripts of ancient Greek, Aramaic, Samaritan, and Latin translations of the Hebrew Bible. The problem? There were lots of differences between these translations and the Masoretic Text. For example, the Greek translation, called the Septuagint, had extra verses in the Torah, had extra books (such as Ben Sirach, Ecclesiasticus, Maccabees, etc), and had extra chapters for books like Daniel. Rabbis in historical discourses between them and Catholics said those changes were caused by the process of the translation, or due to books being included for political reasons etc. But the problem is that most times, all these different ancient translations would agree with each other, and it was only the Masoretic text that would be different. An example would be Genesis 4:8. The Masoretic text says the following: Notice something missing? The Masoretic text states "And Cain said to Able....and they were in the field." The Masoretic text doesn't state what Cain says. But the Greek Septuagint, the Samaritan Torah, the Pe[Edited Out]ta, and every other ancient manuscripts have these extra words: "And Cain said to Able let us go to the field..." So we have instances of every older translation of the Hebrew text being in agreement, and the Masoretic text being the only one that's different. And then the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. And while they are also missing the words of Cain, there are literally thousands of differences between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Masoretic text. And many times, the Dead Sea Scrolls agrees with the older translations and disagrees with the Masoretic text. A good example is this question: How tall was Goliath? 1st Samuel 17:4 Masoretic Text: So according to the Masoretic text, Goliath was roughly 9 feet tall, which is quite miraculous. But The Septuagint, Josephus, other ancient texts and the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls read the following: So with the Dead Sea Scrolls we have strong corroborating evidence that the Masoretic Text is corrupt with how tall Goliath was. And yet Jews disregard this very strongevidence and continue to teach their kids that Goliath was a 9 foot tall giant, when the reality is that he was probably about 6'9. Another famous example of where ancient translations and the Dead Sea Scrolls agree against the Masoretic text is Psalm 145, known as Ashrei, which is recited every Shabbat. The Psalm is an Acrostic, with every line beginning with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet, except for the letter Nun. The Babylonian Talmud discusses this: Berakhot 4b: But the Septuagint, Pe[Edited Out]ta, Vulgate, and Dead Sea Scrolls are in agreement that there should be a line with a Nun, and here it is: "Faithful is the LORD in all His ways, and merciful in all His works" (Hebrew: "נאמן אלוהים בדבריו וחסיד בכל מעשיו"). But what about examples where all the older manuscripts agree, but we didn't find a copy of it in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Well, we have an example that appears to be a clear case of textual corruption: Masoretic Text: 1st Samuel 13:1 We all know that Saul was more than a year old when he became king, and we know that he reigned for more than 2 years. Yet Jewish tradition explains away these discrepancies rather than try to discuss possible corruptions. Take a look at Rashi's comment on that verse: And yet the Septuagint, Vulgate, and every other ancient text has this text: Unfortunately we didn't find a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls that contains this verse, but considering our other examples thus far, it would more than likely match this text. All of these examples thus far have shown differences of little theological importance, so let's show one that has big implications. Deuteronomy 32:8 Masoretic Version: Dead Sea Scrolls: So while the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that there was a lot of differences in the Biblical text, we stop seeing these kinds of large changes after the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls are dated to be written around 100-300BCE, but after that, the texts seem to be much more fixed and stop having any relevant differences. Maybe the scribes got more oversight, or were better at their craft. Maybe differing manuscripts were destroyed or lost to history with the destruction of the Temple and therefore could no longer be copied or spread around. Either way, there is credibility to the claim that our text has not been a perfect transmission. But most of the "changes" wouldn't matter religiously, to Muhammed, or to Jews.
  11. truth

    As salaamun aleikum, Yes, im sure there is some issue with contemporaries that was going on, but i think whats being said is that it was their general behavior in the past to change and distort things. Things are kind of vague, and i have a tendency to lean towards what @wmehar2 has mentioned above. I guess there is another issue, and that would be what is explained in this link, which is from a Jewish/Israeli newspaper. For me, i just see that there were so many people involved at so many different times in history, that its hard for me to believe that at some point, if not at many, that things were changed, for whatever reasons there may have been. https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/.premium-who-wrote-the-torah-1.5318582 There really isnt any timeline provided.
  12. truth

    As salaamun aleikum, From Al Mizan, 2;75 Allameh Tabatabaie: (٧٥) أَفَتَطْمَعُونَ أَن يُؤْمِنُواْ لَكُمْ وَقَدْ كَانَ فَرِيقٌ مِّنْهُمْ يَسْمَعُونَ كَلاَمَ اللّهِ ثُمَّ يُحَرِّفُونَهُ مِن بَعْدِ مَا عَقَلُوهُ وَهُمْ يَعْلَمُونَ Do you then hope that they would believe in you? While a party from among them indeed used to hear the word of Allah, then altered it after they had understood it, and they know (this) (75). Qur’an: Do you then hope . . . and they know this: The speech is now addressed to the Prophet and the believers, referring to the Jews in third person. This same style was used in the preceding story of the Cow, because the Jews had omitted the event from the Torah. These verses continue that mode of address because it exposes their habit of altering and manipulating the divine book. Commentary The context shows that the unbelievers, and especially those of Medina, thought that the Jews were the likeliest people to help and support the Apostle of Allah at his advent. The pagan tribes of Aws and Khazraj lived with the Jews of Medina, and they knew that the latter followed a divine religion and a revealed book. Thus it was not too much to expect them to believe in the latest in the series of divine religions and books. This was the basis of their hope that the Jews would accept the Apostle of Allah as the true prophet, and would strengthen the cause of religion, and actively participate in the propagation of truth. But no sooner did the Prophet migrate to Medina than the Jews showed their latent hostility. The hope was shattered and the expectation turned to disappointment. That is why Allah addresses the believers, saying: “Do you then hope that they would believe in you?” Concealment of truth and alteration of divine words was their deep-rooted life-pattern. Why wonder if they go back on what they used to say before the advent of Islam? W/s
  13. Riba

    Salaamun aleikum, Allamah Tabatabaie discusses this hadith in Al Mizan. The word "riba" used in the hadith does not mean interest itself, but means USURIOUS interest, something that makes people perpetual slaves to debt. The Arabic word that means reasonable and Just interest is fa'edeh. Back in the time of jahilliya, people would charge extreme unreasonable amounts of interest, like i will loan a person some $$$ til 3 months from now. When the person couldnt come up with the $$$ in time, it would double to 5 times the amount and continue til the person was in deep debt. The way things are now, even with "low" interest rates, people are only able to pay like maybe 35% towards the principle on each payment they make thanks to the greed of the criminal banking kabbal. The kind of interest that is REASONABLE is not forbidden, in fact, it doesnt make sense that ALL interest would be forbidden considering the fact that after a period of time, money isnt worth the same amount it was when it was loaned out. I dont know how old you are, but Im going to ask you this question anyways. If you go to a store with a $100 bill today, can you buy as much stuff as you could buy 5 years ago with the same $100 bill? Say a person borrows $5000 dollars from me and doesnt pay me back til 5 years later. By that time, the actual worth of the money i loaned the person has now increased anywhere from %2 to %4 per year due to inflation, and this is normal. This happens because resources on earth are finite, yet people keep building and having babies, so the demand is increasing but the raw materials are the same. To not charge the minimum amount of interest in order to collect the actual amount due back to me 5 years later, AFTER inflation, would amount to me actually paying THEM to borrow money from ME. Now Islamically, that would be an honorable thing to do, to only collect back the exact amount loaned as opposed to tacking on the inflation increase, just to be charitable and nice, but not everyone, Muslim or non Muslim, is that charitable. A person may not even be in the same financial position to do that by the time the money is due back to them. A lot can change in 5 years. Anyhow, Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has designed a system that is Just for everyone, so to think that we would be expected to short change ourselves doesnt make sense,nor does it make sense for money loaners to exploit and enslave practically all of humanity to them and their system. Islam is a sensible and fair religion and way of life. Regarding the OPs question, in Islam, we have this thing where we have to live by the rules of the country we live in,and most likely the OP is not in an Islamic country/society hence the usurious interest predicament they are in. The example given is one of a contract where all parties involved have agreed on the terms of the contract, so the OP cant just nullify, abrogate, cancel, back out or change the terms of this contract based on the new Islamic knowledge that has come to them,but however, Islamically, once he becomes aware, he shoukd do whatever he can to legally renegotiated the terms to a more reasonable amount. Unless a renegotiation is possible, they are most likely stuck with the situation until all the debt is paid back. Given the fact that the OP agreed to the contract BEFORE the Islamic knowledge was known to them, Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى in sha Allah wont hold them liable for getting involved in the first place as they honestly didnt know-in other words, they didnt intentionally break Allahsسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى commands. Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى doesnt make us guilty of things we do unknowingly, but that changes once the knowledge is known to us. W/s
  14. Prince Salman

    Salaamun aleikum all, So tired of reading about the misleading theater being passed off on the uneducated and gullible masses -.- https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/04/mohammed-bin-salman-iran-israel/557036/
  15. Would you marry her?

    As salaamun aleikum, few points here. There are many things to take into consideration here, and as always, there are exceptions and outliers. One of the things is, many people who are still young and virgin themself, want someone of the same standing as them, and this is understandable. May Allah grant them their wishes. Another type of people don't care too much, and say it's okay if it was done in a Halal manner. Then there are the older ones who have lived life long enough to understand that this is not something that has so much importance in and of itself to obsess over. Ultimately, no matter the situation, what IS is important is having good deen, aklaq, and all the other aspects of our religion There are Converts that come to Islam who have a past, but the important thing here is that they have changed their lives around. It is always better to be honest. The Quran verse that says clean men for clean women and vise versa is not to be boiled down to only the physical aspect of purity as that of virginity being the soul identifying factor of being pure. However, in choosing a spouse for permanent marriage, the 2 people must be well balanced in many aspects, like their level of practice, future goals, children, hobbies/interests, education and many other factors, not just virginity, but it is the responsibility of each person to be be brutally honest WITH THEMSELVES regarding if they are sincerely able to committ to a marriage where the 2 do mot match exactly in one or more of these areas, including with someone who has had other relationships in the past. One more point id like to make is that Islam is an all incompassing religion, meaning, it IS and HAD to be designed to accomodate ALL types of people, including the "weakest link" in the chain, please excuse the expression. What i mean by this is, on average and at the very basic level, most men are not going to be driven absolutely and uncontrollably crazy by a woman bearing her hair, or her ankle, wrist, etc, but do you know who is? The man (or even woman) who is maybe not completely mentally stable and does not have strong impulse control, or the person who is compromised already by too much other stresses, or maybe the young man who has not learned effective sexual restraint methods to practice, or maybe the young woman who had a bad childhood and throughout her life has struggled with self esteem issues who unfortunately needs a mans "approval" to feel validated, etc. prior to converting to Islam, and last but not least, the couple who are older and know not EVERY couple can have a successdul marriage so before diving in, decide to engage in mutah to really find out their compatibility before going permanent and possibly making a huge life and community altering mistake.There are many other types of people and situations, and alhamdulilah Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى devised a system that has not omitted a single possibility and provided mutah as a halal means to address these people and circumstances, so we should be carefull before we doubt why it is part of our religion or if it is morally wrong according to our personal opinions. W/s