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  1. Convince Me That Shia Is Right.

    That I am ??
  2. I wanted to know if we are allowed to get organ transplants from animals and I wanted to know which organs a human can get a transplantation on Thank you
  3. Convince Me That Shia Is Right.

    Ok first of all if aisha is good why would she leave the house, gather 13000 people to fight against ali a.s in the battle of camel.it mentions in surah ahzaab that all wives stay in your homes. (I just simplified it there but it is in surah ahzaab) secondly in surah tahrim it talks about the wives of prophets including prophet muhammad s.a.ww.it says how aisha annoyed him and how hafsa used to lie and answer back to him.(in the quran it shows the phrase she said to him).surah 66 Thirdly umar changed rules: At a funeral one day everyone was folding there arms to show respect for the dead person.He then saw what they were doing and decided that it looked good.he then decided that everyone should pray like that.This was the first split as some people didn't agree with his new rule of prayer. when the prophet s.a.ww was near the end of his life Gibrael said to him that he must announce ali a.s as the next caliph.the prophet s.a.ww then stood on a high hill with ali a.s for 3 days saying how after me ali is next..gibrael said it is so important you say it that if you don't your prophethood won't be accepted! As for Abu bakr , umar ,uthman they didn't listen to the rules of the prophet s.a.ww so ali a.s was caliph after. I know I didn't put the aya numbers and hadith numbers but this is all true ! May Allah guide all sunni to the right path as we should all be muslim and not split !
  4. Did Shias Killed Imam Husain (Alayhe Al Salam) ?

    Tell your friend that at the time there was no shia or sunni so how could we have done it?! The split was the people that followed imam hussain a.s and then there was the people that followed yazid and umar ibn saad.If we did it why would we be stupid to blame ourselves.we cry and mourn every muharram to commemorate the thirst and pain everyone was in and we shia wish that we couldhv'e been there to help him.