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  1. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    With due respect I don't agree with this. I don't know about rest of the world but in India we have Ahle sunnat masjids praying azaan all 5 times through loudspeakers and yet shias don't separate their prayers.
  2. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    Okay. But Holy Prophet(pbuh) prayed separately oftentimes and combined very few times (with or without reason). Should we also call this sunnah and follow it??
  3. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    So I conclude that combination, with reason is fine, but doing that every day WITHOUT ANY REASON is not allowed. But then this puts entire shia world in a huge problem because most of the people combine without any genuine reason.
  4. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    Can you please translate for us? Thanks.
  5. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    But I don't understand if it is most recommendable to pray at different times, then why the entire Shia world combines the prayers? I can understand people who are busy in earning and working they can combine. But why everyone? Are we not taking undue advantage of facility provided to us?
  6. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    1. Is there only one such incident or many where the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) combined his prayers?? 2. Is this hadith reliable? 3. What about our Imams, how did they pray? Any hadiths or literature. Please share?
  7. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    And where can I get the Risalah?
  8. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    But I asked a hadith in support of combination from SHIA BOOKS. Because we must have a proper evidence for such a widely practiced sunnah. Every time we cannot use Sunni books for our conclusion. We know that shias have their own books and don't need to refer sunni sources except when there is some debate with them.
  9. Combination of "DAILY" Prayers

    Of course brother. I meant praying asr before the "asr time" and praying esha before the "isha time"
  10. Salam, I need proof from only shia books about combination of daily prayers.
  11. The Choice To Be Under Trial

    Salaam on you as well, I have also been thinking about this. God brings everyone into this world and we don't have an option, whether to take this test or not. He is a creator and we are the creation.
  12. The Choice To Be Under Trial

    Salaam on you as well, I have also been thinking about this. God brings everyone into this world and we don't have an option, whether to take this test or not. He is a creator and we are the creation.
  13. Self Beating And Islam

    Of course I have heard this from maualnas and zakirs about this tradition of acting sorrowful if one is not able to cry. But we can't extend this logic to anything and everything we want. For example : If one is not able to pray salat because of illness he is not instructed to act like a namazi, he is instructed to pray namaz the way he is able to. Similarly if a person doesn't have true aqeedah in Islam, and he is acting to be a believer he is called munafiq, isn't he? To look sorrowful is only for this particular act because it is a clear cut instruction from an Infallible. Can you show me one narration in which we are instructed by Ahlabayt (as) to perform THIS type of matam. Regarding the marja taqleed I don't think so this question was presented before them earlier and as I said earlier the essence of any type of self beating is sorrow and to understand this we don't have to ask a mujtahid it is common sense. We are not ritual protectors we are mourners.
  14. Self Beating And Islam

    We are talking about THAT ritual of matam which is performed without grieving or remembering the sufferings of Imam Husain(as). This matam is more customary in which most of the people are not mourning. We are not talking about THAT matam which is automatically performed while mourning on Ahlabayt (as) as this is obvious and natural and is allowed without a doubt, even though if it leads to blood flowing out of one's body. (Not Tatbir)
  15. Self Beating And Islam

    Well, using Twitter, FB and awareness campaigns are good ways of spreading the message of Karbala. It comes under Tableegh of deen. It is not azadari, but it promotes message of Imam Husain(as). Aza simply means mourning/crying/grieving promoting azadari is tableegh. Anything cannot be included in aza just like that even though they may be good or permissible actions. To my understanding it has to come under definition of aza.