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  1. Unity Amongst Shias - Most Important

    Masha Allah, Thanks for your post. In real life, this kind of behavior makes me stay away from community. Thanks to show that there are many people think like you.
  2. Shia Muslim Mosque In China? (shanghai)

    For now, I live in Shanghai, there are no Shia mosque. However Chinese Muslim Brother are very nice. I always go to Pudong Mosque near Yuanshen Stadium Metro Station line 6.
  3. Islamic China

    Anybody can provide an info? I'll be there in Feb 2015.
  4. chinese Shi'a

    I am about to go to shanghai Feb 2015, nice to hear there is Shia in China. But don't know any in Shanghai. ):
  5. Ashura in Thailand

    There are lots of Shia in Bangkok. I'm Thai use to work in Bangkok.
  6. Buku2 Ahlulbayt

    thanks for sharing.
  7. Shias In Thailand

    Al Huda Mosque in Talingchan area.
  8. Doing My Degree From China

    Should learn Mandarin before enter China.
  9. Mosque & Halal Food In Shanghai

    I was in Shanghai in year 2010, there are lots of Halal Food.
  10. Son Of Imad Mughniye Became Shahid

    Inna lillah wainna ilaihi rajiun.
  11. Shia Mosques in Bangkok?

    There are many Shia Mosque in Bangkok and Husainiyah are alot too. I can recommend Al Huda Mosque at Talingchan which Sheik Ghulam Ali teaching at this place, another place that I always join is Husainiyah Baqirul Uluum which located in Thonburi area Thoedthai 17 road (Sheik Soleh Phumeesuk is teaching here) its a small house(not big Mosque, the bid mosque is belong to Sunni Brothers).
  12. Shia In Shanghai?

    Assalam Aleikom, I'm about to going to Shanghai for working on Feb 2015 and might stay at least a year, I'm wondering are there Shia community in shanghai? I was in Shanghai year 2010 but did not have opportunity to find them on that period. Please,if brothers here can help. Thanks Khuda Hafiz