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  1. Iran

    I so much wish to visit Iran. Will Iranians let Americans go there? To see the beautiful mosque
  2. What is an ideal economic system?

    In the time the Christian profit you got rich by conquering robbing other people's things. People who creating Google Facebook Microsoft. Rich by making things people wish to have. The person who got rich with Hershey bars made you happy
  3. FAJR

    I feel so guilty most the time I cannot get up I cannot get myself up for FAJR prayer. I feel so guilty I have an excuse I'm 74 years old I know that's no excuse I'm I can't do it. The only thing I want to do for the rest of my life. Is try to be the best Muslim I can be. I feel so guilty
  4. What is an ideal economic system?

    It's like putting salt on your food little salt is good. Too much salt kills you. The government is supposed to stay out of your life. It is not supposed to rob you of most of your wealth.. Socialism is evil it destroys wealth it does not create wealth. O Allah forgive me please no more politics. Okay more Virginia was destroyed by white racists and black racist and Marxist atheists who all are against the Koran
  5. What is an ideal economic system?

    Mashallah. What is happening I come to this site for my love of Allah the holy Koran. And I find myself talking silly politics.Astaghfiru lillah. Maybe I'm just getting too old. Forgive me
  6. What is an ideal economic system?

    Democratic socialism is like saying democratic rate we get the vote to take other people's property. You can always get people to vote to take other people's things
  7. What is an ideal economic system?

    Are you saying that someone who is into drugs does not wish to work. Should steal the money from someone who does not use drugs and works very hard for his family. The Koran teaches one to be righteous. Not to take drugs
  8. What is an ideal economic system?

    With all its injustice the best system to raise workers living standards. It is not hard to pick the free enterprise system. No one is trying to go move to North Korea are Cuba.
  9. What is an ideal economic system?

    socialists try to create paradise on earth. Being human they create hell. Only Allah can create paradise not humans
  10. India:60 deaths over 5 days without Oxygen :(

    There are no words to to truly express the sorrow
  11. Du'a to be recited after every Salah

    The prayer was so beautiful I cried
  12. Transgender in Islam

    Iranian allow and help pay for transgender surgery ayatollah said transgender surgery was in keeping with Islam.Islam is a religion of compassion
  13. Allah's Hijab

    I am American Muslim .times dirty looks and discussi words said to me. It's like water on a ducks back. Because I know in Allah eyes I dress correctly. It gives me great joy and happiness
  14. In United States where can you buy one
  15. Re-Engineered Women

    in the so-called liberation of women in America has been a disaster for American women and children. I believe the rate is 65% of all children are raised by single women. This is a disaster for the woman and the child. But has been great for men. And without religion. The prisons are filled with their children. Without love all of Allah there can be no safety for women