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  1. Bismehe Ta3ala,

    Assalam Alikum brother

    I'm glad you are with us.  Do you think you can dedicate everyday an x amount of salawat?  It can be as small as 3 or as much as you want but be consistent and don't break the chain.  When you first wake up, just remember to do it quickly, 3 salawats before you get out of bed.

    Or before you sleep do tasbee7 al zahraa.  Any type of dhikr brother.

    Allah farraj 3nnak.

    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

    1. laithAlIRAQI


      Ws sis.

      Hmm I feel like I've abandoned god, so  I dont think there's a point in saying a bunch of salawat. 

      That's for caring tho.

    2. Laayla


      Bismehe Ta3ala,

      A few months back you were at ziyarat al imam Hussain.  What would happen in your life to make you abandon Allah?

      I would always ask about you every now and then on your wellbeing , is there anyone you can trust or confide in your family or your community?

      Did someone hurt you so badly?  


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