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  1. Can't marry the person i love

    Forget about this thread
  2. How do you deal with this situation? It really bugs me. Monad dont post on my thread, I dont wanna see you here.
  3. Thoughts 2017

    Some of the pictures I took from ziyara and the walk.
  4. Thoughts 2017

    I just got back to basra... i cant believe it's all finished... The walk was just beautiful and i can't wait to do it again. I even met a few girls from Denmark and Sweden and talked to them. I visited prophet hud, prophet saleh, Muslim ibn aqeel and mukhtar al thaqafi in kufa. we reached najaf and I visited Imam Ali and was able to hug the dhareeh. I thought Imam Ali was hard... then when it came to Imam Hussain and al Abbas... The day before arbaeen and arbaeen was just chaos in karbala, I went alone to visit Imam Hussain and al Abbas and was able to reach them both... I hugged them both and couldn't hold back my tears. I came out full of sweat and my shirt was filled with sweat. People push, squeeze, hit and it was even hard to breathe... one guy even passed out. I just miss it all already...
  5. Thoughts 2017

    I finally visited Muslim ibn aqeel and mukhtar al thaqafi... their maqam is just gorgeous... It was near impossible to reach the dhareeh of Imam Ali... My whole body just hurts from all the pushing and squeezing... But it was all worth it. I finally was able to hug the dhareeh.
  6. Thoughts 2017

    I finally have internet lol. Yesterday we walked for over 9 hours and it was hard, we stayed at some sayeds place. We continued walking the next morning and we are now on our way to kufa to visit Muslim ibn aqeel and more...
  7. Thoughts 2017

    This is the second day of our journey. We prayed fajr and ate, It's currently 6 in the morning and we will soon continue our walk to najaf.
  8. Assalam Alikum 

    Are you okay?  What happened to you?

    1. laithAlIRAQI


      Ws sister.

      I'm okay, thanks for asking. 

    2. Laayla


      @laithAlIRAQI Brother, anything we can do to make your situation better?  You are not alone in this world.  Many people have problems are going through a tough time.  Don't bottle it up.  Inna m3 al 3ousri yusra.

      M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

  9. Thoughts 2017

    Yeah it's an amazing feeling honestly. I can't wait to visit abul hasnain Ali...
  10. Thoughts 2017

    We started the walk today, We are walking to najaf and it's tough.
  11. Why do I still feel depressed...

    1. Sindbad05


      You are depressed because your brain is thinking everything is boring right ?.....:confused:

    2. Hameedeh


      @laithAlIRAQI Brother, get a job. It will solve two problems at once. You will keep yourself busy and you will be able to afford getting married. InShaAllah. 

    3. Al Hadi

      Al Hadi


      actually sort of just got a job for the 1st time technically. Still feel pretty bad though. Maybe not as depressed. But I can’t say it’s gone.money for  Getting married is ruff cause you have to pay for school. 

      Keeping busy, your right about this one. But still for me what this ends up doing is making me really tired in the end and just wasting my time again in order to relax so it depends on how you look at it I guess. 

      I advise brother laith to ......... hmmm...... well if I knew the answer I guess I would use it for myself. Maybe go to your mosque and make some friends or make some friends then hang out with them. From my experience the answer isn’t easy.

  12. Greetings

    Not yet. I'm in Basra.
  13. Greetings

    I feel you.