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  1. Marja

    Salam. Who are Ahlul Khibra? Where can I find a list of current scholars who are qualified to be Marja? Thank you
  2. How can I offer Ring Manat?

    Thank you
  3. How can I offer Ring Manat?

    Thank you What does tul-e-aftaab and ghuroob-e-aftaab means? Have you tried it? Did it work for you?
  4. How can I offer Ring Manat?

    Salam sister. Please suggest a "grand of all manats"
  5. @Luann2725 Dua means supplication. No doubt Allah answers duas. Haven't you experienced that? [2:186] And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.
  6. @AfricanShia I don't doubt His power, I know the only one who can help me is He, but there are many hadiths that say sometimes Allah doesn't answer our duas the way we want (He will answer but it doesn't mean He will grant us what we ask for). I'm not giving up, I just want to be prepared for what might happen. Sometimes I lose my hope because I know what I'm asking for is very improbable to happen, and not because I doubt Allah's power, but because my dua involves other people too. Everything that surrounds me (my family and other people who know about the issue) tells me that I should not get my hopes up and to stop thinking about it. I'm still asking Allah to help me, but I wish I could know when to move on, because life continues while I'm still waiting for an answer. Is it wise to keep asking Allah when everything tells me I should move on? I think I'm not prepared for that, that's why I remain hopeful.
  7. Hmm well that's not always true. That's why I'm asking when should I accept the fact that Allah won't answer my dua. But again, thank you for reading and responding to my post!
  8. Hmm ok I understand. No it's not a desire associated with dunya, and it's not a haram request.
  9. I love the way He...

    I love that He never gives up on me. I love how He keeps listening to me. I love the fact that He is always there for me even when I don't deserve it. I love that He is my only friend and never gets tired of me. I love how He heals me when I need it most. I love how He understands me even when I don't.
  10. Thanks for answering @Hameedeh and @AfricanShia. How could I know if it will mislead me from Allah? How could I know if Allah already answered me and He said "no" or if He is delaying His answer? Is it ok to make istikhara to ask Allah if I should keep asking Him to grant me this desire? I already made one a few months ago and the outcome was good, is it ok to repeat it? I don't know what to do, this is really hurting me.
  11. How do we know it's time to move on and stop making duas? I've read so many times that sometimes Allah loves hearing us calling upon Him, and never be tired of making dua because eventually the answer will come. But when it does not happen, how can we know if Allah is delaying His answer or if the thing we are praying for will never be granted? That's it. I really would like to read your opinions. I don't have any problem in keep asking Allah to grant me what I want, but how can I tell if for some reason His answer is "No, you can't have it" or if He is delaying it so I keep praying? Maybe my dua is not being answered because of my sins. Is there any way I could know if that's the reason?
  12. Ghusl - Taking four hours!!

    Thanks for answering, but I still don't understand how would that help. For example, I perform an invalid ghusl purposely and then what? Do another one? I'm trying to get rid of all these doubts because I'm becoming obsessed too.
  13. Ghusl - Taking four hours!!

    I think the answer @Sirius_Bright gave you is precisely about being obsessed when performing ghusl, wudhu, etc. When you identify yourself as a person who doubts about everything (like whether you missed a part of your body or not) then it's wajib upon you to ignore all this waswas. You have to remember that all those acts are for worshipping Allah and being close to Him, not for feeding your obsessions. Think about it, do you really think Allah would like you to waste all that water? These obsessions come only from shaytaan, when you spend 4 hours doing ghusl you are pleasing shaytaan more than Allah. Just do your best trying to reach every part of your body, and then forget about it, don't keep thinking whether you missed some spot or not (this advice comes from another member in another thread, but I can't remember who is it). I'm writing this for you and for me as well, because I also doubt about everything, but I decided to ignore all of them because it's not healthy four our minds. Who is your Marja? Maybe we can find a ruling about this issue. May Allah guide all of us.
  14. Ghusl - Taking four hours!!

    I don't understand this. How could that help?