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  1. Blood in egg yolk - haram egg?

    Salam. What should we do if the egg becomes haram? Throw it away?
  2. Ignoring impurity allowed by ayatollah?

    But even in salah, If I'm not 100% sure my clothes are impure, can I pray wearing them right?
  3. No Luck With Co-workers or Bosses

    I don't know what to say about your situation, I'm sorry for that. Maybe your boss is taking advantage of you, because she sees that you are always available to help. Maybe you should start doing your job and only your job to make things clear. They have to understand that if you over-work, is just because you want to, not because it's your duty. Maybe they don't see the extra work you do as a favor, but your duty. Anyway, I came here only to say that you need to rest, even if you feel you don't need to. Please take care of yourself, because nobody else will care about your mental/physical health. (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, I don't speak English very well)
  4. Do you mean following without believing? (genuine question)
  5. Does she think like you about the children? She doesn't care whether they're muslims or not?
  6. Witr Prayer Instructions

    I don't think it's obligatory, I think it's only mustahab to do so (someone correct me if I'm wrong). But try it, it's not too hard to find 40 people to pray for. After a while you will find that 40 is not enough
  7. Marja

    But both Khamenei and Sistani are considered the most learned Marja. In this case you could follow Khamenei in some issues and Sistani in other.
  8. Marja

    How would you do that with conflicting fatwas? Which one would you choose?
  9. Force Hijab

    Is there a hadith about that?
  10. Yes, in fact he does. Check here his fatwas about Taqlid: http://english.bayynat.org.lb/Fatawa/ijtihad.htm 5. Suppose there were many jurists around. Is it permissible to emulate any of them, or does it have to be the most learned among them?A. It is not obligatory to emulate the most knowledgeable. It suffices to follow any one of them, provided that he is a practicing mujtahid as has been discussed. So he could not emulate Sayyed Fadlallah if a'lamiyya were a condition for him, regardless what Ayatollah Jannaati says (assuming he changes his Taqlid to Ayatollah Jannaati first)? I'm still trying to understand the rules about Taqlid.
  11. Salam. According to Ayatollah Jannaati the Mujtahid doesn't have to be the most knowledgeable, and he also allows to begin Taqlid of a deceased Marja. So he is technically allowed to emulate Sayyed Fadlallah if he initially does Taqlid of Jannaati?
  12. Halloween

    I highly doubt that people who "celebrate" Halloween do so to promote satanism. It's just a date where people choose to wear a costume and have fun.
  13. Islam and Delicious food

    You could eat simple food yourself while feeding others with delicious food. You can refrain from delicious food but you can't force others to do so. I don't see how could you make profit from owning a restaurant and serving only bread with vinegar. Just don't sell anything haram, like haram meat or alcohol, and don't play haram music. And delicious food make people happy. Making people happy it's not a sin, it's Mustahab Just my opinion.
  14. Help translating fatwa

    Thank you @Hameedeh! Someone already translated it for me
  15. Assalamu Alaykum I would like to ask a favor. Does anyone read arabic well? I have a fatwa written in arabic, but I canĀ“t speak arabic. I would appreciate it a lot if someone can help me, please.