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  1. It is like money so there should not be a problem but I am no scholar.
  2. Was Avicenna a Shia?

    Yes, he was an ismaeli shia.
  3. I am sorry if you never went to school or if you are too lazy to read but if you would continues reading you would read this (and now I will stop discussing and not waste my time since I see you are ignorant) : But why exactly did this happen? The impenetrable snow was a result of retreating sea ice in the adjoining Barents and Kara Seas, according to the researchers. Caused by unusually warm temperatures, the melting ice produced high levels of evaporation and humidity, which in turn prompted heavy bouts of rain that soaked the snowy ground below (a phenomenon scientists refer to as ROS, or “rain-on-snow” events). The ROS events were followed by a sudden dip in temperature that caused the snow to freeze.
  4. Ok, then do not believe climate change is man made, it is your choice. Thank god most of us start to wake up. Edit: https://www.google.de/amp/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5832bda6e4b058ce7aabe78e/amp Oh yeah, Siberia is much better now hahahah....
  5. https://climate.nasa.gov/images-of-change?id=623#623-arctic-sea-ice-coverage-hits-record-low This should answer it.
  6. should i do Muta?

    Thanks @Islandsandmirrors @rkazmi33 and @Ron_Burgundy for understanding me and not theowing accusations at me like some others here do. I am disappointed by some people here, too, but kheyr InshAllah. I will leave this discussion now.
  7. should i do Muta?

    Wow, so you say the Prophet sas. was not a good husband to them? That is where our discussion ends then.
  8. should i do Muta?

    But I was not anwering in general but to OP specifically so that does not concern me. I asked him if he is sure that his wife is happy. Because if he cannot keep ONE wife happy and be a good man to her he will never be able to be a good man to multiple wives. That is all I said, can't speak for the others if you meant them.
  9. Of she is religious she will be a convinced sunni. Besides that, if you ask her to look into shia islam, are you ready to look into sunni islam, too? Because maybe that is what she will ask for. You can marry her as sunni it does not hinder you. And if someone does not truly believe in the shia thoughts what is the point of "converting" just for marriage when she will still follow the sunni madhab in reality. So, either compromise and take her as she is or continue searching.
  10. should i do Muta?

    Islam allows many wifes to those that can support all. Do you really think Islam just says go and take 4 wives and do not bother about thinking if you can care for them?
  11. should i do Muta?

    Wow what a troll. Are you serious? So just because a woman says no to a second woman she is bad? That is rude towards all shia sisters and I hope you apologise for that. Are you sure you are a good husband to your wife? Are you sure she is 100% happy with you? Are you sure you would be able to "man up" and care for two wives and all their children? And to keep them 100% satisfied and happy and be there when they need you, always? This forum keeps getting crazy sometime. Thank Allah swt. most of us are rational and wiser than this. May Allah swt. guide us all.
  12. Majority

    What is interesting is that the majority that lived in the prophets time decided to follow Abu Bakr. I always wonder why since it is known what the prophet daid about Ali as. so there must be a reason for them. Or maybe they just followed the one with more money or political influence? Did Abu Bakr have that?
  13. Why we do matam?

    It is the date of the fatwa and you are ignoring that fatwa. As you want, your life, your decisions. Ask someone that can speak arabic to read it for you. Someone you trust, else you would accuse him too I will not repent saying the truth you better repent for your behaviour and false accusations. May Allah swt. forgive you. Have a nice day. Wassalam.
  14. should i do Muta?

    He gave you advise to get back to the right path and not follow the whisperings of shaytan who took your control of yourself. Self control is very important in islam and you seem very desperate so I would be worried. And no, whe should not include the innocent sisters in obviously unislamic thoughts that you hinted at with that post. If they are looking for a man they can search on their own. Islam is not just sex, sorry. Instead of spending 24h thinking about that we should think about the important things, everywhere muslims are dying of hunger and because of wars. Better pray for them and control your "high sex drive". Sorry for the harsh words but someone had to say it. May Allah swt. guide us all.