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  1. need a video template

    Found it. WPDEO template for wordpress here's my website: http://klip.yenikaynak.com
  2. Where in africa

    Islamic Republic of Iran soon to broadcast new satellite TV for Africa: the HAUSA TV The TV channels will be available in Hausa, English and French languages. News in detail: http://www.ifilmtv.com/English/News/NewsIn/5595/Iran-to-air-Hausa-TV-for-Africa-soon Facebook page in Hausa: https://www.facebook.com/HausaTV1 Facebook page in English: https://www.facebook.com/HausaTV2 Facebook page in French: https://www.facebook.com/HausaTV3 Official Website to serve soon on: http://www.hausatv.com/
  3. salam. do you suggest an online system to take donations from willing visitors? we have an islamic website in Turkish and it has expenses. and we thought of online donation system, paypal, to let visitors help us pay the bills. but Turkey blocked paypal. so, do you suggest an alternate for it? but it must take from and transfer money to Turkish banks but keeping our names anonymous. because it is illegal in Turkey to do such thing unless you are an official charity organization. thanks
  4. Could someone translate the poem and the Leader's remarks? It is only two minutes video. Thanks.
  5. Maisam Motei reciting the latmiyah Al-Quds Rayatuna
  6. It is the Iranian movie but dubbed in Turkish. Iranian movie, Mohammad, the Messenger of God, narrates the childhood of the Holy Prophet. Iranian director Majid Majidi will shoot two more films on the Holy Prophet and they will tell us about his youth and Prophethood. The movie was shown in Turkish theaters and 450 thousands of people in Turkey watched it according to the Box Office Turkey website. On 6 June 2017 it was broadcast on a Turkish TV channel (ATV), and it got 6.85 rating and watched by many many more.
  7. Produced by Syrian National Cinema Institution and directed by Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad, the film ما ورد (MAWARD) (2017) tells the story of a girl called Navarah.. The movie shares a glimpse of the three man, three different political view and summarizes the story of Syria. اعلان فيلم ما ورد
  8. Why did Moqtada Al Sadr meet this devil?

    Why did the Prophet meet with idolworshippers of Quraish during Hudaybiyah? Why did Imam Ali send letters and have discussions with Muawiyah? Why did Imam Hassan make a peace treaty with Muawiyah? Why did Imam Hossein meet with the traitors? They are doing their duty.. As leaders.. Peacemakers.. Guides.. of the mankind.. They are completing the hujjah for the evils.. Trying to resolve this before it is too late for the enemy..
  9. Recorded and shared live by Iranian Quran TV, here's the entire Quran recitation, one juzz a day, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVP3n-AvLYo&list=PLiv6hm8roKKA-qVl07UTcxGjP_3QyMDcz&index=1 You can also follow Quran recitations on http://tanzil.net/
  10. need a video template

    Could someone help me out before the Ramadhan begins? Thanks
  11. need a video template

    I did. But it was hopeless..
  12. need a video template

    Could you please help me? It is urgent.
  13. salam. I need a video template with which I will share nasheed videos, lecture clips. etc. see the example here: https://web.archive.org/web/20151130034032/http://ehlibeyttube.com/ It could be a wordpress theme or anything, but it has to have categories and alternative video options. Because let's say youtube may be banned in my country again and I have to offer the same video through a few video streaming websites. Here's an example of what I need (I can't use this template because it is a movie website and it offers the cast, etc. section which I don't need) if you know any template or theme please let me know. Thanks.
  14. Turkish regime trains Arab insurgents to send them fight in Syria. Here's their graduate ceremony held in Sivas Police School in Turkey. http://www.halkhaber.org/2017/05/07/video-sivas-polis-okulunda-egitilen-oso-teroristlerinin-yemin-toreni/