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  1. Qanat Eleyoun / Mohammad Moussa

    sorry... i meant only for videos available on their Eleyoun English site
  2. Qanat Eleyoun / Mohammad Moussa

    all his videos/lectures are worth to watch. everytime i watch his new video/lecture i feel surprised and feel more close to hidden secrets of islamic knowledge.
  3. Qanat Eleyoun / Mohammad Moussa

    i know about Brother Mohamed Moussa since only recently because 2 readers on the forum had shared and suggested me to watch his video about 'Zulqarnain and Yajuj Majuj'. I will be thankful all my life to those who referred his Name to me. His knowledge is mashaAllaah. He is very simple person, down to Earth and a good listener. This is what i must vouch for him. I recently was blessed by Allaah to chat with him for a while relating some islamic topic. May Allaah and his Ahl bless this Brother Mohamed Moussa and his team.
  4. Yajuj Majuj/Barrier: Location Discovered

    if we pay attention to some islamic narrations where its described as that Yajuj Majuj try to dig/shovel that Barrier everyday... TILL THEY COULD SEE SUNRAYS THROUGH IT... then one of them says-"stop the work go back and finish the task tomorrow"......continues... Zulqarnain built the BARRIER against them between the TWO VALLEYS described as RADMA in arabic... which shows that the gap between the Two Valleys was filled as Barrier and hence they are UNDERGROUND since then there.... Thus connecting these little details suggests that they might be that way by nature... night creatures.... living underground... intolerant to sunrays... only used to come out after sunset to play havoc when they were not prisoned by Zulqarnain... When Allah wills they will get Cover (Sitrah) against the Sunrays... this is what i think and understood from what i had researched. Because in Quran 18:90 Allah describes a community to whom Allah has not provided a SITRAH AGAINST the SUN. Soon after that Verse Allah in the next verses talks about People complaining about Yajuj Majuj to Zuqarnain... All these details about SUN and YAJUJ MAJUJ are connecting somehow.
  5. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    Freemasonry Illuminati and their Elites are portraying 666 as someting Evil/Devil... And they are portraying Islam as nothing but Terrorism... they always have some hidden agenda
  6. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    Shimr (la)... Yazeed (la)... Ilm ul Rijal... and then Hawza?????.... its going nowhere... take it easy... and regarding Abu Huraira... even the piece of news brought by a well known fasiq has scope of enquiry n investigation.... refer Quran 49:6 direct rejection without verification goes against Quran and thats what Imam Ali (as) said too... to look at what is being said not who is saying it...
  7. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    Since u have asked about the testimony of Abu Huraira... Alhamdulillaah in his case too i have followed the teachings of Iman Ali (as) "look at what is being said not at who is saying it". There is a narration about 60 Hijri whose source is Abu Huraira... i only paid attention to what is being said about 60 Hijri... and his narration really helped me in my some research work. Secondly if u pay attention to the title about 666 i have used "Question Mark too" And in the content too i have said we are yet to know or understand or decode the Sacred Secret Concept of 666 fully. So u r being very rude when u said that i should prove it and then start to post. Thirdly, from research point of view... 'connections' play a big role in any case... then they changes into proofs/ evidents... etc. This is how i have been able to find the location of JABALQAF and BARRIER OF YAJUJ MAJUJ... alhamdulillaah.
  8. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    Thanx for the share... i too wanted to come to these points... 666~Beast... Dabbat al Ard=Imam Ali.
  9. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    Who he is??? Imam Ali (as) said, "Look at what is being said, not who is saying it." Who taught him??? Arabic Words... Gematric Values... Numbers... Calculations... isnt something new... anyone can learn that by self... its basics... What is in his book??? Since number 666 showed some connections to ism Allaah in sujud or ism Fatimah in terms of Zahir+Baatin... Author proposed that its a Sacred Number.... So how he is not true in his logic???
  10. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    How can Numerolgy be Nonsense when Imam Ali (as) said, "KNOWLEDGE has TEN parts where NINE PARTS belongs to NUMBERS and ONE PART belongs to rest of all OTHER knowledge" Imam Ali (as) said, "Do not hate what you do not know, for the GREATER PART of KNOWLEDGE consists of what you do not know." And there is ILM e JAFR...
  11. 666 a Sacred Secret Code in Islam???

    Yes... i know... but that seems like HALF TRUTH now to me after some research work... suppose if Freemasonry, Illuminati says its a DAY then we should know that its a NIGHT actually. That is why i already stated earlier that the number 666 has been projected/ propagated/viewed generally worldwide as Satanic Number... (though i didnt wrote their name)... by Freemasonry n Illuminati to brainwash us so that we should stay away from its sacredness.
  12. asSalaam alaikum, I really think that the NUMBERs 6, 66 and 666 are some SACRED SECRET CODEs which we Muslims have not yet been able to DECODE completely. I feel like they are some kind of a KEY to some DIVINE DOOR which we dont know or undersand. In my Islamic Research this number 666 used to appear again and again like some HINT or CLUE which made me think that it surely cant be a SATANIC NUMBER like the way its generally projected/propagated/viewed otherwise worldwide. Alhamdulillaah soon after that, Allaah guided me and i found a Book on Scribd by Author Syed Abidi on the topic of Arrival of Imam Mahdi (as), a book full of NUMBERS. Some interesting Numbers from that book calculated by the Author which might change your minds too. 66- Gematric Value of Allaah (azwj) 111- Gematric Value of Ism Allaah in Sujud which is 'Al ALA' So Ism Al Ala in 1 Rakat Salaat= 6×111=666 135- Gematric Value of Fatimah (as) So Manifest=135 and Hidden=531(reverse) Thus Manifest+Hidden=135+531=666 Imam Ali (as)=Hidden/Secret of SEEN= Hidden/Secret of 60 (since arabic alphabet SEEN has gmtrc value 60) So Manifest=06=6 (reverse)=WAUV (arabic alphabet WAUV has gmtrc value 6) Also Imam Ali (as) being the arabic alphabet 'WAUV' in Muhammad WA Aali Muhammad A Researcher Scott Onstott has calculated that the Distance between Holy Kabah and Western Wall of Jerusalem is 666.6 Nautical Miles. (secretsinplainsight.com)... a site worth visiting. And many more surprising and interesting examples keeps on appearing again n again... in Mathematics... Science... Geometry of Earth etc... which we all should read n rethink about 666.
  13. Yajuj Majuj/Barrier: Location Discovered

    wa alaikum asSalaam wrwb I havent yet researched deeply on this Event of Prophet Musa n Khidr (peacebeuponthem). What i know is that the location of JabalQaf, Barrier of Yajuj Majuj and Mountain/Island of Al Khidr (as) are all at ONE PLACE side by side though. So i may say that i know the approx location of Al Khidr (as) too. But the confusion is i dont know yet if Prophet Musa (as) met Al Khidr (as) at this very place or not which is near JABALQAF... I mean there are chances of them meeting at some other place too which matches the description of "junction of two seas".
  14. I am Only Trying Shia Islam only for 6 Months.

    asSalaam alaikum, As u know now that i am revert from Sunni to Shia Islam. I feel like i have some right over u to give you some piece of guidance from my own experience. 1) Dear plz plz plz get rid of that TIME LIMIT which u had framed for this task. Instead say to ur own Heart that u will check n recheck the Shia Islam time n time again till your last breath. Since I assume u r in search of the TRUTH HAQQ so plz dedicate ur lifetime for this worthy task. 2) LOVE: After the LOVE OF Allah give first preferance to 5... Muhammad Ali Fatimah Hasan n Husayn (peacebeuponthemall). Try to know them best u can as a PERSON how they are n what they r. I found them extremely MAGNETIC as if the IRON in my BLOOD is reacting even if their names r just mentioned (sudden shiver or goosebumps).Try hard till u reach this position. 3) PAIN: After this may Allaah give u some true PAIN/GRIEF in LIFE. Why? Here i explain. When u r in truly bad phase of ur life. Listen to some NOHAY about KARBALA just ignore those MATAM BEATS concentrate to LYRICS only. Try to feel connected to IMAM HUSAYN (pbuh) through understanding the pain he must be going through. I suggest u to imagine as if that event described in the nohay of karbala isnt a past event... but instead imagine as if it is going on right now in front of u and u r witnessing all that from close by helplessly it will only increase ur pain more n more n u will be now start liking listening to them. When u pass this level of MAGNETISM OF PAIN OF ASHURA EVENT u will not be anymore depended just upon month of Muharram to listen this Nohays infact u will like to listen it all year round. Though still ur mind will say that ohh u will not do MATAM CHEST BEATING bcoz its haram n all.. its ok.. take ur time.. Next level... after some years may b... After this on the Day of Ashura go to some SHIA CROWD OF MATAM N BLOOD... just stand there n witness... remember u r standing there bcoz ur heart was ready to be part of a procession who is re-enacting the tragedy of karbala n its mourning. Just feel the pain of Husayn (as) Karbala Ashura again. Next level... when u start feeling like to cry... dont hold urself... just do one thing... CRY CRY N CRY like emptying ur HEART. Now what... gather some strength n IMAGINE THE BEHEADED HUSAYN (as) in front of ur eyes n u cannot do anything to help him u r helpless... allaahu akbar... allaahu akbar... Not what...??? ur hands will automatically will come into action... ur hands will naturally start beating ur face ur chest ur self... ur eyes will react...u will cry... ur toungue n throat will react... u will mourn loudly... i suggest PASS THESE STAGES FIRST 1) LOVE 2) PAIN Then IMAM ALI will inshaAllaah will guide u about KHILAFAT OF ALI n other IMAMS n BIRTH n HIDDEN IMAM MAHDI....(peacebeuponthemall)