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  1. Imam of our time

    I am not very learned and so I am not familiar with a lot of the scholars you mention, hence due to my ignorance their opinions are currently irrelevant to me; any hadiths that mention these occurrences?
  2. Imam of our time

    So then how exactly did he disappear? Didn't his enemies try to kill him, then something along the lines of how Allah raised Jesus a.s occurred; i.e. occultation? If so, when did he return and doesn't his absence imply he was not always physically accessible to the people? I am sure he can be accessible via other means, like how those who died in the way of Allah are 'alive'.
  3. Imam of our time

    That's interesting. I thought he was in "occultation" and while he has duties that he performs, I was under the impression that it does not include coming in direct contact with living human beings?
  4. Chastity

    I think many people care about that. But anyway I am just wondering in the general sense, is it not better for a person who has always maintained a good level of chastity to marry someone of a similar level of chastity? Does not this make for a higher chance of a successful marriage? It's sort of similar to the predicament of an illigetimate child, in that he/she is expected to marry the equivalent as far as I know. Just curious about all of this from the Islamic perspective.
  5. Chastity

    What then do you say to traditions such as: “No chaste man has ever committed adultery.” Doesn't this imply that if for example one commits adultery they can never be chaste? Also, is the one who remains chaste really the same as someone who becomes unchaste and repents?
  6. Chastity

    Define chastity. Are there levels of chastity? How does chastity differ between a man and woman if at all? Can chastity be regained once it is lost?
  7. Antibiotic Resistance

    In the middle east it's a huge problem because when the patient comes in with a cold they generally cause a huge ruckus and pressure the doctors into giving antibiotics for something clearly viral.. its a cultural thing that really needs to be tackled but nobody with the power is willing to take lead... but doctors are at fault too, they fail to properly educate and just want to quickly send the patients away, and what's much worse is the doctors who are ignorant of appropriate use of antibiotics. They give the wrong antibiotic for certain bacterial infections, and that also increases antibiotic resistance significantly, for example augmentin for soft tissue infections... extremely frustrating
  8. Atheism Everywhere

    I see what you're saying. I was thinking in the species where we can appreciate the expression of 'empathy' it would be all or nothing. So a chimp must have had that specific level of empathy from the start, as with other creatures and humans. I don't think empathy can come into existence, and then slowly develop to the level we have as humans today. I suppose at this point it has gotten too complicated for me. Will look into the cambrian explosion when I get a chance. Thank you!
  9. Atheism Everywhere

    And I appreciate it. Interestingly, the first part of the lecture of tonight's muharram that I attended was about talking and challenging points of views different to the views held by oneself, and how that is beneficial for a human being's 'evolution' (and I don't mean evolution in the sense we are talking about at the moment). Anyway, this brings me to another question... so the demand for empathy comes into existence when it is necessitated by the change in a creature's environment, and so empathy is brought forth by that demand and evolves. Question is how does empathy get "installed" and eventually evolve in creatures? Through mutations of DNA as if empathy was a physical trait? Or did the creature's psyche bring empathy forth by the demand for it? I am still not convinced that any environment can force a creature to develop empathy out of necessity, rather empathy must have been there from the creature's initial creation as it is a trait necessary for that creature's existence. Also, empathy is sort of an all or nothing trait... not much to evolve. I guess that was sort of (unintentionally) a which came first - the chicken or the egg type of comment...
  10. Atheism Everywhere

    Ok, case closed, assuming we don't take anything in context. My point was from an evolutionary standpoint, the creature that evolved into us humans would have been better off without empathy from a survival point of view, which is what evolution is based around. Your example does not apply in a creature with no empathy and no need to develop empathy to survive.
  11. Atheism Everywhere

    Why the heck would humans evolve empathy, sure it may be beneficial for sentient beings but as animals why the heck would we care about anything besides our survival, empathy in no way facilitates or improves our well-being besides on a spiritual/emotional level, and definitely does not improve our survival. Without empathy we can raid and plunder all we want and satiate any animalistic need we want at will. Without empathy we would be something like the villains in the Walking Dead, which to 'animals' is the ideal life, you get what you want whenever you want from whoever you want. The Pharaohs of the past had the longest life expectancy, not the poor villagers. Humans can choose to be lower than animals or greater than angels, no other creature is capable of this and yet we still believe the 'theory' of evolution is fact although with the Earth's vast diversity in sea and land creatures, evolution hasn't produced a SINGLE other empathetic creature with free will similar to the human being. But then again we had people worshipping rocks, people believing the earth is flat... oh wait that's still happening...
  12. if you want to grow perhaps consider reflecting on the meaning of internal hijab and how that contrasts with external hijab, this may aid in facing your dilemma
  13. Atheism Everywhere

    So much imperfect and wrong, yet we still live on. This guy will never see a cup half full.
  14. Atheism Everywhere

    I wasn't alluding to fine-tuning. Thanks for the exchange =)
  15. Fun with Abu Hurairah

    I remember hearing this as a child, now I know where it came from... my poor great grandparents :'( May Allah curse the liars. I heard the story behind this growing up, and apparently, because he was modest, people made rumours of him having a skin disease and the children taunted him, so God ordered the stone to run away with his shirt while he was showering, and he ran after it naked in public and people saw he had no such disease and stopped making fun of that... but I don't see why they wouldn't have started making fun that a man was running around naked in public. :S