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  1. Shia Centers In Adelaide?

    Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters My name is Saleh AL Rashid. I am a student at the University of Adelaide and I'm originally from Iraq. I live in Adelaide and I'm really sorry to say that we don't have a Shia community that gathers All Shia's not only for our religious believes and practices but for many other activities such as Teaching arabic (maybe farsi as well for non arab brothers such as Afghani or Iranian), sport activities, helping students to be successful in their studies (e.g offer help in subjects such as maths physics science etc..), guide students through their uni degrees and many other activities. Yes we do have Mosques, we do pray and we do hold our yearly Ramadan and Muharram activities. BUT ask yourself, is that all our children need? Will this be enough to guide them to the right path? Will they be successful in their life just by practicing Religious activities? All we do is focus on Ramadan, Muharram, Celebrate Prophets and Imams BD's and cry for their deaths. Im not against this activities, but think about a 10 years old child, what is this child thinking? can this child absorb all this at once? does even this child care about what you are doing? The answer is simply a BIG BLODDY NO. So we need to think about Shia muslim children development, their future, their place in the community they live in and most importantly their religious beliefs. In our times, the saying, "not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim" has almost became a cliche. The majority of communities are looking at muslims as a terrible violent killing machines and guess what, your children will grow up among such communities. How would they cope with this? We need to change the worlds view, starting from Australia about Muslims. We need to tell them that what they think, believe about Muslims and Islam is not true. The only way to do this is through our children, the next generation. A few friends, doctors, post grad students and I decided to start a Shia Community center to focus on children and youth development through different activities. The Community is at its starting and development phase. We are currently trying to gather as many people as possible to support us and help us succeed in building this community. If you seriously care about your children's future then make a move today before its too late. Join us and become part of this community, support us to build this community for the sake of your children. Please contact me if you are interested: Saleh Hasan AL Rashid Phone: 0470653612 Email: salih.alrashid@student.adelaide.edu.au