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  1. Salaam, i am wondering what the differences between our two modes of thought are in the realm of Hadith. I know we take Hadith from the ahlul bayt as carrying vastly more weight, but how is the process of verification different? How do we know that our main books are more authentic and useful than Bhukari and Muslim? I guess I am just trying to understand what makes our Hadith books superior. thanks
  2. reignofkemer


    I am an asik of the Bektashi Order
  3. reignofkemer


    The reasoning for abstaining from eating rabbit is the belief that Yazid's spirit inhabited a rabbit after death. Easter is a distressing time hahaha
  4. @reignofkemer Is there a decent English abridgment available online for sale anywhere? I in no way have the funds to buy the entire collection
  5. reignofkemer

    Seeking marja

    also, what are people's general opinion of Husain Shirazi?
  6. reignofkemer

    Seeking marja

    Are there specific reasons you reccomend them?
  7. reignofkemer

    Seeking marja

    No clue what you mean by that
  8. reignofkemer

    Seeking marja

    I'm a convert trying to pick a marja, and it's quite hard. People always say "pick who is has the most knowledge", but that's doesn't mean anything when you don't speak Arabic and live in the west. Everyone just seems the same or just inaccessible. Some friends have reccomended Shirazi and Khorasani, but I have no look how to even compare them. I honestly am not looking for a liberal or "moderate" marja. I want someone very traditional and very orthodox that has conservative social views and also a tolerance for irfan (if that even exists in marja anymore). This is a hard topic for converts, all help is appreciated
  9. I do not think its the actual education that causes People to be less religious. I think it is the people one associates with in college environments that does it. You're constantly around atheists and people of different faiths (faiths that usually are not as all encompassing in life as Islam is), and that can make people feel weird, stupid, or guilty for their faith. I've seen it happen many times when I was in college. Alhamdulilah, Allah saved me from the same pitfalls
  10. reignofkemer

    Participating In A Sunni Community

    jazakallah for your response. I follow Shirazi, im not sure about his rulings on such things.
  11. Salaam alaikum. I recently moved to an area where the nearest Shia masjid is about an hour away. So praying there other than jumaa just is not going to be able to happen. But there are a few Sunni masjid directly close to me. I began attending prayers at one, and at first would still use turbah and pray with hands down, etc. But this met with a long talk with a community elder about it, he was very nice and not mean about anything, he was obviously simply trying to look after my well being from his point of view. Now since then, I go to prayer ishaa there nightly, but I do taqqiya by praying like the Sunni. Is this ok to do? I feel it prevents fitnah while allowing me to be able to pray in a jamaat and be able to participate in a Muslim community. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thank you
  12. I am a convert from Sunni Islam and I was wondering if there are English translations of Quran by Shia scholars available? If anyone can post links to where I can buy them, or at least names to look up on Amazon, that would be super helpful
  13. reignofkemer

    Do You See The Allewittes As Shias?

    The very existence of this post is against the teachings of the Quran and our beloved ahlul bayt
  14. reignofkemer

    What Is The Shia View Of Sufism?

    Imam Khomeini was a great sufi before he was a political leader. He wrote many ecstatic poems that are still available today. In some he even expresses admiration of Al Hallaj, one of the most ecstatic sufi saints to ever live.