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  1. I'm not sure if there's already a thread for situations like these but I don't have time. My great-uncle just had a serious heart attack. If anybody would be so kind as to share a Dua or Salat of some sort to pray for his swift recovery. I can't seem to find one in the amount of time I have. Please and thanks.
  2. Why does US see Iran a threat to world peace?

    I agree with you @Christianlady. The USA and the UK have done awful things (and continue doing them), and I know Iran means well by protesting against them, but it shouldn't be done in this fashion. Just like how we shouldn't insult other religions' deities or religious figures, lest they insult Allah and our religious figures, Iranians shouldn't insult the countries as a whole (which it very much seems like to outsiders) because then Americans and Brits will feel hostile towards Iran. With this kind of protest, we are dividing, not uniting people against terrible, tyrannical, oppressive regimes. It gives good credence to the USA's and UK's demonization of Iran.
  3. Why does US see Iran a threat to world peace?

    My teacher just mentioned today that "knowledge coupled with wisdom is a very scary thing (for those who thrive upon the ignorance and inability to act of others)". He speaks the truth. For Imam Khomeini and Khamenai have vast amounts of knowledge, even knowledge of the unseen, and they practice it, and use that knowledge. And because of that, they are respected, and thats why the revolution was a success. If revolutions like that happened all around the world, all the rest of the tyrannical world powers would be toppled. They cannot let that happen. Which is why they demonize Iran and Imam Khamenai and Ahmadinejad.
  4. Were our souls created perfect?

    I heard from my teacher (very philosophical guy) that our souls were created by Allah long before our bodies were, and we each made a promise to Allah to serve Him (or something like that). First, are there any proofs of that in our ahadith? Second, I'll assume it's true, does that mean we were created perfect, and that's why we are referred to as the best of creation? When we were placed in our bodies, is it then when we were given free will and animalistic desires? Is it then when we were given diversity? Because the Hadith that talks about us needing to learn about our souls to know about Allah makes more sense. The ayat about Allah being closer to us than our jugular vein makes more sense. The goal of our life (according to Shia Islam) is "meeting" Allah, could this mean that all that we are doing is just trying to make our souls like when they are first created, because isn't that when we were nearest to Allah and "met" Him? I'm not sure if I'm making much sense, it sounds better in my head.
  5. Perhaps due to the sheer number of sins committed, one's faith is eroded to assume that of a mushrik's or kaffir's? By that time, maybe the person has placed his desires so much over Allah's that the person doesn't even believe in Allah anymore? This is pure conjecture. I'm hoping it was just a mistake in relaying the information, a error arisen from an innappropiately-concocted string of words.
  6. How High Can We Go?

    30 days until AP exam (If you don't know what that is, don't worry, you're not missing out)
  7. Meaning of life?

    True, but not only did he not reveal what he believes in, I don't want to lie. Plus I submitted an essay before talking all about my Islamic beliefs and so the two would end up contradictory. I want to give him just a little insight into Shia Islam. But that's okay, I guess this was too hard a question.
  8. Meaning of life?

    Yes, I'm asking the (arguably) ultimate philosophical question. But I have good reason. I have another philosophical paper coming up, and I need some inspiration. Any books you found helpful? Hadith? Quranic verses? Sermons? Anything, anything at all that has to do with the purpose, aim, goal, meaning of the life of a human being. Or, if you don't have any sources, just give your informed, Shia opinion. I want to impress my teacher, maybe get him fascinated enough to do some research of his own (though I doubt it). Jazakallah
  9. Scholarships=Lottery?

    I see what you mean. Thanks for the help
  10. Scholarships=Lottery?

    No, I do not have to pay. Ok, good I thought it was basically lottery if I was getting any money by chance.
  11. Scholarships=Lottery?

    So any sort of raffle isn't haram? Or is it only because there was an Islamic prize?
  12. Scholarships=Lottery?

    No, I do not have to pay. Ok, good I thought it was basically lottery if I was getting any money by chance.
  13. Scholarships=Lottery?

    There are some scholarships you can apply for that can put you into a drawing and you win the money if you get picked randomly. Does this count as lottery? Is this scholarship money halal?
  14. This is probably a common question, but can I recite optional duas just in English? Rajab is almost here, but I don't think I'll be able to recite the duas in Arabic and still get through all the amaal. Is it more mustahab to read it in Arabic, but still permissible to read it in English?
  15. Pompeii and Atlantis?

    @notme Forgive me. I was never good at geography. After looking "Pompeii" up, I think I now know what you were asking. I only mentioned the city of Pompeii because, according to history, Pompeii is the city that is most associated with the Mt. Vesuvius eruption (I think). At least, that's what it seemed to me when I had learned about it in elementary school. But you're right, it seems as if it affected neighboring cities/towns that I've never even heard of as well. I had forgotten Pompeii was just a city for a moment. Sorry about that. @Mansur Bakhtiari @YAli I can see why--if it was a direct punishment from Allah--Allah chose this place to destroy. Seems pretty horrid. It scares me to think that western society is kind of starting to go full circle, becoming more and more promiscuous (but not at their level). What punishment is in for us? Even people who know history are doomed to repeat it if they do not change their ways.