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  1. Judging by your username, I'm guessing you are having trouble with doing salat because you are depressed. If not, I'm sorry for being too presumptive. I don't have a foolproof way to combat depression, but I usually tell myself that remembering Allah is the best cure for my depression and Allah listens to all problems, be they of the worldly nature or spiritual. Know that if you miss a salat, you will probably feel more depressed. Trust in Allah, Allah wants to help us through these situations. I treat this like another test I must overcome. Stay positive, know that druing awal waqt (the earliest time to pray salat), Allah answers prayers. And know that by just standing up for salat on time, you are being showered with blessings and Allah is pleased. May Allah help you
  2. Through a number of chains of authority, some of which are valid, Imam al-Sadiq (‘a) is reported to have said: On the first of Rajab, (Prophet) Noah (‘a) embarked on the Ark; he therefore ordered those who accompanied him to fast on that day. If one fasts on this day in Rajab, Hellfire will go away from him a distance of one year on foot. If one fasts for seven days of Rajab, the seven gates of the Fire will close in his face. If one fasts for eight days of Rajab, the eight gates of Paradise will be wide open before him. If one fasts for fifteen days, his request will be granted. If one fasts for more days, he will gain more rewards from Almighty Allah. Islam encourages the faithful to fast during other months. The author of Thawab al-A’mal traces the isnad of one tradition of the Holy Prophet (S) to Ibn ‘Abbas who cites the Prophet (S) saying, "Whoever fasts three days during the month of Sha’ban will be elevated seventy thousand degrees in Paradise of jewels and diamonds, and whoever fasts nineteen days during the month of Sha’ban will be granted seventy thousand mansions of jewels and diamonds in Paradise. And whoever fasts twenty-two days of the month of Sha’ban will be clothed with seventy outfits of silk and silk brocades."
  3. @magma That's funny, the structure of the debate is a debate in itself. I am starting to see why many may shy away from debates. More complicated than the ones I like to have online
  4. @Ibn al-Hussain You are right, I was thinking of people like Ayatullah Khamenai who is both an Ayatullah and an Arif. But there are some Ayatullahs that are not Arifs. I probably should've clarified and asked why don't Arifs debate. When I think Arifs, I think of Shaykh Rajab Ali Khayaat who was known to do a lot of "supernatural" things. @baqar You make a good point, even if one of our scholars intellectually defeated the Pope fair and square, his many followers wouldn't stand for it and will probably start persecuting Shias. I would love for atheism to be quelled as well. @hameedeh I tend to throw out theories that pop into my head for my own questions to show that I am not just tossing out questions for you guys to answer without thinking about it myself. @Al Hadi I didn't know that about all that (besides that they write books refuting other faiths). Thanks for the information. @baqar Again, you bring up good points. If Prophet Muhammad stopped to debate with every pagan or Christian or Jew, he would've probably never done anything else. Debates are time-consuming, he was a very busy man. I think the Imams only debated when they themselves were challenged, and I don't remember them ever challenging (though I could be wrong).
  5. We have many Shia Ayatullahs who must have knowledge of the unseen. Some have dreams that tell the future, and some can even read minds. They must have knowledge beyond our understanding? I bet they could beat the Pope in a debate, so why? Why can't they use this knowledge to debate like the Imams did? Do they not have time? Are they too old? Is it not their place to debate, only the Imams'? Is it because Allah isn't letting them use that knowledge for some reason?
  6. I plan on debating an Ahmadi Muslim. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the Hadith that talked about fake Imam Mahdis coming to deceive us. I could use that against him. On that note, does anyone else have some pointers that can help me debate him? I believe he may argue about whether or not Miraj was a physical or mental ascension and if Prophet Isa already came down or not. They seem pretty much Muslim except for believing that Mirza Ghulaam Ahmad is Imam Mahdi (na'uzubillah), and this guy seems pretty respectful and is even learning about Wilayat and Shiism. I want to guide him back. Jazakallah
  7. @DigitalUmmah Giving us a bad reputation, I agree there are some double standards in the media, thousands get killed in Palestine, Yemen, little coverage, few get killed in UK, media blows up. But they are all innocent humans, one people shouldn't get precedence in media over another. However, if you say it like that, people are bound to get upset and see Islam as violent.
  8. I'm not sure if you mean literally donating more money to charity or moulding your minset into a more generous one, but for the latter, just think of all you have--including the money that you think you have earned with your efforts alone--as Allah's and His alone. And what should you do with someone else's money? What they want you to do with it. And what does Allah want us to do with the money earned (besides paying khums, zakat, saving for hajj, feeding family paying off debts, etc.)? Donate to charities and humanitarian non-profit organizations. Just think like that and inshallah by Allah's Will, you will begin to not only feel more humble, but more indebt to those who have little.
  9. Salaam ShiaChatters, I have to write an essay in my philosophy class about what I believe to be is "the best way to live my life" (purely subjective paper) I was wondering if anybody had a Shia book or section of a book dedicated to this topic? I want to read up a little bit before I start to write. Something that talks about how we should try to manifest Allah's attributes in ourselves and try to become spiritually perfect? It needs to be in English, online, and preferably easy to understand for the simple minded (though it doesn't have to be). Jazakallah
  10. Ok, phew, I thought you thought that I was criticizing PressTV. Yes, I believe killing anyone innocent is wrong and that Zionism is the cause for many problems around the world.
  11. Do Shias even believe in the possibility of actual artificial intelligence? Because isn't intelligence someone that Allah has given us to succeed in this world's tests?
  12. @Faruk Are you talking about me?
  13. You are right, I was blind to possible positives. Muslims are getting into the robotics industry and won't stop with just salat-praying robots. You may be on to something with the robot praying with paralyzed people. Though we're going to need fatwas for that, and a different robot that does Shia salat. But I see your heartt is in the right place.
  14. Reading posts like these makes me want to cry with frustration, because (according to my mother), the fake caliphs before and after Imam Ali destroyed so many real ahadith and replaced them with fabricated ones. I sometimes wonder if the cure for cancer was in one of them. So much Divine knowledge, destroyed! But thank you starlight for your research and comprehensive post. I learn new things everyday from ShiaChat
  15. ^That would be a sight to see, so many adults following this tiny robot, only the closest people behind him would see it. And if it short-circuits in the middle, haha, I guess the person behind will have to take over.