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  1. School Supplies

    My daughter wants some new supplies for her school and she wants a new bag too. I have a limited budget for now because I want to save and I really want to know how much we can spend for buying supplies. What is a good budget for buying school supplies and a bag?
  2. Chia Seeds

    I like chia seeds and flax seeds because it has many nutrients and healthy for the body. I always add some chia seed to my pudding and milk. Chia seed pudding is very delicious. I love eating it everyday and it helps me to keep going until lunch.
  3. Summer Outfit Ideas

    It is really hot here in our area and I need to wear thin clothes. I always wear skirt and shirt nowadays because it makes me comfortable. I also love how Target sell huge variety of clothes in a cheaper price.
  4. I am looking for a soap that has natural glycerin and I'm so happy that I found a good soap at my grocery. It comes in 4 pack soap and it is unscented and all natural. My family loves it and it doesn't cause us any irritations.
  5. Birthday Present For My Daughter

    My daughter is celebrating her birthday this coming August and I don't know what to give her. She want some shoe and perfume from Victoria's Secret. I saw a gift packages from Victoria's secret and it cost a lot. One box contain 8 travel size perfume while the other box contain 4 travel size perfume and 4 lotion. Which box should I get for my daughter?
  6. Music

    Listening to music while working really helps me to be productive at work. It helps me to work easily and happy. Some people find it disturbing but for me it really helps a lot.
  7. Favorite Bread Spread?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a good hazelnut bread spread that has low fat and sodium. Can you suggest where I can buy these? I also like low fat bread spread like almond cocoa spread and peanut butter.
  8. Coconut Oil For Skin

    I think everyone must have coconut oil in their home because it is really a good product. I read many positive reviews about it and personally I love it too. I'm using it in my hair and skin.
  9. Breakfast Recipe Help!

    Hi notme, I love your suggestions it sounds so delicious and sweet. I think my kids will love it too. I also found a good oatmeal recipe for breakfast. It doesn't require cooking and all I need to refrigerate the oatmeal overnight in a mason jar with milk or yogurt. Add some mango or peaches and it is so delicious.
  10. Women's Essential

    Essenzza Health Natural facial mask has three varieties. They also have argan oil and Vitamin C. Argan oil really hydrates our skin and leave it smooth and soft while Vitamin C helps the skin brighten.
  11. Allergies Caused By The Sun? Õ.õ

    I got some rashes when I'm exposed to sun and I really hate it. I learn that by using sunblock and using protective gear or umbrella can help lessen it. You can also use cap or hat to protect your face.
  12. Bad Breath Antidote?

    Always brush your teeth and drink tea it is best for treating bad breath. You can also try mint tea or other flavored tea. Change your toothbrush regularly and use mouthwash and dental floss.
  13. How Many Pounds/kilos Did You Lose

    I lose 16 pounds this year and I am really happy with it. I use to exercise every morning and walk my dog. I also change my diet and lifestyle and it helps me a lot to lose weight.
  14. Home Gym

    I have stationary bike and treadmill at home and it is very useful. I use it everyday and it helps me to lose weight and tone my muscles. I exercise every morning and have a healthy diet. Water is very important too to avoid dehydration.
  15. How Do I Gain Weight?

    Watch your diet and exercise daily. Drink plenty of water everyday and have a healthy and active lifestyle. It is better to eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits than eating junk foods and process food. Natural is the best and safe for us.